Best Office Chair Reviews 2023

The key to a productive work area is having a clean, organized space, not too hot or cold, no draft coming in and quiet, peaceful surroundings. Well, this was what you thought made you productive, until you had an office chair that was lumpy, hard or gave you back pains. Then you knew the key to productivity is comfort. That is why your office chair, whether to use at home or the office, is so important. To make your search easier we have narrowed it down to five amazing brands, all experts in creating ergonomic and stylish office chairs.
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Seat Height
Our Top Choice
Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair
Ergohuman is a favorite of Fortune 500 companies, and the ME7ERG provides comfort, adjustability, and style for an affordable price.
Full body support and comfort. Versatile and user friendly adjustment. Mobile and suited for a wide variety of tasks. Modern and stylish.
High, mesh back not preferable for some.
Managerial Chair
26.5" x 29" x 52"
18.5” - 22.2”
Available in many colors
Best Value
AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair
AmazonBasics provides great value and quality. The High-Back Executive Chair is a top seller for its luxurious design.
Leather upholstery. Padded comfort. Luxurious design. Contoured back support. User friendly adjustment.
High back may not be preferable for some. Limited range of colors.
Managerial Chair
30.7” x 27.6” x 45.1”
Leather and PVC
Available in black or brown
Herman Miller Aeron Managerial Chair
Herman Miller revolutionized ergonomics, and the Aeron Chair is an icon for adjustable, supportive office chairs.
Award winning. Highly adjustable. Breathable mesh. Advanced lumbar support. 12-year warranty.
More advanced features. Longer assembly time. More levers and adjustments.
Task Chair
27.6” x 26.9” x 24”
Posturfit support
Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair
The best-selling Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair places posture as a priority for extended support and comfort.
Breathable fabric. Seat adapts to support body type of user. Low emissions. Environmentally friendly.
The higher quality engineering increases the price.
Task Chair
24.8” x 27” x 43.5”
16'' - 20 1/2''
Liveback natural recline support
Flash Furniture High Back Massaging Chair
Flash Furniture is a wholesaler of office furniture. The high back massaging leather executive chair packs major features at a great price.
High back, full body support. Massage feature. Leather upholstery. Headrest. Remote Control. Price point.
Massage function not silent. Remote longevity concerns.
28” x 26” x 43.5”
Two-point massager.

What is the Best Office Chair?

Now we have looked at what factors you should consider when looking for an office chair, it’s time to take the plunge and see, in detail, the five fantastic office chairs we’ve chosen to feature. As you look through bear in mind your own personal checklist; what features are a must? What color would you ideally like? What is your price bracket? Ok, ready? Let’s take a look.
Our Top Choice
The Ergohuman ME7ERG with high back and headrest is a supportive and versatile managerial mesh office chair. Those looking for leather may like the Ergohuman high back LE9ERG with headrest and leather upholstery.

Ergohuman Ergonomic Desk Chair with High Back, Headrest and Mesh

Ergohuman specializes in creating ergonomic office furniture, and the Ergohuman Mesh Office Chair is a fully adjustable, highly supportive, managerial office chair for all-day comfort. For $629 MSRP, the ME7ERG includes incredible versatility in eight adjustable ways and breathable mesh with a modern styling.

Adjustments include headrest height, individual arm height, seat depth, seat height, tilt lock, tilt tension, synchro tilt, back angle, and back height. The headrest is curved and made of the same lightweight mesh material. The Ergohuman is versatile and mobile, but equally user friendly. Instead of a multitude of levers or adjusters in different places, the Ergohuman is designed to be adjusted with one multi-directional lever on the bottom and switches for each arm.

