Best Music Alarm Clock Reviews 2023

Waking up doesn't have to come with the nagging "beep beep beep" of a traditional alarm clock. Today's best alarm clocks can play your favorite music in the morning, so even if you can't control when you get up, you can control how you get up. High quality models have features like gradual alarms, radio, and simple compatibility with your smart devices so you can amplify your favorite tunes. We researched 5 great alarm clocks from trustworthy brands in a mixture of types and prices, and put together a buying guide to make your selection process simpler. Once you’ve gone through this article, you’ll be waking up the way you want to in no time at all!
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Our Top Choice
Electrohome Selfset Clock Radio with Dual Alarm
Electrohome has been creating state-of-the-art home electronics for over 100 years. This projection alarm clock features a wide variety of settings and possibilities.
Time projection. Radio. Battery backup. Auto time set. Dual alarms. Sleep timer. Temperature display. Dimming for day and night. Smartphone & MP3 compatible.
9 x 6 x 9 inches
Radio, Buzzer
Best Value
Timex AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio
Timex creates some of the most reliable, well-crafted time-pieces around. This basic model is sleek and easy to use – perfect for an efficient morning routine.
Inexpensive. Reliable. Dual alarms. Jumbo LED display. 20 station preset memory. Simple controls. Wide snooze button.
No advanced functions and cannot play from your smartphone.
Jumbo LED
3.5 x 6.9 x 3.6 inches
Radio, Buzzer
White or Black
Auxiliary audio input jack
iHome Iphone Docking Station & Alarm Clock iDL43
iHome creates Smart device companion gadgets so you can get the most out of your electronics. This iPhone docking station and alarm keeps your phone charged and your music at the ready.
Lightning and 30-pin compatibility with many iPhones, iPods and iPads. Charging station. Dual Alarms.
USB sync cable is not included.
5.8 x 10.7 x 5.4 inches
Music, FM Radio, Buzzer
Black, Silver or White
Apple Connectivity
Itoma Cks3501bt Blue Led Display Dual Alarm Clock with FM Radio
iToma has created several high quality alarm clocks with advanced features like customizable settings and Bluetooth connectivity, both of which you'll find on this model.
Bluetooth. FM radio. Dual alarm. Auto time setting. USB charge port. Auxiliary input. Backup battery.
The gradual alarm setting becomes too loud for some users.
Large LED
5.7 x 3.1 x 3 inches
Buzzer, Radio
Sony Clock Radio ICF-C1 with Battery Backup
Sony is a powerhouse in technology and innovation. This simple clock radio is reliable and easy to use.
Inexpensive. Buzzer or radio alarm. Gradual wake alarm setting. Optional battery backup.
Lacks the advanced functions you'd find on a more expensive clock radio.
4 x 4 x 4 inches
Buzzer, Radio
Black, White and LED White
Gradual Alarm Setting

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What is the Best Music Alarm Clock?

Hopefully, our guide has helped you know what you’re looking for in an alarm clock. Next, let’s take a look at the five well-received choices we’ve picked out for review. If none of them are quite right for you, don’t be alarmed! These superior brands have other alarm clocks you can look through.
Our Top Choice
The Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock is highly reliable and comes with a wide variety of useful features, playing your favorite tunes and easily setting dual alarms. For a sleeker version with many of the same great features, check out the Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio – also with time projection.

Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio, Battery Backup Dual Alarm, Indoor Temperature/Day/Date Display, 3.5mm Audio Connection

Electrohome is a Canadian-born company, priding itself on expansion through superior technology and convenience for their consumers. Electrohome has a long history, with over 100 years of manufacturing that include developing high quality communications devices for North America when war-time came around. Since then, Electrohome has dominated the home appliance and entertainment market with a combination of advanced technology and retro styles.

This particular model has come a long way from the basic alarm clock. It's loaded with features to make your early-morning routine more manageable. Let's take a closer look.
  • Firstly, you can set two separate alarms for different occasions.
  • Battery backup means you can be woken up even if there's an unexpected power failure.
  • The time or the day's temperature can be projected onto a nearby wall or ceiling for easy viewing – you don't even have to roll around in bed to know what time it is!
  • Easily play the AM/FM radio or connect your smartphone or MP3 player to play your favorite tunes.
  • Don’t be fooled by daylight savings time – this clock automatically adjusts.
  • Pre-programmable daily dual alarm options let you customize your options and includes a weekend cancellation option so you can enjoy sleeping in.
Best Value
The Timex AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio is highly reliable and functional, featuring dual alarms and a jumbo LED display. For a more advanced model with a futuristic look, check out the Timex Dual Alarm Clock with USB charging, programmable snooze and more.

