Best Night Vision Goggles Reviews 2022

Night vision goggles use fine electronics and precision lenses to help you view your surroundings in the darkness. Commonly used for hunting, wildlife observation, law enforcement, security, or recreation, they usually have sturdy cases and portable batteries to be used for prolonged periods outdoors. Night vision works by magnifying and enhancing visible light and infrared radiation to form a picture, even in the darkest conditions. We understand their unique nature makes it hard to find the right pair. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to researched and chosen 5 of the best night vision goggles brands out there. We’ve put together some buying advice to help you find the perfect fit!
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Our Top Choice
Pulsar Edge GS Super Night Vision Goggle
Pulsar is an industry leading innovator for military-grade optics technology trusted by elite special forces units and outdoorspeople around the world.
The adjustable infrared illuminator is power-efficient, and the goggles have a 50-hour battery life. They're great for dry conditions.
The case is water-resistant, but not completely waterproof.
Generation 1
Multi-coated lenses
2x AA
90 meters
3 years
Best Value
SpyNet Eye Clops Ultra Vision Goggles
Spy Net is a brand that focuses on intelligence-themed stealth and reconnaissance tools for kids.
The unbelievable value features real IR night vision and a microSD writer for recording photos and video.
For those who need vision past 50 feet, a more expensive pair may be needed.
Generation 1
Hard plastic case
4x AA
50 feet
ATN PVS7-3 Night Vision Goggle
ATN is a leading manufacturer of night vision equipment for law enforcement, military, and consumer use.
Designed to provide service in hostile and unfavorable conditions, from hunting to special forces.
Although top-of-the-line in many regards, it is an expensive piece of equipment.
Generation 3
2x AA
300 meters
2 years
Night Optics Patrolman Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggle
Night Optics supplies law enforcement, military personnel, homeland security, and private consumers with night vision equipment at an affordable price.
The single-tube design offers military-grade performance at a fraction of the cost, with image detection up to 250 meters away and a durable, waterproof case.
Although more affordable than other PVS-7 models, it is still expensive.
Generation 2
Waterproof 3 feet for 30 minutes
2x AA
250 meters
2 years
Spy Gear Kid’s Night Goggles
Spy Gear is a worldwide manufacturer and retailer of intelligence toys and spy equipment for kids and teenagers.
These goggles provide portable and hands-free vision in dark areas at an affordable price.
The LED lights produce visible light that may not be appropriate for stealth or security.
LED illumination
Plastic lenses
3x AAA
15 meters

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What is the Best Night Vision Goggles?

To make it easy for you to pick the right pair of night vision goggles, we browsed through top brands and chose 5 excellent products for you. We considered performance, durability, longevity, and price when making our decisions. Any extra features the goggles had played a role as well. Now that you’re aware of what to look for in a good pair of night vision goggles, let’s browse our picks and find the perfect one for you.
Our Top Choice
The Pulsar Edge GS Super 1+ 1x20 Night Vision Goggle is a Generation 1 night vision device with an adjustable infrared illuminator and head mount. Need a handheld monocular version? Check out the Pulsar Thermal Imaging Scope!

Pulsar Edge GS Super 1+ 1x20 Night Vision Goggle with Built-In IR Illuminator

Pulsar manufactures military-grade optics technology, including binoculars, rangefinders, night vision devices, and infrared illuminators. With roots going back to 1991, the engineers of Pulsar were among the first to combine multiple IR systems and improve image tube technology to create military-spec night vision monoculars and rifle scopes for civilian use. It's the leading brand in civilian night vision technology, and it has a wide variety of models to choose from.

The Pulsar Edge GS Super 1+ 1x20 Night Vision Goggle has a CF-Super type image enhancement tube for improved revolution over standard generation 1 technology. The wide, sphere-shaped photocathode provides geometric image precision and reduces the resolution disparity between the center and edge of vision. The binoculars are sturdy, meeting IP65 standards for resisting dust and moisture, and they house the 2 AA batteries needed for the 50-hour battery life. The kit also includes a carrying case, adjustable head mount, lens cleaning cloth, neck strap, user manual, and warranty card.
Best Value
Though designed for recreational use, the SpyNet Eye Clops Ultra Vision Goggles deliver true infrared night vision up to 50 feet in pitch black - for 1/10th of the price of other models. For another budget-friendly option, check out the Spy Net Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars!

