Best Neti Pot Reviews 2023

Suffering from nasal congestion or sinus infection? Keep calm and use a neti pot! A neti pot is an Ayurvedic nasal cleaning pot used for nasal irrigation. It particularly helps if one is suffering from a bad cold or is prone to sinus infections. We at Topproducts have gone an extra mile to bring you some of the best neti pots available from five top brands.
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Our Top Choice
Ancient Secrets Travel Nasal Cleaning Pot
Ancient Secrets consists of a range of nasal products that provide effective ways for reducing the impact of allergies and dry air on nasal passages. Enjoy drug-free relief all year!
The neti pot is easy to use and made of durable plastic. It is lightweight and suitable for carrying while travelling.
Some customers reported that the plastic is too thin and fragile for extra hot water.
Sachets to be bought separately
6x5x4 in; 0.06 pounds
Dishwasher safe
Best Value
Dr Hana’s Nasopure Little Squirt Kit
Dr. Hana’s Nasopure nose wash offers wide range of nasal wash systems for children and adults alike. The products are comfortable to use and easy to maintain.
The nicer neti pot is a soft squeeze bottle, which is very comfortable to use. It is quite handy while travelling.
Some customers feel it is a little above their price range.
20 sachets included
4x1.9x5.2 in; 0.1 pounds
Dishwasher safe
Neilmed Pharma NasaFlo Neti Pot
NeilMed is the supplier of large volume, low pressure nasal saline irrigation systems. The products offered help alleviate nasal irritations, allergies and sinus congestion for users of all ages.
The NasaFlo neti pot by NeilMed is easy to use and clean. It soothes aggravated sinus congestions with gentle saline solution. It comes in two styles of porcelain and clear plastic.
The handle is hollow and might come off after a few uses.
50 sachets included
7.2x3.5x5.9 in; 1.2 pounds
Microwave safe
Himalayan Institute Porcelain Neti Pot
The Himalayan Institute is a not-for-profit organization serving humanity through educational and spiritual programs. Their nasal care product line offers effective remedies for sinus congestion.
The neti pot is lotus shaped and dispenses optimum fluid flow.
The pot cannot be microwaved.
Sachets to be bought separately
7x3.6x2.5 in; 0.5 pounds
Dishwasher safe
SinuCleanse Plastic Neti Pot
SinuCleanse nasal care products were the brainchild of a leading ENT specialist to help relieve nasal problems. The company was founded in 1997.
The pot is genie-style with a transparent design to view the water level. The tip of the pot is comfortable and suitable for every nose.
The unit cannot be used in microwave.
30 sachets included
6.8x2.6x3.3 in; 0.3 pounds
Dishwasher safe

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What is the Best Neti Pot?

The right neti pot should be comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. As a consumer, you need to weigh in all of these factors when buying a neti pot that works for you.
Our Top Choice
Durable, comfortable and perfect for travel – the neti pot by Ancient Secrets is the ideal for cleaning and moisturizing the nasal passages. For regular use at home, Ancient Secrets also offers a ceramic neti-pot in the same style.

Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot, Plastic Travel Model with Box – Available in 2 Pack

Ancient Secrets, the personal nasal product line by Lotus Brands, Inc. is a trustworthy name when it comes to nasal care products. The travel neti pot by Ancient Secrets is the first on our list for various reasons. It is quite economical, and the pot is easy to use and durable. Being made from plastic, the whole unit is light-weight. It is perfect to be taken on your travel and tours for quick nasal irrigation.

The neti pot has an advanced pot design that helps for easy cleansing and moisturizing of your sinus and nasal passages. The pot helps in removing extra mucus, dust and pollen by cleansing your nasal passages effectively. The construction is heavy duty and the pot is dishwasher safe.

Practiced by Ayurveda worldwide, the nasal irrigation with neti pot will enhance your overall feeling of well-being!
Best Value
The Nicer Neti by Nasopure is nasal wash especially made for your child to relieve them of their sinus and nasal allergies. It gently attacks the allergy origin issues, rather than flooding the whole system. Nasopure also offers a neti pot with larger solution-holding capacity in case you want to opt for the same but bigger.

