Best Motorcycle Jacket Reviews 2022

Motorcycle jackets come with lots of functionality features compared to regular jackets, so don’t think you will be saving a few bucks if you ride with your normal hoodie. Other than being designed with safety features, these jackets are made with comfort in mind, allowing you to ride in extreme weather conditions. To help you get the right one, we have done comprehensive research and narrowed down to some of the best motorcycle brands, choosing one great option from each. And yes, some of these jackets are cool enough to adorn any day (even when you are not riding).
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Our Top Choice
Alpinestars Plus R Air Jacket
For over fifty years, Alpinestars has been a leading manufacturer of excellent protective gear. Its products are made with the consumer in mind at all times.
Comes with back and chest pad compartments for the utmost comfort. It also features bio armor shoulder and elbow protectors for impact protection.
The jacket is a bit small if you have a long torso, so be sure to pick a bigger size.
450/600D polyester, fabric
Available in 7 Sizes
Reflective details
Best Value
Cortech GX Sport 3.0 Jacket
Cortech offers motorcycle gear known for quality and high performance. They push boundaries and enhance sports experiences.
It comes with pre-curved sleeves for increased performance and comfort, along with sleeve and chest vents for ventilation.
This motorcycle jacket doesn’t include hard sliding shoulder and elbow surfaces.
600D Carbolex, 1680D polyester
Available in 9 Colors
Available in 7 Sizes
Rotatable, pre-curved sleeves
Joe Rocket Classic '92 Motorcycle Jacket
Joe Rocket is a unique manufacturer of motorcycle jackets that improves riders’ comfort. Their products demonstrate professional artistry and experience.
It features zippered external key pockets and is specifically tailored to allow for a comfortable and relaxed fit.
This jacket is a bit light for those riding in extreme cold.
Dyed cowhide
Available in 5 colors
Available in 6 sizes
Pockets for optional armor
Milano Sport Rapier Motorcycle Jacket
Milano Sport takes pride in expertise and professionalism, which are clearly evident in their products.
It features large vents that improve ventilation and has a waterproof liner so that you can enjoy your rides in the rain.
This jacket is only available in black.
600D polymer
Large, X-Large, XX-Large.
Removable thermal quilted liner
VikingCycle Warlock Motorcycle Jacket
VikingCycle have made a name for themselves through their cool motorcycle attire.
It comes with a three-second phone access pocket that gives you convenient access to your device. It also has adjustable cuffs that guarantee a good fit.
While the jacket comes with removable quilted liner, the inner is lined with a nylon layer, making it a bit less permeable. However, this helps you keep dry in wet conditions.
Fabric, nylon
Black, red, yellow
Available in 6 sizes
Removable spine pad

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What is the Best Motorcycle Jacket?

What do you need to look for in a motorcycle jacket? Well, it’s simple! Take into account your type of bike, where you intend to ride, and the materials used. We are optimistic that our selection will tickle your preference.
Our Top Choice
The Plus R Air Jacket is made with extended mesh panels and polyester-coated fabric. If you’re looking for a different material, perhaps one that’s made with quality cotton and polyurethane, you might like the Alpinestars Men's Lane Split Jacket.

Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket in Black and White – Available in 7 Sizes

Since 1963 Alpinestars has been introducing high level performing products that are feature-packed. Since then, the founder has caught the attention of the Motocross world and legendary Motocross athletes. Today, their roots in Italian art culture are still strong, which shows in their protective gear for motorcycle enthusiasts – some of the best in the industry!!

The Alpinestars Plus R Air Jacket is made from a polyester fabric that is highly durable, giving you the performance you would expect from a quality Italian product. It comes with strips of reflective details that improve visibility, adding adding to road safety at night. This motorcycle jacket is ideal even for hot days as it comes with a full mesh lining.

