Best Mug Tree Reviews 2023

Why would your beautiful mugs hide in the obscurity of the cabinet when you can show them off on a beautiful mug tree? Mug trees are interesting pieces that can help you organize space and add a touch of “wow!” to your kitchen or dining table. Since we are quite familiar with your taste for the finest things, we have proactively come up with a detailed review of 5 makers of the best mug trees around. It’s okay to pick something else aside the product we featured if it does not appeal to you, but it is not okay to leave your space cluttered and your pretty mugs in the shadows. Come on and let’s get you an awesome mug tree!
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Our Top Choice
Mikasa Gourmet Basics Marketplace Mug Tree with Basket
For over half a century, Mikasa, a division of Lifetime Brands Inc., is associated with quality dinnerware and other wares that come in the most stunning designs.
Antique black finish for durability. Eight cup capacity. Comes with basket for extra storage. Flat back design for placement against the wall. Easy to clean.
Not ideal for large mugs.
Wall stand
Antique; with basket
8 mugs
14.5 x 7.8 x 15.2” / 3.1 lbs.
Wrought iron
Best Value
Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder
Spectrum Diversified works constantly to provide the restaurateur and home maker alike with stylish and affordable products that solve their storage needs.
8 mug capacity. Sturdy steel construction. Small footprint. Upturned branches so mugs stay on and do not fall. Also good for storing bracelets and small jewelry.
Will not hold super large mugs.
Circular base
8 mugs
7.3 x 7.3 x 17.5“ / 2.6 lbs.
Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Cup Holder
Montana Woodworks is an eco-friendly log and rustic furniture decor company with an aim to bring your space to live with its trendy and quality furniture pieces.
8 cup capacity. Handcrafted from American-grown genuine Lodge Pole Pine. Will work with large mugs. Comes with stain and lacquer finish for durability.
A little unaffordable for some.
. Handcrafted; rustic finish
8 mugs
8.25 x 8.25 x 17” / 4 lbs.
Glory & Grace Rustic Industrial French Bottle Tree
With the Glory & Grace brand, you are assured of an enjoyable shopping every time thanks to its vast array of handcrafted collections that you’d definitely love.
Rustic style to match rustic farmhouse kitchen style. 27 inches high. Comes with 18 sturdy arms. Great for mugs, beer/wine bottles etc. Safe for dishware.
Might be a little high end for some folks.
Wall mount
Rustic finish
18 mugs
16.2 x 4 x 27” / 3.5 lbs.
MyGift Vintage Rustic Iron Mug Rack
MyGift wants nothing more than to make your living space a little tidier and more convenient to walk through with its high class storage and organization solutions.
Sturdy iron construction. Comes in a vintage style. Comes with 24 ball-capped hooks. Comes with protective anti-rust coating. Holds large mugs. Comes with cleaning towel.
Mugs may touch one another on this tree.
Vintage; rustic finish
24 mugs
10.2 x 10.2 x 25.6” / 6.3 lbs.

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What is the Best Mug Tree?

Now that you’ve read the preceding buying guide, you are definitely armed with all the necessary info you need to get the bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing a mug tree. Go over to our reviews and see what’s killing it among mug trees right now!
Our Top Choice
Show off your mugs’ antique style with the Mikasa Gourmet Basics Mug Tree. Coming in an antique black finish that protects its handcrafted wrought iron construct, this tree remains glam even under rigorous use! Would you prefer a more affordable mug tree also handcrafted from wrought iron but with a fancy rotating design? Then check out the Mikasa Gourmet Basics Rotating Mug Tree.

Mikasa Gourmet Basics Mug Tree with Basket - Can Be Used to Hold K-Cups and Coffee Pods

The Mikasa brand is one synonymous with quality and great designs and it has maintained this popularity for over half a century now, so there’s no doubt about trustworthiness here. Working with the best factories, and using only cutting-edge technology, Mikasa, a division of Lifebrands Inc., keeps adding more and more beautiful products to its already diverse product lines. These products are not only well-made, they are equally competitively priced in order to make them affordable to everyone: the budgeter and the high-ender alike.