Dr Hana’s Nasopure "The Nicer Neti" Pot Sinus Rinse For Kids 4 Ounce – Available in 2 Pack

Dr. Hana is a well-loved pediatrician and the founder of Be Well Health, the international distributor of Nasopure Nasal Care products. The Nasopure nasal wash systems are comfortable to use and are available across all health and grocery stores and pharmacies. The Nicer Neti sinus rinse is specially designed to be used by kids, since they are more prone to allergic outbreaks and sinus congestion. The neti pot is safe to use and easy to maintain.

The neti pot can be used by all kids above 2 years of age. The initial kit contains 4oz neti bottle and 20 sachets of salt solutions. The solution can be prepared easily at home and does not include any perfume or additive. The solution is gentle for the kids to use. The kit comes with detailed instructions and is dishwasher safe.

Keep your kid’s sinuses in perfect condition with regular neti pot sessions with Nasopure.
The NasaFlo neti pot is a soothing nasal wash. It helps clean mucus from your nasal passages to make medication more effective. The pot also cleans allergens and decreases frequency of infection. Looking for a neti pot without lid and salt solutions? Go for NeilMed’s Classic neti pot with 20 packets.

Neilmed Pharmaceuticals NasaFlo Neti Pot with Pre-mixed Sachets – Available in 2 Styles & 3 Sizes

NeilMed offers nasal care products for all ages. From neti pots to solution sachets for nasal rinse, NeilMed Pharmaceuticals is a trusted brand. The NasaFlo neti pot by NeilMed is a porcelain nasal irrigation system to help alleviate your nasal irritation and sinus allergies. The neti pot is easy to clean and effectively removes mucus from the nose. It also helps relieve the nose of allergens, bacteria and irritants.

The neti pot is suitable to be used by all people of all ages. The kit comes with 50 premixed solution packets which only need to be added to the water.

Neti pots help relieve your itchy nose and blocked passages. The NasaFlo neti pot with its gentle soothing nasal flow action is ideal for all first time users and yoga practitioners alike.
The classic ceramic neti pot by Himalayan Institute soothes the dry passages effectively and alleviates nasal blockage and sinus congestion. Try the complete sinus cleaning kit by Himalayan Institute if you are a first time user.

Himalayan Institute Chandra Porcelain Neti Pot

The Himalayan Institute has been offering nasal care products since 1972. The ceramic neti pot and its trademarked classic design have been featured on talk shows and are recommended by yoga practitioners everywhere.

The ceramic neti pot is in a distinctive lotus shape. It dispenses the perfect rate of fluid flow for cleansing your nasal passages. The pot is manufactured with food grade glaze and is certified lead-free. The added bonus? It can safely be cleaned in your dishwasher.

Trust the experts at Himalayan Institute and sooth your ailing sinuses with daily neti practice.
The neti pot system by SinuCleanse is a complete kit with a neti pot, natural pre-mixed salt packets and instructions for use. The neti pot is safe to use and very effective. Looking for a filtered nasal wash system except traditional pot style? Go for SinuCleanse micro filtered nasal wash system!

SinuCleanse Nasal Wash System, Plastic Neti Pot With Salt Packets

SinuCleanse offers excellent range of nasal irrigation and care products. The neti pot systems are complete with the pot itself, saline solution packets and comprehensive instructions for first time users. The nasal wash products are made of high quality ingredients.

The genie-style neti pot by SinuCleanse deploys a patented design. It makes use of gravity to deliver the saline solution to your nose. The clear blue material ensures that you are able to view the water levels and to check that the saline solution is dissolved completely before you begin the process. The tip is comfortable for all nose types and can be used by people of all ages. The saline packets can be used as both hypertonic and isotonic solutions.

With SinuCleanse, you can say bye-bye to your seasonal nasal congestions and allergies.

How Do I Choose the Best Neti Pot?

Ever wondered how ancient peoples survived diseases before the age of modern day medicine? Well, the Egyptians used natural remedies combined with prayer, and the Greeks believed that diseases were a form of punishment and that only the gods could take away. What about the Indians? Well, if you haven’t heard of Ayurvedic medicine, you’ll be interested to know that the modern medical world has borrowed a lot from these ancient Indian medical practices. One particular method that stems from Ayurvedic thought is the neti pot.

