Best Nap Mat Reviews 2022

As a working parent, you may be forced to enroll your child in a kindergarten or day care center for a substantial part of the day. More often, these facilities will make arrangements for kids to take an afternoon nap, which is healthy for your child. The last thing you want is for your kid to endure the tough floors or makeshift blankets at the facilities. You want to pack a comfortable nap mat that you can easily roll up and pack away. We have made your work simpler by reviewing some of the best nap mat brands that will offer your lovely baby the highest comfort while napping.
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Ease of Use
Our Top Choice
Olive Original Kids Nap Mat with Pillow
Olive Kids make safe, durable, and functional bedding, school and travel bags, home décor, and furniture for kids aged between 3 and 8 years old.
Lightweight with a carrying strap for easy portability. Made from durable material.
Might not provide maximum desired cushioning.
50 x 20 x 2 inches
Available in 13 styles
Cotton/polyester exterior
3 - 7 years
Fastening straps, carrying strap
Best Value
Urban Infant Tot Cot Daycare Nap Mat
Urban Infant is a nationally-recognized brand, founded by a brother and sister, that specialize in preschool products.
Lightweight and durable to withstand frequent washings for years. Unique elastic corners. Comes with pillow and blanket.
Floor part doesn’t have cushioning or padding.
22 x 1.2 x 52.4 inches
Available in 7 styles
35% cotton, 65% polyester
Unique elastic corners, roll up
Lambs & Ivy All-in-One Nap Mat
Lambs & Ivy is an upscale brand that uses handcrafted details, exquisite fabrications, and on-trend color palettes to make baby products that allow parents to make their own unique nursery.
Allows personalization of the label. Easy to roll up, and has a carrying handle for easy portability. Comes with blanket and pillow.
The pillow might not keep its shape after several uses
21.1 x 6.2 x 5.2 inches
Train, brown monkey
90% polyester, 10% cotton
2-5 years
Carry handle, Velcro tab closures
Melissa & Doug Mollie Ladybug Sleeping Bag
Having been in operation for over 25 years now, Melissa & Doug has been consistently delivering innovative products that encourage open-ended thinking and inspire children to see newer possibilities.
58 inches long, so ideal for kids up to about 4 foot. Comes with a matching storage bag. Brightly colored and full of personality.
Possibly a low quality zipper.
59 x 9 x 26 inches
Brightly colored
5-8 years
Convenient storage bag
Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Slumber Bag
Disney is an immensely famous brand thanks to the iconic films who are committed to creating products that attract attention wherever you go.
Side zipper to allow easy getting in and out. Convenient carry bag for portability.
The zipper is not made of the best material.
9 x 9.5 x 14.5’’ inches
Disney Minnie Mouse
36 months - 8 years
Convenient carry bag, side zipper

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What is the Best Nap Mat?

Nap time is a critical component of a healthy child’s life as it gives your little one the much needed rest and recuperation time. It’s important to choose a safe and comfortable kinder mat which is easy to clean and carry around. We have reviewed the best nap mats that you can count on as you choose a decent kinder mat for your little one. Now you know what to look for, it’s time to dive right in and check out the choices available out there.
Our Top Choice
The Olive Kids Original Kids Nap Mat with Pillow comes with a cotton/polyester exterior and a 100% cotton warm flannel interior to allow your little ones have comfortable naps and play. If you want the same experience at a more pocket-friendly price, then check out the Wildkin Olive Kids Dinasaur Land Nap Mat. You will love it!

Olive Original Kids Sleeping Mat with Removable Pillow – Available in 13 Colors

Olive Kids has become a one stop shop for a variety of colorful, coordinating and fun school and travel bags, furniture, home décor, and bedding for kids of ages 3 to 8 years old. This company is loved for one simple reason; they ensure that everything they produce is durable, safe, and functional.

Recommended for ages 3-7, the Olive Kids Original Kids Nap Mat has a cotton/polyester exterior and a 100% cotton warm flannel interior for comfortable naps and play. It is lightweight in nature and comes with a carrying strap so it’s very portable. This nap mat comes in a huge variety of designs to suit almost any child. Choose from vehicles, fairies, sports, robots, butterflies and more!

Other features that come with it include:
  • Velcro fastening straps for easy roll-up
  • Embroidery friendly
  • Matching removable pillow
  • Flame resistance
  • Machine washable
  • Never treated with chemicals and meets the U.S flammability test requirements
Don’t forget, if you’re not keen on the Trains, Planes and Trucks design, this product comes with 13 other designs and colors to suit your needs.
Best Value
The Urban Infant Tot Cot Nap Mat comes with unique elastic corners that secure it to ordinary daycare cots, travel cots, and floor mats. Want an extra replacement pillow? We are sure you will love the Urban Infant Tot Cot Replacement Pillow.

