Best Mountain Board Reviews — All Terrain Off-Road Skateboards for Mountainboarding

Want to do something daring, take the plunge and get a feel of the rushing wind in your face as you descend from a mountain top on wheels? For this kind of unforgettable experience, you’ll need a mountain board. The question is how to choose the right kind mountain board for you. What are the features to look out for? Look no further, as we’ve carefully picked out the top 5 mountain board skateboards and reviewed each of them. By the way, if you were looking specifically for an electric skateboard, we have another review just for those!

Because most people are looking for "manual" mountain boards, that's the main focus of our reviews. Electric mountain boards are relatively new in the market and most can't really handle the roughness of true mountainboarding. If you're looking for an an electric skateboard that you can take off road, here's a few options if that's what you were looking for.

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Our Top Choice
MBS Colt 90X Mountain Board
MBS, a pioneer and industry leader in the development and innovation of mountain board products, consistently raises the bar by giving its customers the ultimate experience on wheels!
Sturdy maple-lam deck. 12-mm axles for adjustable movement and stability. Excellent V brake system. Sturdy Velcro bindings. Genuine MBS 8" T1 tires.
Weight capacity of 220lbs.
All Terrain Skate trucks
35.5 x 9 inches
Entry level
8” tires; 12 x 28 mm bearings
Maple-laminated deck
Best Value
Atom 95X Mountain Board
Since 2005, the team of designers at Atom Longboards have been creating boards that meet and exceed expectations, making every ride an unforgettable experience.
Pre-installed V handbrake system. Great control. For teens and adults. 43.2 inches long. Fitted with all-terrain skate trucks, tri-spoke hub and F1 bindings.
This mountain board is not suitable for children.
ATS Trucks with Brake Kit
38.3 x 9 inches
Entry level
8” tires; 9.5 x 22 mm bearings
Maple-laminated deck
MBS Core 90 Mountain Board
MBS, a pioneer and industry leader in the development functional mountain board products, has always raised the bar by delivering to its customers a fun-filled experience on wheels.
Customizable deck. Equipped with skate trucks and 8-inch wheels. Great board for beginners. Weighs 5.5kg. Perfect for land kite boarding and freestyle mountain boarding.
Doesn’t have a braking system.
ATS Trucks & Twister Hub
35.4 x 8.66 inches
Young users
8” tires; 28 x 28 mm bearings
Aluminum deck
SDS 7-Ply Maple Mountain Board
SDS was founded in 1996 and delivers quality goods at a reliable price with a focus on providing users with a fun experience.
Great for children and beginners. Has basic functions and minimal features. Made from 7-ply maple. 32 x 8.5 inches. 10.5 inch aluminium trucks. ABEC-5 bearings.
Not suitable for advanced users.
29 x 7.25 inches
Entry, intermediate level
31” tires; 200 x 20 mm bearings
7-ply maple deck
eGlide Black Anodized GT Powerboard
The California-based company, E-Glide, introduces you to a world without limits where you can enjoy the speed and lightweight features of an electrically powered mountain board.
Designed for intermediate and expert users. Can attain speed from 0-23mph in five seconds. Has a 15-mile range of flats. Has a weight limit of 300 pounds.
The GT Power board has tremendous speed, but like all things that run on electricity, it can’t stay out in the rains for too long.
Electric System
45 x 11 inches
17” tires; 9.5 x 22 mm bearings
Aluminum deck

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What is the Best Mountain Board for Dirtboarding Offroad Boarding, and All-Terrain Boarding?

To have that exhilarating, knee-shaking, heart-stopping experience, you have to get the best mountain board. We trust that this buying guide has given you all the information you need to make the right choice. You can go ahead and confidently choose the right mountain board and start your own adventure trek. Let’s go and browse on some of the individual product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The MBS Colt 90X Mountain Board is perfect for beginners, and is equipped with a sturdy maple-lam deck, 12-mm axles and 5-star hubs, which provide adjustable movement and stability. If you’d rather have a mountain board with a CrMo axle and want one that's top of the line, check out the Dylan Warren II MBS Pro 97 Mountain Board.

