Best Off Road Light Reviews 2022

Off road lights have become increasingly popular recently, especially with the inception of LED (light emitting diode) lights. This type of aftermarket lighting doesn’t just add pizzazz to the overall design of your vehicle be it a boat, ATV or SUV, but also performs a fairly important task i.e. to provide much-needed lighting in dim, low lit environments, rugged terrain and inclement weather conditions. Buying the best off road lights can be a tricky affair given the myriad styles, features and sizes available. But we’ve done the homework for you, and found some of best off road light brands and 5 great options with a mix of designs, features and prices.
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Our Top Choice
MicTuning Curved Cree LED Light Bar Combo Beam
Founded by a team of highly enthusiastic team workers, MICTUNING is an esteemed name in the light bars and accessories sector, and for several good reasons.
Fitted with premium LED’s for great visibility. Unique reflector cup for a near perfect spot/flood beam pattern. Curved design and Ip67 rating.
Some bulbs may conk out after a long period of use
Available in 4 sizes
Available in 4 wattages
1 piece with mounting brackets
Die-cast aluminum
Best Value
Nilight Off Road Led Light Bar
Nilight is part of the ZNDER brand that offers a wide range of superior quality LED solutions including LED emergency lighting and LED running lights.
Lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. Waterproof up to 3.3 feet of water. Dustproof to protect against harsh weather conditions.
Water may leak in after a swell of bad weather so might be a good idea to seal them with silicone
Available in 2 sizes
18 watts
1 piece or 2 pieces
Die-cast aluminum
TURBO SII is one of the prestigious names in the off-road lighting space and designs. It manufactures a wide range of lights including driving spotlights.
High powered LED lights. Crafted of diecast aluminum. Remote control kit. Can purchase light bar alone or with spots.
Brackets for additional 18W led work lights not included.
Available in 5 sizes
180 watts
1, 2, 3 or 4 pieces
Die-cast aluminum
Auxbeam LED Light Bars and Spots
Owned by Teammade, AuxBeam’s mission is to provide superior quality LED lights and accessories in various dimensions to serve different purposes, all at inexpensive prices
Working life of 50,000 hours. Easy to install. Compatible with several vehicles and equipment.
Wiring may have to be soldered/replaced after regular use.
Available in 5 Sizes
Available in 4 wattages
1 piece or 2 pieces
High quality 6063 aluminum body
Shanren Sharp Series 30 Degree Spot Lights
Established in 2012, Shanren is a highly reputed cycling and outdoor sports brand that offers a mix of superior performing products.
Heavy duty construction and IP67 rated. 27 watts of power. Bright 30 degree beam. Easy to install with the included mounting bracket kit. Draws very little electricity.
Mounting is limited to horizontal surfaces unless you want to fabricate another bracket
2 sizes/shapes
27 watts
1 pieces with brackets

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What is the Best Off Road Light?

When it comes to off road lights, LED pods and light bars top the list for several good reasons. They are energy efficient, compact, durable, offer long service life, and can be ordered in several different sizes and shapes. It’s important to consider the size you need and the type of weather you’ll be using them in so that you can make the right investment. Now you’ve read our detailed off road lights buying guide, you should easily be able to spot the best accessories from our top 5 options - ones that will make your vehicle look good, and also prove useful when the sun goes down. So, without further ado, let’s get right to them!
Our Top Choice
The MicTuning 22" 120W Curved LED Work Light Bar is a single bar that works as both a light bar and a flood/spot combo light, making it a great choice for off-road, ATVs and SUVs. If you just need a spot beam or a light that serves well for other applications such as a roof spotlight and taillight, the MicTuning MIC-06F18 2 x 4" spot beams are probably a better fit.

MicTuning Curved LED Work Light Bar/Fog Light with Combo Beam - 24 Month Warranty, Available in 4 Sizes

When it comes to high performance off road bulbs and accessories, a few can match the quality, service and durability offered by MicTuning. The company founded by an ambitious team of people is able to produce near perfect light bars and accessories to meet the growing needs of driving enthusiasts.

