Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews 2022

If you do any kind of car maintenance or repair, an OBD2 scanner can help keep your vehicle running smoothly. Most cars produced after 1996 have been designed to report diagnostic information to help solve electrical or mechanical problems, and a great scanner can save you hundreds - or thousands - in repair costs. There are a variety of OBD2 scanners to choose from, which is why we’ve chosen five of the best OBD2 brands to help you find the right one for your vehicle.
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Our Top Choice
Veepeak Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
As a leading online retailer, Veepeak provides automotive equipment and electronics at affordable prices.
Compatible with most vehicles made after 1996. Bluetooth connectivity for your Android phone or tablet.
Not guaranteed to pair with iOS devices. A few hybrid or fully electric vehicles may not have codes registered.
Bluetooth, Android, Windows
Real time, ELM 327
Pair with phone, tablet, or PC
12-month warranty
User manual
Best Value
OxGord CAN OBD2 Scanner Tool
OxGord is a California-based auto parts and accessories dealer with world-class service.
The built-in LCD display for this universal scanner is clear, easy to read, and self-sufficient in case of emergencies.
Detailed information and real-time data are not readily available for diagnostic testing.
CAN Bus, generic codes
Simple LCD
1-year limited
User manual
Ancel Universal OBD2 Scanner
Ancel is a global retailer of high-quality electronics and automotive scanners.
The Ancel OBD2 scanner is great for a mechanic or car enthusiast who wants detailed diagnostic information.
The features make it a little pricier than basic models.
CAN, ELM, generic, specific
Detailed diagnostic LED
1-year limited warranty
User manual
Autel Autolink OBD2 Scanner
Autel is a leading manufacturer of professional, aftermarket automotive tools.
The colorful display and detailed interface make the Autel Autolink powerful and pleasing to use.
The functionality and features may be a little more than some users need.
Advanced OBD2, CAN, universal
Full-color LCD, updateable
1-year limited
Manual, CD, USB cable
Foseal Car WiFi OBD2 Scanner
Foseal is an electronics company that focuses on OBD2 scanners and car accessories.
Foseal’s OBD2 Scanner is portable and easy to pair with Android, iOS, and Windows!
No Bluetooth connectivity means that devices will have to be near a wireless network.
ELM 327, real time
Android, iOS, PC, app
Limited warranty, parts
User manual

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What is the Best OBD2 Scanner?

Hopefully, after reading our buying guide, you already have a clearer picture of the kind of OBD2 scanner you want. We want to make your buying process even simpler by reviewing our selected top five OBD2 scanners from our trusted brands. Pay close attention to their features as you go through them.
Our Top Choice
Veepeak’s Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner lets you read real-time data on your Android device or Windows computer. Need a scanner with a built-in display? Check out the Veepeak OBD2 Scanner With Built-In Display!

Veepeak Mini Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII EOBD Scanner Adapter Automotive Check Engine Light Diagnostic Code Reader – Available in 4 Styles

Veepeak is an online retailer of automotive, travel, and home accessories for cell phones, cars, and everything in between. Because it's an online retailer, it's able to ship quality electronics without the costs and overhead of a traditional store. The Veepeak Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Android is a great value at $12.99. It works with popular apps and the ELM 327 protocol to deliver real-time data for diagnosis and repair.

Compatibility is important, and this scanner communicates with all five OBD2 standards - SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO14230-4 KWP, and ISO15765-4 CAN. Real-time data will supply information on vehicle speed, RPM, fuel consumption and pressure, engine load, throttle position, intake statistics, and barometric pressure. Support is provided through third-party apps for Windows and Android (not included) that organize information from the sensor. With all the advanced features available, you will still be able to read basic codes and reset check engine lights, although more information will be available if needed.
Best Value
The OxGord CAN OBD2 Scanner is an affordable option with a built-in LCD display! If you’re looking for more detailed information at a great price, the portable OxGord OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner may be right for you!

OxGord CAN OBD II Scanner Tool for Check Engine Light & Diagnostics, Direct Scan and Read Out

If you’ve ever been to an auto parts store anywhere in the United States, you’ve seen products from OxGord. It's known for its automotive accessories. OxGord started as a supplier to small businesses before growing to be one of the largest distributors in the country. The OxGord CAN OBD2 Scanner is a bargain at $14.95. It's self-sufficient and durable for travel.

While lacking the detailed, real-time statistics of an ELM 327 scanner, the CAN OBD2 Scanner can read and reset check engine codes for any vehicle made after 1996. It is perfect for travel, as it will work even when your cell phone doesn’t, without any additional apps, pairing, or setup. As a basic code reader, it’s a small investment to save hundreds on basic maintenance and repair, and it has very few parts that could malfunction or wear with use.
The Ancel Universal OBD2 Scanner is a powerful scanner with onboard diagnostics and a beautiful display. If you’re looking for a convenient Bluetooth model, the Ancel ELM327 works perfectly with Android and Windows!

Ancel Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader for 1996 or Newer OBD2 Protocol Vehicle (Black)

Ancel was founded in 2016 to provide innovative products and top-notch customer service for automotive accessories and electronics. In less than a year, it grew to be a successful global provider and leading manufacturer of OBD2 scanners, including some of the most advanced, consumer-ready scanners available on the market. The Ancel AD310 Classic Universal Scanner is a powerful tool that’s easy to use and packed full of features.