MBS Colt 90X Constellation Mountain Board with VBS Brake System

MBS is the leading pioneer brand of mountain boarding sport, and since its inception in 1993, it has continued to bring forth new products and innovations that give riders across the world, the ultimate experience on wheels. Extending from mountain boarding into the exciting game of snowboarding, MBS creates comfortable boards that are perfect for people who are seeking to venture into the thrilling and stimulating world of extreme terrain sports.

MBS Mountainboards is the original maker of mountain boards — since 1993.

Mountain boarding is probably one of the most demanding extreme sports, but with the right gear, new and intermediate enthusiasts are guaranteed a thrilling ride. The MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard is great for amateurs who are interested in learning the sport. It has a sturdy deck with a maple-laminated finish that makes it look elegant and durable. It is also equipped with robust and light ATS trucks with 12-mm axles, which provide adjustable movement and stability, a combination that helps the user gain mastery.

Don’t fast dive into this sport until you have this mountain board that is also equipped with F1 Velcro bindings which adjust quickly and securely fastens your foot. Another plus which has proved time and again to be a perfect confidence-booster, is the functional V-Brake system that allows the user control speed while learning the essentials of the sport. The board is also fitted with 5-star hubs with original MBS T1 8-inch tires formulated with high rebound rubber material that makes it move with ease and at a faster speed than the average mountain board. It has a creative design, style, and comes in a bold and vivacious mix of splashy purple and black. These great features make MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard the winning board for new and intermediate users.

MBS has other mountain boards in its collection:
  • MBS Colt 90 Mountain Board: It is a sturdy mountain board that has a great V-brake system. It comes fully assembled
  • MBS Core 94 Mountain Board: This is a light and easy to adjust mountain board, that comes with a dual density foam for optimal flexibility and comfort
  • MBS All Terrain Longboard: This is a multipurpose terrain longboard with urethane cast wheels, featuring high precision turning
  • MBS Pro-95 Mountain Board- Retaliation: It is a durable mountain board, featuring a protective base layer and suitable for tackling obstacles on a mountain trail
  • MBS Colt 80 Mountain Board: This mountain board has a maple deck and a knobby that makes for easy maneuvering. It is suitable for new users, kids and amateur riders
Best Value
The Atom 95X Mountain Board is a 43.2 inch long entry-level board that features a strong maple laminated deck, making it perfect for teenagers and adults. It is also fitted with standard all-terrain skate trucks, a tri-spoke hub and F1 bindings. If you’re looking for a mountain board with a smaller deck length, probably something for your children, why don’t you check out the Atom 90 Mountain board?

Atom 95X All Terrain Mountain Board for Teens & Adults

Since 2005, the highly skilled team of designers at Atom Longboards have been creating boards that meet and exceed expectations, making every ride an unforgettable experience. These designers, who also happen to be riders, practically step into the shoes of their customers to create the ultimate experience. With total commitment to customer service, Atom Longboards is receptive to any form of feedback from its large client base, and is on the constant look-out for ways to improve its services and product offerings. Focused on delivering quality products at an affordable price, it constantly seeks for ways to craft products that would deliver on its promise of quality.

The Atom Mountain Board is a 43.2-inch-long entry-level board that features a strong maple laminated deck, making it the perfect fit for teenagers and young adults. Getting the right board for a teenager can be a nightmare, as boards usually swing either way - longer decks are for adults, and smaller decks are for children. But with the Atom Mountain Board, you can say goodbye to those problems, as your teenager is perfectly kitted for any board adventure and can cruise around campus easily, or head on to the next hill for a great adventurous ride.

You can rest easy that your teenager is secure, as the Atom Mountain Board comes fitted with standard all-terrain skate trucks, a tri-spoke hub and F1 bindings with 8-inch tires, which are features that combine to give its rider a pretty firm grip and easy manoeuvring movement. Other great features of this board include the V handbrake system, which gives riders great control and the power to control how fast or slow they want to cruise. Empower your teenager to become the ‘king of the hill’ with a board that has been specifically built to provide a great riding experience!

