Best Office Desk Reviews 2023

There has been a significant reduction of paperwork and a steady increase in the use of digital media across all types of business. However, the office desk continues to reign supreme, changing its style and design to cater for an ever-changing, ever-dynamic market place. With new designs coming up everywhere, it’s hard, even for the most experienced professionals, to pick a desk that suits their requirements. To help you wade through this challenge, we’ve done a thorough search on the best office desk brands on the market and settled on five top companies. We also went ahead and selected five office desks from these trusted brands which we feel are worth your consideration.
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Work area
Our Top Choice
Techni Mobili RTA-3803 Computer Office Desk
Devoted to creating versatile desks for both home and office use, the RTA Products LLC continues to wow clients with quality products like the Techni Mobili Desk RTA-3803.
Highly durable. Can support 2 users.
Can be tedious to assemble
Duo space, corner wedge
Ample reading space
Glass, Metal
29.5" x 64.5" x 54.5", 123.1 lbs
L shape
Best Value
Prepac Floating Computer Desk
Established in 1979, the Prepac Manufacturing Ltd Company has evolved to be a highly innovative and skillful builder of RTA furniture like the Prepac WEHW-0200-1 Desk.
Available in a variety of colors. Elegant design. Can be mounted at any height.
The hanging design does not hold the desk firmly to prevent it from falling if bumped from beneath.
Single space
Side and top storage shelves
Laminated composite wood
39.50" x 42.25" x 19.75", 60 lbs
Sauder 415109 Computer Desk
With a history dating back to 1934, the Sauder Woodworking Co. has been in the forefront of building undisputedly revolutionary and fulfilling products like the Sauder 415109 Desk.
Tested for safety. Ecofriendly. Made in America.
Installation may be tedious for one person.
Single space
Shelved hutch, drawers
Engineered wood
57.375” x 62.25” x 23.5”, 224 lbs
Atlantic 33935701 Gaming Desk
Renowned for creating amazing storage solutions and electronic trappings, the Atlantic brand strives to produce products that keep you organized, such as their Atlantic 33935701 desk.
Elegant design. Easy to assemble. Laminated with carbon fiber for sleek finish.
Some clients complain of shaking when the TV or monitor is on top, so you may need to keep it against the wall for added support.
Single space
Game storage rack
Steel-rod, Carbon Fiber
29.5” x23.5” x 40”, 37.40 lbs
Walker Edison AZ51B29 Computer Desk
With a decade in operation, the Walker Edison Furniture Company has distinguished itself as a manufacturer of innovative, next generation products like the Soreno AZ51B29 Desk.
Easy to assemble. Elegant design. Fitted with 6mm thick glass.
Does not have drawers.
Duo space, corner wedge
Ample reading space
Steel, Glass
29” x 51” x 20”, 57 lbs
L- Shaped

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What is the Best Office Desk?

Since you now know how to choose a high-quality office desk, it’s time to take an in-depth look at the key features of the highlighted products in this review. While studying the different features, see how they relate to your needs as this will help you in determining which desk is right for you. We’re hoping that by the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll find a workspace desk that works for you.
Our Top Choice
Built for maximum flexibility, the Techni Mobili RTA-3803 Computer Desk allows you to interchange the sides to suit your work space requirements. If you need a smaller option, get the Techni Mobili RTA-2018 Computer desk. This single user desk, comes with a side CD rack, bottom CPU board and adjustable monitor shelf for a tailored experience.

Techni Mobili Deluxe Tempered Frosted Glass L shaped Computer desk

The RTA Products LLC under its TechniMobili brand serves clients throughout the North and Latin America as well as the Caribbean regions. With a strong e-commerce strategy, the company is able to reach global customers and sell their world class products.

Their Techni Mobili RTA-3803 desk offers you a taste of class and sophistication at an affordable cost. Retailing at only $183.68, this incredibly sleek computer desk comes with a high quality 8 mm glass top, hardened to maximize safety for the user.

