Best Neck Roll Reviews 2023

Neck rolls and pillows play a major role in protecting against spinal injuries related to bad sleep postures or extreme sports. But, selecting a neck roll that meets your needs is not an easy task given the many options available in the market. To help you, we’ve searched far and wide for some of the best neck roll brands in the market. We also went further to handpick rolls from these trusted brands and presented them in a mix of type for you to compare and see how each meets your needs. And, don’t forget to check our review on the best neck pillows as it will increase your choices when it comes to finding a proper neck support for your needs. "What is the Best":: Armed with this important information on how to choose neck rolls, it’s now time to take an in-depth look at the features of the products highlighted in this review. Depending on what you want to use the roll for, it’s important to ensure that the salient qualities of the pillow meet your needs. As you read through our review, it’s our wish that you’ll find a neck roll that suits you perfectly.
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Our Top Choice
Elasto-Gel Small Support Neck Roll
Elasto-Gel is wholly owned by Southwest Technologies, Inc. and is guided by the company’s vision of “Treating The World Well”.
Soft and comfy outer material. Well balanced design. Microwave/freezer safe for easy heating/cooling. Won’t dry out. Four-way stretch material.
It doesn’t get extremely cold.
Hot & Cold Therapies
Available in 2 sizes / 1 lbs.
Glycerin gel; Lycra
Best Value
Dreamsweet Memory Foam Round Neck Roll
Dreamsweet is one of the companies that produce exceptional quality pillows that are focused on helping you get quality sleep.
Removable pillowcase that’s easy to clean. Dust and mite resistant. Antimicrobial. Comes in a variety of colors. Cushy support. Ergonomically designed.
It’s small-sized.
Round Roll Pillow
With removable cover
16 x 6 x 6” / 1 lbs.
Memory foam
Available in 4 colors
Douglas Adult Football Neck Roll
We love it when our favorite football teams play hard and win. Douglas is one of the companies that manufacture products that ensure players’ safety even with risky tackles.
Protects against burners and stingers. Stabilizes your helmet. Enables you to play freely and with ease. Fits should pads up to size XL.
It’s built for Douglas shoulder pads thus you may need to modify other pads to fit it.
Football Neck Roll
Fits Douglas CP shoulder pads
14 x 12 x 10” / 1 lbs.
Foam and nylon fabric
Black & purple
OPTP Original McKenzie Cervical Neck Roll
OPTP has more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing personal fitness, physical therapy, and wellness products.
Lightweight and small-sized. Fairly priced and durable design. Portable. For home and travel use. Removable, washable cover.
Its low-density foam loses its firmness over time.
Round Roll Pillow
With removable cover
20 x 3.5 x 3.5” / 0.3 lbs.
Low density foam
Athletic Specialties Football Neck Roll Pad
Athletic Specialties, Inc. is renowned for supplying the market with a wide variety of quality sporting products that range from football pads to starter guns.
Easy to use design with tie down laces. Flat contoured design. Easily attaches to shoulder pads. Available in 2 sizes to choose from.
Only comes in white and without cover
Football Neck Roll
Flat contoured design
Available in 2 sizes / 0.3 lbs.

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Our Top Choice
The Elasto-Gel Small Support Neck Roll is infused with a gel that heats up and cools easily for effective hot and cold therapy respectively. Looking for neck collar support? Consider the Elasto-Gel Microwavable Cervical Collar. It’s designed to support your neck and ease injury pain when in an upright position.

Elasto-Gel Cervical Products Support Neck Roll – Available in 2 Sizes

The assurance that there are working solutions that are available in case we fall ill helps us live our lives with ease. This helps one gather the courage to face challenging tasks that are too risky yet important. It’s in such circumstances that Elasto-Gel products come in handy. Whether you suffer a medical condition or an accident that causes your neck to ache, you’ll find Elasto-Gel neck rolls very helpful.

For instance, the Elasto-Gel Small Support Neck Roll is designed to give you fast pain relief besides supporting your neck during the healing process. It comes with a non-spill gel that doesn’t ooze even when its outer cover is punctured. In addition, its outer section comes with a soft Lycra cover that’s comfortable and durable. It’s microwave and deep freezer safe thus allowing you to heat or cool it faster.

