Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2022

Motorcycle helmets don't just look cool – they also provide invaluable protection on the road. Some models can dampen noise and sunlight to create an easier ride, while others offer total freedom. Either way, the best motorcycle helmets are lightweight, aerodynamic, and well fitted. They often come in a variety of stylish colors and with various useful features. We chose five industry-leading options from some of the best motorcycle helmets brands around, so you can find one that matches your needs. Continue reading as we take you through the top deals in the industry.
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Our Top Choice
Bell Qualifier Unisex Street Helmet
Bell has been a leader in racing helmets since the 1950's. This street helmet is designed with features that are directly from Bell's industry-leading professional racing helmets.
Adjustable ventilation. 5-year warranty. NutraFog anti-fog. Anti-scratch visor. Padded wind collar. Quick-release padded chin strap. Removable/washable liner.
The pictured tinted visor is not included, but is sold separately. A clear visor is included.
Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch
3.5 pounds
Best Value
LS2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
LS2 is a factory-owned brand that designs their helmets with high-end materials and tools. This helmet is no exception, making it ideal for casual and intermediate motorcycling.
Specially designed shell material for lighter weight. Moisture wicking, removable fabric. Solid foam pieces for perfect fit. Quick-release visor. Scratch resistant shield.
This helmet is meant to fit long oval heads, but some users found it wasn't quite ovular enough. However, it fit most users well.
Twin Shield Drop Down
9.4 pounds
Shoei Neotec Road Racing Helmet
Shoei's handcrafted Japanese helmets have long been associated with premium quality. This meticulously designed helmet offers high-end safety and comfort.
Smooth flip-up design. Sun visor lever. Reduces turbulence. Shutters and sliders you can adjust with riding gloves on. Aerodynamic spoiler. Detachable pads and chinstrap.
This helmet is expensive, but it has even more advanced benefits than listed above.
Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch, UV Block
Vortex Generator Improved Venting
16 pounds
HJC Helmets IS-33 Motorcycle Helmet
HJC is a specialized helmet manufacturer committed to innovation and affordability. This reliable motorcycle helmet is built with a variety of high-end materials and features.
Accommodates riders wearing glasses. Front to back ventilation. UV protection and anti-scratch coated visor. Lightweight shell. QuickSlide visor replacement. SuperCool interior.
This helmet offers a snug fit which some users found to be too restrictive.
95% UV and Anti-Scratch
Advanced front-to-back inlets
4.3 pounds
1Storm Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet
1Storm specializes in affordable motorcycle helmets and accessories. This modular street bike helmet combines style with a lightweight and practical design.
Durable shell. Flip up design. Glossy UV protective finish. Removable and washable padding. Warm, comfortable padding. Highly rated.
This helmet is not the most aerodynamic, and can create some wind drag while riding.
Flip-up Dual Lens
5 pounds

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What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet?

We looked at brands that specialize in helmets, protective gear, and racing in order to find well-made models you can rely on. We then compared the price of popular helmets with their durability, weight, visor quality, and other features to find options for different budgets. We've focused on a range of helmet styles, so you can find an option that fits your riding style. Now that you are well informed on the features to look for, let’s jump to our review.
Our Top Choice
The Bell Qualifier Full Face Motorcycle Helmet has many of the features you'd find on Bell's professional-grade racing helmets but in a sleek, inexpensive package. For an ultra-high quality half face helmet, check out the Bell Rogue Unisex Half Face Street Helmet.

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet with Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch & UV Protected Sheild Available in 16 Colors and 7 Sizes

Bell was founded in the 1950's on the California hot rod and racing scene. The founder, Roy Richter, created the world's first speed shop and created ground-breaking race cars. When safety issues started to become prevalent in the racing community, he filled that need with Bell Helmets. Today, Bell offers high quality helmets for auto racing, motorcycling and bicycling.

