Best Music Box Reviews 2022

Music boxes have been around since the 19th century but in the good old days only the rich could afford jewelry. Jewelry music boxes were more like musical treasure chests appointed with doll figurines, and a bit bulky. Today, however, music boxes are available in several styles, shapes and sizes, for young and old and everyone in between, making choosing the perfect one a tricky task. We’ve done our homework, compared the best music box brands and have narrowed down our list to five top best music boxes that will truly leave you awestruck.
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Our Top Choice
Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box
After over 340 years of expertise, Lenox is a well-respected name in tabletop items and giftware, and has a massive product portfolio that includes ornaments and figurines.
Made from metal. Fitted with a ballerina that turns while "Fur Elise" plays. Pink interior. Can be engraved with up to 12 characters. Multiple compartments for jewelry.
May be a bit small to fit all your child’s jewelry.
Sculpted pattern, engravable
Fur Elise
7” x 5” x 4.25"
Best Value
Disney Fairies Wendy's Tinkerbell Music Jewelry Box
Disney was founded in 1923 and has become the second largest media house in terms of revenue in the world.
Comes with a Tinker Bell figurine that can be swapped for the included ballerina. Made from plastic. Comes with a secret key that serves as a necklace as well. Batteries included.
Song doesn’t play for very long.
2 figurines
Generic song
5” x 4” x 8.5”
The San Francisco Music Box Company Anastasia Hinged Trinket Box
The San Francisco Music Box Company has been designing and manufacturing superior musical gifts and decorative accessories for over 30 years.
Wonderfully detailed. Sturdy build. Faux jewels decorate the base. Plays “Once Upon A December”. Winds up on the underneath.
Music may not stop immediately after the box closes.
Detailed with faux jewels
Once Upon A December
4” x 4” x 3.5"
Cottage Garden Dearest Granddaughter Jewelry Music Box
Cottage Garden Collections has been making decorative products for over 20 years. Its catalog includes a wide range of music boxes and other memorabilia items.
Black velvet fabric-lined interior. Interchangeable photo frame lid. Plays “You Are My Sunshine." Exquisite rope trim design. Sankyo mechanism visible through glass.
Interior is a bit small at 4” x 4”.
Visible mechanism, photo lid
You Are My Sunshine
6” x 8” x 2.5”
Wood grain
Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box
Enchantmints is an esteemed supplier of musical treasure boxes. It aims to create imaginative designs that are both a treat for parents and children.
Two side drawers, back drawer and bottom large drawer. For kids 6 to 12 years old. Plays "Swan Lake" music. Twirling ballerina figurine.
Side drawers may be a bit small.
Ballerina figurine, 4 drawers
Swan Lake
6" x 4" x 6”
Velvet paper lining

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What is the Best Music Box?

With music boxes, there’s no “one size fits all” design. They come in a diverse spectrum of styles to suit both young and old. However, before you head out shopping, it is best to first determine whether you’ll be using the music box for protective or decorative purposes, and the amount of jewelry you’d like to store. Now that you’ve perused our music box buying guide, you should have great insight into what to look for. Let’s get right to our five best options.
Our Top Choice
The Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box is made of metal and plays "Fur Elise." It has a sturdy build and elegant finish. For another great way to stash items safely and securely, get the Lenox Classics Belle Keepsake Box, licensed by Disney. It's made from porcelain and has a hand-painted finish accentuated with gold.

Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box - Made from Metal and Plays Fur Elise

Lenox was founded in 1889. After over 340 years of expertise, it's one of the prestigious names in this field. It designs and manufactures a diverse range of products that includes tableware, ornaments, figurines, and home décor items.

The Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box is made from metal and has a ballerina figurine that spins joyfully to the tune of "Fur Elise," making it a great gift for any little girl. The interior is pink, with handy compartments that should hold most of your child’s favorite jewelry items. The exterior of this charming music box showcases a sculpted quilt pattern complete with myriad little hearts, and it can be engraved with up to 12 characters. If you’re looking for a music box that your little girl will adore, and possibly keep for years to come, the Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box should do the trick.
Best Value
The Disney Fairies Wendy's Music Box comes with a Tinker Bell figurine and a ballerina figurine that can be swapped. If you’d like a music box with an award-winning character, the Disney Moana's Musical Water Globe & Jewelry Box is worth checking out as it has a storage drawer to safeguard your ocean treasures.