Here are other amazing features of this neck roll:
  • Comes in small and large sizes that allow you the opportunity to choose one that suits your body frame
  • Its gel doesn’t get dry nor hardens so it allows you to reuse it for a long time
  • Its Lycra cover comes in a four-way stretch design making it conform to your body contours for added comfort
  • Lycra cover is built to allow efficient heat transfer to your body during use
Best Value
The Dreamsweet Memory Foam Medium Round Neck Roll Pillow is built with high-density foam that gives a cushy support. Need a semi-roll pillow? Check out the Dreamsweet D-Shape Memory Foam Half Roll Bolster Round Pillow. It comes with a removable cover and is available in 4 colors.

Dreamsweet Memory Foam Medium Bolster Neck Roll Pillow with Removable Cover – Available in 4 Colors

One’s daily productivity depends on how well one is rested. The key factor in our well-being is the ability to get quality sleep. Now, for you to get quality sleep you need the right beddings that give you the optimal sleeping posture. For instance, a good pillow should provide you with adequate neck support to ensure that your spine isn’t curved, a situation that can aggravate back pains. Luckily, Dreamsweet has taken time to develop neck rolls that don’t compromise your health but allow you to safely sleep in any position of your choice.

The Dreamsweet Memory Foam Medium Round Neck Roll Pillow can be used to offer therapeutic support for people with neck or back injuries. This allows for quick recovery by maximizing tissue alignment which is necessary for the healing process. Also, if you’re a side sleeper, this pillow is an excellent choice for you as you can easily sandwich it between your legs for better hip alignment. Moreover, it velour outer case comes with a soft feel that makes it comfortable on your body.

And that’s not all! Other features of this pillow are listed below:
  • Suitable for home use and on-the-go purposes
  • Dust and mite resistant allowing it to stay clean for long period
  • Antimicrobial properties for preventing the accumulation of harmful bacterial and other pathogens
  • Removable pillow case that’s easy to wash thus helping you maintain good hygiene
  • Available in 4 colors to suit one’s preference
The Douglas Adult Football Neck Roll is built to fit on your shoulder pad and add stability to your helmet. This allows you to play freely with ease. Need additional protection against stingers when playing football? Check out the Douglas Adult Football Butterfly Restrictor.

Douglas Adult Football Neck Roll – Available in 2 Colors

When playing football, it can be easy to remember putting on your helmet and shoulder pads and forget to protect your neck. Now, if your neck is exposed, you can easily get bruises depending on how you land after a tackle. Moreover, you may find it difficult to turn your head as the helmet may get obstructed by your shoulder at its base thus hampering your flexibility. With the Douglas football neck rolls, you can actually bid such headaches goodbye.

For instance, the Douglas Adult Football Neck Roll provides a stable base for your helmet ensuring that it’s balanced for added comfort and unrestricted turning of the head. It’s also designed to be used on any shoulder pad such that you don’t need to ditch your current pad for a new one. This neck roll also covers your necks and keeps off burners and stingers while playing. This allows you to give 100% attention to the game for a superior performance. It’s available in black and purple colors to allow you the freedom of picking an option that suits your taste and preference.
The OPTP Original McKenzie® Cervical Nock Roll comes in a removable and washable casing which ensures that the pillow is always clean and safe to use. Looking for a lower back support? Consider the OPTP Original McKenzie Night Roll Lumbar Support. It’s available in multiple sizes and has tapered ends to allow easy turning when asleep.

OPTP Original McKenzie Cervical Spine and Neck Roll Pillow

Providing adequate support for our neck during sleep allows your spine to align properly without exerting unhealthy pressure on some areas. It also makes your cervical muscles to relax thus giving you the much-needed comfort for quality sleep. The OPTP company understands these wellness factors too well leading to its focus on quality products that will exceed your expectations.

The OPTP Original McKenzie® Cervical Neck Roll is one of such products. It’s meant to serve those who are both nursing back related pains and anyone seeking to maintain a healthy spine. All you need to do is to insert it inside your normal pillowcase to give your neck the right support. The firmness that comes with this pillow is like no other – not too hard, neither too soft, but just the right degree of unmatched comfort. Its design doesn’t allow your neck to get tired while sleeping and consequently preventing it from becoming stiff.

Other amazing features of this OPTP neck roll are listed below:
  • Highly affordable meaning that you get quality service for less
  • Cotton/polyester cover which is comfortable to sleep on and easy to clean
  • Built to suit both back and side sleeper’s needs
  • Its small and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use it away from home
Athletic Specialties Football Neck Roll Pad comes in a unique vinyl dipped design that’s built to conform easily to your body shape. Need round-styled neck roll? Try out the Athletic Specialties Football Vinyl Dipped Round Neck Roll. It’s built to attach easily to shoulder pads.

