Best Nanny Cam Reviews 2022

Many parents, especially new moms, worry incessantly about leaving their precious babies with people they do not know well, particularly for the first few times. It can be difficult to leave your children and loved ones in someone else’s care, especially with a new nanny or sitter. Nanny cams provide comfort by giving you the ability to see what your nanny and loved ones are up to. But which one is right for you? We have done extensive and exhaustive research and picked five top products that lead the field in terms of quality and are chosen from the best nanny cams brands. We have highlighted a product from each of these brands to help you get a good idea of what they offer. These brands have a wide selection of nanny cams if you want a feature that’s not included in the reviewed products below.
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Video Quality
Battery Life
Our Top Choice
Conbrov® DV9 HD Book Camera
Conbrov is a young, exciting brand that prides itself in designing and selling effective personal surveillance cameras worldwide.
Designed to look like a book, this nanny cam can be set up anywhere. Its night vision capability is top notch.
The audio quality leaves a lot to be desired and the instruction for use is poorly stated.
Book hidden camera
30 hours
Micro SD card
Motion detection, 2 year stand by
Best Value
YI 720p Dome Camera
Young Innovators, YI, develops wonderful gadgets and equipment that make everyday life safer and more enjoyable.
This camera has a pretty good video quality. Not only can you zoom in and out, you can also playback.
The app bombards you with ads that can be very annoying. Another concern is that the device only has a wireless connection, which may be a threat to security.
IP camera
Info NOT provided
iOS and Android, Micro SD card
Night vision, 360o coverage
Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera
Known for cutting edge home surveillance solutions, Vimtag is a top choice when it comes to nanny cameras with solid technology.
Setting this nanny cam up is quite easy, even for people that are not tech savvy. The camera shoots good images.
The app sometimes has connection issues which lead to freezing of the live feed.
IP camera
Info NOT provided
iOS and Android, Micro SD card
Night vision, 350o, 2-way audio
Uokoo Pan/Tilt Nanny Cam
Uokoo is a global industry-leading consumer electronics brand. It delivers great gadgets that keep our homes secure and safer at unbeatable prices.
The installation and set up process is quite easy. It also has great coverage.
Setting up an account after installation is quite difficult for some users.
IP camera
Info NOT provided
iOS and Android, Wifi
Night vision, 355o, 2-way audio
Littleadd Alarm Clock Camera 4
Littleadd is a global electronics and technology service provider that delivers modern and exquisite security devices in multiple countries, including the US.
It is a multi-functional clock which radiates no light when it is working. It is motion-sensitive and is difficult to detect.
The video quality depreciates when the battery is low, so you have to keep it charged, always.
Alarm clock camera
16 hours
Connects to PC, Micro SD card
Motion detection

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What is the Best Nanny Cam?

The nanny cam you eventually choose should come equipped with the right combination of features to serve the purpose for which it will be used. Video quality, recording options, memory capability, and its intended use were covered extensively in the buying guide you just read. With these in the back of your mind, just take a look at our reviews below to determine which product offers the best nanny cam for you.
Our Top Choice
With a PIR detection angle and distance of 60 degrees and 15-25 feet respectively, this camera has great night vision that can work across any room it’s intended for. For a more concealed nanny cam that can fit in as a home decoration, check out the Conbrov Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera with a built in 10000mAh battery.

Conbrov® HD Home Security Hidden Book Nanny Cam with Night Vision, Motion Detection & 2 Year Long Standby

Conbrov is a young and exciting brand. Its parent company has a complete supporting facility of large production bases, technology research and development department. Conbrov has devoted itself to designing and selling “worthy and enjoyable” personal surveillance cameras worldwide.

The Conbrov HD Home Security Hidden Book Nanny Cam comes with an in built 8000mAh battery support. When charged fully, the standby time for the PIR motion activated recording is 2 years. With a unique design and great appearance, it can be carried easily and disguised as a book. Other exciting features of this nanny cam include:
  • Super good night vision up to 10 feet
  • Accurate motion detection distance up to 20 feet
  • 1080p/30fps, giving it a high video quality
  • Easy to operate; just one switch to start motion detection recording or normal continuous recording
  • Loop recording: on/off adjustable
  • It supports micro SD cards up to 32gb (not included)
The max PIR standby time is 24 months.
Best Value
The YI 720p Dome Camera has a 112° optical glass lens which produces sharp and vivid details. With 2-way audio, you can check in to see what your nanny/babysitter is up to. The YI Home Camera Security Surveillance System, another nanny cam with 2-way audio, supports real-time streaming to your phone with instant activity alerts when motion is detected.

YI Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System 720p HD Night Vision

YI is a brand that is committed to using new technology and processes to make everyday life safer and more secure. It improves the quality of life of its customers by providing solutions which are both trustworthy and beneficial.