From real-time data to M6 freeze frames, the AD310 will be your go-to scanner for any automotive issue. Not sure about a certain code? It has a built-in library that shows definitions to make troubleshooting easier than ever. This scanner can retrieve detailed vehicle information from both hard and intermittent memory. The backlit 128x64 display has a contrast adjustment and is functional between 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a feature-packed scanner with a strong emphasis on qualitative detail, and it's powered by your vehicle.
The Autel Autolink OBD2 Scanner is a professional-grade diagnostic tool with an amazing display. If you’re looking for a detailed diagnosis for your vehicle, the Autel Enhanced Scan Mode 6 Autolink will keep you covered!

Autel AutoLink OBD II & CAN Scan Tool – 1996 Models & Newer

Autel is one of the largest manufacturers of professional-quality automotive accessories. Its mission is to provide easy-to-use, quality-assured, cost-effective and innovative products. It has a wide variety of scanners for all uses, and it strives to meet or exceed U.S. and international environmental and quality standards. The Autel Autolink OBD2 Scanner is a full-featured scanner with exceptional attention to detail, at an affordable price of $29.96.

The AutoLink separates the Autel from competitors. It features a full-color TFT display at 220x176 dpi, with a powerfully intuitive menu to help with troubleshooting and diagnostic tests. From generic to manufacturer-specific codes, the Autel is a universal solution for any car created after 1996. The built-in speakers and bright display work from -4 to 158 degrees, so it can be stored in a glove box and used in some of the harshest conditions. Real-time data stream monitoring for engine status, auxiliary systems, and emissions is available in three languages (English, Spanish, and French). It comes with software updates online to evolve with new vehicles.
With its Android, iOS, and Windows compatibility, the Foseal OBD2 Wifi Scanner is a great tool to keep in your glovebox. If you are looking for a scanner specifically for Android or Windows, check out Foseal's Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner!

Foseal Car WIFI OBDII Scan Tool Foseal Scanner Adapter Check Engine Diagnostic Tool for iOS & Android

Foseal is a manufacturer of automobile scanners and electronic accessories worldwide. Its OBD2 Scanner is a flexible option that won’t break the bank at $19.99. If you’re worried about compatibility, Foseal has you covered. All five OBD2 channels are supported, and most vehicles sold in the U.S. after 1996 will be readable for generic and manufacturer-specific codes.

Although most scanners in this price range with ELM 327 functionality do not support iOS, Foseal specifically lists iOS support with paid and free apps. The scanner will broadcast a short-range wireless network for your phone or tablet to connect to, making pairing simple and easy. It comes with a promise to provide support within 24 hours. The Foseal OBD2 WiFi Scanner is a great device to read and reset check engine codes.

How Do I Choose the Best OBD2 Scanner?

The world has really changed. Nowadays, our cars come with computers which control how they operate. The advances in the microelectronics and software come as a blessing to any automobile user as you can get real-time diagnostics. All you need is an OBD2 scanner to get diagnostic information that will help you solve electrical or mechanical problems.

With an OBD2 scanner, you can get a birds-eye view of your car’s central data system. All you need to do is to connect your device with your car’s computer system, and you can view the results on the device’s in-built screen. Additionally, you can receive the results on your smartphone or tablet using the modern scanners. This is important information as you’ll know when your car has defects and when to seek the service of your auto mechanic.

You don’t need to always use a jack every time your car does not start. With the help of an OBD2 scanner, you’ll easily tell whether your car needs a jump start or better battery cables to start the engine. Get this godsend device and get peace of mind while saving lots of money.
You’ll not need to break the bank to acquire this life-saving gadget. A high-quality OBD2 scanner will cost you from $10 to $40. The price is highly-influenced by the gadget’s design. Models that are classic can scan fast and do not require experience to use it, but they come with a higher price tag. Models that can be paired with a phone, tablet, or a PC are also pricier than the ones that display using a simple LCD.

While there are cheap OBD2 scanners in the market, we strongly advise you against them. They are complex to use and breakdown easily.
Perhaps the most important feature to look out for is the diagnostics. Can the gadget diagnose all the systems in your car? Is it real time, generic or advanced? What system will it use? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself. The more defects the gadget can identify the better.

These are other features to look out for in an OBD2 scanner:
  • What are connection options?
  • What is the warranty period?
  • How is the data displayed?
  • Does it come with a user manual?
Let’s take a closer look at these features.
Construction and Design
An OBD2 scanner comes with various connectivity options: Bluetooth, WiFi, or port. It is important to understand if it will be compatible with your automobile before purchasing it. Check the connectivity options in your vehicle and go for the one that will work best for you.

It is also important to consider the display mechanism of the device. If you need to store the data for future references, one that can be paired with your phone or PC will be ideal for you. If you need one that can be upgraded with time, go for the Android or iOs models. There are also simple LCD displays which are easy for beginners to use.
Performance and Ease of Use
Perhaps you’re concerned about if you will need help using the gadget. If that’s the case, check whether your gadget comes with a user manual which you can refer to once stuck. If this is not your first time using the gadget, you may not need a user manual. You already have the requisite experience using these gadgets.

Like any other electronic device, it is important to check and understand the warranty terms just in case the device is faulty.

Get the Best OBD2 Scanner of 2022!

Hopefully you’ve found an OBD2 scanner that fits your year, make, model - and budget! A dependable OBD2 scanner is perfect for do-it-yourself maintenance, and it helps you decide if it’s time to call a professional. Remember, each of these brands has a wide variety of options in case you’re looking for more features, a different interface, or even a smaller price tag!

Our Top Choice
Veepeak Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
Best Value
OxGord CAN OBD2 Scanner Tool
Ancel Universal OBD2 Scanner
Autel Autolink OBD2 Scanner
Foseal Car WiFi OBD2 Scanner