Best Nutrition Bar Reviews 2022

How many people coil in despair when they think of eating healthy things like raw salads, unsweetened drinks and even nutrition bars? But that doesn’t have to be the case since modern bars are no longer yucky but are more taste-bud friendly. Looking at the endless rows of nutrition bars on the supermarket shelves is proof that choosing the most ideal one can be a daunting task. Well, allow us to help simplify this task by researching some of the best nutrition bar brands that have healthy delicious treats in store for you.
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Pack Size
Our Top Choice
Quest Nutrition Gluten/Soy Free Bar
Quest Nutrition was started in 2010 by a group of food enthusiasts who believed that snacks should be packed with great nutritional content without compromising on the taste.
21g clean protein; 14g healthy fiber; Soy free; Gluten free; Naturally sweetened using stevia; 9 amino acids; Available in 46 flavors
Contains slight amount of sucralose; Contains some ingredients derived from milk
20g protein
Available in 46 flavors
12 bars / 2 pack sizes
Gluten and soy
20g carb / 8g fat / 13g fiber
Best Value
KIND All Natural Nutrition Bar
KIND is on a mission to help you live a healthy lifestyle by indulging your taste buds with products made using whole ingredients.
Gluten free; No hydrogenated oils; Zero trans-fats; Non-GMO; rich source of dietary fiber; Vegan friendly; Available in 11 flavors and 5 pack sizes
May have a grainy texture in the mouth
3g protein
Available in 11 flavors
12 or 18 bars
Gluten, dairy, wheat
23g carb / 10g fat / 3g fiber
PureFit 18g Protein Nutrition Bar
PureFit is a reputable manufacturer that’s loved for using ingredients of the highest quality to make nutritious protein products.
Low glycemic; Gluten & cholesterol free; Non-GMO; High quality soy; Compact size; Non dairy; Available in 8 flavors
High nutrition content makes it a bit pricey
18g soy protein
Available in 8 flavors
15 count / 1 pack size
Gluten and dairy
24g carb / 7g fat / 4g fiber
Zone Perfect Sugar Free Nutrition Bar
ZonePerfect opened its doors in 2003 to provide busy consumers with healthy nutrition bars to help them snack as they work.
No artificial sweeteners; 19 vitamins & minerals; Irresistible strawberry flavor; Tasty snack; Creamy yogurt
Requires moderate consumption due to high fiber
14g protein
Available in 14 flavors
12, 30 or 36 pack
Artificial sweeteners
25g carb / 6g fat / 3g fiber
Clif Bar 2.4 Oz. Protein Energy Bar
Clif Bar is passionate about providing quality products that help them enjoy life in an adventurous way.
Organically designed; Meets high energy needs; High fiber content; Non-GMO; No artificial sugars
Non-vegan; Contains gluten and dairy
10g protein
Available in 19 flavors
12, 24, 36 or 48 pack
45g carb / 5g fat / 4g fiber

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What is the Best Nutrition Bar?

This far, you realize how essential it is to consider the ingredients used to make a nutrition bar. Let’s continue exploring more tips to treating your body to the best nutrition bar in the market.
Our Top Choice
The Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar is packed with a whopping 21 grams of clean protein and about 14 grams of fiber which makes snacking fun and guilt free. Do you prefer a mint flavor in your chunk of gluten free protein bar? Then you will love the yummy Quest Nutrition Mint Chocolate Chunk which has about 20g of protein.

Quest Nutrition Gluten Free Soy Free High Protein Bar – Available in 46 Flavors

Back in 2010, a group of food enthusiasts sat down and brainstormed on how to make healthy snacks without sacrificing on taste. After countless trial and error sessions, the team finally came up with a combination of healthy ingredients that were not only healthy, but delicious too! It may have been a challenging task but a rewarding one, seeing as Quest Nutrition was born. Whether you are a fitness faithful or just a simple human who has a sweet tooth, Quest Nutrition has your best interests at heart. Once you snack on this brand’s delicious treats, you won’t ever feel guilty of cheating on your healthy eating regime.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar from Quest Nutrition is packed with an incredible amount of protein and plenty of fiber. With 21 grams of clean protein wrapped up in a single bar of chocolate goodness, you really can’t help but munch this snack. One bite of this gluten free nutrition bar and you are full of the guilt free joy of fulfilling your craving for something sweet without loading your body with unnecessary carbs.