The YI 720p Dome Camera has enhanced night vision that stays awake while you sleep. With 8 built-in 940nm (non-invasive) infrared LEDs, you can see clearly in the dark with no glare at all. A high-fidelity 2-way audio dual mode gives you the option of an audio intercom mode (you can talk and listen at the same time) and a hands-free mode (both parties talk and listen freely).
More amazing features of this nanny cam include:
  • Responsive and clear microphone with anti-noise filter built-in to enhance and preserve the fidelity of the audio communication
  • Can be set-up in 3 simple steps
  • Built-in sensitive motion detection intelligence
  • 2.6mm focal length, uncompromised details with 4x digital zoom
  • 720p crisp, crystal clear high-definition video
  • No subscription fee local storage; secure your videos on a micro SD card allowing you to access your video content and history anytime
  • Auto-cruise button, to survey the area 360° horizontally; suitable for large areas that need a quick scan
  • Supports Class 4 and above 4-32GB capacity. A 32GB micro SD can hold up to 80-hour-long video with continuous or motion detected recordings
The YI Dome Camera app is available for iOS and Android devices.
This home security camera features a stunning 960p HD video quality and crystal clear night-vision technology that allows you to see even in complete darkness. The Vimtag VT-361 Surveillance Security Camera is an equally good cam from Vitmag. It has a superior quality 3.6mm lens and a H.264 video compression format with great clarity.

Vimtag 960P HD Video Surveillance Recording Streamed On Smart Devices - 2 Way Audio Surveillance Nanny Cam

Since the launch of its camera line in 1999, Vimtag has continued to design and build the finest home security cameras, software, and accessories on the market. It boasts of a research and development team that is always innovating. This results in multi-functional products that fit your needs in home monitoring and surveillance.

The Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera boasts of an advanced technology that far exceeds the competition. This state of the art camera is as attractive as it is functional. It has an image frame rate of 25fps and image resolution of HD720P (1280*720), 640*360, 320*180, 160*90. The camera has a remarkable viewing angle of 350 degrees which covers virtually every corner of your home. More so, you can pan, tilt, and use the 4x zoom feature to get the picture-perfect view you want.
Some other features of this nanny cam are listed below:
  • Night vision: two 940mm infrared lamp, irradiation distance of 8 meters
  • 2-way audio feature that boasts crisp hi-fidelity sound and clear audio pickup
  • Motion and sound triggered push notifications
  • Snapshot and video of the activities can be viewed on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop
  • A 320 x 120 face to face effect
  • Three-minute set up
  • You can also use Ethernet with the indoor security camera
  • A wide of range of image adjustment you can pick from: brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness
  • Unbeatable customer service with representatives eager to help you with whatever queries you have
The Uokoo Pan/Tilt Nanny Cam with 355 degree pan and 90 degree tilt enables you to see more and cover more. It has a built-in speaker and microphone that makes 2-way audio possible. The IP Security Camera, 720P HD Wi-Fi Camera is a smaller and differently shaped camera from Uokoo. It can also be monitored by one or multiple devices at the same time.

Uokoo 720P WiFi Security Surveillance/Nanny Camera with Pan/Tilt and P2P Audio – Available in 2 Colors

Since its inception, Uokoo’s vision has been “to become the leading online electronics outlet by providing a great selection of the very best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations”. It also aims to remain relevant by providing comprehensive consumer protection and exceptional customer service.

The Uokoo Pan/Tilt Nanny Cam is a very portable nanny camera that is small and quite affordable. With free apps for Android and iOS, its live video footage can be viewed remotely via iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet or PC, thus ensuring that you can keep an eye on your loved ones anywhere and anytime.

It records video clips once it detects motion, after which it sends alerts via push notifications or email directly to your phone or tablet. It boasts of an excellent infrared night vision which is automatically turned on in low light or darkness. The setup is relatively easy. All you have to do is download the free mobile app once you have plugged in your camera, add camera by scanning the QR code and then connect to your wi-fi. It’s as simple as that.
This nanny cam is a multi-functional clock providing DV functions including video audio recording, motion detection, PC cam and removable disc. Another cam that supports motion detection video recording is the Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector. It is energy efficient and can be used up to 16 hours after it is fully charged.

Littleadd Hidden Camera Alarm Clock 1080P Full HD Motion Detection Activated Nanny Cam in Black

Littleadd is a customer-centric brand that is totally committed to providing you with innovative merchandise and great services. It is dedicated to delivering customers with the most extraordinary experience through meticulous designs and smart technology.

The Littleadd Alarm Clock Camera is a security camera with video/audio recording, motion detection triggered recording, remote control, photo and PC camera functionalities. It has a 0.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and broad 78-degree view angle lens which enables you to take high-quality photos and shoot HD video at H.264 format and 30fps.

This multi-functional Hidden Alarm Clock Camera Surveillance Clock DVR supports remote control function. You can operate it from up to 18 meters’ distance. The micro SD card loop recording supports up to 32GB (not included). It can be charged with USB and it supports USB 2.0. The nanny cam is covert due to the fact that it looks like a regular alarm clock with a time display, alarm, voice timekeeping, and current temperature display.