Let’s take a look at some of the other features of this ergonomic chair:
  • Adjustable tilt, resistance, and lock for back support
  • Contoured mesh for a wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Pneumatic cylinder to quickly adjust seat height.
  • Synchro-tilt synchronizes tilt to keep spinal alignment at all angles
  • Available in a variety of colors
Construction and Design
The components of the ME7ERG Chair are mesh, metal, and plastic, but the aesthetic is sleek and modern. The versatility in the adjustments does not complicate construction, and the design is easy to build and operate. The materials are of quality workmanship, and the design is both functional and appealing.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Ergohuman Managerial Chair is unbelievably easy to use, with one lever that is able to operate most of the chairs functions. The ground-breaking design allows single-handed adjustments to be made for comfort and stability. The mesh is contoured, cleanable, and breathable for extended hours of usage.

The adjustable armrests stay out of your way while working and allow you to tuck your chair into your desk. Smooth wheels keep you mobile - and productive - in the office. A chair this adjustable isn’t an office chair. It’s YOUR office chair.
Best Value
The AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair is one of the best value managerial chairs. With full body support, authoritative styling, and great quality components, the High Back Executive Chair is a winner. For those who prefer a mid-back chair, check out the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair.

AmazonBasics High Back Managerial Office Chair in Leather and PVC

Sleek. Stylish. Supportive. AmazonBasics is a great brand to find exceptional value, and the High Back Executive Chair is the perfect mix of function and form for $109.99. It was designed with comfort and support in mind, and the bold black bonded leather looks classy and modern. The contours of the chair form to your body, and the armrests and multi axis mobility make the chair as versatile as it is luxurious.

Here are some of the features:
  • Curved contours for all day comfort
  • Adjustable tension knob for tilt
  • Bonded black leather
  • Stylish appearance
  • Full body support
  • Sturdy construction
The AmazonBasics is a great fit for anyone looking for exceptional quality and value and it comes in two color options; black or brown!
Construction and Design
The styling on this managerial chair is absolutely amazing. The smooth, bonded leather and PVC upholstery are decadent to behold and heavenly to the touch. The padding is heavily cushioned and contours to your body over time. The design is exceptional and accommodates wide and tall workers. Hard plastic and smooth rolling wheels make this the complete package, and an easy to assemble one at that!
Performance and Ease of Use
Most of the assembly is extremely easy and requires no special tools. It can be completed in about twenty to thirty minutes, and instructions are provided in print and online. The adjustable lever and tension knob works exactly how you would expect. The contours of the chair are supportive, and yet you feel like they adapt to your body while staying firm in the right areas. Because of the high back, the chair supports your whole body and moves when you recline.
The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is an award winning adjustable, mid-back mesh task chair that sets the standard for ergonomic office furniture. In case the Aeron is too expensive, the Herman Miller SAYL Chair offers many of the same benefits at a lower price point.

Herman Miller Aeron Executive Chair – Available in a Wide Range of Colors

Herman Miller revolutionized the study of ergonomic office chairs by studying sitting habits in retirement homes and designing chairs to support human anatomy. The Aeron Chair is the flagship task chair that all other task chairs are measured by, and it’s easy to see why the award-winning design is worth far more than the $939.00 suggested.

The Aeron Chair is extremely adjustable. The patented Posturfit lumbar support is made with a synthetic material that improves posture and reduces lower back pain. Although some testers have been overwhelmed at first by the sheer amount of customization available, Herman Miller provides a video, detailing adjustments that eventually feel like second nature.

The Aeron also features:
  • Three different sizes
  • Multiple colors
  • Extendable cylinder for tall workers
  • Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification
  • 53% recycled materials and 94% recyclable after use
Construction and Design
The Aeron has a sophisticated and contemporary design, but there is no limit to the type of attitude it conveys. Herman Miller produces a wide variety of features and colors for the Aeron to suit any office. The construction is a little more involved than some of the more basic office chairs, but the instruction resources are provided with the chair and online from the manufacturer.
Performance and Ease of Use
Once assembled, the amount of customization quickly becomes intuitive. Herman Miller did design a video to showcase some of the adjustable features of the chair, and with a little bit of experimentation the Aeron becomes simply another part of you. Because of the amount of versatility from different types of adjustment, the performance can be fine-tuned to your body type and posture. Herman Miller even offers a 12-year warranty, because they stand by their product and its performance.
Steelcase is undeniably one of the most popular brands of office chairs, and the Leap continues that legacy. With a back that changes to mimic natural spine shape and movement, the Steelcase Leap is one of the best fabric task chairs available. For those looking for the same quality but fewer features, take a look at the Steelcase Amia.