Disney Fairies Wendy's Music Box with Tinker Bell - For Ages 4 Years and Up

The Walt Disney Company was established in 1923, and is now an award-winning media house that is a premier player in the American animation industry. Disney owns 14 theme parks across the globe, and consists of three main divisions: Disney Media Networks, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media.

The Disney Fairies Wendy's Music Box is made from great quality, non-toxic plastic, and comes with two interchangeable figurines, Tinker Bell and a ballerina, that spin while the music plays. It's recommended for kids of ages four and up, and is powered by three AAA batteries (included). This music box features a secret key that serves as a necklace, and that can be used to unlock the secret storage drawer. The Fairies music box also boasts robust construction, topped by bright colors to leave your child entertained for hours on end.
The San Francisco Music Box Company Anastasia Hinged Trinket Box plays "Once Upon A December," while the Alexandra and Nicholas figurines dance the night away. If you’d rather have a music box with ballerina shoes spinning to "Moonlight Sonata," the Ballerina Dream Dancer Musical Trinket Box by the San Francisco Music Box Company is an excellent option.

The San Francisco Music Box Company Anastasia - Alexandra & Nicholas - Hinged Trinket Box with "Once Upon A December" Play Tune

Established 30 years ago, the San Francisco Music Box Company is a highly reputed brand when it comes to musical gifts and decorative accessories. It is renowned for its handcrafted detail and design, and its collections for young, old, and everyone in between that includes carousels, classic music boxes, and ballet and ballerina themes.

The San Francisco Music Box Company Anastasia - Alexandra & Nicholas - Hinged Trinket Box features a couple figurine dancing away to "Once Upon A December." This box has a detailed, elegant finish complete with faux jewels adorning its base. The 18-note winding movement can be activated from the underside.
The Cottage Garden Collections Dearest Granddaughter Jewelry Music Box features an elegant wood finish complete with a black velvet fabric-lined interior. If you’re looking for the same high-quality construction with a metal finish, the Cottage Garden Collections You'll Never Know How Much You Mean to Me Musical Music Box is an excellent choice. It's available in a choice of brushed pewter or silver finish, and plays "What a Wonderful World."

Cottage Garden Collections Dearest Granddaughter Wood Finish Jewelry Music Box with Photo frame Lid and Plays to “You Are My Sunshine”

Cottage Garden Collections was once a division of Roman Inc. It's a prestigious designer and manufacturer of music boxes and other gift items that was conceived 20 years ago. Its expansive product lineup includes clocks, decorative frames, digital and non-digital music boxes, and watch boxes.

The Cottage Garden Collections Dearest Granddaughter Jewelry Music Box features a premium wood grain finish complete with an exquisite rope trim deign. This box has a soft black velvet-lined interior, and it also has a photo frame lid, which allows you to replace the photo with ones that make your music box unique. It is also equipped with a class-leading Sankyo music mechanism that plays “You Are My Sunshine” and can be seen in action through the glass of the music box.
The Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box includes two tiny drawers on the sides, one drawer at the back, and a bottom large drawer. If you'd prefer an animal theme instead, get the Enchantmints Horse Ranch Music Jewelry Box. It is available in seven farm-themed designs, plays "My Old Kentucky Home," and has four drawers to store your handy items.

Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box with Twirling Ballerina Figurine - Available in 6 Designs

Just as the name suggests, Enchantmints is a leading name in music boxes that are bound to enchant girls of all ages. All jewelry music boxes that leave the company stable are well decorated with beautiful illustrations and themes that girls love, including butterfly, Savanna, and fairy collections.

The Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box can be ordered in a choice of six ballet-themed variants, where each one plays music from "Swan Lake." It is outfitted with plenty of space spread among six drawers and features a twirling, beautiful ballerina figurine that will leave your little girl amazed. It's recommended for kids between six and 12 years of age, and is powered by a winding mechanism located at the back.

How Do I Choose the Best Music Box?