Timex AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Audio Input Jack for Mobile Devices and MP3 Players – Available in Two Colors

Timex is a true innovator in the history of watch-making, being the first company to move the dial to the side of the watch and move from pocket watches to wrist watches. In 1958, when Timex was over 100 years old, it became known as the watch brand that could really take a beating and keep on ticking. Today Timex has branched out to create a wide variety of time-pieces for different lifestyles and consumers.

This particular alarm clock radio is meant to be practical and simple, but you can find more advanced models from Timex as well. Its basic features are easy to use because of its simple design. Let's see what you get with this inexpensive but reliable alarm clock:
  • The dual alarms can be set up individually so you and a partner can have your own alarm times, or you can set alarms for different occasions.
  • Choose between AM/FM alarm or buzz alarm.
  • The large LED display is easy to see, even from across the room.
  • 20 stations are stored as radio presets, making it easy to find your favorite stations.
  • Auxiliary input lets you connect mobile devices such as iPod, Smartphone, iPhone and play music through clock speakers
This digital alarm clock radio is available in black or white.
The iHome Dual-Alarm Charging Station creates a little home for your Apple devices where you can charge up and easily play your favorite tunes, using them as convenient alarms. For a smaller version that's easily compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and other smart devices, check out the iHome Bluetooth Alarm Clock.

iHome Dual Alarm Apple Charging Station with Stereo FM, Lightning Dock and USB Compatibility – Available in 3 Colors

iHome began as a company devoted to enhancing the experience of using iPod devices. They soon became the #1 brand when it came to iPod speakers and their devices are now made to do much more than play music. They now offer many lines of alarm clocks, speakers, home audio systems, and headphones. They also have a line of fully licensed companion products for smartphones, tablets and computers.

This particular alarm-radio-docking station serves as a home base for your smart devices. It serves multiple purposes in your every-day and morning routine, as you can:
  • Charge your phone overnight and have it right by your side.
  • Enjoy your own music all day long and use it for your alarm in the morning.
  • Set 2 alarms independently and to different songs, custom playlists, FM radio or a classic buzzer.
  • Multiple settings let you choose between work week, weekend and custom presets.
  • Time automatically syncs with your iPhone.
This docking station alarm clock is available in white, silver and black.
The iToma Bluetooth Alarm Clock has a sleek look and all the basic functions you need, plus a whole variety of advanced settings and compatibility features. For a smaller version with a convenient control wheel for playing music and setting the alarm, check out the iTOMA Alarm Clock Radio with Dual Alarm, Sleep Timer and Night Light.

iTOMA Alarm Clock with Digital FM Radio, Wireless Bluetooth, Dual Alarm, Auto Time Setting, USB Charge Port, Auxiliary Input, Backup Battery

iTOMA clocks are made for advanced compatibility and customization. They feature a variety of settings to choose from to make your morning ritual a little easier.

This model is made with sleek reflective black and silver coloring and a bright blue digital display that's easy to see from across the room. The controls are easily found on the top over a large snooze button. Let's take a look at what specific settings you can play around with using this digital alarm clock radio:
  • 20 programmable preset stations lets you easily find your favorite music.
  • The external wire antenna is attached so you can get excellent radio reception from anywhere in your home.
  • The backup battery keeps your settings safe - even in the case of a power outage - so you can still wake up on time no matter what.
  • Program the two separate alarms for you and your partner or one for a different occasion.
  • Set the alarms to the radio or a classic buzzer.
  • Choose between the everyday, weekday and weekend modes to designate your presets.
  • The alarm increases gradually to make sure you don't miss your alarm.
  • Connect your smartphone with this radio to play music and receive incoming calls.
  • The USB charging port lets you charge mobile devices and the auxiliary port lets you play music from an external audio source. You can even put the music on a sleep timer so it turns off after a certain period.
This Alarm Clock Radio from Sony is simple, compact and easy to use, featuring gradual radio or buzzer alarm settings and an optional battery backup to keep things running smoothly. For a state-of-the-art model with advanced features, check out the Sony Compact AM\/FM Dual Alarm Clock with nature sounds, time projection, USB compatibility and more.

Sony Digital Alarm Clock Radio with Optional Battery Backup, Radio or Buzzer Gradual Alarm – Available in 3 Colors

Sony is an innovator in the many different industries they work in, but they excel in their passion for technology and delivering ground-breaking new solutions to the user experience. That's why so much of their work is devoted to consumer electronics for the home and for on-the-go use.