Steelcase Leap Desk Chair – Liveback Natural Recline Support

Most companies like to advertise their bells and whistles, but Steelcase makes office chairs that “just work”. Instead of a multitude of complex controls and confusing manuals, the Steelcase Leap promises a chair that automatically adjusts to the shape of your spine for only $919.

Here’s some of the features you can expect:
  • A flexible spine- this means the top and bottom of the back move independently to fit your body shape
  • Recline- use the controls to recline your chair when you need to change posture
  • 94% recyclable- no need to feel bad about the effects to the environment. This chair is almost entirely recyclable
  • Adjustable lumbar- this can be adjusted to fit you and the support you need on your lower back
  • Heat control- there is special slats and foam in the back of the chair for temperature regulation
  • Available in 5 colors from Amazon
Construction and Design
Steelcase emphasizes the unique spinal characteristics of each individual, and engineered a task chair that can adapt accordingly. The materials are sturdy and rigid, but once assembled the seat automatically conforms to the contours of your spine. The design is conservative, yet aesthetically pleasing and proportionate. The Leap is available in a multitude of colors to match the decor of your office.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ease of use is where the Leap really shines. Usually, when you take a seat in someone else’s office chair you have to adjust every possible lever to make yourself comfortable. The Leap is a chair that adapts to the person who is using it. It’s perfect for conference rooms or public areas, or for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time fine tuning adjustments for a supportive, comfortable experience.
Flash Furniture specializes in office furniture wholesale, and their high back massaging leather executive chair spoils you in comfort without breaking the bank. The mid-back black mesh swivel task chair is another great Flash Furniture chair for those who prefer mid-back or mesh chairs!

Flash Furniture High Back Massaging Swivel Chair with Remote Control Functions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a massage after - or even during - a hard day at the office? Flash furniture thought the same thing, and they knew how to get that massage into your busy schedule without breaking the bank. At only $88.99 the High Back Massaging Leather Executive Chair is more of a throne than an office chair, and it’s one of the only chairs in this price range with a massage feature.

Here’s a few of the other included features!
  • High back design with headrest
  • Waterfall, swivel seat
  • Flame retardant black leather
  • Pneumatic seat adjustment
  • Remote control functions
Construction and Design
The design of the chair is impressive, and the high back and leather upholstery makes it look like a chair fit for a CEO. The construction is sturdy, with hard nylon base components and armrests that could be a little bit more comfortable. The shape and angle of the back provides lumbar and full body support, and the headrest is added for additional comfort while reclining.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance at this price point is almost unmatched. On top of the accessible adjustments for reclining and back support, the chair comes with a remote for the massage function. The remote has an on/off switch, a lumbar and/or thigh massage control, and variable intensity functions. The chair even has a side pocket for remote storage!

The only negative reviews available seem to concern older, more basic remotes with fewer features, but there is a warranty available. Because of the ease of use and unique performance features, the Flash Furniture High Back Massaging Leather Executive Chair is a steal!

How Do I Choose the Best Office Chair?

Did you know the average full-time employee in America works 47 hours weekly? A good chair should be comfortable while working. A great office chair should support you while increasing your productivity. Although appearance and price are major considerations, body type and fit are going to be the most important factors when choosing a chair to use when you are working at a desk.

Office chairs are as diverse as the people who use them, and there are a few broad categories of chairs available.
  • Task chairs are often multi-purpose, and suitable for many tasks. They are usually affordable, with few features, a low back, and sometimes no arms or upholstery.
  • Desk chairs usually have an adjustable, wheeled, five leg base with padded arms and support for the middle of your back.
  • Managerial chairs, or executive chairs, are usually the most expensive. They often feature upper back and neck support, higher quality components and upholstery, and luxury features to increase comfort such as massagers
Now you know the three main types of chairs for offices, you need to decide which one is best for you; that is where you start your search.

