Best Night Light Reviews 2022

A night light is necessary when you want to improve the appearance of your room and find your way around the house better during the night, without having to turn on the lights you usually use. If you have a child to soothe, you should consider using a night light. Take a look at the five products we have chosen from some of the best night lamps brands out there. We believe they'll make your life easier and more enjoyable. For this review we went with a mix of types, but we have another review for "adult" night lights if you're looking for something different.
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Our Top Choice
Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Night Light
Summer Infant was founded in 1985 and makes products for infants and children. Its products are safe and innovative and stand the test of time.
This elephant-shaped night light plays five songs and nature sounds. It can project stars on the walls and ceiling in different colors.
It stopped working after two months for one customer. Replace the batteries if that happens.
Auto off after 15, 30, 45 min
Available in multiple styles
Best Value
Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight
Munchkin manufactures innovative, modern and safe products for babies and children that make parents’ lives easier.
This nightlight emits a soft glow and is shaped like a happy owl. It is lightweight and portable.
Not suitable for children under two.
Auto shut-off after 20 min
110 hours battery life
Cloud B Twilight Turtle - Classic
Cloud B is dedicated to providing children of all ages with better sleep. It has won awards for excellence and innovation.
This nightlight is the perfect bedtime companion for children. It projects eight constellations and uses three A batteries. It is BPA- and lead-free.
It doesn’t have the option to stay on all night.
Auto shut-off after 45 min
Plastic and plush
3 colors available
Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light
Sycees is a brand that sells lighting products of all kinds. Its products are durable and have affordable prices.
It emits a soft glow, and you can use it in any room. It is energy-efficient and has a long lifespan. It's as bright as a regular nightlight.
It cannot be turned off without unplugging it.
Dusk to dawn sensor
2 colors available
Safety 1st Auto Sensor Nightlight
Safety 1st is the creator of the "Baby on Board" sign. It provides smart and safe products for children.
This night light is energy-efficient and has a long life span, almost 25 times longer than usual light bulbs. It is cool to the touch.
It doesn’t have a motion sensor, only a light one.
Light Sensor

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What is the Best Night Light?

Before buying a night light, you have to decide how you want it to look. If you have a curious child, you could decide upon a night lamp that projects stars on the ceiling and the walls to captivate your child’s attention.
Our Top Choice
The Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Night Light plays five songs and nature sounds. It can project stars on the ceiling and walls, and it is available in five different colors for you to choose from. If you prefer a differently shaped night light, check out the Summer Infant Born Free Nighty Night Nursing Light, which is available in blue.

Summer Infant Projection and Melodies Soother - Eddie the Elephant, Available in 5 Colors, Made from Polyester

Summer Infant develops safe and innovative products for children and infants. All its products have been created with integrity and safety in mind. Along with night lights, this brand also sells monitoring devices, nursery products, bath accessories and more. If you are a parent, and you like to travel with your child, you should check out the strollers this brand has.

The Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Night Light has an appealing design that children will love. It projects stars and moons on the ceiling, calming the child instantly. It shuts down automatically after 15, 30 or 45 minutes, and the volume can be adjusted to the level your child prefers. The light plays five different songs and nature sounds, including "Brahms' Lullaby" and "Hush Little Baby." It has four display options: blue, green, amber and rotating light show. It comes in the shapes of different animals, such as elephants, bumblebees and more.
Best Value
The Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight is a battery-operated nightlight with handle and one button switch. It has a timer and shuts down after 20 minutes. It is cool to the touch. If you want a portable night light perfect for traveling, try the Munchkin Shhh Portable Soothing Sound and Light Machine. It has three different sounds and a timer that shuts off automatically after 10, 20 or 30 minutes!

Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight with LED Technology and Automatic Timer

Munchkin's products are simple in design, yet creative and practical. It creates pleasant experiences to delight babies and parents. It is always searching for relevant and clever solutions to make a happy life for babies. This company has more than 182 patents for its products. It also sells infant and toddler essentials, bathtub toys, board games and more. If you want to calm your baby during the night, you should try the other sound therapy products from this brand.

The Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight features an easy-to-grasp handle for kids to take it with them everywhere. It is battery-operated and has one switch button. It emits soft amber light that calms babies. It automatically shuts down after 20 minutes, and it doesn’t get warm due to the LED technology, so your baby can take it to bed. The batteries are safely secured in the lamp so children won’t have access to them. Even better, the batteries are included in the package, so all you have to do is to install them and turn on the light!
The Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light projects stars on the walls and ceiling. It has a 45-minute timer and adjustable light colors of blue, amber and green. How about an octopus-shaped night light that projects stars and bubbles? If you are interested, get the Cloud B Twinkles To Go Octo Nightlight. It has a 45-minute automatic shut off timer and is BPA- and lead-free!

Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light with 45 Minute Timer - 3 AAA Batteries Included, 3 Colors Available

Cloud B makes creative products and accessories that help infants and children sleep better. Along with night lights, this brand also offers swaddling blankets, sleeping bags for babies, and toys. It has online stores, and shops worldwide. If your child loves plush toys, you should check out Cloud B's giant plush toys, which are extremely comfortable and creative.

If you want to teach your child how to recognize the constellations, the Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light is the night light you need. It projects eight real constellations on the walls and ceiling. It's shaped like a turtle and is available in blue, purple and brown. It has auto-cycling colors that alternate in blue, green and amber. This night light is suitable for all ages, and it won the Parenting Media Award for innovation and quality. The three AAA batteries this light requires are included in the package, so you don’t have to buy them separately.
The Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light has a light sensor, so it turns off automatically when it's morning. It's compact and has offset prongs. This product is currently an Amazon Best Seller, and it is available in six different colors. If you want a remote-controlled night light, take a look at the Sycees Toplite Kids Baby LED Night Light Projector. It has a customizable lighting mode and adjustable brightness!

Sycees 0.5W Plug-In LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor - Available in Multiple Colors

Sycees is run by people who really emphasize lighting apparatus. Along with night lights, this brand also sells aquarium lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, lamps, lighting tubes and installations, and more. If you really want to make your room look like a disco, you should check out Sycees' night light projector that is also a sound machine controlled by Bluetooth. It's suitable for both children and adults.

If you are looking for a night light that doesn’t occupy a lot of space, then the Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light is the one you should consider. It plugs in into any outlet. It turns on automatically when it’s dark and off when the morning comes, thanks to the light sensor. The light it emits is white and soft. Because it uses a LED, it is energy-efficient and helps you save money in the long run.

This night light is also available in several color options, such as daylight white or warm white. The best thing is that you pay a reasonable price for an Amazon Best Seller and you receive six lamps in the package. If you use them all during the night, your house will probably look like Las Vegas!
The Safety 1st Auto Sensor Nightlight is a plug-in night light that emits a soft amber glow. It has an automatic sensor that detects surrounding light or darkness. If you are looking for a night light that turns on and off automatically, get the Safety 1st Auto Glow Nightlight. It comes in a pack of two and it is UL listed.

Safety 1st LED Nightlight with Energy Saving Features - Available in Packs of 1 or 2

Safety 1st manufactures products that keep children safe, during car trips or in the house. This brand’s "Baby On Board" sign is a best seller. Safety 1st sells a large range of childproofing products, from covers to baby monitors, and a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor gear for babies. Its products are distributed in over 60 countries. It also sells car seats, strollers and other home equipment for your child.

The Safety 1st Auto Sensor Nightlight comes available in a pack of one or two pieces. It helps save on your power bills, as it is energy-efficient and consumes 87% less power than a traditional light bulb. It passes the UL standard requirements, and it is safe for your child to touch. It emits a soft glow during the night and turns off automatically in the morning. It has a faint light so babies can sleep with it in the room. Thanks to the fact that this lamp works with an LED instead of a light bulb, you won't have to buy replacement bulbs.

