Best Motorcycle Stand Reviews 2023

Attention bikers and rider-men! This one’s for you! You asked for the best motorcycle stands and we have delivered. What you have following is a detailed review (of course, following hours of research) of five of the best motorcycle stands you can find for your viewing pleasure. Grab a helmet, ‘cause we’re about to get this show on the road! One more thing: If you’re in the market for a motorcycle lift, we also have a great review for that on our site—check it out!
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Our Top Choice
MOTO-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands
MOTO-D has made it its primary call and motivation to serve the rider with the best products at incredible prices, for the ultimate riding experience.
Rolling rubber inline wheels for a smooth lift: good for all surfaces. Made of durable rust-resistant aluminum. Fits modern bikes with rear Swingarm spools. Lifts both wheels.
Doesn’t come with assembling instructions.
Fork stand
Front/rear wheels
25 x 5 x 19 inches; 10 lbs
Best Value
Pit Posse Motorcycle Rear Stand Combo
Pit Posse boasts a stock of only quality and affordable riding products that you can always rely on when a hitch-free and safe ride is an absolute must. Which is every time!
Four rolling wheels for smooth movement. Fully adjustable width. Universal design for almost any standard swingarm sport bike. Easy to assemble and stable.
Minor discrepancies with the alignment of a few holes.
Rear wheel
17 lbs
Pit Bull Motorcycle Front Stand
With stringent quality control measures carried out by professionals on every single product, Pit Bull can confidently assure you of products of the highest quality.
Increased leverage with seven indexable height adjustments. Zinc-plated for resistance to the elements. Independently adjustable sides for uneven fork legs. Stable and durable.
Strictly for front wheel-lifting alone.
Front wheel
26 x 25 x 25 inches; 20.7 lbs
Genssi Motorcycle Stands
Always designed with the latest technology—revolutionary LED optics—and the most cutting-edge, leading innovation, Genssi’s products are made to exceed your expectations.
Heavy-duty steel construct for resilience. Painted for weather resistance. Welded and wheeled for reinforcement and movement. For rear and front wheels.
Front stand isn’t quite stable on its own.
Spool lift
Front and rear wheel
21 x 18 x 4 inches; 18 lbs
Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Stands
Over the years, Venom has gained quite a reputation in the industry for enhancing the biker’s ride life with its outstanding and sophisticated bike accessories.
Rubber-coated adapters for forks. Universal design to fit any sport bike. High-grade steel construct for strength and durability. Convenient leverage ratio.
Doesn’t come with assembling instructions.
Fork and swing arms
Front and rear wheel
21 x 18.5 x 4 inches
High-grade steel

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What is the Best Motorcycle Stand?

Now that you know all there is to be known about purchasing a great motorcycle stand, it’s time to ride into the reviews of some of the best motorcycle stands we could find in the market.
Our Top Choice
The aluminum MOTO-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands with Articulating Front Rollers, in addition to your rear wheel, can also lift your front wheel for a more comprehensive assessment of your bike. Need something more versatile? How about a sturdy, steel motorcycle stand with a front fork and a rear spooled stand? Then check out the MOTO-D PRO-Series Motorcycle Stand.

MOTO-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands with Articulating Front Rollers

MOTO-D is not new to going the extra mile just to keep customers happy and satisfied. It has defined success as supplying the rider with every available resource to upgrade his riding experience from just there, to the ultimate riding experience. It stocks quality products that are not just excellent in function, but sweet and affordable in price. In addition to this, its offerings also include first-class customer service, all through purchase and even after sales. Few compare to MOTO-D in its field and that’s why it has received a large embrace from many a customer across many retail platforms. Testimonials about this brand are quite encouraging and it will definitely pay off to give the brand a try.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive motorcycle stand that will give you many years of use—possibly a lifetime—then you have to check out the MOTO-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands.

Made of aluminum, you can be sure that this stand has the resilience you need to withstand anything. We repeat, anything. From weather to rust, this stand will not budge. You can now save all that money for a road-trip at breakneck speed to Vegas on your machine. Now that’s a more fun option!

Aside from being durable, the stand comes in a low-profile design that’s sweet and easy to use. No bulk, just sweet compactness. Storing this thing will be about the easiest bike-related thing you’ve ever done, except falling in love with your bike.

With its compactness also comes its portability. You don’t need to be macho to move this thing around. Let’s leave all that for fork and crane lifters. You just want to lift your motorcycle high enough to change the oil and maybe do some cleaning. It shouldn’t be that difficult, should it?

No sir. Again, thanks to beautiful aluminum, your stand is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about portability. A stand shouldn’t require a forklift to lift it. That wouldn’t make any sense: the lifter being lifted.

Now to the more technical deets:

This stand comes with rolling inline rubber wheels that will totally make lifting your motorbike a joy. It rolls smoothly on almost any surface, which further enhances your use of the stand. If you’re a veteran at all things biking, then you would appreciate the advantage of a smooth, soft, seamless lift. Even an amateur would, and that’s what this stand offers you with its inline rubber wheels.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes in a pair for lifting both your front and rear wheels. Now you can do more. You can change your tires or repair your front wheel brakes easily. No stress.

Also, assembling this is way easy. Although a few customers would have preferred some sort of directions or instructions (not provided by manufacturer), most agreed that they were able to figure it out by themselves (in some cases, after one or two misfits). In all, though, assembly is a breeze.
Best Value
Do you own a paddle bike and a spooled one, too? Then check out the Pit Posse Motorcycle Rear Stand Combo Paddock Universal, which conveniently works with both settings. How about a portable, more heavy-duty steel stand that lifts your bike higher and takes up little space in your garage? Then have a look at the Pit Posse Jack Lift Center Stand.

Pit Posse Motorcycle Rear Stand Combo Paddock Universal

At Pit Posse, you are assured of getting only quality products every time you make a visit. Working in close partnership with a highly creative and intelligent manufacturing team, it’s guaranteed to deliver solid products made through the most cost-effective procedures possible. Ultimately, this affects the pricing of products offered, making them more pocket-friendly for those working on a budget but still desire the best for their bikes. With customer service that’s fit for a king, customers are always more than happy to patronize this brand as it always over-delivers and stays with them through every stage of use of its product.

The Pit Posse Motorcycle Rear Stand Combo is an amazing motorcycle stand that you’d love to have in your garage or workshop. Why?

First off, it’s a combo stand for both your front and rear wheels. And it also comes with a universal design that supports almost any sport bike at all. So, whatever your bike game is, you bring it on! The Pit Posse Motorcycle Rear Stand Combo will take it like a champ.

Also, this stand allows the use of standard paddles or spools, whatever’s your flavor; you don’t need to purchase a different stand for your paddle bike. And let’s not even think of the time-consuming stress involved in the setting up and setting down of different stands in the name of switching stands.

With this all-in-one stand you get two features for the price of one. You save storage space and a couple of bucks too. By simply unbolting, you can flip from the paddle to the spool in one fluid motion.

Although it comes in parts that require assembling, this stand is quite easy to put together. Many agree that it took them fewer than 15 minutes. So, you see, more time and energy to do the real work.

Plus, you might be understandably worried about stability—but this thing is rock-solid. We have not seen any complaint so far about stability. This is one thing all customers seem to agree on: the guy is solid!

It also features four bearing wheels for a smooth movement across any surface, plus an adjustable width from about 8 inches to about 13 inches. So, no matter how atypical your bike width is or your current work needs, the stand comes fully adjustable to match your needs per time.
The Pit Bull Hybrid Forklift Motorcycle Front Stand is built on a modular design, giving you the luxury of choice at a great price—and convenient conversion. Need an additional quality rear wheel stand that works great with a spooled swingarm? Then you should have a look at the Pit Bull Spooled Rear Motorcycle Stand.

Pit Bull Hybrid Forklift Motorcycle Front Stand

There is no question about Pit Bull’s ability to deliver quality products. In fact, it is quite the household name in “bikedom” that has become symbolic of quality and excellence. It didn’t acquire this status by a stroke of luck, but by its dedication to research rigorous quality control measures and by working with only the smartest and brightest staff. Testimonials keep pouring in about this brand calming the nerves of hesitant shoppers and strengthening their confidence to purchase. Many of these buyers have turned out to become strong patrons of this brand.

Are you desperate for a stand that screams quality? Then look no further than the Pit Bull Motorcycle Front Stand. It comes with everything you need (and don’t even know you need) for a terrific front stand, and happy customers confirm this.

In the first place, this front stand is based on a modular design that allows for a smooth and easy conversion to lift from the triple tree. But, you might have to make use of some additional parts sold separately to make this feature usable. If you aren’t one to care and are quite content with the basics, the stand under-promises and over-delivers.

And that’s not all; the Pit Bull brand puts every tiny detail into perspective in the making of its products. An isolated report of uneven fork legs actually came up, but that can be generally dismissed as the manufacturer already addresses this issue head-on.

According to Pit Bull, each side of the stand adjusts independently. Therefore, if one leg is longer than the other, it’s not a permanent disability; you can always simply adjust the other to match the affected leg in size. If this isn’t crazy proactive, then we don’t know what is. And this is just one of the many ways Pitbull makes using your stand so convenient.

Do you want to know other means? Of course you do.

This stand features seven indexable height adjustments. There’s literally no height you cannot get to with this stand. In fact, it could even sorta compete with a lift. It lifts that high. With this adjustable height, you don’t just get increased leverage at the higher levels; even at the lowest setting, you still get quite a considerable leverage, especially if you compare with similar products.

Merely looking at this stand, you can easily see that it can take a beating everyday and twice on Sunday. It is every bit as tough and mean as it looks. It holds up under many a cleaning, oil-change, front wheel brake repair, etc. This thing is a champ! Plus, it’s zinc-coated so you won’t be seeing one brown streak of rust on this thing ever. It basically remains as good as new for years.

And then when a brand caps it off with an assurance of a lifetime warranty, you know it! It’s just got to be in your garage/workshop!
The Genssi Motorcycle Stands for Front Forklift and Rear Spoolift offer you a pair of affordable yet sturdy and stable stands for both wheels, for total leverage. Prefer a strictly rear wheel stand for now? Then check out this portable stand with a high-grade steel construct and oversized wheels: The Genssi Pro Rear Lift.

Genssi Motorcycle Stands for Front Forklift and Rear Spoolift

At Genssi, you can always be assured of products with the latest and leading technologies. It seeks to charm you and surpass your expectations with its array of top-notch products. With all the research and consultations that go into the manufacturing process of each product, customers generally find its products attractively sophisticated but still down-to-earth enough to be easily usable. Delighting in making the riding experience even more pleasurable and seamless for its customers, the brand offers a superb customer support system. Quite obviously, Genssi has an even greater future, and it knows how to get there. A good idea might be to hop aboard.

The Genssi Motorcycle Stands is a superb pair made up of a front forklift and rear spoolift motorcycle stand. And guess what? It’s super affordable. So, if you’ve already spent so much getting your bike and other essentials, you might want to consider these stands that feature so many qualities, giving both your front and rear wheels the required leverage for a smooth job.

These stands are genius and there are so many features that make it work. Most obvious is the fact that it comes as a pair. So, there’s something for each of your wheel babies. A front forklift for your front wheel and a rear spoolift for your rear wheel. It hardly gets better than this in terms of convenience and efficiency.

Plus, this thing is sure to last you for years on end without needing to change a single thing. Because, first off, it’s constructed with heavy-duty steel. And you know that steel don’t crack that easy. And as if that’s not enough, the steel comes in a fire-red paint.

Okay, you’re not a fan of loud colors but that’s not a thoughtless color choice. The red paint, first off, helps your stand to withstand weather conditions so you can be sure that your stand won’t be rusting anytime soon. It remains intact, shining and useful for you for a long time.

And think of it, what comes to your mind when you think of the color red? That’s right. Danger. The truth is that working with a bike that’s suspended in the air is risky, no matter how stable your stand is. We always have to make room for nature’s will; man is not all-sovereign.

With this fire-red color, attention is immediately drawn to your area of work and people can know to avoid walking around there and prevent a senseless and unnecessary accident. Of course, you will look out for yourself, won’t you?

The stands are also welded and come with four wheels for reinforcements. With these features, you can be sure that your stands will be stable throughout your work on your bike. They won’t wobble, bend, or budge even one bit. As a customer observed, even when used to park a bike for a full week, these stands don’t mind. They just hang in there like champs.

These versatile stands can work for just about anything: repair, maintenance, storage, etc., etc. And they are not “bikist” (you know, from racist ;P) at all. They can easily accommodate almost any bike at all, leveraging them well and with ease.

The Genssi Motorcycle Stands also come with adjustable widths from 9.5 inches through to 14.5 inches. Amazing product we say!
The Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front & Rear Combo Stands come as a pair of easy-to-assemble, heavy-duty front and rear wheel stands, engineered with a convenient leverage ratio. Would you prefer a strictly rear wheel stand that works with any sport bike and is made of high-grade steel? Check out the Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Rear Wheel Stand.

Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front & Rear Combo Stands

Venom might just be another way to spell “sophistication” at least in the world of biking. It has gained a wide and notorious reputation for supplying bikers with state-of-the-art, up-to-date bike accessories that bikers—amateurs and pros alike— have found surprisingly easy to use. The fair prices of these accessories are also quite astonishing, considering the quality they deliver. It’s almost a give-away at Venom with every purchase. A knack for safety consciousness is another strong suit for this brand. All accessories aren’t just made for aesthetics and function; they are equally made to keep you safe and to last—bearing in mind that the best rider has to remain alive first. And so that you can be doubly confident: through it all, from purchase to after-sale, Venom stays with you, offering you its top-notch customer support system, whatever the issue.

Venom couldn’t prove its commitment to riders the world ‘round more than by what it’s done in making the Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Stands available. They are truly efficient stands that stick around for the long haul. How do we know?

They are made of high-grade steel, which assures you of, you know them: resilience, long life, strength, and durability. You won’t be letting go of these stands easily, even if you want to. These guys are rock (or should we say steel?)-solid.

Stands aren’t things we want to be spending quality time and money purchasing every now and then. There’s oil to be changed, there’s other regular routine checks to be done. So, like they say, a penny saved is a penny gained. And these stands are like steel piggy banks, just more like stands instead of cute pig shapes.

Designed professionally, both stands are fully adjustable to fit most any sport bike. Whether Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, or Kawasaki, these stands will lift your bike and lift it well.

Another reason this is possible, although unseen to the untrained eye, is that its rear wheel stand is engineered with a leverage ratio that makes it simple and easy to lift any bike. Score two for these stands! Now they save you energy and brain power in addition to money. The affair should be about your bike, not the stands; these stands cut out the distractions, delivering 100% attention to your bike.

Let’s look at the front stand for a minute:

Its frontlift gives your front wheel an amazing lift when you need to run a front wheel brake check, or change the tire entirely.

Watch it: it also comes with an under-fork rubber-coated adapter that pairs with your fork and protects it from scratches. What does this mean? Your fork will still be spanking new after every lift. The stand goes beyond looking out for your bike, also looking out for other accessories. Score another point please!

Together, both stands come with four wheels each, for stability and maneuverability along any terrain at all. And they are quite so easy to assemble, even though they don’t come with assembling instructions. It might take you a minute to figure things out, but you’re smart and you’ll get the hang of it in a heartbeat.

How Do I Choose the Best Motorcycle Stand?

You might have heard it said that a boy’s toys don’t decrease as he gets older, they just get bigger. And boy do we agree! From a small Gameboy to a super-sophisticated PS4; from a disc man to a supersonic eardrum-splitting sound system; and from a tiny bike to a giant, roaring motorcycle machine. The toys keep increasing!

Little wonder some peeps are of the opinion that men are big babies.

We didn’t say that, they did.

Anyway, “some peeps” might be wrong, because many women are feeling the motorbike spirit too. As of 2014, the number of women who owned bikes rose to 14%! And so many famous celebs have attested to owning a Harley, including Pink, Elizabeth Taylor, and Tina Turner.

(Pause) Wait a minute. Elizabeth Taylor and Tina Turner?? Like same-old (literally) Elizabeth Taylor and Tina Turner? No way, that ship has sailed. Women can totally floor guys in whatever they can do!

(Play) Anyway, away from gender rivalry and all that petty nonsense, there are several reasons a motorbike just clicks for many people.

From the shiny wheels to the adrenaline-pumping rev of the machine, to the wind and hair in your face, to the dangerous yet tantalizing dance with danger that thrills to the bones, to the star-status you automatically snag—and let’s not forget that it’s another opportunity to slay in our get-up!

A motorbike is everything a car can never be! Word!

But behind all that razzmatazz, there are essentials that polish the motorbike to become that so-admired item to many.

The shiny wheels are cleaned and balanced, the engine is serviced, oiled, and maintained, etc. And none of this can be done without a motorcycle stand.

So, it’s kinda like a star player that earns a million bucks per week and the big boss that pays the star player. (In case you didn’t get it, the motorcycle is the star player and the motorcycle stand is the big boss).

If the big boss isn’t filthy-rich enough to pay the star player, then there will be issues. So, the big boss must have a goldmine in terms of investments to pay said star player.

Same with a motorcycle stand. You need to invest in your stand so that it serves you and your bike enough to get all the oohs and aahs from every corner it rides into. Or else your motorcycle will become no different than scrap metal in the junkyard. And all that revving up? Your neighbors will just call the police on you for disturbing the peace.

Thankfully, a motorcycle stand will not require you to risk your life in the mines of Azerbaijan looking for a gold nugget to pay for its purchase. They are relatively affordable—all the more reason you should have gotten one like last millennium.

If you’re a savvy rider, then you probably already know all of this. But if you’re new to the wheels, then you just took your first class. And you’re welcome!
You already know that you need to invest a small token into your big boss (your motorcycle stand), or else he won’t be able to reward your star player, aka your motorcycle, well. So, while these stands aren’t too expensive, they don’t come cheap either. Cheap motorcycle stands are not worth it. And you won’t want to risk your life, or in the very least, a disability just because you want to save on cost. Not a wise venture, we tell you.

Get a good motorcycle stand, instead. It rarely ever leaves the boundaries of $70 to a couple of $100s plus, anyway. And even the seemingly inexpensive one still delivers the basics at least, which is what we ever really need at the end of the day, ‘init?
So, what do we need to do to land that awesome big boss? We need to look out for the following features:
  • Type
  • Material
  • Front Wheel or Rear Wheel or Both?
  • Portability
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Storage
  • Extras
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
There are different types of motorcycle stands, depending on the functions they are expected to perform. We will look at them briefly:

Wheel Chock: This type of stand will come in contact with your tires directly; it holds your bike upright vertically, and grips the tires so they don’t move an inch. You can use the wheel chock to park your bike safely in your hood, while you’re home or something.

Also, this stand offers a lift so you can clean your wheels and get them all shiny. If you also need to move your bike in a caravan or something, then you’re going to need it direly. But you can’t change the tires of your bike when you use this stand.

Paddock Stand: This one grips where you have its front and rear suspensions, instead of holding the tires themselves. It could double as a wheel chock, but with less security. Just bear it in mind that the possibility that you might get hit by your smooth cycle—especially if you have to transport your bike in a vehicle—exists if you try to use it as a wheel chock.

But other than that, it is more of an all-round stand than a wheel chock, in that it allows you to clean your bike and maintain it as well. You can also remove your wheels on this stand.

Roller Wheel Stand: It’s also known as a wheel cleaning stand, and is basically just a flat piece of metal with rollers that should fit your motorbike’s wheels. But your bike stand will still need to be put down, because this guy will not hold your bike up. It’s strictly used for cleaning, and nothing else. Don’t get too ambitious.

Aside from that, to clean your wheels or oil the drive chain, you simply have to roll your bike wheels along the stand and that’s all. It’s the simplest and the least expensive motorcycle stand.

Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand: You have to take out your tires and put them on the stands for this one. The wheel balancing stand measures the wheel’s weight distribution, but with a truing stand you can check if a wheel is truthful in its rotation about its axis or not. (Wait. What? Wheels tell the truth? So, they like have a conscience?) Also, some stands could come with both components.

So, now that we know the types, you also need to know what kind of materials a stand can be made from. You probably already have an idea, seeing as you know what a stand is used for. It definitely won’t be made of plastic, so it’s got to be metal.

Typically, stands either come in high-grade steel or aluminum; both have different results. Of course, steel is a stronger material and will easily bear the weight of anything (that’s why Superman is called Man of Steel, duh). It’s the more durable option of the two materials; but then, steel isn’t exactly light, and kinda bulky.

Although, giving credit to manufacturers, they have tried to make steel less bulky, and you can find many steel stands that aren’t so heavy. But typically, those guys aren’t the lightest things on earth.

Another thing about steel is that it can be prone to tarnish from weather elements. If your stand doesn’t come painted, you might want to get that done to save your stand and milk out the years of use that it rightfully owes you. But the good thing is that many steel stands come already painted. If it doesn’t look good to you though, you can always repaint. Do anything to keep your stands alive and healthy for a long time. It pays off in the end. More money saved.

For aluminum, it is light. Its lightness is probably the most charming factor of this material. And not only that, it is equally rust-resistant, so you can be sure that the structural integrity of your stand won’t be compromised anytime soon, even without paint.

But, there’s a but: it isn’t as strong as steel, though it is strong enough to bear up under your bike. There are many stands that come in aluminum. Don’t shy away from them. They are usually less expensive and will still get the job done effectively, so you have no need to worry. And no, your bike will not fall on your head while you’re trying to change the front wheels; if it would, there wouldn’t be a market for aluminum motorcycle stands. So chillax.
Performance and Ease of Use
Now what kind (not type now) of motorcycle stand do you want? Do you need something that will lift just the rear wheel or something that’ll lift both wheels?

Let’s start by establishing that you can hardly ever find just a front wheel lift. It almost always comes in a pair. So, if you’re looking to replace a front wheel stand, you might have to call customer support and see what they can do for you. A rear wheel, on the other hand, is a different case; you can get rear wheel stands everywhere.

With a rear wheel stand alone though, you’re kinda limited (like you already know). You can’t do front-wheel brake maintenance, no removing of tires, etc., etc. You need a stand for your front wheel to be able to do all of that.

In fact, it’s almost always better to get both, especially if you get really hands-on with your bike in your garage. It gives you better leverage at the end of the day.

But if you’re more of the “just-wash-bike-leave-maintenance-to-the-mechanic” kinda person, then a pair of stands might be overkill for you. The front stand will just sit in the garage looking pretty till it stops looking pretty, and starts to collect dust like that’s its favorite pastime.

You should also consider the portability of your stand. Since you’re going to be exerting a lot of physical strength working on the bike, your stand should be the easiest thing to set up and move around. It should take you 15 minutes, 20 minutes tops, to get that done. Anything that takes you close to an hour setting up is not worth it. Return it.

Okay sorry, we digressed a little bit from portability. So back to base. Your stand should be easy to carry around. You shouldn’t need a crane to lift it or something. A simple human hand should do. If it’s too heavy, you know it: return it.

Some stands come with wheels. Oh, what godsends they are. Buy them! Why? Of course, portability, obviously. But again, wheels add stability to your stand. So, they stay put whatever the terrain, and your bike doesn’t tip over while you’re working.

And stop thinking of those cute wheels on your baby’s stroller; these are heavy-duty wheels and will keep your stand’s feet on the ground.

So, quick question: single-welded vs. multiple parts… which is more stable? Well thanks to technology, both are quite stable. So, don’t be afraid to buy stands that come in parts. When it comes to parts, the most important thing is that they are easy and snappy to assemble. Worry not about stability. If it’s made of good stuff, it will be firm.

As for storage, your stand shouldn’t take up useful space in your garage. It should be convenient to store and should take up as little space as reasonably possible.

When you get a front stand, ensure that it comes with a rubber-coated adapter for the sake of your forks. You wouldn’t want scratches and all what-nots on your fork while it works with your stand. Your stand is supposed to help you not destroy everything you’ve got in your workshop like some metal Frankenstein.

Final words:

Be sure that the stand you purchase works with your bike. Even the so-called universal designs do not work with all bikes. So, don’t be in haste. Calm down and read what the manufacturers are saying; it’s not even in-between the lines, it’s usually out there. Just after they tell you that their stuff is universal, they list the bike models the stand works with. (Go figure!) Be smart.

Two, most motorcycle stands (rear wheels) do not come with spools but require them. Get yours!

And three, listen darling, motorcycle stands are not motorcycle lifts. Two really different things entirely.

Yes, your bike will get off the ground, but no, it won’t soar like a hot air balloon into the skies. Motorcycle stands lift just enough for you to get light-duty work done such as: cleaning, changing oil, general maintenance, changing tires, etc. Don’t be too ambitious with these things as to try some “re-engineering” on them. Just go to a licensed mechanic already. And if you are one, get a lift.

Get the Best Motorcycle Stand of 2023!

Your motorcycle stand is just one click away. Go ahead and click that “order” tab now! You can bet that your preferred brand also carries other stands should our featured product be a little different than what you want.

Our Top Choice
MOTO-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands
Best Value
Pit Posse Motorcycle Rear Stand Combo
Pit Bull Motorcycle Front Stand
Genssi Motorcycle Stands
Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Stands