What more does this healthy soy free snack bar have in store? Here you go:
  • 14 grams of dietary fiber that’s good for digestion
  • Naturally sweetened using Stevia and Erythritol
  • Zero trans-fat
  • Contains 200 calories
  • Contains only 8g of fat and 4g of net carbs
  • Flavored using natural ingredients
  • Contains unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter and palm oil
  • Recommended for people who love exercising
  • Comes in a pack of 12 bars
If you’re not much of a chocolate fan, or want more than 12 nutrition bars at once, then don’t worry. Quest Nutrition offer this bar in a whopping 46 flavors! Choose from mixed berries, oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter supreme, lemon cream pie and more! Some of them also come in a 2 pack.
Best Value
The KIND Almond & Coconut Bar is a crunchy tasty snack that doesn’t contain any gluten, hydrogenated oils, or trans-fat making it not only heart friendly, but also remarkably nutritious. Have you ever imagined having yogurt present in your nutrition bar? Get the KIND Fruits & Nuts in Yogurt instead which is an amazing gluten free treat.

KIND Gluten Free Trans Fat Free Dairy Free All Natural Nutrition Bar – Available in 11 Flavors & 5 Sizes

Daniel Lubetzky, a social entrepreneur, founded KIND to help people live a healthy lifestyle by eating products made using credible ingredients. At KIND, the mission is to make the world a better place by encouraging people to be ‘kind’ to their bodies so that they can live a long, fulfilled life. Their affordable snacks will tantalize your taste buds while loading your body with healthy nutrients.

The KIND Almond & Coconut Bar is a crunchy nutritious snack made using natural ingredients that will give you that much needed boost after a workout. This gluten free snack is well packed in an individual transparent wrapping with contents made under high hygiene standards. It’s made using ingredients such as nuts, whole grains, fruits, and other healthy additives.

Below are more features that accompany this yummy snack:
  • Low glycemic index
  • Rich source of dietary fiber
  • Devoid of hydrogenated oils or any trans-fat
  • Minimal sodium content and nil sulphur dioxide
  • Vegan friendly since it’s dairy free
  • Natural non-GMO ingredients
  • Contains 4 grams of protein
The lovely team at KIND gives you an option of choosing between 11 different flavors of this tasty bar such as apple, cinnamon & pecan, peanut butter & strawberry and blueberry, vanilla & cashew, among others. Better yet there are five pack sizes for you to choose from. Happy snacking!
The PureFit Chocolate Brownie is a low glycemic bar that is free of cholesterol and gluten and comes in a compact size to allow you healthy snacking throughout the day. Do you prefer a nutrition bar with a crunchy peanut butter taste instead? Then you will love the PureFit Peanut Butter Crunch that’s non-GMO and made using natural soy protein.

PureFit Soy Protein Gluten Free Nutrition Bar with 18 Grams Protein – Available in 8 Flavors

PureFit was started in 2000 to help people live a healthy lifestyle by providing them with protein products made using quality healthy ingredients. The reason they concentrate on protein products is because they believe that the nutrient is critical in building and repairing muscles in your body. Since, to stay fit, you require exercise and healthy eating, why not enjoy PureFit’s products made using high quality soy grown under non-GMO conditions. Their almond crunches as well as peanut butter bars are to die for!

True to their mission of using natural ingredients, PureFit’s chocolate brownie is made using quality soy protein that provides you with the necessary nutrients to build your body while providing you with the necessary energy levels to keep active throughout the day. Since you never know when the craving for something sweet will strike, our friends at PureFit have compressed the chocolate goodness of this bar into a nice compact size that fits nicely in your pocket.

Here’s more things to look forward to as you munch this delicious treat:
  • Gluten free making it a healthy choice
  • Vegan friendly since it’s non-dairy
  • Contains 18 grams of clean protein
  • 100% cholesterol and trans-fat free
  • Minimal sodium and potassium content
  • Wheat free and has no hidden carbs
  • No artificial sugars or flavors added
  • Made under non-GMO standards
  • Kosher pareve certified
If you’re not much of a chocolate fiend, try one of their other 7 flavors including, oatmeal cinnamon, peanut butter chocolate chip, berry almond crunch OR you can even get a sampler case with a mix of all of them.
Their Strawberry Yogurt Nutrition Bar is a tasty snack without any artificial sugars and is packed with over 19 vitamins and minerals designed to help you recharge as you carry out your tasks. Do you love a rich texture that melts in your mouth as you snack on your nutrition bar? Then you will love the Zone Perfect Chocolate Peanut Butter Nutrition Bar for its fudgy taste!

