Best Mouthguard Reviews 2023

Mouth guards are absolutely essential if you engage in combat sports at a professional level – that is, if you value your teeth! Such items not only help to protect your beloved teeth, but they will also dissipate the force of a blow, minimizing your pain and the effects of any possible mouth injury. We picked five excellent guards from some of the best brands out there. Check them out and see which one fits your needs!
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Good for
Our Top Choice
Sisu Aero Sports Mouth Guard
Sisu makes a wide variety of mouth guards for kids as well as adults. Their products are available in multiple colors and are designed to be used for all contact sports.
Available in multiple colors and two styles. Easy to wear. Super-slim design. Allows you to talk and breathe normally.
Might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you'll eventually get used to it.
Multiple contact sports, skaters
Multiple colors
Adult size
Non-compressible, perforated
$35,000 one year dental warranty
Best Value
Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard
Under Armour is a prestigious brand specializing in men's and women's sporting apparel and accessories as well as high-quality backpacks and bags.
Lightweight and durable. Latex-free. Designed for all contact sports. Dishwasher safe and boilable.
Available only in black, but Under Armour has other guards in different colors as well.
Multiple contact sports
Adult size
Latex-free material
$32,000 dental warranty
Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard
Shock Doctor specializes in protective equipment for athletes with a wide variety of mouth guards as well as knee braces and ankle stabilizers.
Available in two styles, two sizes, and two colors. Allows easy breathing. Perfect for athletes with braces. Meets NFHS rules.
Isolated complaints that the guard is too big for teens. Go for the "youth" size in this case.
Multiple contact sports
Blue or red
Adult or youth sizes
Medical-grade silicone
$10,000 dental warranty
Venum Challenger Nexfit Mouthguard
Venum is one of the most renowned retailers of sporting equipment and accessories, designing items particularly for athletes engaged in contact sports.
Available in multiple colors. Made from comfortable and resistant gel frame. Comes with protective case. Good for all contact sports.
Isolated complaints regarding its small size, but Venum makes other guards in various sizes.
Multiple contact sports
Multiple colors
Adult size
NextFit gel frame, rubber
Not specified
Vettex DoubleGuard Mouthguard
Vettex specializes in mouth guards and it makes a wide variety of them in different shapes, sizes, and colors that are affordable for everyone.
Available in numerous colors. Reasonably priced. Made from durable rubber-like material. Has breathing channels.
Might be a bit uncomfortable at first.
Football, contact sports
Multiple colors
Adults & young adults
Thermo rubber
Dental warranty

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What is the Best Mouthguard?

Remember that is entirely necessary for you to have a mouth guard, even when engaging in basic sparring sessions with your partner. The info we provided above will help you pick a good one, so let's examine a couple of great guards and what benefits they have to offer.
Our Top Choice
The Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Mouth Guard from Sisu is available in multiple colors and two styles – original and NextGen. This accessory is ideal for all contact sports. If you prefer a mouth guard specifically designed for kids, go for the Junior 1.6mm Custom Fit model from the same manufacturer.

Sisu Aero Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Youth/Adults – Available in Multiple Colors & 2 Styles

Sisu is a brand mainly focused on mouth guards for people of all ages. It produces a wide variety of such items in various colors, sizes, and styles, all of them being made from high-quality materials. You can also buy protective cases for your mouth guard from Sisu and some of their products can also be used to stop teeth grinding during sleep.

Let's talk about the Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit mouth guard from Sisu, which is available in a plethora of colors such as purple, red, pink, yellow, and many others. It also comes in two styles – original and NextGen – the difference between them being in design and shape.

This type of mouth guard is specially designed for young athletes as well as seasoned pros. It is made from a high-quality, hygienic material and can be used for all contact sports including boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and others. Best of all, you'll be able to talk and breathe normally while wearing this guard due to its super-slim design that remains effective in dissipating the energy of a forceful blow.
Best Value
The ArmourFit Mouth Guard from Under Armour is designed for all contact sports and doesn’t inhibit normal talking and breathing. This one is available in a classic black, but if you want a mouth guard in a different nuance, check out the UA Braces Mouthguard from Under Armour.