Atom has other mountain boards you may want to consider:
  • Atom Longboards Drop Through Longboard: This is a maple-laminated mountain board with high speed lubricated bearings and coarse grit grip
  • Atom Longboards Drop Deck Long Board: It features high speed lubricated bearings and reverse king pin hangers
  • Atom Longboards Pin Tail Longboard: This is a wheeled longboard cruiser featuring aluminum hangers and steel axles. It is available in three different styles
  • Atom Longboards Kicktail Longboard: This is a mountain board with high rebound wheels and a maple photo heat transfer deck
Weighing 5.5kg, the MBS Core 90 Mountain Board is perfect for land kite boarding and freestyle mountain boarding, and its 8-inch tyres give the rider a controlled experience. Would you rather have a board that you can use on every terrain? Then you should check out the MBS All-Terrain Longboard.

MBS Core 90 Mountain Board with ATS Trucks

MBS is one of the foremost brands in the design and manufacture of mountain board products. It has consistently raised the bar by giving its customers the ultimate experience on wheels! From mountain boarding to the thrilling game of snowboarding, MBS always makes comfortable boards that are great for people who are seeking to venture into the exhilarating and stimulating world of extreme terrain sports.

Land kite boarding and free style mountain boarding are fairly popular among mountainboard riders, and has become an addition to the mountain-terrain sport that takes riders soaring through the clouds with fast-paced frenzy and landing back on their boards. It is important to choose a board that is durable and strong and also light weight if you’re considering going land kite boarding or freestyle mountain boarding. For this, the MBS Core Mountain Board is just what you need. Weighing 5.5kg, the MBS Core Mountain Board is a priceless combination of a short deck and light weight ATS with T3 8-inch tires to give the rider a controlled but exhilarating experience.

The MBS Core 90 Mountain has a customisable deck that allows users define their unique style and create fun and memorable expressions with an array of random stickers. Although it was designed with kiters in mind, entry-level enthusiasts would also find this board useful in raising their learning to the next level, and would be the perfect companion along their journey to mastering mountain boarding.

With time, as enthusiasts become more skilful and experienced to take on bigger challenges, they can upgrade to higher-end MBS components without having to buy a brand new board. So whether you are slowly gliding down a hill or jumping through the clouds by kite boarding and free style boarding, you should consider getting yourself an MBS Core 90 Mountain Board.
The SDS Mountain Board with 7-ply maple construction and aluminium trucks is fitted with foot straps and pneumatic tires for an exhilarating riding experience. Looking for an even smaller mountain board? Check out San Diego Speed Mountain board.

SDS 32 x 8.5 Inch 7-Ply Maple Mountain Board with 10.5 Inch Aluminum Trucks

SDS Skateboards was founded in 1996 and delivers quality goods at a reliable price. They are focused on providing users with fun experiences through a variety of board games. Mountain boarding is one of such activities. Have you ever thought about cruising down a mountain top, the wind in your face, deftly meandering on a board? Then why don’t you turn your thoughts into reality?

It’s all fun and games with the SDS Mountain Board, and here are a couple of reasons why. Complete with a 32 x 8.5-inch beautiful maple finish and aluminium trucks, the SDS Mountain board is a good buy for both the new and average mountain board enthusiast. User safety is of utmost concern and to ensure this, the board has been fitted with Velcro binding foot straps and 200 x 50-mm pneumatic tires. While mountain boarding or kite boarding, you can have more fun without a care in the world.

The SDS Mountain board is a great way to introduce mountain boarding or kite boarding to a youngster, as its size is perfect for children. It's great for beginners because its features are the most basic without any of the fancy attachments that might distract a young user. This board enables you to master the basics of mount boarding, without any fancy features, thus making it an amazing learning tool. The board is also equipped with skate trucks which are regularly used on skateboards, but in this case, have been fortified and beefed up to cope with rough terrains. Skate trucks are easier to make turns with and it makes it more convenient for entry-level enthusiasts to learn with them.
Built with European-grade electronics, the GT Power Board has a beautiful, sleek and durable 45-inch anodized aluminium deck, an extra powerful brake system and wired remote control.

eGlide GT Black Anonized Powerboard / Electric Skateboard

The California-based company, eGlide, one of the most reputable providers of electrically powered boards is changing the flavour of mountain boarding by providing and selling electric skateboards. The company introduces you to a world without limits where you can enjoy the speed and lightweight features of an electrically powered board. E-Glide boards are so light and comfortable to carry and it is committed to its customers by improving the battery life of its products and ensuring that its products remain pocket friendly for college students! Literally taken everywhere; from buses to trains and even airplanes, eGlide keeps innovating now ways to create better experiences.