This helmet was built to mimic Bell's all-star professional helmets, but in a package that fits the average users' budget. Let's see what features it copies from high end helmets:
  • Shell of the helmet is made with lightweight polycarbonate with an aerodynamic shape for protection and speed
  • Visor/shield has a quick-release function for easy replacement
  • Clear visor with NutraFog II anti-fogging, anti-scratch and UV protection
  • Padded wind collar adds comfort and dampens wind and road noise while you ride
  • Interior comfort liner can be removed and washed easily
  • Inside of the helmet has contoured cheek pads and speaker pockets
  • Chin strap is padded and uses a simple D-ring closure
  • Offers a five-year warranty
This full face helmet is available in 16 unique color combinations for style and visibility.
Best Value
The LS2 Stream Snake Full Face Helmet is comfortable and highly durable without costing as much as "high-end" models, while featuring single-piece comfortable foam and a moisture-wicking liner. For an open face helmet with similar high-end materials, check out the LS2 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet.

LS2 Stream Snake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Sunshield - Available in 16 Colors & 6 Sizes

LS2 is self-described as the "biggest brand you've never heard of". They were launched by a helmet factory – which has been known for 20 years as a maker of extremely dependable helmets. Within 5 years of launching their brand in Europe, LS2 rapidly grew to become a top-rated brand and has recently expanded to the USA. LS2 excels in their passion for the little details. One example of their detail-oriented process is their investment in foam-shaping lasers. Instead of gluing together pieces of foam, LS2 creates unique shapes to perfectly contour their helmets for superior comfort and durability. Even their entry-level helmets feature high-end materials and lighter designs.

This helmet offers great value since it's made with high-end components and can easily match the comfort of professional-level helmets. Still, the price is incredibly affordable. Let's take a closer look:
  • The LS2 factory creates its own HTPP composite material for the shell, which is both lightweight and protective
  • Removable and washable fabric liner is comfortable and helps to wick away moisture white you ride
  • Contoured cheek pads are made with a single piece of foam that's been laser cut into the perfect shape
  • Face shield can be easily removed with tool-less quick release at any time
  • Shield is also scratch resistant, optically correct and compatible with LS2's Pinlock for added security
  • The twin shield system shades you from the sun and can be raised with the flip of a switch
This helmet is available in 16 colors and styles.
The Shoei Neotec Road Racing Helmet is packed full of the highest quality features for smooth operation and maximum safety on the road. Or, if you're looking for a stylish and sturdy street racing helmet, check out the Shoei Indy Marquez Street Bike Racing Helmet.

Shoei Metallic Neotec Road Race Motorcycle Helmet with Radical Flip-up Design & Noise Reduction Available in 24 Colors and 11 Sizes

Shoei is a Japanese brand that's long been known as a premium maker of helmets. Their helmets are meticulously hand crafted using advanced technology, through processes that are constantly updated in tandem with customer feedback and modern testing. Their passion is trying to providing the ultimate protection. Each helmet made in the Shoei factory is worked on by over 50 people in an intricate construction process.

This helmet combines sleek design with Shoei's most advanced technologies, making it extremely easy to stay safe and adjust your helmet to the perfect fit. Let's take a closer look at this advanced design:
  • Sliders and adjusters are designed large so you can easily make adjustments without taking off bulky riding gloves
  • Integrated sun visor can be adjusted with a slider on the side of the helmet
  • Shoei's innovative "vortex generator" reduces turbulence and noise to offer a smoother riding experience
  • Visor is smartly designed to smoothly open
  • Shell is made with organic and multi-composite fibers in several layers to absorb shock without sacrificing stability
  • Multiple adjusters let you fit the helmet for superior comfort
  • Small inlets allow an ideal amount of ventilation to come through without overwhelming you
  • An integrated spoiler helps to make you more aerodynamic
The Neotec helmet is available in 20 color options and 11 sizes.
The HJC Motorcycle Helmet is a solid choice for long rides since it's packed with comfort features and built to last. For more advanced riding, try the HJC Modular Motorcycle Helmet with single-button chin bar/visor release and a 3-stage sunshield.