There are a few things that can make you nostalgic about your childhood, such as a doll house, toy barn, cuckoo clock, and, of course, a music box. This fancy version of a jewelry box is usually compact yet highly decorative, and helmed by a figurine. Given that they come in a range of styles, sizes, features and prices, it is wise to first determine if you’re going to be using it yourself to store alluring pieces of jewelry, or giving it as a gift to mesmerize a little girl. Next, you should check out the decorative elements of the respective music box, and whether it fits well with your overall décor. You'll want a jewelry music box that will stick out for its aesthetic appeal, not like a sore thumb. Read on to learn on what to look for in the best music box.
The prices of music boxes vary, depending mostly on the size, design, and features. Since they generally have a figurine revolving in the center to a song playing in the backdrop, the type of figurine (such as collectable Disney characters) can affect the price. When on the shopping trail, you will come across several cheap music boxes, but you'll want one that will last for years, and that you can even pass on to future generations. Look for jewelry boxes that offer you the best of both worlds: sturdy design and pleasing appearance. To give you some ballpark figures, music boxes can range from anywhere between $20 and $100; the higher prices are mostly for unique collector’s items.
Buying a music box may be a complex task, because there are several factors to consider that help you make a purchase you will cherish for years. Here are a few features to keep in mind when shopping for the best music box:
  • Size –Bigger music boxes will store more items, while some compact boxes can only store a single ring
  • Interior Space –Look for compartments if you’re going to be storing different types of jewelry, such as chains and rings
  • Decorative Elements –This can include theme design, gold accents, or handcrafted rustic detail on the exterior
  • Figurine –This is the doll or statute that rotates while the music plays
  • Material –Most music boxes are made from either robust metal with a smooth finish, or non-toxic plastic
  • Song and Quality –Consider the song that plays while the figurine spins
  • User –Some music jewelry boxes are designed exclusively as toy items to encourage imaginative play, while others are worth more as collector’s items than some pieces of jewelry. Always check the “recommended age” label on the box
  • Engraving –Some manufacturers allow you to engrave a few characters on the music box, which works great if you're giving it as a gift
  • Manual or Battery-Operated –Manual music boxes are powered by a winding lever, and battery-operated ones run with the flick of a button
Construction and Design
Material and Decoration

Music jewelry boxes are ones that play music when the lid is opened, often with a twirling figurine to entertain and enchant you. They are treasures and offer the same surprise and sentiments as the jewelry they hold, if not more. Since they often tend to be keepsakes that grow with you or your little princess, look for music boxes with a sturdy build that will offer years of service life. The exteriors of music boxes can be made from several different materials, but many of them are wood with decorative lids. Premium music boxes may be made from stained glass or porcelain, and hand-painted or appointed with detailed, exquisite designs.


The interior of a music jewelry box, the area that will hold your precious goods, is usually lined with soft fabric such as satin, velvet or silk. Some have special holders to organize different types of jewelry. If you’d like to keep your trinkets from sliding all over the place, look for music boxes with interiors made from textured fabrics, including faux suede and felt.
Performance and Ease of Use
Music Mechanism and Attention to Detail

Music boxes can be adorned with many different accents that are designed for both form and function. Some music boxes have also survived through the 19th and 20th centuries, and are now collectible items, such as those that feature Swiss-made music movements. A music box that’s designed for kids is often smaller and holds fewer pieces, compared to full-size jewelry boxes. With regards to movement, most children's music boxes feature 18 note movements, while other premium jewelry music cases can have upwards of 100. The higher the number, the more complex tunes the box will play. Some music boxes allow you to swap photos on the lid, and some even let you change the figurines (just in case your girl likes Cinderella on Mondays, Tinker Bell on Wednesdays, and Moana on Fridays)!

Get the Best Music Box of 2022!

Now that you know what the best music box and have checked out our alternate options, buying one for you or for that little girl you absolutely adore is just a few clicks away.

Our Top Choice
Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box
Best Value
Disney Fairies Wendy's Tinkerbell Music Jewelry Box
The San Francisco Music Box Company Anastasia Hinged Trinket Box
Cottage Garden Dearest Granddaughter Jewelry Music Box
Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box