One of eGlide’s products is the GT Power Board. The GT Power Board has a beautiful, sleek and durable 45-inch anodized aluminium deck that is powerful and durable due to its anodized surface. With an extra-powerful brake system, new and inexperienced users are sure of an increased learning experience. The GT Power Board is also equipped with a wired remote control, which keeps it free from interferences associated with wireless models. Unlike wireless electrical skateboards, this board does not make loud, irritating sounds but only a soft hum. Its batteries are long range and have a full and half power setting which can be alternated depending on the user’s skill level.

It has the capacity to hold up to 300 pounds of weight which makes it perfectly suited for teenagers and young adults. This board is designed with easy-to-replace parts and users can maintain their boards in tiptop condition on their own. With an exciting speed range, the GT Power Board moves from 0 to 23 meters per hour in 5 seconds and a 15-mile range of flats. It is built with European grade electronics to provide the user with the best experience on an electric board anywhere in the world!

Mountain Board Skateboard Buying Guide: How to Chose a Skateboard for All Terrains

So, you’ve decided you’re finally going to go for it! You’ve set your sights on your first mountain board ride, and just thinking about it gets you so excited! You’ve figured out how you’ll get to the top of the mountain, probably take in the magnificent view and do a few minutes of bird-watching before you surf down the mountain side and have the time of your life!

It’s a great plan, and you’ve got everything figured out, except a mountain board. What are some of the things you should be looking out for in choosing the right mountain board? When choosing a mountain board, one of the major things to consider is design. Do you want a regular mountain board, or are you looking to lazily enjoy the ride with a super-speed electrical board?

The type of user you are determines what type of board you’ll be looking at. There are mountain boards that are great for new and intermediate enthusiasts, while some other boards are more suited for advanced users. Take a look and determine your skill level and then get a board that matches it to ensure that you get the best mountain board ride experience possible.

Skateboard is a term that is used to refer to some types of mountain boards. The wheels of such skateboards are also an important factor to consider. Mountain boarding is quite different from cycling on a mountain bike and offers a unique sort of thrill on its own. A mountain board requires strong and sturdy wheels. The quality of the wheels determines who uses the board, and what the board can be used for. Plastic wheels are a great way for new users to learn, but more advanced users that perform stunts would require a more durable set of wheels.

Video: Mountainboarding for Beginners

Getting started with a mountain board – how to ride a mountain board. | Courtesy of mbsmountainboards
Mountain boards sell at a range of $100 to $1,300. The major difference lies with the features of each type of mountain board. Those with fewer or just the basic features sell for lower prices, while the ones with more features would sell at higher prices

The difference in material or the type of material used for the deck would affect the price of the mountain board. An anodized aluminum deck would be more expensive than a cheap mountain board without an anodized aluminum deck, or an electrical one would be more expensive as compared to a manual one requiring no electricity or batteries to power it. Special features such as having a preinstalled brake would affect the price of the mountain board and make it more expensive than one without a brake system.
When walking into a store, one can easily be overwhelmed with the wide variety of mountain boards available today. It can be quite confusing, especially if you're new to the sport. There are some features to consider when making the choice of the perfect mountain board. This review will guide your choice and ensure that you make the right decision.

Consideration has to be given to the following features before choosing a mountain board:
  • Deck length and material
  • Weight
  • Truck
  • Bindings
  • Wheels
Construction and Design
The deck of a mountain board is of utmost importance. The size of the user determines what the length of the mountain board deck should be. This has to be considered thoughtfully. Children and smaller-sized adults would require smaller deck lengths, while bigger adults and plus-sized individuals need mountain boards with longer decks. For instance, if a mountain board is for a child, a deck that is 80cm may be ideal, but for an adult, you would require getting one with a much longer deck. Decks that are well-suited for the user add stability, which is why it is important that you look for a deck that is appropriate to your size.