Urban Infant Tot Cot Daycare / Preschool Toddler Nap Mat with Pillow – Available in 7 Colors

Established over 15 years ago, Urban Infant is a small start-up that has grown to become a well-known national brand for preschool products. Their products, including preschool supply pouches, snack packs, backpacks, and nap mats are designed to simplify and complement the life of the present-day parent. With their focus on clean, high-end design, the company manufactures products that are sustainable, multicultural, urban and somehow witty.

The Urban Infant Tot Cot Nap Mat features a unique design with elastic corners that will secure the mat to any standard day care cot. The blanket exterior is made from 65% poly and 35% cotton whilst the lining is 80% poly and 20% cotton, making for a comfortable feel on your child’s skin. Also, the blanket is 100% recycled poly fleece which is durable and will withstand frequent washings. Although made with quality materials, this mat is lightweight and portable; you can simply roll it up and you’re good to go! What’s more, to make your child more relaxed, this mat comes with a secret pocket to allow your child tuck his/her special friend.

If you like this nap mat, you will be happy to know that you can get it in 7 different colors/designs, ranging from a calming cloud design to trucks for those vehicle-obsessed boys out there!
The Lambs & Ivy All-in-One Nap Mat is easy to roll up and comes with a carrying handle making it easily portable. Want a nap mat that is a little easy on your budget and comes in a different color variation? Check out the Lambs & Ivy Snoopy Nap Mat, available in blue.

Lambs & Ivy All-in-One Toddler Nap Mat with Blanket & Pillow – Available in Train or Monkey Design

From home improvement to baby products, Lambs & Ivy is an upscale brand that designs tasteful, luxurious, and timeless products. What makes this brand unique is the fact that they use handcrafted details, exquisite fabrications, and on-trend color palettes on their baby products to allow parents make their own unique nursery.

Recommended for ages 2 to 5, the all-in-one Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat comes with a mat, pillow, and blanket, excellent for preschool, daycare, taking for a sleepover or travel. The mat is easy to roll up with a Velcro tab to secure it that even your toddler can do and is super-portable thanks to the carry handle. What’s more, you can personalize your child’s nap mat with your preferred name label. The mat and pillow are made of 90% polyester and 10% cotton whilst the blanket is 100% polyester. This means you can machine was the blanket (phew!) but it should go on a cold, gentle wash. Or, alternatively, you can just spot clean any specific stains you want to remove. Finally, this mat measure 20.25 x 45 inches, so make sure it’ll be big enough for your little tike before purchasing.
The Melissa & Doug Mollie Ladybug Child’s Sleeping Bag is 58 inches long and is filled with high-quality, snug polyester to offer your little angel a restful night. Alternatively, if you love this sleeping bag but want a different design, check out the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Sleeping Bag. which has a fun, vibrant bug design!

Melissa & Dough Mollie Ladybug Sunny Patch Child’s Sleeping Bag with Matching Storage Bag

Melissa & Doug is a company committed to creating products that encourage open-ended thinking and inspire children to see newer possibilities. Their bigger vision is to Bring Back Childhood since they believe by giving kids their childhood; they are helping them realize their full potential. The company makes toys and other fun stuff that are meant to ignite imagination in kids.

The Melissa & Doug Mollie Ladybug Sleeping Bag is an adorable kid-sized sleeping bag that is brightly colored and full of personality. The cozy sleeping bag is 58 inches long and is filled with snug polyester to offer your little angel a restful night, full of sweet dreams. That’s not all, the bag comes with a matching storage bag, perfect for overnight stays like camping or a sleepover at grandma’s! At just 2.2 pounds, it’s not too heavy to carry around either.

If you’re not keen on the lady bug design, Melissa & Doug manufacture this sleeping bag in a range of designs and some even come with a pop up tent to match!
The Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Slumber Bag comes with a convenient carry bag to allow you take your child’s bedtime adventures almost anywhere. Want a microfiber fabric mat with a memory foam cushion instead? Check out the Disney-Frozen Elsa Snowflake Memory Foam Nap Mat that also comes with a pillow and blanket.

Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Slumber Bag/Nap Mat with Carry Bag

We would like to make a bet with you. We bet that if you look at your child’s film collection right now there’s bound to be a least three Disney films there. Are we right? And when you look in their toy box? Yep, more Disney. Since Disney films became vastly popular in the early 80s and 90s, they’re product range has exploded. With their clothing, music, toys, games, books, wall décor, jewelry & watches among other products, Disney have been creating magical moments for parents and their kids, right from the start. So Hakuna Matata, you’re bound to get a high-quality product your kid will love.

Sized just for your little angels, at 52 inches long, the Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Slumber Bag comes with a convenient carry bag to allow you to take your child’s bedtime adventures almost anywhere. The sleepover bag has a side zipper to allow easy getting in and out. As a bonus, this slumber bag comes with a sling bag to allow you to pack your kid’s pajamas and other stuff.

How Do I Choose the Best Nap Mat?

When you drop off your little one at the daycare center, many things undoubtedly cross your mind, but one is definitely whether they’re going to have a good nap in the afternoon. Your little toddler might’ve been coming home exhausted and cranky for lack of a perfect rest on the uncomfortable vinyl mats provided at the daycare. You don’t need to worry anymore!

Get a decent nap mat to make your child’s day at the kindergarten or daycare more restful and enjoyable; if you get the right one, it’ll be just as comfortable as sleeping in their own bed! A good nap mat should be easily portable, making them great for sleepovers and travelling as well.

Choosing the best nap mat for your loved ones can be a tricky affair, considering the maze of brands available in the market. You’ll find various assortments including stackable cots, folding rest mats, roll-up mats, among others.

Some nap mats come with great baby blankets which help the child to wrap themselves up during those cold winter days and enjoy a warm sleep. Everything is kept tight together and there are minimal chances of losing the blanket; plus, you won’t spend more purchasing a separate blanket! Win-win.

With probably over 20 kids at your child’s day care center, there’s going to be a challenge with storage space for all those nap mats. Choose a nap mat that your little ones can easily roll, fold, and fit in their backpacks, all by themselves. Mats with Velcro fasteners would be your best bet.

Let’s look at the consideration factors to educate you on why you need a nap mat and the factors to consider when shopping for the best nap mat, and then you can jump straight to our picks.
The prices of nap mats will vary based on several factors like size, model, surface material, and much more. Yes, you can get a cheap nap mat that’ll only set you back about $10 but choosing this option will probably not make for a very comfortable sleep for your little one. Luckily, decent nap mats do not need to break the bank. You can get a good quality nap mat for anywhere between $20 and $60, depending on the specific features you want! Let’s take a look at some more factors that’ll affect price in more detail.

    Most nap mats measure 19 inches by 45 inches, and can fold to 15 inches by 19 inches when being stored. Larger sizes will definitely cost more than smaller sizes, for obvious reasons. Just be sure to pick the right size based on your baby’s body size and age.

    Affordable nap mats available in discount department stores are usually just ¾-inches in thickness. This explains why most toddlers prefer sleeping under it- it’s not any more comfortable than the floor. Go for a nap mat that’s at least one inch in thickness, but if you adore your little one, consider premium or heavy duty mats which are 2 inches thick, or more. It’s probably worth the extra few bucks for your little one’s comfort!

Surface lining:
    Nap mats made from vinyl are relatively affordable, but bring a lot of discomfort to your child through sweat, and of course, the smell that comes with it. High end options will come with pure cotton linings that can be detached and washed separately. However, if you choose to go for a mid-grade mat, you’ll find models with embossed vinyl covers which you can wipe down and disinfect from time to time. Some mats are made with phthalate, which is a chemical applied to make the surface of the nap mat softer and pliable. However, it stinks, which might explain why your toddler prefers sleeping next to it, and not on it! So, we would not recommend mats with this chemical coating.
If you’re looking to save some money on your shopping, consider buying in bulk, especially if you have several kids or you can shop together with other parents.
You might think that nap mats don’t really have “features” as such, and you would be partly right. Nap mats are generally similar, but there are certain things that’ll set them apart from each other. Let’s take a look at some of the things to look out for when purchasing your mat:
  • Type – roll-up mat, sleeping bag or stackable cot
  • Size - dimensions of the mat
  • Thickness – usually, the thicker, the more comfortable
  • Material – filling and cover material should be comfortable
  • Color – your little on will have lots to say about this we’re sure!
  • Accessories – you might want the mat to have a pillow or blanket attached?
These are just some of the things to look out for in your search, but we’ll go into more detail about these soon.
Construction and Design
The construction and design of your nap mat is so important as it includes everything from size and thickness to material, filling and color! Let’s look at those considerations in more detail:

    Some nap mats are simply a fabric mat, although these are mainly for home use and may not be appropriate for daycare setting. Others come with attached pillows and adjustable straps to easily roll it up so your kid can carry it like a backpack. Day care and travelling designs include stackable cots, folding rest mats, and roll-up mats.

