Best Motorcycle Lift Reviews 2023

It’s that time of the year again when the lovely weather is simply irresistible and you need to get outdoors. For some of us that means getting our tools out to work on that motorbike that hasn’t seen the light of day all winter long. This is where you’ll notice the benefits of having a strong and reliable motorcyle lift. At Top Products, we understand how it can be a challenge to choose the best motorcyle lift considering the many options available in the market as well as the emergence of low quality imitations. That’s why we’ve picked one product from 5 of the best motorcycle lift brands to give you a feel of how you can take you bike repair experience to a whole new level.
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Our Top Choice
Alltrade TripleLift Auto, Motorcycle & ATV Jack
You cannot talk of innovation and design without mentioning Alltrade, a privately held company famed world over for its state-of-the-art tools that exceed all expectations.
Flexible design enables it to adapt to multiple auto frame types; locking safety bar to hold the jack in place when raised; both durable and simple to use.
It’s not portable.
27 x 7 x 9 inches
18½ inches
4,000 pounds maximum
Locking safety bar
Removable lift saddles
Best Value
Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack
Based on its revolutionary products, Extreme Max has proved to be a force to reckon with, especially in outdoor equipment.
Durable rubber padding to help add stability and prevent scratching; constructed with super strong steel; will withstand any kind of conditions.
Its small size and flat design may not be ideal for heavier, bigger bikes.
17 x 10 x 4 inches
14 inches
1,100 pounds maximum
Manually operated wrench
Rubber padded platform
Rage Powersports Black Widow Motorcycle Lift
Since 1993 to the present, RAGE Powersports has offered its customers the most innovative, dependable and highest quality hauling, loading and transporting cargo products.
Can be operated manually through its scissor frame mechanism; removable frame adapters allow for height adjustment; includes 1 year warranty.
Its 1,000 pound lift capacity isn’t the strongest.
20 x 6.5 x 39 inches
16¾ inches
1,000 pounds maximum
Automatic safety lock
Two tie down straps
OTC Stinger Motorcycle Lift
Over the years, OTC has been on the frontline to provide you with dependable tools, and it’s no different when it comes to motorcycle lifts.
Removable handle provides 360 degrees access to the load; has two ratcheting tie down straps for extra safety; foot pedal release.
It doesn’t come with an instructional manual.
33 x 16 x 5 inches
up to 14½ inches high
1,700 pounds maximum
Multiple safety lock
Rubberized saddle pads
PowerZone Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack
Powerzone is a brand synonymous with creating powerful tools that meets the everyday needs of an automotive enthusiast.
Features a foot-activated hydraulic pump; multiple locking positions provided by its safety lock; folds to 4-1/2” tall for convenient storage; bike or ATV frame protected by rubber saddle pads.
Possibility of leaking hydraulic fluid.
1105 x 22 x 32 inches
32 inches
1,700 pounds
Safety locking mechanism
Two tie-down loop points

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What is the Best Motorcycle Lift?

Having understood what to look out for, it only make sense that you delve into choosing the best option for you. Whether you’re a mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, you deserve convenience, efficiency and speed when working on your motorbike. The following are five products we’ve chosen for our review. Check them out and make your decision today.
Our Top Choice
The Alltrade TripleLift Auto, Motorcycle & ATV Jack has a patented design that features both padded lift rails and a removable lift saddle. If you’re looking for a bottle jack version that can still lift your motorbike, then the Powerbuilt All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack will do just fine.

Alltrade Powerbuilt Heavy Duty 4000 Pound Motorcycle & ATV Triple Lift Jack

Since its inception in the late 1970’s Alltrade has hit the ground running with innovative hand and automotive tools. During this time, the company has developed and patented over 100 new tool designs. This innovativeness has led to the production of quality tools that exceed customer expectations and thus can be attributed to the global success the company has continually enjoyed.

