Best Notebook Computer Reviews 2023

It seems like computers are getting smaller and smaller all the time. That's why, in the digital age, there are so many options to choose from: desktops, laptops, notebooks, and ultra books being the most common. Notebook computers are more compact than desktops and laptops, making them great for anyone on-the-go. That being said, there's no exact measurement that distinguishes laptops from notebooks and ultra books, so this review will focus on compact computers in general. We assembled a list of five great gadgets from some of the best notebook computer brands so you can find something that suits your needs.
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Hard Drive
Our Top Choice
Dell Latitude 12 7000 Series (E7250) Notebook
Dell offers a wide range of computers to suit different needs. This Ultrabook from the Latitude series is speedy and lightweight, making it ideal for professionals and students.
Slim, lightweight design. Fast operation. Dual Core. Medium-high memory. Windows 10 Pro.
As an ultra-book computer, the Latitude may be smaller than what you're looking for.
Intel Core i5-5300U Dual Core
12.5" Touch with Gorilla Glass
8GB 1600MHz DDR3L
256GB Solid State Drive
Standard Graphics
Best Value
Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Notebook Computer
Lenovo's history is filled with groundbreaking innovations in computing. This "ThinkPad" Notebook features ultra-efficient processors, stunningly crisp visuals and durable design.
High end processors. HD, anti-glare display. Durable reinforced design. Compact. Military spec. tested for harsh conditions.
A bit bulky, but the durability and power make up for it.
Intel Celeron N2940 Quad-Core
11.6" HD Anti-Glare LED-backlit
128GB solid state drive
Standard Graphics
Switch Alpha 12 2-in-1 Notebook and Tablet Computer
Acer has won a huge variety of awards for excellence in design and innovation. This 2-in-1 tablet and notebook features space-age innovation and sleek design.
Space-age heat pipe cooling. High-performance CPU. Ultra-compact. Flexible design.
Because of its high performance, the battery life is lower than some other models.
Intel Core i5-6200U Dual-core
12" Quad High Definition
8GB Intel Shared Memory
256GB Solid State Drive
Intel Graphics
Asus ROG GL552VW Gaming Notebook/Mini-Computer
Asus is always raising the bar with new innovations. This notebook is part of the Asus Republic of Gamers series, featuring powerful performance tailored for today's games.
Intel Core i7 processor with 2.6GHz speed. High speed and memory. 1-piece backlit keyboard. Solid construction. Sliding upgrade panel.
Bulkier than non-gaming notebooks.
Intel Core i7-6700HQ
15.6 inches Matte IPS FHD
2TB Hard Drive
Nvidia GTX 960M & 2GB VRAM
HP Stream 11-r010nr Notebook Computer
HP creates technology to make the average person's life better. This reliable little notebook is ideal for home, school and professional use.
Compact. Low cost. Dual-Core processor. HD graphics. Anti-glare screen. WLED backlit screen. 32GB hard drive.
Less powerful than higher-end computers and gaming computers.
Intel Celeron N3050
11.6-Inch LED-lit Screen
32 GB Solid-State Drive
Intel Integrated Graphics

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What is the Best Notebook Computer?

We looked at cutting-edge computer brands that specialize in a range of computer types, from desktops to ultra books. We compared price against speed, processing power, ease of use, style, durability, and a range of other factors.
Our Top Choice
The Dell Latitude 12 7000 Ultrabook was built for professionals on the move, featuring speedy and reliable operation. For a 2-in-1 Tablet and touchscreen Laptop, check out the 2016 Dell Inspiron 7000, featuring i7 Intel Core, 8 GB of memory, detachable keyboard and more.

Dell Latitude 12 7000 E7250 12.5" LED Ultrabook With Intel Core i5-5300U Dual-core 2.30 GHz

Dell computers and accessories are trusted by professionals all around the world because they offer fast and reliable products. Dell products often include extra features for advanced compatibility—even on their smaller machines—like HDMI ports and Bluetooth so you can easily connect to other devices. They offer a wide range of computers from gaming computers to more casual notebook-style computers.