Are you tired of hiding your beautiful mugs in the dark corners of the cabinet? Maybe you want to show them off a little. Totally understood! So get this fantastic piece of decorative and functional item: The Mikasa Gourmet Basics Mug Tree. It even comes with an additional basket to store most anything, mug related or not. Don’t tell the makers but we give you the go-ahead to stash your keys, mail and all else in there. It is handcrafted from wrought iron, and this means some people actually stayed up working with their hands to get this product readily available for us! That’s just sweet and hard work! But then again that’s what makes it so attractive and let’s not forget that it is made of wrought iron so it’s going to stand the test of time. Whatever challenge you bring this guy is going to be a breeze. Amazingly sturdy big guy!

It features 8 hooks to easily take in standard mugs. And these hooks come well-spaced to prevent bump-ins. On the other hand, though, if you favor large mugs, this might not be your guy because they might bump into one another, despite the adequate spacing of the hooks, as one or two customers observed. Placing your mug tree is going to be breezy with this beauty. It comes with a flat back design making it sweet to place against the wall anywhere. And it stays balanced even when its back isn’t against the wall, even if it is packed full with mugs.
Best Value
The Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder is your go-to tree for that modern look. This sturdy tree, made of steel, comes with an 8 mug capacity and a silver nickel finish that’s sure to look stunning in your kitchen! Not that many mugs to store? How about this one that’s also made of steel, with an elegant design and holds fewer mugs: The Spectrum Diversified Ashley Mug Holder?

Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder With an 8 Mug Capacity - Available in Two Different Finishes

Go through countless restaurants, diners, hotels and home kitchens and you’ll see the clear evidence of Spectrum Diversified’s passion. It serves a broad and growing base of customers with a highly varied product line that is constantly added to on a regular. With an eye for style and quality, this brand works constantly to reinvent itself and provide innovative storage solutions that are every bit as functional as they are elegant. It also strives daily to offer quality and valuable customer support in a way that is unparalleled among its competitors.

The Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder is a beautiful and elegant piece that stands tall and is a must-have for every modern kitchen. It comes in a modern and chic Satin Nickel color that rhymes with your stainless kitchen features. You can’t just afford to miss owning this mug tree in your kitchen, it’s too great to pass up.

First off, it holds 8 large mugs, not super large ones but normal everyday large size mugs and you won’t hear an unnecessary clink. Why? Because the hooks come well-spaced: 6 inches in between each! Sounding good already? It gets better. It is made of sturdy steel that ensures that your mug tree lasts for ages without losing its shine or its strength. You won’t need a replacement anytime soon. Hooks remain where they should be, and that is, attached to the body. They don’t break off under the weight of nada. The base is also sturdy and solid. Longevity is not an issue with this tough guy.

For the safety of your mugs, this mug tree comes with upturned branches. These branches hold up your cup and except when there’s an earthquake that’s swallowing the whole world at a time, no amount of movement will shake your mugs out of this thing. That’s danger averted and heartbreak avoided. You wouldn’t want your favorite mug cracked to smithereens because you made an ill-fated purchase.

Just for the ladies, you know you could actually hang your bracelets and small jewelry on this guy? Yes, ma’am you can! And of course you can relate; multitasking is a common feature you both share!
The Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Cup Holder is tough! It comes handcrafted from genuine American-grown Lodge Pine Pole and is also finished with three coats of stain and lacquer for strength and beauty! There’s a ready-to-finish option that you can either leave that way or finish the way you want. It’s also more affordable! See the Montana Woodworks Ready To Finish Cup Holder.

Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Cup Holder – Comes Finished, 8 Mug Capacity

Montana Woodworks has carved a niche for itself in the log and rustic furniture industry. But an even more remarkable fact about this brand is its commitment to quality. Before the manufacture of any of its furniture pieces, it painstakingly and meticulously works to ensure that the materials of choice are wholesome and of a high structural integrity. In the end, all products come out well-made and long lasting and many happy customers can testify to this. This eco-friendly brand currently offers over 800 unique products that are customers’ favorite everywhere. It also promises you a customer service that’s first class and unique for you, its special customer.

