Best Oil Heater Reviews 2022

It’s prudent to keep household expenses low. Using oil heaters to warm your home is a sure way of keeping your electricity bill low during winter. However, picking the best oil heater in the market can be a tall order given the wide range of available options. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top 5 oil heaters from trusted brands in the market for you to pick and choose from.
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Our Top Choice
DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator
The DeLonghi brand has won accolades for its ingenious designs of small home appliances, which range from espresso machines to toasters.
This oil heater is made with rust resistant metal. It is easy to maintain.
On the downside, the thermostat of this oil heater is invisible in dim light.
Manual Control
24.8” x 13.78” x 5.9”; 23.4 pounds
1500 W
144 square feet
Overheat protection
Best Value
Comfort Zone Oil Filled Heater
Comfort Zone is relatively new to the home heating appliances industry. Nonetheless, its outstanding engineering team has produced some extremely elegant and efficient products.
This oil heater comes a sturdy metal construction. It’s elegantly designed and highly affordable.
The disadvantage of this oil heater is that it warms up slowly.
Manual Control
24” x 14.25” x 8.5”; 15 pounds
1200 W
120 square feet
Overheat protection
Honeywell Oil Filled Radiator Heater
The Honeywell brand is renowned the world over for a wide range of consumer products that are designed to offer consumers unmatched convenience in their daily lives.
This oil heater is made with heavy duty steel and has an elegant, rust-free enamel finish.
The disadvantage of this oil heater is that it isn’t wall-mountable.
Manual Control
25” x 15” x 6.5”; 30 pounds
150 square feet
Overheat protection
Pelonis Oil Filled Heater
Pelonis Co. Ltd. is renowned for manufacturing small appliances that make homes better and more comfortable to live in.
This oil heater comes in a sturdy metallic construction. It’s stylishly built, highly portable and comes with a remote control.
Unfortunately, the handle of this oil heater isn’t designed to stay cool.
Remote Control
25” x 13” x 6.5”; 18.4 pounds
1500 W
150 square feet
Overheat protection
Tangkula Electric Oil Filled Heater
The Tangkula brand is a fairly new entrant to the market. Nevertheless, the company has taken the market by storm with its products rivalling renowned brands in popularity and success.
This oil heater comes in an attractive metallic construction. It’s both easy to use and to maintain.
On the downside, this oil heater doesn’t come with casters.
Manual Control
15” x 13.5” x 5.5”; 13 pounds
700 W
80 square feet
Overheat protection

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What is the Best Oil Heater?

Now that you’re armed with top-notch tips on how to select the best oil heater, let’s look at the features of our highlighted products. Each of the selected oil heaters is unique in operation and design, but we hope that you’ll find the highlighted products special in terms of how they appeal to you!
Our Top Choice
The DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator offers an efficient space heating solution, and comes with a ComforTemp feature, allowing you to easily keep the temperature where you like it. Are you looking for a remote-controlled oil heater? Get the DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil-Filled Radiator. It has a 1500W power rating and comes with a smart climatic control feature for optimal operation.

DeLonghi Safe Heat 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator with ComforTemp Feature

The DeLonghi brand has attracted global respect because of its consistence in providing well-crafted small home appliances to the market. The company operates in 33 countries to reach consumers worldwide. Its products are not only elegant but also highly efficient and dependable.

The DeLonghiEW7707CM Oil Heater comes with a permanently sealed oil chamber. This saves you the hassle of handling refills and reduces maintenance tasks. Its ComforTemp feature allows you to maintain room temperatures between 200 and 210C. This oil heater retails at only $79.95 and comes with a 90 day return guarantee.

In addition, the features below make this oil heater a must-have appliance in your home:
  • Its thermostat is adjustable
  • Has three power settings
  • Built to maximize heat radiation for safe touch
  • Rounded corners increase safety when handling it
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • Comes with mounted wheels with a smart-snap feature
  • Has a cord storage section
  • Comes with an antifreeze feature that turns it on when the room temperature falls below 60 C
Feel free to treat yourself to top-notch kitchen appliances by DeLonghi.
Best Value
The Comfort Zone Oil Filled Heater comes with three temperature settings and is designed to operate silently. Looking for an oil heater with advanced features? We highly recommend the Comfort Zone CZ9009 Digital Oil Heater. It comes with digital controls and has 4 wheels for easy movement.