HJC Helmets Motorcycle Helmet with Advanced Lightweight Shell, SuperCool Interior, Advanced Ventilation & Glasses Grove Available in 9 Colors and 11 Sizes

HJC decided to specialize exclusively in helmets in 1971. They've become one of North America's top brands by selling comfortable and affordable helmets. On top of that, HJC has an advanced research and development center where they are committed to improving upon the old formula for an even better riding experience.

This helmet is a good option if you're looking for a high-end helmet but you don't want to spend upwards of three or four hundred dollars. Let's dig into the features it offers:
  • Shell is made with an advanced polycarbonate composite that is fairly lightweight and offers a comfortable fit
  • Face shield offers 95% UV protection and is coated for an anti-scratch surface
  • QuickSlide lets you easily remove the shield without using tools
  • Deploy the Sunshield with the touch of a button for adjustable sun protection
  • Helmet is ventilated from front to back to flush out the heat as you ride
  • SuperCool interior uses moisture-wicking and antibacterial material to keep you cool and comfortable during your ride
  • Unique glasses groove offers space to accommodate riders with glasses
This helmet is available in 9 colors and 11 sizes.
The 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Flip Helmet is a popular choice for casual street motorcycling because of its low cost and high quality padding and fit. If you're looking for a full face helmet that still fits your budget, try the 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike BMX Helmet.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike with Modular Dual Visor and Glossy Finish Available in 10 Colors and 6 Sizes

1Storm products make it easy to have a good time on the road or the trail. Their gear is built to be lightweight and practical so you can enjoy your time on a bike without spending a fortune. Many of their helmets are built for motocross style riding and they also offer a variety of accessories.

This sporty modular helmet is popular with a range of motorcyclists. Let's take a closer look:
  • Convenient flip design makes it easy to remove the visor
  • Dual-lens design lets you choose between the inner tinted lens and the outer shield which is clear
  • Shell itself if lightweight, durable, and has a glossy UV protective finish
  • Users describe the padding as being comfortable and even warm enough to feel great in the colder months
  • Padding is removable and washable

How Do I Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet?

There is something terrific about riding your bike on a warm afternoon as the wind blows through your hair. Maybe it's the adrenaline surge you get while you're out on the road. But this comes with its fair share of risks, especially if the weather changes and visibility becomes a problem. Worse yet, a wrong move could see your motorcycle spinning out of control. For safety, you should have a good motorcycle helmet on. Make sure the helmet you go for has what is required to make the ride both safe and comfortable for you.

A motorcycle helmet should offer safety. This is where an outer shell plays a significant role in keeping you safe. It needs to be sturdy and durable. The interior is essential for your safety too, and just like your motorcycle jacket, it should offer comfort. After all, helmets are built to provide all-round protection. And what could be more important than soothing cushioning for your head?

Your helmet should also come with good ventilation to give you much-needed airflow and eliminate moisture as well. You don’t want to suffocate in there, do you? How about some music as you ride? Some helmets feature pockets for your speakers, so if you're a music die-hard, you can bring your jams with you on your next ride. There are also plenty of motorcycle accessories that can make your ride safe and make you look stylish.

Go ahead and check out our selection of five of the top helmets on the market, but first, make sure to look at the essential features.
A helmet is a necessity on every ride, but the most amazing thing is the price at which you can get one. Be ready to spend any amount between $40 and $500, and you can get a great helmet for your protection. But remember, you can always get higher quality if you are ready to spend more.

Keep in mind that the price of any motorcycle helmet is affected by the features and material. If you want one with a fog visor, ideal padding and ventilation, it will cost more. If you are going for the helmet with the toughest non-scratch material, you'll need to pay more for it. When it comes to the brand, the same applies. Helmets from the most popular brands come at a higher cost.