SpyNet Eye Clops Ultra Vision Goggles with Record Mode for Video - Enhanced Daytime Vision Allows for Day and Night Use

SpyNet is owned by Jakks Pacific, a worldwide retailer based in California that produces toys, leisure products, and writing instruments. Make no mistake: SpyNet is a toy company first and foremost. It makes spy and intelligence-themed toys for kids. Ironically, its durable, budget-friendly focus on electronics has resulted in one of the most affordable and functional night vision devices available.

While most night vision devices cost upwards of $500 for infrared vision in complete darkness, the SpyNet Eye Clops Ultra Vision Goggles are powered by four AA batteries and cost less than $100. The long-range mode uses a generation 0 active infrared transmitter that can see in complete darkness up to 50 feet (possibly more with moonlight). It includes filters to change color and help improve image recognition. A recorder mode allows still photos and video to be recorded on a microSD card.
The ATN PVS7-3 Night Vision Goggle is a waterproof, durable generation 3 night vision goggle identical to the U.S. military standard issue PVS-7. Looking for a more affordable alternative? Check out the ATN Night Spirit-2!

ATN PVS7-3 Night Vision Goggle – Generation 3 Military Quality

ATN is a major retailer for law enforcement, security, and military personnel in the U.S. It creates a wide variety of optical technology for thermal imaging, night vision, hunting cameras, and rifle scopes. From multi-purpose systems to dedicated night vision goggles, ATN builds its devices from scratch in the U.S. for quality control and security.

The ATN PVS7-3 Night Vision Goggle is identical to the AN/PVS-7 model that the U.S. military uses as standard issue night vision goggles. The PVS7 is designed for durability, waterproof, and meant to perform flawlessly in all conditions. The generation 3 image intensifier tube works with the built-in IR illuminator and multi-coated lenses. The kit includes a sacrificial filter, demist shields, neck cord, head mount, three brow pads, soft carrying case, lens tissue, instruction manual, warranty card, and two AA batteries.
The Night Optics Patrolman Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggle is based on the AN/PVS-7 model for long-range observation and an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. Need a dual-tube version with built-in magnification? Try the Night Optics Dual Tube 2+ Goggles!

Night Optics Patrolman Generation 2 Standard Night Vision Goggle with Built-In IR Illuminator

Night Optics USA is a brand by Vista Outdoor, Inc. focusing on state-of-the-art technology and impressive value. It’s a leading choice among law enforcement professionals, military personnel, security, and hunters. Its optical technology includes primary use in aviation, wildlife observation and management, and protection. Users include expert military veterans, engineers, and outdoorspeople.

The Night Optics Patrolman Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggle is modeled after the U.S. military standard-issue AN/PVS-7, and can be used handheld or hands-free in extreme low light situations. The lens is a f1.12 with a 40-degree field of view and a 250-meter detection range. The image tube has automatic protection for bursts of light, and a low battery indicator. It's waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes. The casing is lightweight, but rugged enough for demanding use in the field. The kit includes a soft case, head mount, two AA batteries, a neck strap, lens cleaning tissues, two demist shields, sacrificial filters, and an operation manual.
The Spy Gear Night Goggles for Kids are LED-powered and blue-tinted, with a fold-out magnifying scope. Looking for a pair with more attitude? Check out the Spy Gear Batman Night Goggles!

Spy Gear Night Goggles for Kids - Blue Tinted Lenses for Enhanced Night Viewing

Spy Gear is a brand by Spin Master, a leading worldwide manufacturer and retailer of toys for children and teenagers. It has a variety of night vision devices available at affordable prices, with a focus on reconnaissance-themed toys and tools. Although they may not be appropriate for security, law enforcement, or military purposes, Spy Gear night vision equipment can be useful for recreation and hunting (at short distances).

The Spy Gear Night Goggles for Kids are lightweight, powered by three AA batteries, and sized to fit children six and older. LED lights mounted on each side of the blue plastic lenses provide light up to 25 meters in the distance, but more focused illumination up to five feet away. The fold-out scope offers 2x magnification, and the kit includes the goggles and an instruction guide. They're not suitable for hunting or security purposes, but these goggles would make a great tool for anyone who might work with electronics, or in areas where holding a flashlight would be impractical.