Retailing at around $229.95 when we did our research, the Alpinestars Plus R Air Jacket is designed with creativity and innovation that goes beyond offering protection. Here are a some features that make it out top pick.
  • Comes with a connecting zipper that lets you attach to your alpine pants, giving you better protection
  • Has reliable shoulder stretch accordion panels that offer more comfort
  • Features a multi-material shell that provides protection while you ride
  • Offers peace of mind with its zipper opening pockets that are external and front facing for more convenience and comfort
  • Has pre-curved sport fit sleeves that are made to enhance comfort while riding and reduce fatigue
  • Comes with a lumbar covering, lower profile design that keeps the jacket from going over pants
This jacket comes in multiple sizes to ensure that you get the best fitting jacket. Sizes include small, medium, large and extra large, as well as larger 2X, 3X and 4X sizes.
Best Value
The GX Sport Jacket features a breathable waterproof barrier to allow you to ride in the rain. Want a leather jacket instead? Buy the Cortech Latigo 2.0 Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket today and ride in style!

Cortech GX Sport 3.0 Men’s Textile Armored Motorcycle Jacket – Available in 9 Colors & 7 Sizes

Riders enjoy many great products from Cortech. Their reputation goes beyond racing, empowering sports enthusiasts to do more. Their primary objective of improving riding experiences has been achieved through their strong dedication to creative design and outstanding material selection.

The Cortech GX Sport 3.0 Jacket is a one-of-a-kind motorcycle jacket that has a breathable barrier and waterproofing. With a two hand warmer pocket design and an interior pocket for your phone, this motorcycle jacket is nothing short of convenient. Its retail price of $179.99 is quite reasonable.

Let’s look at some features that come with the Cortech GX Sport 3.0 Jacket.
  • Designed with a microfiber Mandarin collar
  • Carbolex shell that incorporates ballistic material for better protection of elbow and shoulder areas
  • Adjustable strap at the bicep
  • 360° reflector to increase visibility
  • Rotated and pre-curved sleeves that improve performance
The Classic '92 Motorcycle Jacket is a quality leather model made from dyed cowhide to guarantee durability and longevity. Want a textile jacket instead? We think you may like the more affordable Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket.

Joe Rocket Classic '92 Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Available in 5 Colors & 6 Sizes

Joe Rocket is known for classic motorcycle jackets that improve comfort and performance for both sports enthusiasts and casual riders. They demonstrate a profound commitment to quality production with a team that provides some of the best service for customers. The experience that the brand has garnered enables them to produce professional and appealing products.

The Joe Rocket Classic '92 Motorcycle Jacket is available in different colors for your convenience. It comes with two internal utility pockets and an adjustable Mandarin collar, making it a perfect fit for riding. At the moment its retail price is $319.99.

Here are some features that make this motorcycle jacket a good fit:
  • Adjustable cuffs and waist
  • Sleeve liner with a zip-in quilt
  • 15’’ storm flap
  • Four external pockets
  • Shoulder pockets for optional armor
  • Tailored for a relaxed fit
The Rapier Motorcycle Jacket is a great adventure jacket featuring a two-layer design, allowing you to ride in any season. Want a different design with a stylish red accent? Save a few bucks and buy the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket.

Milano Sport Rapier Motorcycle Jacket – Available in 3 Sizes

With a couple of decades of experience, Milano Sport has established a reputation for innovative sports gear. Their products are appealing and competitively priced, and they focus on product quality that goes into each manufacturing process.

The Milano Sport Rapier Motorcycle Jacket stands out with its design that allows you to separate the quilted jacket from the waterproof one. You can wear this jacket regardless of the weather.

Its retail price of $159.99 is fair when considering the quality and amazing features it offers. Here’s what we are talking about:
  • Vents on the back, shoulder, and chest for ideal ventilation
  • Two-layer design is convenient for all-weather riding
  • Removable quilted thermal liner
  • Removable elbow and shoulder armor
Sizes range from large to XX-large.
The Warlock Motorcycle Jacket is a unique mesh jacket with a weight-balancing feature, making it a worthy companion for any rider. Want a different design? How about a textile motorcycle jacket? We think you might like the Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket.

VikingCycle Warlock Motorcycle Mesh Jacket – Available in 3 Colors & 6 Sizes

VikingCycle is a known manufacturer of motorcycle jackets that makes motorcycle rides more comfortable. Over the years their reputation has grown, attracting many riders, sports enthusiasts, and adventure lovers with their quality products.