With Alltrade’s Powerlift Triplejack, you don’t have to buy different jacks and jack stands for your different automobiles. The jack is quite versatile and easily lifts motorcycles, cars, trucks and ATVs. The 4,000 pound lifting capacity meets and even exceeds ANSI standards. You’ll love the locking safety bar that holds the lifted vehicle in place by keeping the jack in place. What’s more, this motorcycle lift is fitted with a lift saddle and lift rails, both of which are removable. The notable padded rails help avoid grazing the motorcycle.
Best Value
The Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack has been designed to enable center lifting using a 7/8” socket or wrench though manual operation. If you’re looking for a narrower version with a removable/adjustable frame, then we recommend you go for the Extreme Max 5001.5047 Motorcycle Scissors Jack, which has a capacity of 1,100 pounds.

Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack with 1100 Pound Capacity — Available with Dolly and Without Dolly

Extreme max is a renowned outdoor gear manufacturing company with a long history of producing durable and high quality products. Over the years, its products have become more than just brand tools; they are a way of life, especially considering the fact that for every extreme outdoor activity you have in mind, Extreme Max has the right gear to get it done, including lifting motorcycles.

The Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack has one of the widest lifting platforms, so it’s perfectly suited for center lifting. The 15-1/8"x9" also adds to the motorcycle’s stability when working on it. The rubber padding on the platform ensures that you don’t spend your precious time and resources making frequent replacements.

Some of its other interesting features include:
  • Sturdy base for maximum stability
  • Heavy duty steel frame to support maximum motorcycle weight
  • Manually operated for absolute height control
  • Low resting height of 3-3/8’’to work with motorcycles of varied heights
  • Compact design for reduced storage space
Considering that this motorcycle lift comes with an optional dolly, your choice will depend on your mobility needs since with a dolly, mobility is enhanced.
The Black Widow Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift features built-in caster wheels for ease in shop maneuverability. If you prefer a full Motorcycle Shop Kit with all the repair essentials, then the Rage Powersports Black Widow Professional Motorcycle Shop Kit is the most feasible choice.

Rage Powersports Black Widow Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift with 1,000 Pound Capacity

Whether you need to repair or transport your bike, motorcycle, UTV, ATV, wheelchair or lawn care equipment, Rage Powersports is at your service. It specializes in the manufacturing of the highest quality loading, hauling and cargo transport products. The success the company experienced in the manufacture of the aluminum loading ram prompted it to venture into the automobile industry with innovative service and maintenance tools and equipment. Most of its products have enjoyed a wide market in the USA and Canada.

The Rage Powersports Black Widow Motorcycle Lift came as a welcome relief, to travel and DIY enthusiasts due to its ease and efficiency in lifting the motorcycle, thus making it a perfect fit for your shop maintenance or home garage. Its hydraulic foot pedal can easily lift your motorcycle anywhere from 7" to 32" off the ground. You’ll love its built-in caster wheels that make it possible for the motorcycle lift to be maneuvered even while loaded.

Let us look at other notable features from this motorcycle lift:
  • A drop panel to ensures rear motorcycle access
  • The diamond coat traction platform coupled with the gauge steel construction makes of assured durability
  • Oversized from tire ramp accommodated all types of tires
  • Can lifts motorcycles that weigh up to 1,000 lbs
The OTC Stinger Motorcycle Lift features 17 inch long skids, which are big enough to lift the widest, largest cruisers. Perhaps the kind of repair you’ll be doing needs a transmission jack instead? In that case, the OTC 1521A Low-Lift Transmission Jack would be ideal, especially with its safety chains that securely hold the load.

OTC Stinger 17" Motorcycle Lift with 1,500 Pounds Capacity

OTC is committed to the development of superior electronic vehicle diagnostic equipment as well as servicing tools used by different industry players. The company adopts an aggressive approach to design and innovativeness. This has led to an ever-increasing demand of their equipment from all over the world. You can’t go wrong with its time-tested equipment that oozes creativity and quality.

The OTC Stinger Motorcycle Lift is one of the company’s most innovative products yet with a long handle for ease of operation. In fact, the handle can be removed thereby giving you a 360° access to your mounted motorcycle and in effect more flexibility. With this, you can expect the lowest clearance available at 3-1/2 inch. Its wide lift ranges from 3-1/2 to 16-3/4 inches.