How Do I Choose the Best Nanny Cam?

Stories of children being abused by their nannies and relatives in the absence of their parents can make a parent, especially a new mother or father, paranoid and distrustful of people. But in a household of two working parents, placing the care of your kids in the hands of someone else becomes inevitable. If you happen to belong to the category of parents that don’t like having their kids in day care, that leaves you with the option of getting someone to stay home with them. The nanny cam thus provides you with an avenue to keep close watch on your kids’ welfare.

There are other cases, not involving little kids, when you may have people coming into your home regularly, such as a housekeeper who cooks and cleans and has access to all the rooms in the house, or a home nurse who takes care of your sick mum or dad. In both cases, you can’t always be around to supervise, but with the help of a nanny cam you can see what’s happening at home.

The purpose of a nanny cam is to allow you the necessary peace of mind to go about your daily activities without missing out on events that occur in your absence. Though you could choose to let people know they are being watched, nanny cams usually come disguised as regular household items, such as alarm clocks, photo frames, smoke detectors, and stuffed animals to mention a few. This allows you to monitor people’s activities undetected.

Many factors would generally influence your choice of a nanny cam, but always ensure that the nanny cam is not easily detectable, has good video quality, and is very easy to use. We will further break down these factors as we go along.
Nanny cams are similar in function but different in design, video quality, and recording options, and these differences are usually reflected in their prices. You can usually find a good-quality nanny cam between around $45 to $115. However, also note that we came across cheap nanny cams that were inconsistent in their functions, which we didn’t include on our list. You can be rest assured you are getting good value for your money if you get any of our reviewed nanny cams.
The following are the crucial features of nanny cams, so you should bear them in mind as you come closer to buying a nanny cam.
  • Type
  • Video Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Compatibility
  • Extras
Let’s look at them in some detail.
Construction and Design
For proper disguise, nanny cams usually come in the shapes of common household items, including alarm clocks, photo frames, smoke detectors, notebooks, electrical outlets, and stuffed animals. It is important that you choose a nanny cam that will blend into the area of interest, so it is not easily detectable. A good nanny cam should be able to produce reasonably good-quality videos during the day. Nanny cams with higher image resolution (720p – 1080p) would invariably produce clearer videos that pick up minute details and motion. Some nanny cams have excellent night vision and have no problem recording in the dark.

Nanny cams can be battery-powered or AC-powered. Battery-powered nanny cams are portable and can be placed anywhere. Their effectiveness is usually tied to their battery life, which can vary from a few hours to a year. AC-powered nanny cams need to be connected to wall sockets, which limits their usage to areas where AC-outlets are available.

Depending on when you wish to watch the video, you can choose between a wireless streaming or a self-recording nanny cam. With the wireless streaming nanny cam, you can view the video live, either locally, from your computer at home, or remotely through the internet. For this to be effective you must ensure there is sufficient and uninterrupted broadband internet connection. On the other hand, the self-recording nanny cam records either to an internal memory (8GB – 64GB) or an external SD card (32GB – 128GB), and you can watch the playback on your computer later.
Performance and Ease of Use
The most efficient nanny cams have motion detection-triggered recording that only record when there’s movement in the room, thereby maximizing hours of recording. This function helps preserve the battery life of the nanny cam, frees up your storage for saving important videos, and rids you of hours of reviewing empty footage.

Many nanny cams are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. However, there are a few that are only compatible with Windows, so be sure to verify before you make your purchase. Free apps are also available for android and IOS devices that allow remote live-viewing via your phones and iPad.

When choosing a nanny cam you should also consider how easy it is to use, from the set-up, to settings adjustments, to operating the recording. There should be few or no discrepancies in the functions, and the set-up should be very quick and easy. That being said, self-recording nanny cams are easier to set up than the wireless streaming nanny cams.

Some of the features you can find in a nanny cam include remote control, two-way audio dual mode, image capturing with 4x zoom features, and autocruise button for easy survey of the surroundings. So, ensure your preferred option has these features if you need them.

Nanny cams are easy to maintain, with just the occasional cleaning of the lens, checking the battery (in battery-powered nanny cams), and the regular transfer of videos from the SD card to your computer to avoid losing important footage if storage is full. Some nanny cams can overwrite old videos with new ones if the SD card is full.

Get the Best Nanny Cam of 2022!

Now that you’ve gone through our review, we hope you have found a product that meets your expectations. You can now buy with confidence, knowing that you are making an informed decision.

Our Top Choice
Conbrov® DV9 HD Book Camera
Best Value
YI 720p Dome Camera
Vimtag P1 Smart Cloud IP Camera
Uokoo Pan/Tilt Nanny Cam
Littleadd Alarm Clock Camera 4