This computer is powerful, reliable and compact, making it ideal for professionals when they're on the go. Let's take a closer look:
  • The processor is an Intel Dual-Core i5 with a speed of 2.30 GHz, which is ideal for quickly using Microsoft programs, internet browsing and other basic functions. Unless you plan on any serious gaming, this computer has all the speed you need.
  • The 12.5" screen and compact design make it super easy to pack this laptop away and take it with you when traveling.
  • Still, this ultrabook is built to be rugged: it's not so light and compact that it'll shatter in pieces on a small impact.
  • This computer comes loaded with Windows 10 Pro, so you can get right down to business.
  • 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L Memory is plenty to store a variety of documents, photos, music and programs.
  • This computer also uses a touch screen so you can operate it like a tablet, without needing a mouse.
  • Instead of a traditional hard drive, this ultrabook computer uses a solid state drive for superior all-around performance.
  • Connect this ultrabook to other devices with the following ports: USB (3), 45 – RJ, HDMI, mDP.
Dell offers a huge range of options—this is just one of the Latitude models. More Latitude business ultra books are available in a variety of power capabilities and designs.
Best Value
The Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Laptop is ideal for students and professionals on the go, featuring ultra-efficient processors, an 11.6" HD screen and rugged durability that is tested with military specifications. For lower budgets, you can get the same Lenovo quality with slightly downgraded features with the Lenovo IdeaPad.

Lenovo ThinkPad 11E Business Notebook With Quad-Core, Compact Design & Windows 10

Lenovo has a long history of innovation behind it, having partnered with one of the original innovators of personal computing—IBM. In 2008, Lenovo broke into the worldwide market with a new idea for what personal computing can be. Since then Lenovo has been seen as a leader in laptops, creating powerful machines for a variety of uses. Their powerful tech means Lenovo has computers that excel in business use as well as serious gaming.

The Lenovo ThinkPad 11e has a bright look and reliable design—not to mention powerful performance. Let's see how Lenovo made it happen:
  • The 11.6" HD anti-glare screen offers brilliant visuals.
  • Powerful Intel® Celeron® processors for speedy operation.
  • This computer is reinforced for rugged durability and tested with military specifications against pressure, humidity, vibration, temperature, temperature shock, low pressure and dust.
  • Inside the computer, rubber mounts are used and the HDD connector isn't rigidly attached to the board, meaning the hardware is able to absorb more shock from falls and impacts.
  • The integrated HD webcam features face tracking. Dual digital-array microphones also make it easier to live chat and web conference with ease.
  • Always-on powered USB port lets you charge your devices even when the computer isn't on.
  • The HDMI port also makes it easy to connect with external displays.
There are many more options in the ThinkPad and 11e categories at Lenovo—we just chose this one because it's a good mix of power, speed and price for the average student or professional.
The Acer Switch Alpha 12 2-in-1 Computer is ultra-lightweight and powerful, featuring a thin detachable keyboard and space-age pipe cooling. Looking to spend less, but still get a high quality Acer computer? Check out the Acer 11.6" Aspire
One Netbook.

Acer Switch Alpha 2-in-1 Notebook With 12" Removable Touchscreen

Acer is a benchmark in the computer community, having won many awards for various products in excellence, design and innovation. On top of creating innovatively designed notebooks and gaming 'rigs', Acer is committed to developing global sustainable development.

This 2-in-1 computer is extremely mobile and lightweight. With serious innovation, Acer has managed to pack some serious power into this small package. Let's take a closer look and see how they did it:
  • The advanced pipe cooling system means this computer can use a high-performance CPU without making you listen to the whine of a fan.
  • The 6th generation Intel® Dual-Core processors keep this computer moving quickly and efficiently.
  • The 12" touch screen uses LCD technology for bright images and simple use.
  • You can connect to other devices using the USB port and Bluetooth.
  • The computer comes loaded with Windows 10 Home, which is ideal for students and home users.
  • A stylus is included to make drawing and writing easier.
Like the other brands on our list, Acer offers a wide range of computer types. You'll find some of the best gaming computers as well as a number of speedy, low-budget options.
The ROG GL552 Gaming Laptop has everything you could hope for as a hardcore gamer in a small package, featuring a slide-out upgrade panel, i7 processor, 2TB HDD, high strength construction, responsive backlit keyboard and a variety of ports. But Asus doesn't just make hardcore gaming computers. Check out the Asus Eeebook for a budget-friendly option for work or school.