If you’re buying a chair for your home-office, or even for work (because they just won’t replace the ancient one with a broken wheel you’re using already) you will most likely want a managerial office chair, preferably with an ergonomic design. However, the ones with maximum comfort and support don’t always come cheap. A chair like this wouldn’t be worth the money if you are only at your desk a few hours a week. In this case, if your budget is limited, task or desk chair may be better suited.

Perhaps you can’t afford a new chair just yet but need some added comfort? If this is the case, a lumbar support cushion could be just what you need. If you’re setting up a new office or just redecorating your own, a new desk could be a welcome addition to compliment your new office chair. Nowadays there are thousands of different options out there, some with additional storage space or even L-shaped desks to maximize office space.

When it comes to office chairs, we are going to look at the main factors that will go into your decision. And try and clarify a few points too. It can seem overwhelming when faced with so much choice but don’t worry, we’ve got your back!
One of the first considerations for buying any new item is usually price. Office chairs can range from budget to luxurious, and there are a few in the middle that offer a compromise of both! Considering how long you use your chair, you probably don’t want to sacrifice comfort and quality, for cost – think value for your money instead.

Keep in mind that cheap office chairs, like any cheap product, may have lower quality materials, poor construction, or be unsuitable for long periods of use. A quality office chair should last for years, and the hours of use from a decent chair far outweigh the time and money spent on replacements.

For those willing to spend a little more, office chairs can be symbols of status or cushions of comfort. Expect a variety of configurations, features, and benefits for your price, and compare your options to find the best combination of function and form.
Office chairs come with a wide variety of features, but there are a few that every chair should have. The features of a well matched office chair could influence more than comfort -- it could even improve your health. Many of these characteristics are standard, but some of them will only be on desk or executive chairs.

Here are some important features to consider:
  • Padding Material
  • Seat Height
  • Seat Depth
  • Adjustable Recline
  • Lumbar Support
  • Neck Support
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Mobility
  • Massagers
  • Cup Holders
Most chairs will have comparable features, but the adjustability of each could determine how comfortable they are for your body type. Remember that task chairs may be budget friendly, but often lack some of the finer adjustments that really make an office chair a good fit. Consider a trusted manufacturer or brand with the features and value that match your needs.
Construction and Design
Chairs need to be more than a comfortable place to rest. Although we may not notice every nice feature of an office chair, we would definitely notice a broken and malfunctioning one. Executive chairs are impressive, and take up a considerable amount of space. They often rise above the head of the person sitting and give the impression of added height and power.

Task chairs are on the other end of the spectrum, often minimalistic in appearance and design. What they lack in aesthetic they gain in ease of assembly. Desk chairs are in the middle. They may be a little more complex to assemble, but they usually offer more adjustability and comfort for a great price.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ultimately, your chair has to meet your needs. If you are furnishing a large office, you may need highly adjustable chairs for the wide variety of workers. If it’s for your own office, you can choose a chair that fits your exact height and weight. Once you have chosen a chair, the next area to look at is longevity.

A chair is in service for hours at a time, for years in a row, and is often moved to different areas within an office. The true test of quality is the ability for the chair to perform over time. Materials and workmanship play a big part here, and choosing the right chair can sometimes mean putting it together yourself! Always check to see if there is a copy of the manual online, and if it is clearly written. It’s important that the chair arrives with all of its parts, and some manufacturers even include tools!

Get the Best Office Chair of 2023!

Hopefully with brands as great as these, finding your ideal office chair should be a piece of cake! Although no eating cake on your brand new office chair! This chair will become your friend, your solace from back pain and numb bums so make sure you choose wisely and consider all your options.

Our Top Choice
Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair
Best Value
AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair
Herman Miller Aeron Managerial Chair
Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair
Flash Furniture High Back Massaging Chair