So your kitchen comes in a beautiful wooden theme and you think there’s no mug tree for you. Boy are you wrong! There is a tree for you and boy is it a mighty fine tree! First off, it is made of intact cambium. A brief elementary science refresher would tell us that cambium is the part of the tree which you all know and refer to as wood. Good. So moving on, a quick fun fact:

This cambium, which you now understand, is actually handcrafted. So no, it’s not mass produced by some machine in China. Structural integrity here is one hundred percent. The tree is even grown on home soil here in America. It’s called the Genuine Lodge Pole Pine. Oh sorry our bad. The “genuine” is actually a marker meaning that the tree is a legit one. So worry not about quality. This guy is solid wood.

You may think that the weather isn’t such a big deal because it will be inside the house all the time but Montana Woodworks isn’t one to leave things to chance. So there you have it. The finish beautifies your tree and keeps it alive for you for a mighty long time.

It comes in an eight cup capacity and is as high as 15 inches. It can also hold large mugs comfortably. With this advantage comes the fear of toppling but worry not, it’s a stable object like its parents (tree, remember). It stays in a place no matter how many cups hang from its branches.
The Glory & Grace Rustic Industrial French Bottle Tree is a must-have for the rustic farmhouse kitchen. Aside from coming in a rustic style, it features 18 sturdy arms which work great for mugs and empty wine or beer bottles. Would you prefer a smaller sized mug tree with a 9 mug capacity at a less expensive price? Then check out the Glory & Grace Small Rustic Weathered Blue Mug Tree.

Glory & Grace Rustic Industrial French Bottle Tree With 18 Arms - Also Suitable For Empty Wine/Beer Bottles and Glasses

Glory & Grace is a family owned business operated in Arkansas. It has drafted its customers into its business so strongly that all decisions, processes, and systems adopted in operation are done with you in mind. It strongly hopes to gain the trust of its customers by maintaining integrity and trustworthiness in the quality of products and services it offers ergo the choice to go with handcrafted products only. Every visit at this brand is met with newer and even more awesomely designed products. And it is big on customer service too! This fact should be a no brainer seeing as it is already established that it is a hugely customer-centric brand.

If you are thinking of doing some remodeling in your kitchen to the tune of a rustic farmhouse theme, then this is the guy you should know: The Glory & Grace Rustic Industrial French Bottle Tree. With 27 inches of rustic beauty, there’s hardly any chance that this guy will not be a great fit in your kitchen. It’s a match made in heaven, we tell you: this tree and your kitchen.

It features 18 sturdy arms for virtually anything you want to show off or just store. Whether they are empty wine bottles, or beer bottles, or glasses, whatever they are, they have a space right here. And it’s even safe for drying your dishware since it does not come with a lead-based finish. This is an extremely important point seeing as lead is a really dangerous element that has no business staying in the human body.

Mounting this on your wall is going to need some screws, some anchors and all that stuff but you’re not going to spend a precious little quarter getting those because it’s all in the box. And these screws and anchors are not some flimsy stuff the manufacturers threw in to satisfy their consciences. They hold the bottle tree up stably forever.
Because vintage never goes out of style, we present to you the MyGift Vintage Rustic Iron Mug Rack. Made of iron construct, this mug rack comes with 24 ball-capped metal hooks in a vintage style that never gets old! Need a different design? Perhaps a more affordable scrollwork design mug tree would do. It also comes with a basket. See the MyGift Countertop Mug Tree With Basket.

MyGift Vintage Rustic Iron Mug Rack with 24 Metal Hooks For Mugs, Glass, Cups and Bottles

MyGift has only one obsession: to make sure that your living space looks better organized and stylish enough to match your fashionable lifestyle. And it sees to this by ensuring that it supplies you with the best storage and organizing solutions that you can find for miles. From vintage to urban to antique, there’s hardly any lifestyle that’s not catered to by this brand. It is, obviously, about knowing your style and owning it. And because stylish is not always synonymous to quality, MyGift does back breaking work to ensure that all products pass the most rigorous quality assurance tests, and a mighty plus is the fact that they are also relatively affordable. With its five-star customer service, it’s highly doubtable that you will not join its increasing base of long-standing customers.

If you didn’t hitherto know that vintage and rustic are totally rocking it right now, then good morning to you. Wake up and see the MyGift Vintage Rustic Iron Mug Rack. It’s a tasty piece that combines these two concepts uniquely and beautifully into one gorgeous piece of art.