This simple alarm clock radio is just one example of the many options that you can get with Sony. You can certainly find models that are more packed with features, but this model offers great value for the price:
  • The alarm can be set to either a traditional buzzer or radio music.
  • The alarm can also be set to gradually increase in volume to make sure you don't sleep in on an important day.
  • The brightness is adjustable so you don't have to strain your eyes in the morning.
  • Optional battery backup means you can keep things running smoothly even if there's a power outage.
This alarm clock and radio is available in black, white and LED white.

How Do I Choose the Best Music Alarm Clock?

Damn – we’ve just missed the flight by a whisker! On top of that, I was late for work two days out of five last week. Not only am I in trouble with the boss and late for my holiday, I’m out of pocket, paying for the next flight, and my stress levels are going through the roof.

Imagine a device that keeps you less worried about sleeping past the waking hour? To avoid such frustrations, the right alarm clock might be just the waking buddy you need. While you’re at it, populating your bedside table, it’s probably a good idea to get a table lamp so you have some available illumination to accompany your clock.

Of course, waking up on time may not be enough if you are going to be derailed fixing that breakfast. That’s why we recommend you go for a breakfast sandwich maker to help you fix that yummy sandwich in no time, because rushing out on an empty stomach is no fun.

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It’s said a good start defines the rest of the day. It’s hard to put a high enough price on that, but music alarm clocks are relatively inexpensive. They are priced from $10 to $110, depending on the features. It costs more to get one with auxiliary ports that lets you play music from an external source than one without the feature. The same goes for those which can seamlessly sync with your iPhone (or even charge it).

Time is important so cutting costs too much may put your day at risk. Although we found many cheap alarm clocks, cheap is not always good value – it’s prudent to spend enough to ensure you’re getting what you need.

Let’s browse through some of the major features you need to know about before making a choice.
A music alarm clock is your ideal buddy, keeping tabs on your waking time to keep your schedule intact. However, here are other appealing features that make it a worthwhile purchase:
  • USB ports – Enables you to charge your phone on your bedside table
  • Display – Comes with LED or LCD display which is easy to read and use
  • Extras – Allows you to sync with a smartphone, play radio, use flashlight or connect with Bluetooth speakers
  • Battery backup – Ensures you are woken up even during power failure
  • Auxiliary ports – Allows you to enjoy your music from an external audio source
  • Sound – You can set your preferred music and even set it to gradually increase until you wake
  • Colors – Gives you freedom to choose your favorite color
Construction and Design
We often forget the alarm because of the troubles of setting it, especially at night. However, having one with an easy-to-use menu system and a good display makes doing so easy. This allows you to set your music and waking time without much complication.

Other than setting time, alarms now come with even more interesting features to choose from. Don’t miss out on features you’ll find useful, such as a USB port to allow you charge your mobile devices. The troubles of having your phone beyond reach, gone! Couple this with settling for one that also has auxiliary ports to allow you play music from an external device. Huzzah! Your music alarm clock becomes a hub of entertainment as well.

Music alarm clocks come in a variety of colors. If you love blending colors based on your tastes and preferences, we recommend you go for one that best suits the design of your room.
Performance and Ease of Use
When going for a music alarm clock, going for one that has an LCD or LED display may give you that flexibility in making adjustments to your alarm even in the dark. With this, you don’t have an excuse of jumping into bed without making that adjustment. Just in case you might need to be earlier than usual.

If you love multitasking, choosing a music alarm clock with extra features will give you the advantage of syncing with your iPhone for better programming of your schedules. It will also allow you to enjoy listening to that cool music as you doze off by connecting to Bluetooth speakers.

Imagine waking to your preferred music. Yea, that’s right. Some music alarm clocks come with sounds that can be customized to fit your preferences and tastes. Other than this, you also stand to benefit by setting the sounds to increase gradually in volume so you don’t miss that alarm.

There is nothing as disappointing as an alarm failure. It leaves your entire day in a mess. However, by going for one with battery backup, you are covered even when there is power failure because your buddy will work just fine.

Other than making sure you don’t smash it in a sleep-deprived rage, taking care of your alarm clock is as simple as treating it well, just as you would any other electronics, and there should be no issues with maintenance.

Get the Best Music Alarm Clock of 2023!

Choosing the best alarm clock comes down to personal preference – how important is your wake up ritual? Would you benefit from features like gradual alarms, multiple distinct alarms for you and a partner, or Bluetooth compatibility? We hope you’ve found the right model for you, so now all you need to remember is to set the alarms in the first place!

Our Top Choice
Electrohome Selfset Clock Radio with Dual Alarm
Best Value
Timex AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio
iHome Iphone Docking Station & Alarm Clock iDL43
Itoma Cks3501bt Blue Led Display Dual Alarm Clock with FM Radio
Sony Clock Radio ICF-C1 with Battery Backup