Comfort Zone White Oil-Filled Electric Radiator Heater with a Safety Over-Heat Protection System

The Comfort Zone company has been in business for more than ten years. During this period, Comfort Zone has focused on manufacturing reliable and safe to use home appliances. The company has achieved this by making sure that its products meet the required safety standards.

The Comfort Zone CZ7007J Oil Heater is a true testament of the company’s ingenuity. It doesn’t require refilling as its oil chamber is sealed. Its handle is specially made to stay cool for safe handling. It measures 24 by 14.25 by 8.5 and weighs 15 pounds. This oil heater cost $50.90 and is sure to give you value for money.

Here are the features that make consumers recommend this oil heater to friends:
  • Comes with 3 temperature settings
  • Its thermostat is adjustable
  • Comes with prefixed 2 wheels
  • Designed to switch off in case it tips over
  • Meets global safety certifications
  • Its power cord is 6 feet long
  • Comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
Do you own a small office? Get a portable fan from Comfort Zone for use during hot seasons.
The Honeywell Oil Filled Radiator Heater is powerful and efficient, meaning that it will heat up your space in no time. It also comes with wheels for easy handling. If you’re looking for an oil heater with different features, we highly recommend the Honeywell HZ-789. It comes with digital controls that are easy to set for automatic operation.

Honeywell 7 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Heater with Digital Controls

The Honeywell company was established 1906. Since then, it has grown in leaps and bounds to the point of acquiring other businesses. Besides producing domestic consumer products, the company also manufactures commercial automation and control systems as well as aerospace solutions.

The Honeywell HZ-709Oil Heater is designed to offer a safe heating solution to consumers. It has an auto switch off feature in case it tips over. This oil heater, which measures 25 by 15 by 6.5 and weighs 30 pounds, is built to operate quietly with a variation of three heat settings. It retails at an affordable price of $119.07 and is popular for its efficient operation.

Below are some more features that attract many consumers to this product:
  • Comes with an adjustable digital thermostat
  • Has an LED display for easy control
  • Has a cord wrap for safe storage of its power cord
  • Has a built-in timer
  • Comes with a power supply indicator light
  • Has a 3 year manufacturer warranty
Save on your electricity bill with LED bulbs by Honeywell.
The Pelonis Oil Filled Heater is efficient, durable and affordable, and its eco-mode will spare you a lot of electricity down the line. Looking for a manually-controlled oil heater? Get the Pelonis HO-0201 Portable Oil Heater. It comes with three power options and operates quietly.

Pelonis Ultra-Quiet Digital Radiator Heater with Remote Control

Pelonis company has been consistent in creating innovative designs that are modern and stunningly beautiful. The products are highly reliable, and safe and easy to use. They come in shades that match well with home interior décor colors to the pleasure of many consumers. Some of the products include built-in microwaves and ovens, fans and vacuum cleaners.

The Pelonis NY1507-14A Oil Heater has seven metallic fins that are filled with oil and permanently sealed to prevent any leaking. This ensures that no refill is required. It comes with a control that allows you to operate the heater remotely, as well as an auto timer that can run for 10 hours. This oil heater only costs $72.99 and is built to operate efficiently to save you on your electricity bill with its eco-mode.

Here are some of the features that attract many consumers to this oil heater:
  • Comes with strong plastic casters
  • Has a cord storage at its front
  • Comes with a 7 inch long power cord
  • Has an LED display for easy operation
  • Fitted with an adjustable thermostat
  • Has five temperature settings
  • Built to switch off automatically in case it tips over
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty
Does your oven need replacement? Feel free to shop for a Pelonis brand for a new cooking experience.
The Tangkula Oil Radiator Heater is specifically designed to heat up quickly, and has rounded edges for increased safety. Looking for an oil heater with more features? Get the Tangkula 1500W Oil Filled Radiator. It comes with casters for easy movement and a power cord storage area at the front.

Tangkula Mini Electric Oil Filled Portable Radiator Heater

Besides oil heaters, the Tangkula company provides consumers with other products such as outdoor furniture, pet products, duffel bags and recovery winches. These products are designed for superior performance and are very cost efficient.