The following are other features you can expect to find:
  • The 17 inch skids and 1,500 lbs capacity is an assurance that it can lift the widest and largest cruisers
  • Foot pedal release for ease in operation and reduces fatique
  • Ratcheting tie down straps helps improve your safety
  • Locking rear casters for maximum sturdiness and stability of your motorcycle while mounted
  • The two-year warranty provided is a assurance of quality
The PowerZone Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack features an hydraulic pump, leaving your hands free to stabilize and position your motorcycle.
. In case you’re concerned about portability and need a lift that can still work as a garage jack, then the Powerzone 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack is the best option for you.

PowerZone T-Handle Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack with 1,700 Pounds Capacity

Milestone Tools, through its PowerZone line of products, has proved time and again that they’re a force to reckon with as noted in their keen eye to detail, innovative nature and the add to add value in each of their products. Since its inception in 2009, this California-based company has made a name for itself in the industry by manufacturing top notch power, pneumatic and hydraulic tools. With its dependable tools, you can be assured of safety, efficiency and precision.

The PowerZone Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack is a clear testament of the brand’s unmatched professionalism. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about the stability of your motorcycle as you lift it up thanks to its foot-activated hydraulic pedal that leaves your hands free to position your motorcycle.

The following are other notable features:
  • Removable T-Handle for a secure and comfortable grip
  • Rubberized sandal pads to avoid grazing the motorcycle frame
  • Heavy duty steel framework for maximum durability
  • Collapsible to 4-1/2", a sign that you would need minimal space for storage
  • Three different locking positions is a guarantee of safety while working

How Do I Choose the Best Motorcycle Lift?

As a motorcycle owner, we bet you wouldn’t ever surrender the feeling of cruising down the highway with nothing else between you and the ground but some several hundred pounds of rubber and metal. The sense of individuality and fulfillment that go with owning this two-wheeled machine is simply unmatched while your sense of freedom is in no way compromised by your snug and safe helmet. Besides this fun and interesting lifestyle, however, you may also wake up to the fact that your bike needs constant maintenance. While there can be a hot debate on which type of motorbike jacket will give you the most suitable protection and convenience, the same cannot be said about the need for a motorcycle lift for your regular maintenance or even storage of your two-wheeled companion.

Ask any driveway mechanic or weekend warrior about their two top most essential tools as a motorbike owner and they’ll tell you it’s a lift and a wrench. You’ll realize the importance of a motorcycle lift when you stop to think about all the possibilities you can achieve when you have one: tire changes, oil changes, brake jobs, undercarriage examinations, suspension repairs and part replacements of all kinds. Sometimes you may only need to grease its parts or simply give it a thorough cleaning, while at other times you’ll need to lift it up during winter to avoid wearing out the motorcycle tires. Whatever your reason, you need an assurance that your jack is up to the task. This means making appropriate buying decisions and that’s where you’ll need a good judgment to match you up with the right jack for your bike without breaking the bank.

This is the reason why we haven't only provided you with a list of what we consider to be top choice lifts but also the mandatory features that every motorcycle jack should have. For instance, when considering the price of the jack, look beyond the brand name or popularity. At the same time, lay more emphasis on such underlying factors as the material used in its production as well as its construction and design and how they impact its performance and ease of use.
Notably, you wouldn't want to neglect the weight of your motorbike when purchasing its lift; you don’t want to buy a weak lift only for it to come crashing down on the first attempt. The other factor you may want to consider is its portability, whether it’s fixed or movable. This will solely depend on the type and location of regular repairs you do.
It’s a common perception that quality products are expensive and offer great value for money while the lowly priced don’t. And while this might hold true to some extent, it’s not always wise to just settle for products simply because they’re the most expensive. In our case, you have to understand that you aren’t just looking for any motorcycle lift; you’re looking for one that suits your bike best.

Before we even consider the price of the lift, you need to be satisfied that it perfectly fits your bike size. For instance, you have to consider such factors such as its base height. The last thing you need is bringing home a lift whose minimum height is an inch or two higher than that of the bike. It is therefore important that you also gauge price against its overall size.