Athletic Specialties Football Vinyl Dipped Flat Contour Neck Roll – Available in 2 Sizes

If you’re an athlete, you need sports equipment that is not only easy to maintain but can also enhance your performance. This is critical especially when it comes to football protective gear. For instance, neck rolls are meant to provide you with adequate padding to make sure that your helmet moves freely so that you can have the flexibility you need to play efficiently. With this in mind, Athletic Specialties provides neck rolls that are highly functional especially for their clients who lead an active life.

The Athletic Specialties Football Neck Roll Pad comes with tie down laces that make it easy to attach to your shoulder pad. These laces make its design flexible such that you can shift the tie points depending on the size of your shoulder pad. Moreover, its vinyl construction makes it highly durable therefore giving you long years of service and value for money. This material also makes cleaning easy for hassle-free maintenance of the neck pad.

How Do I Choose the Best Neck Roll?

The neck is a vital part of the human anatomy that supports and connects the head to the rest of the body. Its flexible nature allows you to turn your head in different directions thus allowing you to interact with your environment easily. This body part is also delicate and can suffer injuries from bad sleeping positions or even sporting activities such as football.

While neck and back pains can be alleviated by therapeutic remedies such as massage, embracing a healthy lifestyle such as using neck rolls and cervical pillows helps in preventing such health problems. You can also enhance the performance of your pillow by investing in a quality mattress. If you are into playing football, then investing in a football neck roll will not only protect your neck from bruises but also allow you to play freely.

Neck rolls come in varied types depending on what they are built to do. These include contoured neck rolls, hot & cold therapy pillows, round roll pillow, and football neck rolls. These rolls are specially built for optimal performance depending on their use. Whether you’re buying a neck roll because of health issues or for sporting use, you need to make sure that it has the right features that guarantee your expected performance.
The cost of a neck roll depends on its type, construction materials used and size. For instance, a two-inch thick round neck pillow made of low-density foam costs about $20 while the price of a quality football neck roll can go up to $100. Specially designed neck rolls with add-ons such as heating or cooling pack inserts will go for a slightly higher price. You may also come across cheap neck rolls in the market but you need to be careful as some are likely to be made of poor quality materials that undermine their performance. The good news is that we haven’t included such products in our review and therefore there’s no cause to worry while shopping any of the products we have recommended here.
Irrespective of what you want to use a neck pillow for, it needs to be comfortable and easy to use. This ensures that you not only enjoy your product but also obtain value for your money.

Here are the important features to look for in a neck roll:
  • The type of the neck pillow/roll
  • Key design features such as removable pillow case
  • Its dimensions and weight
  • Materials used for its construction
  • Available color options
These features are critical in helping you pick a roll that meets your needs and is within your budget.
Construction and Design
The designs of neck rolls and material used for their construction vary depending on their type. Some neck rolls come with round surfaces while others are flat. The common materials used in their construction include foam, vinyl, and glycerin gel. In addition, these neck pillows can have covers that are made of various fabrics such as cotton and polyester. Stretchable materials such as Lycra are also used for making covers thus allowing rolls to conform to the body shape.

It’s also important to mention that these rolls come in varied sizes. This allows customers of varied body sizes the opportunity to choose a neck roll that suits them. On the same breath, it’s good to appreciate that people have diverse preferences when it comes to choice of color. For this reason, most manufacturers provide these neck pillows in multiple shades so that you can pick a color that excites you.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you shop for neck rolls, it’s important to consider its ease of use. For example, if you need a hot and cool therapy neck roll, it’s important to find out how it’s heated and cooled. In this case, microwave/freezer safe materials allow you to heat/cool the roll with ease. In addition, stretchable materials that conform to your body shape increase the surface area of your skin that’s in contact with the roll thus maximizing heat transfer from the pillow.

Where neck rolls require fastening to other safety equipment such as football shoulder pads, attachment mechanisms such as tie-down laces make it convenient to install. It’s also worth noting that washable covers make it easy to clean and maintain neck rolls and this will extend their time of service.

Get the Best Neck Roll of 2023!

We appreciate that you’ve taken time to read our review of the best neck rolls available. It’s our hope that you’ve found one that works for you. If you wish to sample other products by these trusted brands, click the links on our review page for more details.

Our Top Choice
Elasto-Gel Small Support Neck Roll
Best Value
Dreamsweet Memory Foam Round Neck Roll
Douglas Adult Football Neck Roll
OPTP Original McKenzie Cervical Neck Roll
Athletic Specialties Football Neck Roll Pad