Tangkula Electric Oil Filled Heater provides an extremely affordable and efficient space heating solution. It only costs $29.99 and is designed to serve you for long. One of the smaller heaters out there, it measures 15 by 13.5 by 5.5 inches and weighs 13 pounds. Moreover, this oil heater features easy to use controls to the delight of many consumers.

Finally, the following features make many users recommend this oil heater to friends:
  • Has a carrying handle for convenient handling
  • Comes with a power indicator
  • Designed to disconnect power automatically in case of overheating
  • Specially built to heat up quickly
  • Comes with a noise free operation
Get a Tangkula extreme weather cabin for your dog.

How Do I Choose the Best Oil Heater?

As the cold wind and the dark clouds announce the onset of fall, one thing lingers in the mind of many – winter is fast approaching and we need to prepare for it. Whereas when summer started and you might’ve been thinking about picking up that early air conditioner, the cold season means we are scurrying around looking for ways to heat our house instead. Electric heaters and patio heaters are two efficient ways of doing that. Another option, however, is an oil heater, which will heat whatever room you place it in and save yourself a whole lot of electricity.

The best oil heaters are designed to use electricity efficiently. They operate optimally in insulated rooms and thus not the best choice for heating spaces with draughts. Before buying any oil heater, consider the size of the room you want to heat up. This will help you choose an oil heater with the right power rating. The larger the coverage area, the higher the corresponding power rating of the space heater is needed.

You will need to check the safety features of an oil heater before buying it. These include auto shut-off functionality in case of a tip over. Last but not least, check additional factors that make the operation and handling of an oil heater hassle free. These include portability, temperature controls and aesthetics.
Everyone would love to own the latest oil heater with the coolest design and controls. Unfortunately, cost constraints force consumers to choose differently. The more advanced a space heater is, the higher the price. This doesn’t mean that there are no cheap oil heaters in the market. There are! It’s important, however, to consider what you are getting out of the deal.

Some of the compromises associated with cheap designs include a lack of safety features and good controls. These can be costly. The best oil heater will have most of the features you desire and will come at an affordable price. Current market rates range between $29.00 and $120.00. These are very affordable prices since an oil heater will serve you for many years.
Whether you are heating a large living room or a small office, it makes sense to get a reliable space heater. You also may want to invest in an asset that will give you value for money. Therefore, a good oil heater must possess certain qualities for it to be popular among consumers.

The following are the important features to look for when buying an oil heater:
  • General construction and design
  • Power rating
  • Coverage area
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Control features
  • Safety features
  • Manufacturer guarantee
You may decide what features you want your oil heater to have. This will help you select the oil heater that best suits your needs and budget.
Construction and Design
The best oil heater designs put into consideration various factors that make them suitable for use in homes. These include portability, cord storage and superior controls. A good oil heater will have a handle and casters for safe handling. It’ll also come with built-in power cord storage. This ensures neat and safe storage of the space heater when not in use.

When it comes to controls, a good oil heater should have a wide range of temperature and power settings. They can either be manual or remote controlled. Whatever the case, you might want to have the flexibility to choose how you want the oil heater to operate. Since oil heaters are used indoors, they ought to blend well with other household items such as furniture and fittings.
Performance and Ease of Use
Good oil heaters are designed to operate efficiently and consume less electricity than conventional air conditioners. Although they may take some time to heat up, they retain high temperatures for a long time. Also, their efficiency is high when running on eco-mode. Wheeled designs are easy to transport from one point to another, especially when they are hot.

High-end oil heaters come with advanced controls. Users get the flexibility to program the space heaters to run or shut down within a specified time frame. An oil heater can be programmed to automatically turn on an hour before the owner gets home. This means that the machine operates almost autonomously, which will save you some much needed time.

Get the Best Oil Heater of 2022!

Now that you have finished going over our review of five of the best oil heaters on the market today, we hope that you have not only learned from it, but have also gained some insight into which oil heater you’re going to purchase. In case you haven’t yet decided that part, however, you can always spend some more time going over the other products these brands manufacture, as we have hardly exhausted their catalogues here.

Our Top Choice
DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator
Best Value
Comfort Zone Oil Filled Heater
Honeywell Oil Filled Radiator Heater
Pelonis Oil Filled Heater
Tangkula Electric Oil Filled Heater