With its iron construction that assures you of its durability and sturdiness, this mug rack works great for showing off your beautiful collection. It will definitely take a beating without looking a day older. It just shines on and on like J-Lo, it just won’t get old! It is 25 inches high and comes with 24 metal capped metal hooks that won’t scratch and deface your mugs. So, if you can’t help your addiction to collection, here’s a really trendy way to own that habit with style.

Recyclers are not left out of this party. We really appreciate what you all do by the way, with your noble intentions towards God’s green earth. So we know you need a place to dry those bottles before they make their final trip to the recycle bin. With this tree, you can dry them conveniently without breaking a sweat.

For the mug lovers, rejoice! Your larger than life mug will conveniently store here, no sweat. And you know what? Regardless of the weight on this thing, it doesn’t tip over. Maybe if a hurricane comes then there might be a chance but if the earth continues to rotate just like it is right now. We highly doubt that you’d ever witness your tree topple.

How Do I Choose the Best Mug Tree?

If you’re a coffee lover, then you definitely have some things that you’d never imagine being stranded in the desert without: your coffee, your coffee maker, your mug warmer and of course we all know coffee is sweeter in your favorite mug or mugs for those of us who can’t seem to kick the old habit of collecting, and collecting, and collecting (feel our exasperation?)

Like this woman’s husband. He was a collector and, boy he could collect! There was virtually no single place he traveled to without bringing back a mug. And for good reason too. His mugs were everywhere! Well, we could probably agree that it’s a mercy that the man only had an obsession for mugs and not cars but then again when all the cupboards, kitchen cabinets, countertops, and even medicine cabinets had at least three to ten mugs each, then y’all have to agree that we have a problem.

And it was driving this woman crazy, understandably.

Or maybe a little more than crazy. Maybe she began to harbor a little resentment for coffee mugs and their biggest fan namely her husband. Because there began to be little spats between them that grew and grew until they weren’t so little anymore.

Hubby would not stop collecting and wifey would not stop fuming. So what to do?

The woman decided to find a solution to this whole drama that could save her some breathing space in the house without smashing the mugs, so she went into research mode.

This one day, on date night, they went to their favorite small town diner, the place where they always went in high school before they could start affording fancy restaurants and she came across a tall, gorgeous, tree-like object that held the customizable mugs for customers that were interested. It had always been there but you know how you almost never take notice of things till you really need them.

After that time at the diner, she got an idea. She went online the next afternoon during lunch break at work to look for the perfect mug tree to gift her husband. Fast forward to later times; she did get the mug tree finally. In fact, she got two and uses the other to display her neat collection of charm bracelets. Husband is happy, wifey is happy!

When asked how she felt about her husband still collecting even after filling the tree she got him, she replied: “It’s no biggie. I’ll just get him another one. I’m actually beginning to dig all the attention his mug collection gets our wall. I’ve never loved his mugs as much as now and I’ve never loved him even more!” Now if she could just find a way to display his collection of travel mugs.
From as little as about $10 to as much as $100 plus, you can be the proud owner of your own mug tree. And not just any mug tree, an awesome and beautiful one that works! Know though, that quite a few things affect price such as the number of hooks or arms the tree has, its make (wood is more expensive) and the size. Please, save yourself the heartbreak and sorrow of buyers’ remorse by avoiding cheap mug trees. Most aren’t sturdy or balanced and could send your beloved mugs crashing down under all the weight. You wouldn’t want to destroy the very things you set out to look out for now, would you?
So if you’re in the market for a smashing mug tree but first, you must know a few things that must be ticked off the checklist before you can purchase anyone at any time. The basic features are listed below:
  • Material
  • Type
  • Size
  • Color and design
  • Size of mugs
  • Ease of assembly
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
Mug trees can be made from a good number of materials like steel, iron, or even wood. And it’s important that whatever option you choose is sturdy and stable. Steel and iron are the more popular options as they are relatively more affordable than wood. Of course you already know that you won’t be purchasing an unfinished steel or iron mug tree, knowing full well the unending love affair with metals and moisture and their resulting offspring: rust.

Interestingly, you will find that there are many mug trees that are handcrafted, giving you wide options of varying and unique designs. So if you’re quite the indecisive person, this might just be your undoing.