Zone Perfect Sugar Free Nutrition Bar – Available in 14 Flavors and 3 Sizes

Zone Perfect started its operations in 2003 and is a nutrition bar manufacturer that helps you recharge as you work. Since our schedules can get a little crazy, we often lack time to sit down and eat. That’s why Zone Perfect creates tasty snacks for multi-taskers who can munch on them as they work. Their nutrition bars are not only tasty but full of healthy nutrients for a busy you.

The Zone Perfect Strawberry Yogurt Nutrition Bar has a rich tasty flavor that helps you revamp your body without leaving your desk. You don’t have to worry whether your body is getting enough proteins since one go on this bar provides your body with about 14 grams of this essential nutrient.

Here’s more about this tasty bar:
  • Contains 19 vitamins & minerals needed by your body
  • Rich strawberry flavor and tasty creamy yogurt
  • Contains antioxidants for your immune system
  • High fiber content to aid in digestion
  • No artificial sweetener or flavors
  • Healthy great tasting snack
Not digging the strawberry yogurt flavor? How about some peanut butter or some chocolate almond or some salted caramel, the list goes on up to 10 other flavors. You can also choose between different pack sizes to ensure you’ve got just the right number of bars.
The Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Bar is organically designed to meet extremely high needs of adventurers by providing them with a sustainable source of energy to fuel their intense endeavors. Are your muscles in need of serious repair after an intense period of exercise? We believe that snacking on the Clif Builder’s Protein Bar will get your muscles running again.

Clif Bar Non-GMO Energy 2.4 Ounce Protein Bar – Available in 19 Flavors & 5 Sizes

Clif Bar is grounded and guided by the principle of performance nutrition that helps them provide energy bars to build and repair muscles of adventures. Keeping in mind how high the energy demands of fitness lovers are, Clif Bar ensures that all their products are packed with enough fiber for this purpose. Their affordable energy bars are rich in protein meant to build and repair your muscles, especially if you love exercising. Their recipes are crafted for the adventure you are in order to meet all your energy needs. So next time you go hiking, ensure that you pack one of Clif’s delicious energy bars to sustain you during your adventure.

The Chocolate Chip Energy Bar is a tasty companion as you scale up the nature trail munching on its delicious nutrition goodness. This delicious bar is made using 70% organic ingredients that taste great and boost your energy levels in an instant. Such ingredients include oats and almonds grown under organic conditions and have no trace of any genetic modification. It also has a high protein content of about 10 grams.

Look at these amazing features of this must eat energy bar:
  • Nutritionally packed to provide sustainable energy
  • High fiber content of up to 4 grams
  • Contains an incredible 23 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Zero trans-fat and hydrogenated oils
  • Lacks artificial flavors
  • Contains a rich blend of whole grains
Is chocolate chip not your thing? Don’t worry. This bar comes in 18 other flavors such as mint chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate macadamia nut among others. It’s also available in larger sizes than this 12 count pack including a 24 count, 36 count, and 48 count size.

How Do I Choose the Best Nutrition Bar?

“Not good!” You exclaim, as the triple digits on your digital scale give you that much needed wakeup call that it’s about time that you shed off some weight. You decide to start your day running on the treadmill for about 30 minutes in to lighten up and decide to make a visit with a nutritionist in order to get a manageable health plan.
A few days into your new lifestyle and all seems well until you start craving chocolates, crisps, and all that other unnecessary sugar that caused your weight gain in the first place. Please don’t give into such desires because you will end up feeling guilty and likely throw away your fitness tracker in frustration. Allow me to introduce you to the world of nutrition bars that comes in handy when such cravings strike.

When you exercise, your muscles may get worn out leading to constant fatigue. Luckily, nutrition bars are loaded with proteins and dietary fiber that repairs such muscles. By snacking on such items, you instantly recharge your body after a workout or even during a busy day at work. The best nutrition bar should provide you with the necessary nutrients without compromising on its taste.