Asus ROG Republic of Gamers 15-Inch Gaming Laptop With Discrete GPU GeForce GTX 960M 2GB VRAM, 16GB DDR4, 1TB (ROG Metallic)

Asus gets its name from the mythical winged horse Pegasus, standing for wisdom and knowledge. They began operation in Taiwan and currently employ over 11,000 people around the world. They create a wide variety of tech including computer components, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, peripherals and servers.

The Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) line is specifically built to offer the best of the best gaming rigs featuring innovative components. On top of high-end graphics cards and hard drives, ROG products feature innovative design qualities to give the user more power over their game.

Let's take a closer look at the specs on this gaming notebook:
  • i7 Intel Core processor for optimal performance.
  • Backlit keyboard with responsive keys and highlighted WASD keys for advanced control.
  • New type-C USB port is included for compatibility today and in the future. The new reversible port works right-side up or upside down.
  • 2TB HDD offers tons of memory and you can easily add a 256GB SSD for even more.
  • The slide-out panel makes it easy to add upgrades components to keep your game sharp even when games become more and more advanced.
  • Frag first with GameFirst III technology to create smoother gaming.
  • No-glare HD screen and offers brilliant visuals.
  • SonicMaster offers rich sound for gaming while ROG AudioWizard offers five distinct presets that are tailored for different gaming genres.
  • High strength construction so you can safely take this gaming rig with you to use as a school or work computer, or when you're heading out to a LAN party.
This Republic of Games gaming computer is available in an upgraded version with 128 additional gigs of memory and an Nvidia GTX 960M with 4 gigs of VRAM instead of 2.
The HP Stream 11.6" Notebook has everything the average user needs in a compact package, featuring an 11.6" HD screen, dual-core Intel Celeron processor and a 32GB hard drive. For a slightly larger notebook with improved performance, check out the HP 14" Notebook.

HP Stream 11.6-Inch Notebook With Intel Celeron Processor, 2GB RAM, 32 GB Hard Drive, and Windows 10 Home – Comes in Several Colors

HP sells a variety of laptops, tablets, desktop computers, printers and accessories for home users and businesses. They are passionate about making life easier for the average person with reliable technology at a good price. With ongoing innovation, HP wants to reinvent the way people work, play and live.

The HP Stream Notebook Computer is ideal for the average on-the-go user because of its speed and size. Let's take a closer look:
  • 32GB hard drive has plenty of space for pictures, music, videos, files and more.
  • Dual-core Intel Celeron processor and 2GB of RAM keep this computer speedy for tasks like internet browsing and using apps like Microsoft Office.
  • This computer comes with Windows 10 Home, which is ideal for regular home and school use.
  • The 11.6" screen is HD and anti-glare so you can see great visuals at any time of day.
  • The computer has a multi-format digital media card reader, 3 USB ports, HDMI, RJ-45 and headphone ports.
  • This compact computer weighs only 2.6 pounds, making it super easy to take to class, work or the library.
The HP Stream is available with Windows 10 or 8.1, with an 11.6" or 13.3" screen, and in cobalt blue, horizon blue, violet purple or orchid magenta.

How Do I Choose the Best Notebook Computer?

Working on-the-go has gotten easier, as the tech world keeps giving us gadgets towards this end. Isn’t it nice that when a flight is delayed, you can just pull out your laptop and get some work done? Or the ability to communicate with that person who contributes so much to your enterprise through emails and an occasional video call? How about the fact that you can move from city to city doing business with just a notebook and a mind-boggling business presentation? Yes, all of this is possible with technology.

Computer notebooks are loved due to their small size which makes them extremely portable and highly efficient. Students and business people on-the-go adore these tiny gadgets. This is because they perform the same functions as PCs and laptops, but are much lighter. Initially, notebook computers were reserved for busy business travellers, but as more people discover its benefits, its demand has risen and captured the attention of many people. While you might love your tablet, a notebook computer comes with a keyboard and more capacity.