Moreover, many clients applaud its robust and easy to customize qualities. Here are the features distinguish this exceptional product from others:
  • Surface is resistant to scratches
  • Has steel frame that is powder-coated for a sleek look
  • Frosty glass top enhances its elegance, especially when lit from below
  • Detachable keyboard that easily slides out for an extended working space
  • Easy to maintain
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Can be fitted with privacy desk panels
Best Value
Built to last, the Prepac Floating Desk offers unmatched flexibility to turn any wall to a working and storage area. If you are looking for an option with different storage features, consider the Prepac Designer Floating Desk. This simple yet classy computer desk comes with additional concealed compartment for power accessories.

Prepac White Floating Desk for computer

For the past 37 years, the highly skilled personnel at Prepac manufacturing Ltd Company have worked tirelessly to provide the North American population with space efficient, stylish and affordable furniture. Their undying devotion has borne fruit, as evidenced by the high praise the products have received in the market.

Their Prepac WEHW-0200-1 Desk offers you the ultimate solution to creating multipurpose rooms in your home. For only $118.44, you make your storage area a makeshift office in an instance. When not in use, the desk can hold up more items for safe keeping.

In addition, here are the features that make this desk an excellent choice for your needs:
  • Has side partitions for additional storage areas
  • Surfaces are laminated for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Two of the side shelves are removable for resizable storage space
  • Has 5 year limited manufacturers warrant
Adorned in salt oak gloss, the classy high-end Sauder 415109 Desk is meant to cater for your home office needs. If you need a more affordable option, check out the Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk. Beautifully finished with a Cinnamon Cherry look, this desk comes with a CPU tower and printer space.

Sauder Harbor View Desk for Computer with Hutch in Salt Oak

The Sauder Woodworking Co., a three generation family enterprise, boasts of a legacy built on stewardship and servant hood. With a strict emphasis on environmental sustainability and high safety standards, the company has emerged as a respectable organization in North America. The Sauder brand has graced homes, churches, hospitals, schools and offices with skillfully designed products.

It is thus not surprising that the Sauder 415109 computer desk is a darling to many. Retailing for only $344.99, this desk comes with a partitioned hutch that provides extra space for storage.

To top it all, here are the features that excite many clients:
  • Fitted with 3 drawers
  • Has retractable shelf for keyboard and mouse
  • Designed for quick assembly
  • Bottom drawer is specifically designed for hanging files
  • 5 years Limited warranty
  • A great color that blends well other house fittings
Designed for comfort and exceptional gaming experiences, the Atlantic 33935701 desk comes in a trendy design that helps you keep your station neat and clean. If you need a low cost option, get the Atlantic Centipede Game Storage and 37" TV Stand. This desk offers incredible options for storing gaming guitars, CPU tower and consoles.

Atlantic PC gaming desk- Not Machine Specific

For the past 3 decades, the Atlantic Company has been among the leading manufacturers of home storage accessories, from well-crafted wood and plastic or metal blends, that produce striking designs. While maintaining a balance between quality and affordability, the firm has been successful in producing great products ranging from TV stands to awesome gaming storage solutions.

The stylish Atlantic 33935701 gaming computer desks is such a product, with a frame made of steel rod. Going for $149.00 only, this pc gaming desk is built to manage your cable work for a neat and safe station.

Here are the features that attract many gamers to this desk:
  • Comes with a compartment for charging your devices
  • Has a cup pouch to prevent spilling on the gaming station
  • Has a hook for holding headphones
  • Comes with a drawer for extra storage
  • Can hold up to 40 lbs or a 27” flat screen monitor
The exquisitely designed Walker Edison Soreno AZ51B29 Desk offers you a modern and classy work station. If you prefer a clear glass top, get the Walker Edison Imperial L-Shaped Desk. With this PC desk, you will enjoy a variety of shades at a cheaper price.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Desk for Computer – L-Shaped

The Walker Edison brand represents designs that express the deliberate effort to shift from the ordinary and leap into the future. Their ‘Outside the Box’ approach has led to highly creative works that give clients both durable and exciting products. These products range from office desks to bedroom furniture.

With the Walker Edison AZ51B29 computer desk, you get a skillfully designed metal frame work station that will serve you for many years. Going for only $99.00, this desk comes with a separate CPU stand.

Many clients love it because of its hidden elegance and simplicity. Also, here are the features that you may find interesting about this product:
  • Its L-shape helps you save space around corners
  • Comes with a keyboard shelf that easily slides in and out
  • Frame is coated with black powder to give a sleek finish
  • Its top is fitted with highly polished, black, hardened glass for a glossy finish

How Do I Choose the Best Office Desk?