Under Armour Latex-Free Chew Resistant ArmourFit Mouthguard - Meets NFHS Rules

We are sure you've heard of Under Armour before as they are a leading manufacturer of sports equipment, backpacks, apparel, and other accessories. This company designs some of the most eye-catching, practical, and reliable items such as athletic footwear, hoodies for boys and girls, duffle bags, and backpacks. The brand was founded in 1996 has gained a great reputation since then.

For now, let's explore the benefits of the ArmourFit Mouthguard from Under Armour and see why its worthy of your purchase. This mouth guard is available in a large size and a timeless black color, but Under Armour makes other guards in different colors as well, if that's important to you.

This guard also meets the NFHS rules, is designed to be used for all contact sports, is latex-free, and the shape allows you to breathe and talk comfortably. The material from which it is made is durable and lightweight, so it will be comfortable to wear during your training sessions or fights. It also comes at a reasonable price, so why not give it a try?
The Double Braces Mouthguard from Shock Doctor is available in two styles, two sizes, and two colors, is made from medical-grade silicone, and meets all NFHS requirements. If you want a mouth guard which is designed for kids and adults alike, check out the Pro Mouth Guard from the same brand.

Shock Doctor Double Braces Silicone Mouthguard – Available in 2 Colors, 2 Styles and 2 Sizes

Shock Guard is another impressive brand specializing in protective equipment for athletes competing in various sports. For example, apart from its wide array of mouth and lip guards, you can also find high-quality knee supporters as well as low-profile insoles, ankle stabilizers, and other accessories. Safety is vastly important when practicing sports which is where the items made by Shock Doctor come into play!

The Double Braces Mouthguard is ideal for all contact sports, meeting NFHS guidelines. This model is also available in blue or red, in strapped or strapless styles as well as two sizes – youth and adult. You really cannot go wrong with this mouth guard.

It is made from medical-grade silicone and features integrated breathing channels which will basically allow you to breathe and talk normally while training or during a fight. It also does not require boiling and can fit instantly while giving you the sensation of comfort all the times. Lastly, this mouth guard will protect athletes with braces from lacerations thanks to its clever design and quality of material.
The Challenger Mouthguard from Venum features a design that provides optimal breathing and comfort and is available in a cornucopia of colors. If you want a guard in a different design that also comes with a protective case, go for the Predator Mouthguard from the same brand.

Venum Challenger Nexfit Gel Frame Mouthguard with High Density Rubber Frame – Available in Multiple Colors

If you're into boxing and contact sports in general, you probably have already heard of Venum, one of the largest suppliers of equipment and accessories for athletes who practice contact sports. You can get pretty much everything you need from this brand, starting from boxing gloves and mouth guards up to protective headgear, bags, and even Venum-branded apparel.

The Challenger Mouthguard from Venum is available in many colors such as black, blue, red, purple, yellow, and more and it is delivered with a protective case for hygiene purposes. This model from Venum features a special gel frame as well as components made from high-density rubber to ensure that you are protected during a fight, without compromising on comfort.

The guard also allows proper breathing as it has special channels that don’t obstruct airflow. You can use this accessory for all contact sports, rest assured that your lips and teeth won't be damaged by forceful blows. It is worth mentioning here that this model and many other accessories from Venum are developed with the help of professional athletes, particularly UFC fighters, such as Lyoto Machida and Wanderlei Silva.
The Adult Football Mouthguard from Vettex comes at a reasonable price and it is available in multiple colors for you to choose from. This model is ideal for young adults and adults alike. If you want a guard which also incorporates lip protection, go for the Vettex Double Mouthguard with Lip Protection which is also available in multiple colors.

Vettex Adult Football Mouthguard with Adjustable Strap – Available in Multiple Colors

We are happy to report that Vettex is another excellent brand specialized in mouth guards for athletes who practice different types of combat sports, so you have yet another option at your disposal. This company makes guards in different sizes, colors, and shapes from some of the most durable and resistant materials out there.

For example, the Adult Football Mouthguard from Vettex comes with a one-piece adjustable strap and it is made to fit adults and young adults, making it ideal for young, aspiring boxers or football players who need protection while playing their favorite sports.