The VikingCycle Warlock Motorcycle Jacket is a masterpiece as it features a no bulge design that lets you fashionably carry all your items. This motorcycle jacket is available in different colors and sizes, making it an ideal companion for most riders. With a variety of pockets to use, this jacket retails at an affordable $84.99.

Let’s now look at some of the features that make it stand out.
  • Its cooling mesh covers the torso, back and arms for more comfort
  • Multi-point sure fit style that is easily adjustable
  • Includes an earphone pocket
  • Easy access cell phone pocket
  • C.E. approved and includes shoulder and elbow armor for protection
The VikingCycle Warlock Motorcycle Jacket is available in different sizes ranging from small to 3X-large.

How Do I Choose the Best Motorcycle Jacket?

Yes, motorcycle jackets might seem to be the classic uniform of coolness to many, but believe us - they do more than make you look cool and stylish. Just like a motorcycle helmet, these jackets are made with unique features that help and protect the rider, which is why you’ll see different types in the market.

Gone are the days of only black leather motorcycle jackets. Today you can get sleek sports jackets in all different colors, versatile adventure motorcycle jackets, and jackets made of breathable mesh fabrics – and many more styles.

Of course you should also consider adding to the comfort of your bike by getting a good pair of tires. And if you are looking to take on those dangerous trails with your buddies, don’t just get the best jacket; also consider going for a good GPS system to help you navigate and explore new locations.
We all see guys donning in attractive motorcycle jackets and wonder what it would take to get one. Through our research, we discovered that between $70 and $350, you can get a good motorcycle jacket and pull that cool stunt.

Sure, the price of a motorcycle jacket depends on the features and that’s why, a motorcycle jacket with multi-material shell for extra protection will cost you a premium. Just know that the prices of these jackets vary on superiority of features. We recommend you to stay off the cheap motorcycle jackets because they may not give you the protection you want and need. Instead, prioritize on those worth investing on.
Making the right choice for a motorcycle jacket not only makes your riding enjoyable but also improves your level of safety. There are many features to consider to inform your choice. They include:
  • Multi-Material Shell - Offers extra protection while on the ride
  • Reflector - Increases visibility at night
  • Pockets - Extra armor room for more protection
  • Vents - Offers ideal ventilation
  • Connecting Zipper - Enables connecting with the pants for extra protection
Construction and Design
Motorcycle jackets are only made of quality leather for longevity, right? Well, you are wrong! Manufacturers are now using other materials to make these jackets without compromising on quality. You can find nice sports jackets made from textile and other with mesh and fabric.

To be assured of protection, consider settling for motorcycle jackets with multi-material shell. They give you that extra shield in case of a fall. Maximize this even more by investing in ones that come with shoulder pockets for extra armor. It means your shoulder and arm protection is reinforced.

When it comes to the colors, you will not be limited to black. If you prefer going for a nice jacket that you can also adorn any other day, you can pick other colors as well, including red, yellow and multi-colored jackets.
Performance and Ease of Use
While on the road, safety should be your priority. Invest in a motorcycle jacket with 360 degree reflection to keep you visible to other motorists.

You may be worried of the fluctuations in weather conditions. Well, most of these jackets come with vents for ventilation to adjust with the environment. Others have two layers which mean that your riding is covered for all weather.

The connecting zippers is a must have for motorcycle jackets. Most of them come with zippers that prevents the jacket form slipping up, giving you extra comfort and protection in case of an accident.

Get the Best Motorcycle Jacket of 2022!

If you’re an avid motorcyclist, or a just a weekend road warrior, a good jacket should be in your arsenal. Whether you race or just take rides around your neighborhood on a sunny day, a great jacket will help you through anything that the road or Mother Nature will throw your way. We hope our review has been helpful in choosing right style for you so you take your next ride with a smile!

Our Top Choice
Alpinestars Plus R Air Jacket
Best Value
Cortech GX Sport 3.0 Jacket
Joe Rocket Classic '92 Motorcycle Jacket
Milano Sport Rapier Motorcycle Jacket
VikingCycle Warlock Motorcycle Jacket