The material of construction is vital in choosing the right mountain board. Initially, when you purchase a mountain board, the material that it is constructed from would be the least of your worries. But after continued use, the quality of the materials used to construct the board comes to fore. It is important to buy a board that is durable and made from high-quality materials to ensure that they last. For a high-performance board, you would require one that is not made from just plain wood, but from something more durable like anodized aluminum, which aside from its sturdiness, is also rust and corrosion-free. There also mountain boards which are maple-laminated. Some boards are designed with a sleek finish, laminated and polished wood and are sometimes customizable such that creative users put stickers on it.

One must also consider board trucks. There are two types of mountain board trucks. The most popular trucks are skates and channels. The skate trucks are like those found in regular skateboards, but they are more durable. Channel trucks increase adjustability and stability with the additional channel-shaped axle.

Construction of bindings is also important. Mountain board bindings can be made from different materials, but the key thing to take into consideration is quality. Bindings are important to ensure that you are securely strapped onto the board and thus, should be selected with care. You can make your selection from a pool of bindings like plain, adjustable and Velcro straps.
Performance and Ease of Use
A mountain board that comes with pre-installed features is easier to use than one that has to be installed. For example, some mountain boards come with their brakes pre-installed which makes it easier to use, as opposed to ones whose brake system have to be installed by the user.

The weight of a mountain board is important in considering performance and ease of use. Lighter mountain boards are easier to carry around, and some boards are light enough that they can be taken everywhere the rider goes. Lighter boards are also easier to use and glide around more quickly. Moving around on campus to the exciting thrill of skidding down from a hill top is made easier with a lightweight board.

Wheels are a paramount feature to consider in the purchase of a mountain board, as they determine how you move around. A board with great working wheels will make for a great experience and improved performance. Most mountain boards come with 20cm diameter wheels. There are a variety of wheels from sturdy metal hubs to plastic that should match with the type of user. For beginners, a standard plastic hub is preferable, but for an intermediate or advanced enthusiast, something more durable is recommended.

Electric mountain boards are the new trend. However, to get an electric skateboard for TRUE mountainboarding it would be really expensive so that it could handle the wear and tear. Additionally, you are already going downhill, so you would not want that much speed. When most people say they are looking for an electric mountain board, what they are usually looking for is an electric skateboard that they can take off road on rugged terrain and small hills, not the full on sport of mountainboarding or dirtboarding.

The ease by which a mountain board can be cleaned and maintained after each use is also a factor worth some consideration when intending to purchase either a regular or electric mountain board. Electric boards require more maintenance.

Get the Best Mountain Board of 2022!

It’s such a delight that you made it through this review with us. You can now purchase the mountain board that has struck a chord in your heart and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Our Top Choice
MBS Colt 90X Mountain Board
Best Value
Atom 95X Mountain Board
MBS Core 90 Mountain Board
SDS 7-Ply Maple Mountain Board
eGlide Black Anodized GT Powerboard

Mountain Board FAQs

Where to buy a mountain board
Mountain boards require expert craftmanship during manufacture. For this reason, you need to buy a mountain board from verified stockists that are readily available online. An excellent place to get genuine and quality mountain boards are on e-commerce sites, such as Amazon. We've reviewed some great choices for beginner and experienced mountainboarders.
What size of mountain board is right for me?
To know the right size of mountain board to get, you need to compare the length of the deck with your height. For a person who is 6 inches tall, the ideal length is between 39 and 41 inches. For juniors, the most ideal mountain board should have a length of 31 to 33 inches. Learn more about picking the right mountain board in our buying guide.
How to kick mountain board
To kick a mountain board is easy. It’s all about the balance of both the board and arms. To learn the art quickly, Youtube videos are the best. However, you need to first learn to balance on the board then start at a slow speed as you balance. Eventually, when you can balance at a high speed, then you can start kicking. Ensure that you practice on level ground for best results.