This model is made from thermo-rubber which ensures great strength while remaining comfortable and easy to wear. It is also available in numerous color options such as blue, white, red, yellow, and others with breathing holes incorporated, so you'll be able to talk and breathe with little to no effort.

How Do I Choose the Best Mouthguard?

Although many people don’t really agree with this, combat sports are exciting, addictive, they provide a great opportunity to make money (if you practice them at professional level), and can even assist in stress management. Obviously, with the passing of time and the development of various types of combat sports such as boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and karate, adequate sports gear has been perfected to protect the athletes and provide them with better training experiences. For example, nowadays almost anyone can afford a pair of high-quality boxing gloves, a heavy punching bag, and specially designed boxing shoes, all of which are necessary accessories if you take combat sports seriously.

Apart from this standard protective gear, you'll also need a mouth guard. Even if you do your best to avoid direct hits to your face, it is rather likely that at some point during your career you'll get a forceful blow – you know, the ones that make you see stars rotating above your head. The job of a mouth guard is to minimize the impact of these impacts and protect your teeth and, without use of one, athletes can end up with broken teeth.

The purpose of this guide is to help you figure out what mouth guard is best for you and how to pick one. Don’t worry, such accessories are not that expensive anwith consideration for the benefits they offer, you'll soon realize that they are worth every penny!
Speaking of pennies, let's talk about the price aspect first to get that out of the way. High-quality mouth guards can cost between 10 and 50 dollars, depending on various factors such as the size, design, material, and inclusion of a protective case.

On the same note, we advise you to stay away from excessively cheap mouth guards, usually those priced around five dollars, because they don’t provide adequate protection. They tend to be flimsy and poorly formed and you shouldn’t take risks when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your teeth.
When it comes to features, we will look at a few below, but keep in mind that these accessories can include many other advantages aside from those listed.
  • Size - in most cases, mouth guards are made for adults or youths, but you may be able to find something in between if a specific model doesn’t fit your particular needs dependent on the size and structure of your mouth
  • Warranty - you might be happy to know that many high-quality mouth guards include dental warranties which can basically cover treatment plans in case you get injured while using the product
  • Color - yes, girls, there are pink mouth guards out there too, as well as many in different shades of black, blue, red, yellow, and other nuances
  • Material - mouth guards can be made from different materials, but usually they are designed using various types of rubber or tough gel-like materials
Now that we've covered the basics, let's go ahead and take a closer look into these accessories and see how they stack up when it comes to construction and design.
Construction and Design
As mentioned above, you'll find guards made from thermo-rubber or even medical-grade silicone that are sure to provide adequate protection and dissipate the force of a powerful hit, while preventing discomfort during use.

Also, multiple guards have built-in breathing channels to allow you to talk and breathe normally which is vital while training or during a fight (particularly breathing). Some guards are even specifically designed to be used by people who wear braces and most of them are ideal for near all contact sports.

Using a mouth guard is not complicated and there are instructions provided in the package on how to apply it, especially for the first time. Some guards are boilable so you can customize them in the comfort of your own home to fit your specific needs. Lastly, remember that mouth guards come in various colors and this can be an interesting aspect to explore if you are offering one as a gift.
Performance and Ease of Use
In some cases, your mouth guard will also come with a protective case which is very useful and highly recommended for hygiene purposes. If your specific model didn’t include a case in the package, you might need to spend a couple of extra bucks to buy one.

Regarding the dental warranty, the manufacturer will typically provide one valued around five to 10 thousand dollars all the way up to 35 thousand dollars in some cases, usually limited to one year and hopefully never needed. This should cover the costs of your dental treatments in the case the mouth guard didn’t work as promised for you.

Get the Best Mouthguard of 2023!

Professional athletes and amateur fighters all over the world use these guards to shield their teeth and minimize injury. They can be used for a variety of sports including football, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Pick your favorite one and your teeth will thank you afterwards!

Our Top Choice
Sisu Aero Sports Mouth Guard
Best Value
Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard
Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard
Venum Challenger Nexfit Mouthguard
Vettex DoubleGuard Mouthguard