How Do I Choose the Best Night Light?

Darkness can be really frightening as a child or an adult. Everyone should have a night light in their house, especially parents with young children.

There are many nightlights on the market, so you can get pretty much any kind of light you want. There are nightlights that project stars onto the walls and ceiling, portable nightlights perfect for toddlers and plugin nightlights that are great for those who are looking for a basic nightlight.

When it comes to types of lights that can be used as nightlights, the options are nearly limitless. You can always go for a salt lamp that also improves your health apart from emitting and pleasant and warm light. Similarly, there are table lamps and desk lamps that have ingenious designs and can light up the room.

When we talk about small children, there are nightlights that are appealing with eye-catching designs to soothe your baby's sleep.
Luckily, finding the perfect nightlight doesn't require a large budget, so you'll be able to find one for $7 to $50. If you're willing to spend around $50 for a nightlight, there are lights available with multiple features. High-end nightlights have timers, project different shapes on the walls and ceiling, and can feature meditative songs and nature sounds that help lull your child to sleep.

Another advantage of a nightlight is that it will help cut back on the electric bill as you won't have to turn on the ceiling lights every time your child wakes up. There are even battery operated nightlights available that won’t add to your electric bill at all.

There are also cheap nightlights outs there, but they can be plain and simple, without any extra features. It’s much better to invest a bit more and buy a quality nightlight.
A nightlight emits low glow into a room but doesn't fully brighten it. Even though it’s usually recommended for children, adults benefit from a nightlight as well, creating a nice, warm atmosphere around them. Nightlights help provide a baby with comfort during the night, and they have great benefits for the parents by allowing them check on their baby without turning on the ceiling lights.

Here are the most important features to consider when purchasing a nightlight:
  • Type - You have the option of a plug-in nightlight or one that projects stars and moons on the walls and ceiling. There are also portable night lights that your child can take with them to the bathroom.
  • Power - There are two types of nightlights. The ones with batteries are great because save on your electricity bill, and there are other models that can be directly connected to a power outlet.
  • Light Color - When it comes to nightlights, there’s an array of different colors available such as orange, white, red, blue, green and more.
  • Brightness - The light brightness is one of the most important features to consider. The nightlight doesn't have to be too bright, but instead should be quite dim and warm.
  • Additional Features - Some nightlights come with different extra features such as: timers, music box, changing colors, movement sensors and more.
Construction and Design
Plug in nightlights are safe for children and come in an array of shapes and colors. They usually feature built in sensors that detect movement or sensors that detect daylight.

Projection nightlights project different shapes on the walls and ceiling. They are amazing and will certainly enhance the appearance of any room.

Plush nightlights are great because they double as stuffed animals. Toddles can cuddle with them and when squeezed, they'll turn on.

Portable nightlights use batteries and come in different shapes such as elephants, penguins, lions and more. They are perfect for children who want to take the nightlight with them when they go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
Performance and Ease of Use
Night lights are great to put your child to sleep easily. They won’t disturb children when you check on them because they have a dim light. You'll also be able to check on your child without breaking a toe.

The main advantage of nightlights is that they bring comfort to your child. They can assist with nighttime diaper changes and can be used if there’s ever a power outage.

Make sure to always keep nightlights that have small parts away from your baby and pay attention to your little ones when they're around a plug-in nightlight.

Get the Best Night Light of 2022!

Some night lights work with batteries, while others should be plugged-in. Some have a light sensor, while others have a timer. It is important to get the right one for your needs. Choose the best night lamp for you (or your child), and use it in any room you want!

Our Top Choice
Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Night Light
Best Value
Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight
Cloud B Twilight Turtle - Classic
Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light
Safety 1st Auto Sensor Nightlight