How Do I Choose the Best Night Vision Goggles?

Do you often work in low light conditions? Are you the type that loves to nature watch or hunt at night? A great pair of night vision goggles can make all the difference for you. Come to think of it, some of the most exciting moments happen at night. If you’re a hunter, you no longer have to struggle finding your targets anymore.

Even with the enhanced vision at night, we all know how rough nature can be. The last thing you want during your night activities is to freeze from the cold! That’s why we recommend putting on your heated jacket to stay warm through the night. You should also include a pair of gloves into your attire. Don’t let the cold ruin your night vision fun!

Remember you’re going to be in the dark. You’ll need some backup light in just in case. That’s where your red-light flashlight comes in. It’s always ready to give your night vision goggles the help they need.

Video: How Does Night Vision Work?

How can a pair of night vision goggles help you see in the dark? | BrainStuff - HowStuffWorks
Night vision goggles prices vary depending on generation, performance, and durability. For you to enjoy impeccable sights at night, don’t let price be a huge factor. Some goggles go for as little as $10, while others sell for as much as $3,500.

Yeah, that’s quite a variation in price. Don’t worry though, it all narrows down to the quality of the features these goggles bring. For instance, night vision goggles with a 40° field of view and a 250 meters detection range will cost you more than one with inferior specs. Similarly, one that comes with a generation 3 image intensifier tube for refined clarity will definitely cost a pretty penny.

It isn’t always the best idea to get the cheapest version of something. There are some really cheap goggles out there, but we recommend you buy a pricier one. The cheap ones wouldn’t give you the experience you deserve.
Night vision goggles help you spot images with ease even in the dimmest light conditions. However, this is not the only feature you find. Here are some other key factors you should consider when purchasing one.
  • Detection Range - Depending on your needs, you’ll find night vision goggles with detection ranges of 50 to 300 meters
  • Batteries - Most goggles come with replaceable or chargeable batteries
  • MicroSD Slot - This allows you to record both still images and videos on a microSD card
  • Durability - Some night vision goggles are reinforced with a waterproof material so you can use them in any weather condition
  • LED lights - Some goggles come with LED lights that can provide lighting up to 25 meters away
Construction and Design
Manufacturers of night vision goggles understand the nature of their use. That’s why most of them are reinforced with waterproof material that lets you use them in all-weather conditions. Their durability lets them withstand nature’s fury. Awesome, right?

Imagine going out in the cold at night to witness breathtaking events, yet you have nothing to share with others the next day. What if you had a recorder to document your events for future reference? Well, enough with the ‘what ifs.’ By choosing night vision goggles that come with a MicroSD slot, all you need is to press record mode. Now you can share your adventures with friends and family.
Performance and Ease of Use
Being out at night can be rough, even with your improved vision while using night vision goggles. That’s why some come with a mounted LED light to boost your vision by lighting your path up to 25 meters. You can also use this light to swiftly find any tools in your bag you couldn’t see otherwise.

Whether you’re out on night guard duty, hunting, or simply having fun, you want to spot your targets long before they even sense your presence. If this is your objective, going for night vision goggles with a longer detection range can come in handy. You’ll be surprised at how some let you detect images up to 300 meters away.

Long-lasting power is a must have for night vision goggles. You don’t want to be stranded in the darkness when the energy runs out. What a disappointment that would be – scary too! Therefore, we recommend you pick goggles that come with an adequate supply of battery power depending on the length of your expedition.

Get the Best Night Vision Goggles of 2022!

Hopefully you’ve found a pair of night vision goggles that are dependable out in the field - or maybe they’re just for fun! From outdoor armed security to midnight laser tag with friends, night vision goggles help you stay ahead of the competition. Remember these brands offer plenty of goggles, so if you didn’t find the exact set of features you want, there are other options to pick from.

Our Top Choice
Pulsar Edge GS Super Night Vision Goggle
Best Value
SpyNet Eye Clops Ultra Vision Goggles
ATN PVS7-3 Night Vision Goggle
Night Optics Patrolman Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggle
Spy Gear Kid’s Night Goggles