The MicTuning 22" 120W Curved LED Work Light Bar offers superior visibility thanks to its ability to emit 6000K crystal white light that illuminates further and brighter than traditional straight LED’s. Further, each LED is embraced by a unique reflector cup that serves as a spot/flood light, and its curved design makes it a great fit for off road, 4x4’s, ATVs, SUVs, Jeeps and UTVs.

The MicTuning 22” light bar rings in with several great features including:
  • Class-leading performance thanks to 10 integrated cooling fans, which offer faster heat dissipation than lights fitted with the more common 8 cooling fans
  • Certified IP67 Vacuum Waterproof test rating combined with heavy duty powder coating and its diecast aluminum housing make it rust and corrosion resistant and results in long service life
  • Backed by an astounding 2 year warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Easy to install with included 2 aluminum mounting brackets
  • Can be ordered in 4 different sizes – 22”, 32”, 42” and 50”
  • Ability to withstand inclement weather conditions
Best Value
The Nilight 2PCS 18W Off Road Led Lights offer a reasonable amount of power to illuminate a far distance. However, if you’d like a single that provides illumination over a much greater distance, the Nilight 20 inch 126 watts LED light bar is worth a look. It offers a great mix of flood and spot beams and offers superior heat dissipation thanks to high quality heat induction silicone gel.

Nilight Off Road Led Lights for SUV, Boat and Jeep – Available in 2 Styles, Mounting Bracket Included

Established in 2015 in Lodi, New Jersey, Nilight might be a young name in this space, but it’s evolved quickly to become one of the most prestigious manufacturers of most things LED. These include wiring harnesses, LED headlights, emergency lighting, angle eye projectors and LED running lights.

This pair of Nilight Off Road Led Lights is backed by 18 watts of power and fitted with top notch quality LED chips that illuminate bright white light over a long distance. Furthermore, they are easy to install with the included adjustable mounting brackets and can be used for several other applications including off-road lighting, household lighting for garages, backyards, and gardens, and even excavator and crane.

The Nilight 18W Off Road Led Lights are a great buy for several reasons, most notably:
  • Can be ordered in 1 light bar or 2 piece spot sets
  • Fitted with specially designed diecast aluminum cooling fins for unmatched heat dissipation
  • Impressive lifespan in excess of 30,000 hours
  • IP67 rating meaning they can go be under up to 3.3 feet of water without affecting their performance
  • Dustproof to protect in harsh environments
  • Backed by 2 year warranty
The TURBO SII led light bar is 22 inches long and is packed with a total of 60 – 3 watt LEDs for a total of 180 watts of sheer illumination. If you’d like to tone it down a few notches with round spotlights, the TURBO SII Cree is what you should be looking at. This pair of 9” round LED lights offers 185 watts of illumination and features a high efficiency reflector for 93% optical efficiency, shielded with a diecast aluminum housing.

TURBO SII LED Light Bar with Wiring Kit and Remote Switch – Available in 6 Sizes/Styles

TURBO SII is renowned for designing and manufacturing a wide range of high quality LED lights. The company’s product portfolio has grown exponentially over the years and includes off road light bars, sealed beam lights, Jeep lights, LED fog light bulbs, and driving.

The TURBO SII light bar consists of 60 x 3 watt LEDs that offer a combined robust 180-watt illumination. As a bonus, the package does include 4 inch - 18W led work lights and even a remote control wiring harness for convenient operation.