Wood mug trees are the most expensive of all the types for understandable reasons. Wood isn’t exactly the easiest material to get and cheap wood can yield devastating results in term of durability. Because of this, trusted manufacturers go through great pain selecting genuine wood by hand, handcrafting them and then finishing them off with quality stains to preserve their structural integrity.

With all these processes in consideration, you can only imagine how expensive manufacturing will be. It’s only fair, therefore, that the product costs a little more than their metal counterparts at the end.

You do not want something that’s too short such that the prongs are too close to the bottom causing your mugs to always connect with the surface at the slightest provocation. It’s okay to get a high one as long as it’s not too high for you to get your mug off the highest branch, especially if you’re going to mount it.

Another word about size: if you’re going to use your tree to store stuff like empty bottles whether of wine or beer, then you most definitely need to invest in something heavier. A small one just won’t do. The cumulated weight of all the wine bottles will send your bottles sprawling and breaking.

Sad thing is that your tree will most likely remain intact after the fall which might make you hate the tree that had nothing to do with the ill-fated fall in the first place.

The type of mug tree you should get is really dependent on the space you’re working with. There are the mountable ones and the countertop ones. If you already have a cluttered countertop, then consider a mountable one. There are many of this type available in small and large sizes alike. But note that most of these types require assembling.

Mug trees come in different designs that match different lifestyles. There are the antique types, modern ones, vintage, rustic, and all sorts. So you shouldn’t have any problem deciding. There are also those that rotate, as against the conventional stationary ones we are used to. The rotating ones are fairly common and you might like them, especially with trees with many hooks, as it helps you find your preferred mug without too much stress.
Performance and Ease of Use
As we told you, mug trees are every bit as decorative as they are functional. So in plain English, don’t go for a tree that gives a garish and nightmarish contrast with your kitchen decor. Get something that goes with the theme of your decor.

Like we mentioned in the preceding section, there are different designs of mug trees. For instance, barring individual proclivities, a wooden, antique style mug tree has no business in a rustic farmhouse kitchen. The color and design of your kitchen should always help in your decision on the mug tree to buy. Another instance: if you have stainless steel fixtures and stuff in your kitchen, then you should be looking for something more along the hues of metallic silver to complement the predominant kitchen theme.

Someone else who favors wooden cabinetry and decor should definitely go for a wooden mug tree. If they favor wooden furniture then they should already be used to the expense that comes with the purchase of wooden products, so that shouldn’t be a big deal.

We have talked about the types of mug trees and you know that wall types have to be assembled. So how easy will it be to assemble a mug tree? Quite easy actually. Might be a little time consuming and exerting but generally, assembling isn’t something that would make Guinness World Records’ list of toughest chores in the world. If you’re terrible with a toolbox, then you might need help with mounting the tree but aside that, it’s pretty simple and straightforward.

Finally, you need to decide what size of mugs are going on your mug tree. There are a lot of mug trees that take standard-sized mugs alone, many that take the more modern large-sized mugs and a number that take super-sized mugs (usually these types can hold bottles too).

The basic thing to note about mug size and mug trees is that you do not want that clinking sound that comes from the mugs being too cramped. It could cause slight cracks in your mugs and could actually chip the mugs over time.

Chipped mugs are highly unsanitary to drink from as microbes tend to accumulate in those crevices and washing oftentimes is not sufficient. How many of us even wash our mugs fresh from the tree before taking our coffee? Precious few.

So err on the side of caution and consider the size of your mugs before settling on a mug tree. It also helps if your tree comes with well-spaced branches. If you’re going to be storing many large mugs, it’s better to go for a wall-mounted mug tree. Most countertop trees hardly have many hooks to hold many mugs in the first place.

Get the Best Mug Tree of 2023!

You made it to the end of this review! Yay! Well, your mug tree isn’t just going to fall on your lap. You go on and get it (if you haven't done so already)!

Our Top Choice
Mikasa Gourmet Basics Marketplace Mug Tree with Basket
Best Value
Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder
Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Cup Holder
Glory & Grace Rustic Industrial French Bottle Tree
MyGift Vintage Rustic Iron Mug Rack