You really don’t need to be a tech-whizz in order to land the best notebook computer in the market. Knowing some key consideration factors is enough to get the right purchase. One such factor is getting the size right; notebooks are light in weight and rarely weigh more than 4 pounds. The quality of the screen is also important; if you don’t like a glossy one then try and stay away from those with a touchscreen. In case you love multitasking, then you have to pay attention to notebooks’ CPU—it’s where all the magic happens.
You don’t have to bend your back too much in order to own a notebook. Fact is, with between $170 and $1100, you will be in a position to acquire one of these nice gadgets. The price depends on the components, with those that have the latest features such as a touchscreen, latest intel, and even a slim size, tend to be a bit costly. The market also has high-end models with a bigger RAM and other great features that you will pay extra for.

It’s important to tell you that you’re likely to come across cheap notebook computers that we wouldn’t recommend due to a number of reasons. You will find that these gadgets are slow due to a small memory and often hang when you try to multitask. It’s said that time is money, and such notebooks will surely cost you money.
The tech industry seems to be giving a new gadget by the hour. Honestly, it can be overwhelming to know what to buy and what to let pass. As you shop for a notebook computer, here are some key features that you need to keep in mind:
  • Processor - Most of the notebooks are loaded with Intel, especially i5 and i7, that boast of incredibly fast speeds.
  • Screen Size - Notebooks tend to have a smaller screen compared to most laptops; the choice of the screen size is a matter of personal preference.
  • RAM - The size of the memory ranges between 4GB to an extended memory size of 16GB. Usually, the larger the memory size, the faster your machine will run.
  • Hard Drive - Your notebook needs a large hard drive which allows you to store numerous files without slowing down the computer’s operation.
  • Operating System - Compatibility to a particular operating system is important since this gives you versatility and options.
Construction and Design
The most important things to take into consideration when examining the construction and design of your notebook computer include: its size, its components (processor, hard drive, and RAM), and the display and operating system. Here’s some more info.


Basically, a notebook computer is a smaller version of a laptop. It’s lighter in weight and more energy-efficient, but still carries out numerous tasks. When notebooks came into the market some time back, they were designed to weigh less than 2.2 pounds (1 kg) which made them attractive to business travellers. However, over the years the designs have evolved and the device has attracted all manner of tech lovers. Most of the screens range between 9 and 11 inches, depending on the brand. However, you will find some notebooks with a wide screen of about 15 inches.

Processor, Hard Drive, and RAM

The internal circuitry of the notebook is a critical part of the design, with different devices having diverse components. The Central Processing Unit of the notebook is what dictates the speed of its operations, with multi-processors being fast.

The size of the hard drive varies from one device to the other, with some having an extended storage capacity of up to 1TB. The larger the hard drive, the more storage your device has. The RAM also dictates the speed of the notebook and may range from 2GB to anywhere around 8GB.

Display and Operating System

In terms of display, most notebooks have a scratch-resistant screen that can have an LED backlight for night use. The graphics of the device may vary, where some have standard graphics and others have Intel integrated into them.
Performance and Ease of Use
Speed, storage, and ease of setting up are the top three things to look out for when picking out a notebook computer. These factors will quickly show you how the performance and ease of use rank on a given computer. Here’s some more info on these topics:

Speed and Storage

The performance of a notebook computer depends on the various factors such as the size of the RAM, the type of processor, and even the size of the hard drive. A notebook with a RAM of 4GB will be faster than one which has a RAM of 2GB. In terms of storage, a bigger hard drive ensures that you can store more data and files, which even allows you to multitask without the device hanging.

Ease of Setup

While some laptops come when they are ready to use, some may require you to install software to help you operate the device. Installing an antivirus is also an important part of the setup, which helps protect your computer from any malware and viruses. Once everything has been set up and is ready for use, you can go ahead and explore your notebook computer!

Get the Best Notebook Computer of 2023!

Consider what you'll be doing with your computer before your purchase. If you're mainly using Microsoft Office and the internet for work and socializing, then the best notebook computer for you should be speedy and lightweight. For more intensive software use, a more powerful computer may make your life easier. Whether you need a computer for class, work, or pleasure, these expert brands have got something for you—even if it’s not one of our featured products.

Our Top Choice
Dell Latitude 12 7000 Series (E7250) Notebook
Best Value
Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Notebook Computer
Switch Alpha 12 2-in-1 Notebook and Tablet Computer
Asus ROG GL552VW Gaming Notebook/Mini-Computer
HP Stream 11-r010nr Notebook Computer