The TURBO SII light bar comes with several great features including:
  • Outer body made of IP67 rated, diecast aluminum housing making it waterproof, dustproof and quake proof
  • Impressive 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Backed by 1 year warranty and free shipping for replacement
  • Can be ordered in more than 5 sizes and variants
  • Perfect fit for most types and brands of vehicles including Polaris, Jeep, Dodge, UTVs and ATVs
  • Package includes LED light bar, 2 mounting brackets, 1 wiring cable and remote control wiring kit
The Auxbeam 2 Piece, 4”, 18 Watts LED Light Bar is a great choice for several pieces of equipment, vehicles and conditions owing to its robust illumination power. But if you’d like a single LED off road light bar that offers spot and flood lighting as well and with a bit more illumination power, the AuxBeam 12 inch light bar might be a better choice. It’s fitted with a dual row of Cree LED chips and is IP67 rated, making it dustproof and waterproof up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

Auxbeam LED Light Bar for Off-Road, Farming and Heavy Duty Equipment – Available in 8 Sizes/Styles

AuxBeam – part of Teammade – is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of LED lights and vehicle accessories. Scouring through the company’s portfolio will leave you spoilt for choice considering the vast range of products and different designs and dimensions they can be ordered in. Each AuxBeam product lives up to high standards of manufacturing, is environmentally friendly, and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

The Auxbeam 2 Piece, 4”, 18 Watts LED Light Bar offers a working life of an impressive 50,000 hours and comes easy to install with the included 2 mounting brackets. This pair of LED off road pods can be ordered in several different sizes and variants, making it a perfect fit for several different types of vehicles.

There are several features that make the Auxbeam 4” pods worthy of this list including:
  • Certified by CE & RoHs
  • Ability to withstand inclement weather thanks to its superior quality 6063 aluminum body
  • Draws low current resulting in reduced gas usage and no harm to battery
  • Longer irradiation distance than normal halogen bulbs
  • Great cooling owing to vertical fin design
  • Anti-corrosion, waterproof, shock and dustproof
  • Backed by 1 year warranty
The Shanren 27W Round LED Work Light Lamp offers clear and bright illumination over a longer distance owing to its high power. But if you’d like square shaped off road lights that offer adequate power and are easy to install, especially on flat surfaces, the Shanren DSquare lighting pods are a great option. They feature a diecast aluminum housing with toughened glass and offer an astounding 50,000 hours of service life.

Shanren 27 Watt LED Work Light Lamp - Off Road High Power Light for Jeep, 4x4, ATV and Tractor - Available in Round or Square

Conceived in 2012, Shanren is a premium player in the cycling and outdoor sports space, and uses innovative technology to design and manufacture a wide range of products including GPS enabled bike computers and off-road lights.

This pair of Shanren off road lights is part of the Smart series and offers 27 watts of robust illumination power resulting in a clear, bright light over a longer distance. It can be ordered in two different sizes and shapes, backed by a 1 year warranty. They’re IP67 rated, meaning they are waterproof and dustproof to a certain degree and can be used without any hiccups in certain harsh weather conditions. Lightweight at just 1.1lbs each for the round spot, these light pods are a great fit for several different types of equipment and vehicles including excavators, boats, yachts, motorbikes, bulldozers, cranes, ATVs and SUVs.

How Do I Choose the Best Off Road Light?

Off road driving has received a surge of appeal in recent times. Forging through back road trails knowing that your SUV has some new tires, or cruising through the campsite in the middle of the night offers its own set of unique thrills and challenges. But to light up the road ahead for a better field of vision than you get from your LED headlights and to enhance the style of your exterior, you’re going to have to mount off road lights, and in most cases you may want these to be LED as well.