If the nature of your work demands long hours sitting while working, then you need to invest in quality office furniture that will help maintain proper postural alignment and last you a long time. Although some may argue that working while seated doesn’t fatigue your body, the truth is, a continual seated position poses serious health risks such as chronic back aches and increased body weight. To keep such problems at bay, you need to combine healthy working habits with quality office desks and office chairs. These pieces of furniture are meant to make you comfortable at your work station and, consequently, improve your productivity.

With the world now gone digital, it’s difficult to run a business without using computers. Nonetheless, as you shop for a workspace desk, it’s wise to consider a model that comes with enough space for your office desktop and printer. It’s also important to mention that computer office desks come in varied shapes and designs that seek to maximize the use of your workspace. Furthermore, they give your office an executive look thus improving the image of your business. Depending on their design, these desks can also be used for other activities such as at-home computer gaming.
The cost of an office desk depends on its size, the construction materials used and other design features like space saving storage. For instance, an L-shaped single space desk with a simple sleek design may cost about $100. On the other hand, the price of a wooden desk with hutch storage shelves, retractable keyboard shelf, CPU tower and printer space can go up to approximately $350. It all depends on the features you want to have on your desk and your budget.

Even though there are cheaper office desks on the market, we won’t recommend them as they are likely to disappoint you. This is because many of these such manufacturers often use inferior materials to minimize cost, an act that will only result in a flimsy desk. The good news is, we haven’t included such products in our review since we want you to get an office desk that will serve you properly for a very long time.
When shopping for a desk to use in your office, you must put into consideration the nature of your work. It will determine the amount of working space and storage area you require. This necessitates that you carefully inspect the features of a desk before deciding to buy it.

Here are the important features to look for in an office desk:
  • Working Area – The amount of space available for use including space for peripheral devices
  • Storage – Storage features such as shelves, drawers, a keyboard shelf, etc.
  • Construction Materials – Materials used to manufacture the desk
  • Size – Its dimensions and weight
  • Shape – The shape of the desk such as L-shape, standard, etc.
  • Color – The color of the desk should blend in with your office décor
By selecting features that meet your needs, you can easily get a desk that will serve you for decades.
Construction and Design
Some of the materials used in the construction of quality working area desks include metal, glass, wood, and PVC. These materials are used in specific parts to ensure that the desk functions optimally. For example, metal and wood are commonly used for frames. On the other hand, glass and wood give great results when used for the top area of a computer desk. Some designs that incorporate cabling infrastructure may use PVC parts that guide wires in a particular path.

When it comes to the working area, some desks are meant to be used by a single person while others have enough space for more. Moreover, in a working environment, you are likely to use stationery and devices such as printers. If you have lots of paper work, you’re likely to need storage space for your files. This is where desks with storage shelves and drawers come in handy. If you’re looking for a gaming computer desk, then items such as cup and headphone holders would be of interest to you. All you need to do to pinpoint your ideal office desk is to highlight your day-to-day work or gaming necessities. In doing so, you’ll identify the necessary features of a desk that are ideal and relevant to your situation.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you choose a personal office desk for your work, it’s important to consider if its structure and design are convenient. For instance, computer desks that have retractable keyboard and mouse pads provide an easy way to access peripheral devices while giving them a safe storage area. That is quite practical, especially when trying to avoid accidental drink spills. This set-up also gives you ample working space thus improving your productivity.

While regular, rectangular-shaped desks fit in most rooms, L-shaped desks utilize corner spaces and end up making the most of your office room space. Another design that’s known for its space saving capabilities is the floating desk. This allows you to use your room for multiple activities without the need to remove your desk. Moreover, desks that come with a cable management system help to keep your workstation neat and safe from tripping and accidents.

Get the Best Office Desk of 2023!

Now that you’ve gone through our review on the best office desks, have you found one that tickles your fancy? If you still need to compare more products from these trusted brands, follow the links on this review page.

Our Top Choice
Techni Mobili RTA-3803 Computer Office Desk
Best Value
Prepac Floating Computer Desk
Sauder 415109 Computer Desk
Atlantic 33935701 Gaming Desk
Walker Edison AZ51B29 Computer Desk