When choosing a nutrition bar, it’s of the essence that you consider the ingredients indicated on the pack to ensure that there are no artificial flavors, gluten, hydrogenated oils or unhealthy carbs. Better yet, go for a bar with a low glycemic index since such a product is digested slowly making you feel full while still ensuring maximum absorption of nutrients into your system. So, embrace snacking on nutrition bars; you will find that they are a worthwhile companion in this beautiful journey of healthy living!
Snacking on healthy nutrition bars doesn’t have to be an expensive habit. Their price ranges between $5 and $45 with the variance in price brought about by differences in protein content and diversity in the ingredients used. Within this price range you will get protein bars which are gluten free, lack artificial sugars or flavors, and even have a reduced glycemic index. The costlier bars are made using a unique recipe that combines pure soy protein with other natural or organic ingredients resulting in a tasty and deliciously healthy treat.

Well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be expensive on top of the high gym subscription fees and a complete change in your diet among other lifestyle changes. Even so, it’s worth detaching yourself from cheap nutrition bars or other typical snakes that often contain unhealthy ingredients such as artificial sugars and preservatives that cause harm to your body.
As more and more people embrace healthy living, the market has become flooded with nutrition bars all labeled as healthy to consume, but what exactly should you look out before welcoming a particular brand of nutrition bar into your clean eating regime?
Here are some important features to consider:
  • Type -There are various types of nutrition bars such as those in high in protein, gluten free bars, dairy free bars, and energy bars among others. Most nutrition bars combine all these features into one delightfully nutritious snack.
  • Flavor - Nutrition bars should taste as delicious as they are healthy, because of this, natural flavors such as strawberry, yogurt, caramel, and many more are used, but be sure to stay away from bars that have been flavored using artificial ingredients.
  • Nutritin content - Be cautious of the amount of carbohydrates, fat, dietary fiber, sodium, and protein present in a bar, as well as keeping an eye out for artificial sweeteners.
  • Size - Consider whether the nutrition bar comes in a pocket friendly size to enable you carry it around so that you may easily munch on it when the craving strikes.
  • Count -The number of bars available in a pack is important because it allows you to have an adequate supply without having to go back to the shop.
Construction and Design
Nutrition bars are designed to treat your body to a tasty snack while still loading you with healthy nutrients. From the name, you will realize that for the bar to be healthy, the manufacturer must be keen on the ingredients they use. For this reason, you will find that most brands have left out artificial ingredients and flavors out of their recipes. You may get some nutrition bars that are gluten-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free and even soy-free. All this is done to help them remain a healthy choice.

A critical component of the ingredients used to make nutrition bars is protein that can be sourced from soy. Protein helps repair muscles in the body making it a perfect ingredient in a nutrient bar. Another great component is dietary fiber which aids in digestion. Most nutrient bars are packed with fiber but the amount present varying from one brand to another.

The bars are often individually wrapped and packaged in a sealed bag that’s airtight to keep the bar fresh and lasting longer. The bars are often contained in a box with the varying counts per pack. You may opt to buy an individual bar or take the whole box.
Performance and Ease of Use
To enjoy a piece of nutrition bar, all you need to do is to open it up and start munching. Most of the packs are easy to unwrap by tearing on a marked slit at the top of the bar. The performance of the bar depends on the amount of nutrients present as well as the glycemic index. A low glycemic index allows for slow digestion of the bar ensuring that the nutrients are fully absorbed into your system.

Ensure that you store the bars in dry place since moisture may make mould grow on your nutrition bars. Keep the nutrition bars from things like detergents and soaps this may severely alter the taste of the bars. In case crumbs fall on your desk or on the floor, you can easily wipe them away with a dry cloth.

Get the Best Nutrition Bar of 2022!

Wow! That was an amazing list, right? We hope that you found it informative and cannot wait to go grab one of the tasty snacks contained herein. Not there yet? Don’t worry since these expert brands have many more options for you.Explore them to find the best nutrition bar to fit your clean eating lifestyle.

Our Top Choice
Quest Nutrition Gluten/Soy Free Bar
Best Value
KIND All Natural Nutrition Bar
PureFit 18g Protein Nutrition Bar
Zone Perfect Sugar Free Nutrition Bar
Clif Bar 2.4 Oz. Protein Energy Bar