    This may seem obvious, but make sure to check out the size of your nap mat. They range to fit kids of any age from 3 years all the way up to 12 years. It’s always recommended to take a size up from what you need, something your kid can grow with (and so you’re not buying a new nap mat every 6 months when they grow out of the old one)!

    Again, the thickness of the mat will determine your child’s comfort. Usually, the thicker the mat, the more comfortable so always check to confirm the actual thickness of the mat before you purchase. Sometimes a 2 inch mat may only be 1.5 inches thick and the extra half-inch is made up of the covering.

    Check the filling of your mat. Cheaper models will probably be filled with polyester batting, which compresses quite easily compared to other fills. We highly recommend foam, or even memory foam, nap mats that provide the most support for your child. If the fills are packed inside the mat, the outcome is a mattress-like feel that makes your little one comfortable.

Cover material:
    Check the material used to make the nap mat and ensure the inner linings are made of breathable cotton. Most cheap nap mats are made from vinyl, which may cause your little one to sweat and wake up smelly and exhausted. Some customers also complained of some materials being too scratchy and lacking the comfort to make a child have a restful sleep.

    The first thing you look at when shopping for a nap mat is its color. Look for a solid, neutral color ranging from soft hue to vogue. The idea is to find a soothing, calming, and inviting color. Nowadays you can find an assortment of patterns like Spiderman, dinosaurs, monsters, as well as Sponge Bob Square Pants. However, it will depend on the preferences of your child. For some kids, such patterns may be distracting, if not scary.
Performance and Ease of Use
The main reason you’ll want to splash out on a good nap mat is to provide a cozy spot for your little one to enjoy a well-deserved rest after an active day. Since the nap mat will be carried around to the baby care center, kindergarten, granny’s home for a sleepover, or on a family trip, you need something that’s comfortable, easily portable, easy to wash and a breeze to use and store away.

Let’s check out those in more detail, shall we?

Ease of storage
    Check if the nap mat is easy to store. With probably over 20 kids at your child’s day care center, there’s going to be a challenge with storage space for all those nap mats. Choose a nap mat that your little one can easily roll, fold, and store away by themselves.

Nap mat design
    One choice is stackable cots that provide the ultimate comfort on wipe able fabrics fitting tightly to the corners leaving no gaps. You can stack the cots when not in use, hence saving space. Roll-up mats are simple to use and your toddler can roll it up by themselves after a restful sleep and tuck it up for storage. Folding rest mats fold up easily and you can throw it in your trunk and drive off for your trip. And finally, a sleeping bag-style combines a blanket, mattress, and pillow in one unit and your baby can simply slip inside and enjoy a nice slumber.

    Most urban nap mats come with a zippered travel case for convenience while carrying around. Consider mats that easily fold up to convenient sizes or maybe one that can even fit in the child’s backpack.

Pillow and Blanket
    Having an inclusive blanket and pillow in your nap mat saves you the agony of having to remember to pack additional accessories every morning. It’s convenient and they’ll usually be attached to the mat so you won’t have to worry about them getting lost either!

Washing instructions
    Many parents have ruined their baby’s nap mats for lack of clear guidelines on washing methods. Many models require machine washing, but with line drying. Ensure that the laundry instructions are clearly indicated.

Safety Standards
    Top-rated kindergarten nap mats always come with industry-leading safety certifications. Take charge of your child’s safety by ensuring that the mat has passed the fire standards (flammability) and chemical emissions test.

Get the Best Nap Mat of 2022!

Perfect for kindergartens, baby care centers, or a sleepover at grandma’s place, nap mats provide tots with a soft layer to sleep on away from home. Our reviews focus on the best nap mats that are designed for sweet dreams, so hopefully you’ve found your ideal mat. If you didn’t, feel free to check out other alternatives from these brands for comfort and cost effectiveness.

Our Top Choice
Olive Original Kids Nap Mat with Pillow
Best Value
Urban Infant Tot Cot Daycare Nap Mat
Lambs & Ivy All-in-One Nap Mat
Melissa & Doug Mollie Ladybug Sleeping Bag
Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Slumber Bag