LED light technology is regarded as the best and is literally found everywhere from LED strip lights to shower heads. This class of lights can be ordered in a wide range of designs and sizes to increase your visibility as well as accelerate your vehicle’s rugged look. So, if you’re ready to take your outdoor venture to a whole new level, our off road lights buying guide will set you off on the right track.
Off road lights can be had in several different configurations, and prices will vary accordingly. Also, off-roading lights generally come in sets of two pods or a single bar, but prices may spike for combo options that include flood and spot lighting. These are, however, a good option for those who are going to be driving in harsh weather conditions as it’s much more cost efficient than buying each piece separately. Imitation and cheap off road lights mostly consist of poorly made exterior housing and low quality bulbs compared to good quality lights that are crafted of robust aluminum on the exterior and integrated with a wide assortment of LED bulbs – some even IP67 rated to resist water and dust to a certain level.
Off road lights can be ordered with several different types of features, some of which you may need and some you just can’t live without. For example, if you’re going to be off roading in inclement weather conditions, look for a LED off road bar that offers flood light capabilities as well. And if you’re going to be driving in rugged locations, buy off road lights that offer spotlight capabilities so you eradicate the guesswork with a concentrated beam to pinpoint to any specific area.

That said, here are a few important features to look for in the best off road lights.
  • Type of bulbs – Three common options are halogen, HID and LED lighting, where the latter is the most preferred option
  • Form factor – Most common options are LED pods and bar, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages
  • Power – Measured generally in watts – the more you have, the greater the brightness
  • Amp draw – The greater this number, the faster your battery will get drained when not running the engine
  • IP67 rating – Since you’re going to be using the off road lights in the great outdoors and sometimes in harsh weather conditions, this rating ensures they are waterproof and dustproof
  • Heat dissipation – Some if not all high quality off road lights are fitted with cooling fans for smoother and longer performance
  • Mounting – Most manufacturers include mounting brackets in the package and if not – you can buy them separately at highly affordable prices – just make sure they’re compatible with the respective off road lights
  • Beam pattern – Offer road lights can be had in 3 different patterns – off road, spot, flood or a combination of the 3
  • Color temperature – Measured in K (Kelvin) – this quite simply indicates the color of the light source and high quality is between 5000K and 6000K+
  • Service life – LED off road lights are generally good for 20,000 – 30,0000+ hours
  • Warranty – Most manufacturers offer some level of warranty between 6 months and 2+ years
Construction and Design
LED off road lights are for the most part highly durable, use way less electricity and are brighter than other lighting options. They’re extremely waterproof and shockproof, and to top it off can function just right on several different voltages with little or no modifications. When it comes to beam types, there are two common options to choose from – spotlight beams (aka pencil beams) or floodlight (aka work lights).

There are a few off road light models that offer you the best of both worlds – spot and flood lights – also referred to as hybrid off road lights, euro beams or driving lights. To briefly explain, if you’d like a more focused beam to throw out light as far as possible, spotlights are an ideal choice, and floodlights are a good fit if you would like to project light widely and evenly over the immediate area with technical turns and obstacles. If you do both slow technical cruising and wide open high speed driving, don’t think twice – just buy a spot and floodlight combo.
Performance and Ease of Use
It’s generally accepted that off road lights fitted with Cree LEDs boast higher quality than other similar options in the market, but this also varies across manufacturers. Color temperature is often an aspect that’s mostly overlooked when selecting the best off road light bar but is highly important. Research reveals that our eyes have an optimal sighting at noon on a sunny day translating to a color temperature of 5000K. So – long story short – off road lights with a color temperature that exceeds 5000K reduce driver fatigue and offer superior terrain recognition.

It's also important you mount your off-road light pods or bar where they are most effective rather than where you think they will look the coolest. Massive off road light bars mounted above your windshield add to your 4x4’s cool factor, and cast light far and wide. Pods are best mounted on the front bumper but must be positioned correctly to avoid impeding airflow to the radiator and causing overheating.

Get the Best Off Road Light of 2022!

We know choosing and buying the best off road lights can be a complex process, but hope that our off road lights buying guide along with our top 5 selections has helped ease your buying decision.

Our Top Choice
MicTuning Curved Cree LED Light Bar Combo Beam
Best Value
Nilight Off Road Led Light Bar
Auxbeam LED Light Bars and Spots
Shanren Sharp Series 30 Degree Spot Lights