After satisfying yourself on what you need from a lift, you can now concentrate on other factors acting on the price such as type of materials used as well as brand reputation. This list comprises of thoroughly researched motorcycle lifts that not only fit almost every motorcycle but ones worth parting with your cash for. To be on the safe side, note that a good motorcycle lift ranges between $100 for lifts with the basic features and $700 for high-end motorcycle lifts with double hydraulic lifts and weight capacity of up to 1700 pounds. Take caution, though, not to fall for a cheap motorcycle lift that has a weak frame and does not adjust fully to the desired height. These do not last long and the probability of them breaking on first use is high.
While most of these lifts come heavily accessorized, not all of these parts contribute towards their optimal effectiveness; some just add to the lift’s appeal. Nonetheless, the right combination of features desirable of a motorcycle lift will be determined by your intended use. For instance, are you buying the jack for use when servicing and cleaning or for lifting the bike up during winter?

Whichever the case, here are some the basic features to look out for in a motorcycle jack:
  • Material: A good motorcycle lift should be not only be sturdy and strong enough to hold on to the weight of your bike. In this case, steel is considered a good material
  • Type of lift: The most common lifting mechanisms of a good motorcycle lifts are hydraulic, non-hydraulic and scissor
  • Paddles or saddles: These ought to be rubberized in order to increase the safety of your bike while on the lift
  • Weight capacity: This will solely be determined by the weight of your bikes as well as the period you expect to keep it on the lift
  • Hydraulic action: For effective lifting, the hydraulic ability of your bike is paramount. However, you may also note that there are good manual lifts that can still get the job done
  • Handles: Handles should not only be effective when in use but also make it efficient to store the bike. In this case, a removable handle would be ideal.
  • Safety locks: These come in handy when it comes to the stability of your bike on the lift. A good locking system should ensure that your hands are free to perform tasks other than keeping the bike in place.
Construction and Design
Considering the work done by a motorcycle lift, it only makes sense that it becomes strong. In this case, its steel frames ensure that this is achieved. Most motorcycle lifts are made with hydraulic systems that ensure efficiency and ease when lifting. The removable handles help in moving the lift as well as keeping it in place during the lifting process. This explains why most of them are made with T-shapes for a proper grip. Lifts are made with a moderate maximum height that makes it easy for the mechanic or DIY enthusiast to conveniently work on the bike.

Motorcycle lifts come in either foldable or non-foldable versions. This would usually be determined by the type and location of storage. Foldable lifts take less space on storage due to their flexibility.

It’s not uncommon to find aluminum lifts since they’re considered to be light and convenient to carry around as well as moderately sized, thus making it easy to use. They, however, have a low weight capacity. On the other hand, stainless steel lifts might be heavier than expected, but will certainly compensate for this inconvenience by their durability and relatively higher weight capacity.
Performance and Ease of Use
Do you know that some jacks, though quite resourceful, require an extra hand to help you position the motorcycle when lifting it up? Others require supporting jacks if they’re to remain in position during the operation. The best motorcycle lifts, however, come with appropriate locking systems that make it much easier to keep your bike in place.

For even more convenience, a lift’s removable handles allow for a 360° access to your mounted motorcycle. Since there is a possibility of your bike getting scratched while lifting or working, the rubber padding ensures that this doesn’t happen. Most lifts also feature swivel casters that make it much easier to transport the lift from one place to another. The best thing about a motorcycle lift is that you don’t need to do any assembly and the whole unit comes intact. All you have to do is mount your bike and start lifting.

Get the Best Motorcycle Lift of 2023!

There you have it! With these reviews, you no longer have an excuse not to get yourself the best motorcycle lift for your bike repairs or storage. We hope our reviews have given you enough insight to make the right decision. If these don't yet fit your bill, then you still have the liberty to check out other motorcycle lift options from these brands as their authenticity and reputation is already established.

Our Top Choice
Alltrade TripleLift Auto, Motorcycle & ATV Jack
Best Value
Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack
Rage Powersports Black Widow Motorcycle Lift
OTC Stinger Motorcycle Lift
PowerZone Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack