Best Mountain Bike Reviews 2023

A mountain bike is the perfect riding choice for a lifetime of adventure. We know you are here not just for the adventures that come with mountain bikes, but for the swag that comes with riding a snazzy lot like them. While you were thinking of where to get the information you needed before making a choice, we went through the rough and rugged terrain for the best of the best mountain bike brands. Come along with us on this amazing ride as we show you how to make that perfect choice.
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Wheel Size
Gear Speeds
Color (s)
Our Top Choice
Mongoose Argus Mountain Bicycle – Fat Bike Style
For close to 4 decades, Mongoose has literally been off the ramps, on the trails and in the dirt. The Argus is lightweight and sturdy, providing you with a versatile ride that won’t wear you out.
Lightweight yet very strong. Advanced disc brakes for superior stopping power. Can traverse any terrain.
Only offers 10 speeds.
Full Alloy
26 inch wheels
10 Speeds
Hydraulic disc brakes
Teal blue and red
Best Value
Schwinn Rocket 3 High Speed Mountain Bicycle
Schwinn offers tough capable bikes, most of which are built to perform on any terrain. The Schwinn Rocket 3 Mountain Bike is a perfect example, coming with 27-speed drivetrain to conquer any climbs.
Excellent speed. Very powerful. Lightweight but strong aluminum frame.
Does not come in a small size - only large and extra large.
Aluminum Alloy
27.5 inch wheels
27 speeds
Hydraulic disc brakes
Black/white & charcoal/white
Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Comp Mountain Bicycle
Diamondback’s mountain bikes are robust and reliable. The Overdrive Comp is testimony enough that a bike can do it all, whether it’s going for a cross country ride or to traverse some twisty trails.
Can handle any terrain. Strong aluminum frame. Large wheels. Efficient braking.
A bit pricey because of the high-end features.
Lightweight Aluminum
27.5 inch wheels
20 speeds
Hydraulic disc brakes
Cyrusher RD-100 Folding Men’s Mountain Bike Shimano M310 Full Suspenion
Cyrusher builds tough mountain bikes that can dominate just about any trails. The RD-100 can be folded for easy carrying and features a muscular design, plenty of gears and effective disc brakes.
Beautifully designed. Affordable. Sturdy shock absorbers. Quality components.
Slightly weighty for a folding bike.
Aluminum alloy
26 inch wheels
24 speeds
Disc brakes
Green, orange and silver
Ancheer Hybrid Men’s Seeker Mountain Bicycle
Ancheer takes center stage in making quality mountain bikes, seizing every opportunity to improve performance. The Hybrid Mountain Bike can take on the harshest inclines thanks to high quality components.
Affordable. Sturdy carbon steel frame. Big wheels for top speeds.
Lacks disc breaks.
Carbon Steel
27.5 inch wheels
21 speeds
Double disc brakes
Black/Blue or black/red

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What is the Best Mountain Bike?

A good mountain bike should do your riding bidding and also offer you adequate sitting comfort during the ride. Now that you have gone through our buying guide, we can rest assured you’ll make an informed choice.
Our Top Choice
There’s no doubt that Mongoose has been an aggressive company when it comes to making quality mountain bikes. The Mongoose Argus features a full alloy fork and frame, along with 26” tires to providing the ultimate fat tire fun. If your pockets don’t allow for this model or if you fancy a different mountain bike – one that comes with fewer speeds (7 speeds) and with an aluminum frame, then it wouldn’t hurt checking out the Switchback Sport. You could just love it!

Mongoose Argus Fat Tire Mountain Bike with 26” Wheels – Available in 3 Frame Sizes and 3 Colors

Since it was founded in 1974, Mongoose has continued to hit the market with great mountain bikes and it doesn’t seem to intend on stopping any time soon. They have made it possible for a cyclist to own fat bikes that are trail-worthy at amazing prices, something that has allowed them to rack up a loyal following.

Mongoose intends to have more cyclists embrace the fat bike lifestyle, and they seem to be succeeding. The Mongoose Argus Mountain Bike has recorded tremendous sales thanks to its quality build. It comes with an alloy frame that’s incredibly lighter than its steel older brother, yet very durable. It sports disc brakes, A1 x 10 drivetrains, and 93 mm rims. For just $1099, the bike even allows you to upgrade in case you prefer better features. And don’t forget that this model comes in three different sizes – small (16”), medium (18”) and large (20”).

The Mongoose Argus definitely pushes what a cyclist can do to the limits. Let’s take a look at the features of the Mongoose Argus Mountain Bike that make it a favorite of many fat bike enthusiasts:
  • Full rigid alloy fork and frame that make the bike lighter, yet very strong
  • 93mm rims that come with cut outs to reduce weight
  • 26” x 4” tires that are big enough to provide the ultimate fat tire experience
  • Shimano SLX Deore shifter and rear derailleur get you moving swiftly
  • Tektro disc brakes equipped with 160mm rotors, providing superior stopping power. The oversized tires can easily stop
  • Alloy Platform pedals with replicable pins
Just as mentioned above, you could get this bike in different sizes. If you want to purchase a smaller one for your teenage boy, the 16 inches will do just fine. If you are looking for one to ride yourself, then you could check out the 18 and 20 inches. And do not forget that Mongoose is not limited to fat bikes. Check out the Dirt/Street Freestyle and Single Speed Grave Grinder if you fancy something different.
Best Value
The Schwinn Rocket 3 mountain bicycle is built to handle even the hardest climbs, not to mention achieve top speeds when you want to explore your local trails – all thanks to the 27-speed drivetrain. If you are looking for a more affordable mountain bike by Schwinn- one that comes with a steel frame for durability, 26” wheels and 24 speeds, then we suggest that you check out the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 26'' Full Suspension Bike. It won’t disappoint!

Schwinn 27 Speed Rocket 3 Mountain Bicycle with 27.5” Wheels – Two Sizes and Two Color Options

A list of top bike brands wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Schwinn as one of the top companies in the industry. From hybrid bikes to mountain bikes to urban bikes to kid bikes – name it and they have it all. Their quality standards have remained the same, if not better, since they entered the market. Whether you are looking for a high-end model or just a basic bike at an affordable price, you are sure to ride home on a wonderful companion.

A good mountain bike is one with a lightweight but strong frame; one that can handle dirty roads and rough terrain. Well, if we were to define the Rocket 3, then the words wouldn’t fall short of that. Retailing for around $770, this mountain bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame designed to last. The SR SuntourXCT suspension fork has a mechanic lock-out that allows you to ride comfortably even when cruising along rocky terrain. The 27 speeds are more than enough to let you fly like a missile when out on a competition.

Riding a bike uphill and down rocky terrain has never been this fun with the Schwinn Rocket 3 Mountain Bike. Here are some of the features that make it hard to ignore:
  • 27.5” lightweight aluminum frame for durability and effortless riding
  • Disc brakes made with Tektro Novela technology to allow for powerful stopping, whether you are raiding in rain or dry surface
  • Suspension fork by SR Suntour XCT comes with a mechanical lock-out to allow for extra comfort when riding
  • 27-speed drivetrain that allow for reliable and efficient shifting
If you were given a chance to choose a bike by Schwinn, there’s no doubt you would be spoilt of chose. While we decided to go with the Rocket 3, which comes in two sizes (large and extra large), it’s great you know that there are more awesome mountain bikes by this brand. The main difference between them is the frame size, wheel size, speeds and of course the design. Some of them include Rocket 1, Rocket 2, Rocket 4, Moab 3 and Moab 4 among many others.
If you’re looking for a classic Hardtail bike for cross country, then the Overdrive Comp by Diamondback is the perfect bike. Its frame is made of durable aluminum, comes with 27.5” wheels and has 20 speeds – a combination that allows it to deliver some serious performance. If you’re looking for a great bike that offers similar quality but different wheel size, check out the Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike.

Diamondback Bicycles Overide Comp Ready Ride Complete Hardtrail Mountain Bike with 27.5” Wheels – Available in 3 Sizes

A good bike brand is one that offers an option that allows you to have fun hitting off-road trailers, bush singletrack, gravel roads and urban jungle. Diamondback understands this more than anyone, and that’s why they have made advanced bikes to suit every cyclist. If you are in search for a bike that will do it all, you couldn’t go wrong with this brand.

If it’s single track calling, then the Overdrive Comp would absolutely deliver. Made to offer not only the utmost comfort but also durability, no matter how much dirt you subject it to. It provides some serious local park and off-road fun, chock-full of quality performance. If you feel that you are ready to give it a try and challenge yourself to some twisty trails or gravel roads, get the Overdrive Comp for around $1200 and make it happen!

The Overdrive Comp is specifically made for cyclists who appreciate all around speed, whether riding on dirty roads or rocky surfaces. One of the things we really like is the fact that it has Shimano M447 disc brakes made of hydraulics (180/160mm rotor). These are one of the most powerful in the market, helping you come to an instant stop without any hitches. Here are some other features that make this rugged mountain bike almost impossible to beat:
  • Aluminum alloy frame that makes the bike not only lightweight but also durable
  • Quality 27.5” tires by Kenda Honey Badger, one of the renowned tire gurus
  • 120mm fork by RockShox Recon Silver
  • 2 x 10 drivetrain by Shimano Deore
What if this bike offers all you want in a mountain bike, but your pockets don’t allow that kind of investment? What if you prefer a fat bike but only by Diamondback Bicycles? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to settle for another brand. You could still check out their other models for more options. We decided to feature this model from the Overdrive Series because it offers some great features and is perfect for all terrain. This doesn’t mean it’s the only one on Diamondback Bicycles product page. Other series with great options include Hook, Line $ Sync’R Series, Fat Series, Full Suspension Series and Lux Series. You will certainly not leave empty handed!
The bold and aggressive look of the RD-100 may be the first thing that has heads turning. On a closer look, you’ll appreciate the powerful disc brakes and 24 speeds that make this mountain bike a great asset. The aluminum alloy frame is light but sturdy, able to handle anything the trails throw at it. If you prefer a bike with larger wheels, but fewer speeds, then we suggest that you check out the KINGTTU GTR Mountain Bike.

Cyrusher RD-100 Shimano M310 ALTUS Full Suspension Men’s Folding Mountain Bike with 26” Wheels – Available in 3 Colors

When it comes to making top notch mountain bikes, most riders would agree with us that Cyrusher has established itself in this industry, becoming a brand to reckon with. No one has to think really hard to understand why they are among the best sellers. They do not compromise on quality and offer bikes that most riders can afford. It’s that simple!

Riders who have had the privilege to use the Cyrusher RD-100 Mountain Bike before know that there is a lot to love about it. Its design is eye-catching, especially the graphics that are well laid out on the chunky black aluminum. Made from quality materials, it’s not farfetched to say that this bike can withstand the punishing days going up and down uneven terrain. The 24 gears offer enough resistance to help you prevent any slippage; while the disc plates help you stop without fail. For just $659, you can take a pounding as you rattle down a mountain side, without worrying about breaking your bike into pieces.

Let’s take a look at some of the features the Cyrusher RD-100 Mountain Bike has in store for you:
  • 26” wheels
  • Folding bike, making it a perfect option for those who are adventurous and love hiking
  • Aluminum alloy frame that’s lightweight but built to withstand any terrain
  • Top notch mechanical disc brakes that are tested for high performance when stopping
  • Shimano’s 24 speeds help you traverse different terrains
While we pictured the green, you could also get this mountain bike in either orange or silver. Better yet, if this bike doesn’t catch your eye, you could explore some other options by Cyrusher to get a mountain bike that suits you. There are those with higher speeds, some with bigger frame/wheels, and others that cannot be folded. Whatever features you have in mind, you are sure to find a perfect fit.
The Ancheer Hybrid Mountain Bike is an economical and functional all-purpose bike for weekend rides and outdoor adventures. It is made of high carbon steel that prepares it for any kind of terrain. The 27.5” tires and 21-speed gears allow it to reach great speeds, making it a perfect bike for beginners and professional cyclists. If you prefer a mountain bike with smaller wheels – say 26” – and that can be folded, you can save a few dollars and get the Ancheer 7 speed Folding Mountain Bike.

Ancheer Seeker 21 Speed Hybrid Men’s Mountain Bike with 27.5” Wheels – Available in Two Colors

Ancheer is undisputedly one of the leading brands when it comes to home supplies. From automotive accessories to bathroom and garden supplies, and now sports and outdoors equipment, you are sure that they know a thing or two about quality standards. Their bikes are among the top sellers, owning to their quality make and pocket-friendly prices.

The Ancheer Hybrid Men’s Mountain Bike is certainly a great addition to all serious cyclists who are interested in trying some challenging adventures. This bike is able to easily work, with its 21 gears seamlessly providing you with the best cycling experience. The carbon steel frame ensures that you take on the harshest inclines without your bike making it a punishment. Meanwhile, every time you stop to get some refreshments, fellow bike enthusiasts will be tempted ask where you got that awesome ride.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Ancheer Hybrid Men Mountain Bike.
  • 27.5-inch wheel with anti-slip wear to make your rides easy and effortless
  • 21 speed gears and shifters that guarantee reliable shifting
  • Big wheels of 26” for high speeds
  • Rear and front linear pull breaks tested for effective breaking
Ancheer offers quite a number of mountain bikes with different speeds and wheel sizes. If this option, which comes in 2 colors (red/black and blue/black) is beyond your budget, or if you prefer something different, then take some time and check out other models that they offer.

How Do I Choose the Best Mountain Bike?

Off-road cycling is so much fun with a mountain bike. So, if you are a sucker for adventure or camping, then you should get a mountain bike right away. Or how do you plan to get over narrow and rough terrains that your desert jeeps can’t get through without these lovely bikes?

Aside from being able to keep you bubbling with the energy that comes with being on an uninterrupted adventuring spree, a mountain bike also comes with powerful brakes that will obediently bring your bike to a neat halt when you need them to. Oh yeah, the gear ratios are also low enough to help you make successful climbs over steep terrain.

The courier who is looking for easy and quick ways to have his customers’ orders delivered to them on time can also take advantage of a mountain bike to hit his daily delivery targets.

You can also turn your family into a cyclers’ gang by purchasing a mountain bike for each person. When you’ve all had a good cycling adventure, y'all can show off your 2-wheelers on a bike rack. There’s hardly anyone who won’t ask questions when he or she sees your fleet sitting pretty in your garage.

The extra swag comes in when someone takes a picture of you cycling on some rough terrain, dressed in your cyclers’ gear and a cycling helmet. You may want to frame that picture for keepsake.

Not every mountain bike is yours. There’s that special one that is just for you. Come with us as we show you those things you should look out for to identify your mountain bike.
A mountain bike constructed with exotic materials like carbon fiber tends to be on the higher side of the price range than MTBs made of other materials. The cost of a good mountain bike can fall within a range between $350 and $4,000.
Nonetheless, you should stay away from cheap mountain bikes with cheap suspension units that are detrimental to off-road performance.
The task of selecting the perfect MTB shouldn’t be a big deal if you actually know what to look for. Some of the factors we’d love you to consider are:
  • Type
  • Material
  • Saddle
  • Forks
  • Brakes
Construction and Design
What type of bike do you want?

Here are a few bikes you may want to consider before you make a choice:
  • Cross-Country: These are the most popular of all bike types, and they are called XC bikes. They are designed for small to moderate challenges and obstacles. What makes them easy go-to’s is that they can perform quite a number of activities. They also have the capability to work on terrain with many facets. XC bikes can either be full-suspension bikes that can be used for any kind of riding, or Hardtail mountain bikes designed with the capability to climb hills and make low jumps.
  • Comfort Bike: They are so called because they are comfortable and have bigger seats. They are suitable for roads that have been paved and smooth roads with dirt trails, but are not suitable for rugged terrain.
  • Hybrid: They combine the features of road bikes and mountain bikes. People choose this type of bike so that they can enjoy the luxury of riding on the road or going for a trail ride whenever they choose to.
  • Single Speed: These are designed for expert mountain riders who want to test their limits. They don’t have suspensions and are not recommended for beginners.
  • Freeride: These bikes combine the features of a BMX and an MTB, allowing the rider to ride on concrete obstacles and stairs. They are, however, too heavy to be ridden on trails.
  • Trials: These are not suitable for casual riding, but are perfect for balance on narrow areas like ledges and for making jumps from one object to another.
  • Downhill Bikes: These are full-suspension and heavy bikes designed for downhill biking.
Once you’ve chosen which type of mountain bike you want, there’s more to consider…

What material is the bike made of?

MTBs can be made of steel, alloys, aluminum, titanium, or the exotic carbon fiber, and you should look out for a good material. Alloys are improvements on the really cheap but not-so-durable steel bikes, while aluminum bikes are strong and offer a good balance of weight and strength. On the downside, aluminum bikes don’t absorb so much vibration during a ride. The coveted but pricier options are the titanium and carbon fiber bikes. Titanium bikes make attractive choices because of their versatility, light weight and strength.
Performance and Ease of Use
For shock absorption and stability, you should consider the fork of the bike. Bike forks can be coil sprung or air sprung. The coil-sprung forks are heavier than the air-sprung ones, but they compensate with durability. If you want minimal weight, air-sprung forks are the better of the two. If you want a bike that you won’t have to fix every other day, then you should go for the coil-sprung option.

Contrary to popular opinion, brakes aren’t as critical as many riders have assumed, simply because they can be replaced easily. Nevertheless, when it comes to brakes, disc brakes are highly recommended, even though they are pricier than others.

You will also do well to check the type of seat offered by the bike you want. This will determine the kind of riding comfort you’ll have. It is a bit tricky to make a good choice from a picture. And until you sit on it, you may not know how comfortable a saddle is. In any case, well-padded saddles make comfortable seats.

Get the Best Mountain Bike of 2023!

We have come to the end of the ride. And we hope it was an informative and interesting one. Hurry now and place an order for your preferred choice. If you’d like more options, go ahead and follow the links we have offered. Enjoy your ride!

Our Top Choice
Mongoose Argus Mountain Bicycle – Fat Bike Style
Best Value
Schwinn Rocket 3 High Speed Mountain Bicycle
Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Comp Mountain Bicycle
Cyrusher RD-100 Folding Men’s Mountain Bike Shimano M310 Full Suspenion
Ancheer Hybrid Men’s Seeker Mountain Bicycle