Nasal congestion is a common symptom of minor ailments and sinus infections, especially for those living in humid areas. ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialists often recommend neti pots when nasal strips just won’t cut it. When placed on the nostrils, neti pots help clear any hardened mucus that may be blocking your nasal passage. Nasal irrigation can often help rid sinus infections without the need of medication. For these reasons, neti pots have gained popularity as more and more people switch to natural healing methods like aromatherapy and yoga.

When buying a neti pot, some key things to consider are the material, capacity, and the nature of the tip. The most common neti pots are made of ceramics, due to reduced toxicity. The capacity of the neti pot influences the strength of the flow, and the best neti pots should easily allow the saline solution down your nose without hurting you in any way. So, the next time you feel a bit clogged, pour some saline solution into a neti pot to be mesmerized by the powers of ancient medicine!
Trips to the doctor to treat flues and nasal blockages can cause a huge dent in your wallet. Embracing the use of neti pots to help treat sinus infections can save you money that is best directed to meeting other needs. There’s not much variance in the price of neti pots because they all use a similar application method, so with between $7 and $20, you can acquire a quality neti pot made from ceramics, plastic, or steel. Since the saline used to irrigate your nose is easily made at home, you just need a neti pot that’s suits your preference.

However, you will encounter cheap neti pots that are made using lousy materials like toxic plastics that will do more harm than good. Those neti pots may have uncomfortable, or even painful, tips, and are simply not worth the risk. Especially since neti pots are used to treat such a sensitive area!
Here are the essential features to look out for before adding a neti pot to your shopping cart:
  • Material – Neti pots are most commonly ceramic, plastic, or steel. Ceramic pots are more comfortable to use and are the most delicate. The plastic ones are easily portable, and steel neti pots are the most durable but are not very comfortable to use.
  • Capacity – The greater the capacity, the stronger the flow pressure.
  • Sachets – Some brands provide you with saline sachets that you mix with lukewarm water to make the solution that you pass down your nasal passage.
  • Size – Ensure that the pot is light enough for you to keep lifted and comfortably grip long enough to use.
  • Care – Neti pots should be regularly replaced and maintained to prevent the spread of germs or bacteria.
Construction and Design
A neti pot looks a lot like a regular tea pot with a few minor differences. For instance, many neti pot spouts are conical to be easier to situate in the nostril. Neti pots are usually made from one of three materials: plastic, ceramics, or metal. Each material comes with its own set of specific features and drawbacks.

Plastic neti pots are the cheapest of all three types. They are the most portable and are ideal for travelling. People who are new to nasal irrigation are advised to use plastic neti pots because they are the most comfortable to use. Ceramic neti pots are quite delicate but aesthetically appealing; they come in a variety of colors and glazes. Most people who choose ceramic neti pots are also surprised by how warm the pot feels when placed on the nasal passage. Metal neti pots are usually made of stainless steel or copper, which makes them the most durable options.
Performance and Ease of Use
So, how do you actually use a neti pot? That’s a common question from those who are new to the concept and still feel a bit skeptical. All you have to do is pour the saline solution into your neti pot, tilt your head and place the spout in one of your nostrils, and let the saline flow in. Make sure you remember to use purified water, rather than tap, when making the saline solution.

Keeping your neti pot clean is very important to prevent germs or bacteria from spreading. Some pots are dishwasher friendly, while others are easy to hand wash using hot water and antibacterial soap. Replace your neti pot yearly, especially if using ones made of plastic. If you are prone to sinus infections, you may want to consider replacing your neti pot more frequently. If you prefer a ceramic neti pot, remember to handle it with care because the material is quite fragile.

Get the Best Neti Pot of 2023!

Neti pots naturally refresh and cleanse the nasal passage, our immune system’s first line of defense against germs. We hope that you now have an idea of the best neti pot for your needs. While the featured products provide you with great options, you can also check out the other neti pots these brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Ancient Secrets Travel Nasal Cleaning Pot
Best Value
Dr Hana’s Nasopure Little Squirt Kit
Neilmed Pharma NasaFlo Neti Pot
Himalayan Institute Porcelain Neti Pot
SinuCleanse Plastic Neti Pot