What you need to be more cautious about are cheap motorcycle helmets. Don’t be fooled by the affordable prices; these helmets lack essential safety features such as padding and ideal ventilation or proper visors.
Getting a good motorcycle helmet comes down to the features that your helmet of choice comes with. This calls for checking what is essential to keep you safe.

These are some of the features to keep your eye on:
  • Visor - Most helmets have the right visor types to offer you the perfect view of the outside world while you ride. There are lasting anti-scratch options and anti-fog visors.
  • Ventilation - Your helmet should offer ideal ventilation to keep the airflow at its best. It should have ventilation on the muzzle at the front. Things can get better if it's adjustable, as you can make the most of the amount of air coming through the vent.
  • Weight – The best bargain is a helmet that's lightweight and still able to offer you safety. This comes down to the right padding, especially on the inside of the helmet, to cushion your head against impact.
  • Colors – Different helmets come in a wide variety of colors, so that you can find your favorite option.
  • Sizes – As people have different head sizes, so do helmets. You need one that will fit snugly on your head, so get one that will offer you the best fit.
Construction and Design
For helmets, the construction and design are not always about what they can do, but how they look as well. Several features come in very handy here.

Material: Helmets are built to offer utmost protection, and thus feature material that can stand up to a beating on the job. When it comes to the most crucial moments, the material used in these helmets should hold up well. Using the wrong material could prove hazardous, since if it fails at a critical moment, your life could be in danger.

Ventilation: Since you need to have fresh air throughout your ride, it's essential to have a helmet that can guarantee a good supply of air while still offering that much-needed protection. Most helmets are well-ventilated to give you this operation.

Visor: You should seek to protect yourself as much as possible in case of a crash. Choosing the wrong helmet could end up begin the cause of a crash in itself. If you don't have the right helmet for the job, your safety could be in jeopardy. There are different visors that guarantee clear vision in almost any conditions, including fog, tinted, and clear options.

Lightweight: If you can find a helmet that offers moisture elimination, this is a big plus. Weighing your motorcycle down is the last thing you want to do. But with a lightweight helmet, you not only have a smooth and light ride, but you won’t have to bear much weight on your head.
Performance and Ease of Use
Get a helmet that can go the distance in keeping you safe. This might sound easy, but it comes down to critical features that come with an ideally performing helmet.

Efficiency: Motorcycle helmets are built to provide reliable protection for years while still accommodating your needs in riding. If you like to listen to music on your ride, some helmets have spaces to hold your stereo speakers. Others are built to accommodate riders with glasses, so you can get the most out of your helmet without having to compromise your lifestyle.

Comfort: With the ideal interior cushioning, motorcycle helmets are built to give you the best of comfort and warmth throughout your ride. Sometimes you will forget you have your helmet on. With ventilation and moisture elimination features, you can be sure your helmet’s interior will stay in good condition and offer unsurpassed comfort.

Durability: From high-quality shells to scratch-resistant visors, good motorcycle helmets come with the features set to serve you for years. Even if you have a minor crash, a well-built helmet will be able to withstand the impact and continue serving you for a long time.

Easy to use and maintain: A motorcycle helmet can be very easy to use. If you get a helmet with good straps, putting it on will be super easy, as all you need to do is put it on and secure it into position. The padding in many helmets is also removable and washable to keep your helmet clean and free from accumulation of germs.

Get the Best Motorcycle Helmet of 2022!

All the helmets on our list are built for serious riding, so your decision will come down mostly to personal preference. Check out user reviews to get a better idea of what a helmet offers when it comes to comfort, fit, and durability. Whatever you're looking for, these brands are the experts in making the best motorcycle helmets around – and they have an option for you.

Our Top Choice
Bell Qualifier Unisex Street Helmet
Best Value
LS2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
Shoei Neotec Road Racing Helmet
HJC Helmets IS-33 Motorcycle Helmet
1Storm Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet