Best Oil Lift Drain Reviews 2023

As a vehicle owner, you do not need an introduction on what goes into draining used oil from your car. This cumbersome and messy process has, however, been made easy; thanks to oil drain tanks. An oil drain tank is a handy too that has revolutionized the whole process by making it cleaner and faster. However, we understand that it can be challenging trying to figure out which oil drain tanks are ideal for you. We have, therefore, reviewed quality options by some of the best oil drain tank brands in the market in order to make your work much easier.
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Our Top Choice
ARKSEN Gas Caddy Oil Lift Drain
Arksen has made its name in the industry by create handy tools that meet the everyday needs of vehicle and homeowners
Features a standard shop air pressure means that it is meant for people who prefer speed. Portability has been greatly improved, thanks to its heavy duty, rugged steel construction
The manufacturer made the hydraulics too fancy at the expense of it being user-friendly.
20 Gallons
45 to 72 ½ inches
15 inches
36 x 18 x 18” / 37lbs
Regulator and gauge
Best Value
Lisle 8 Gallon Adjustable Oil Drain
Having been in the industry since 1903, Lisle have seen it all and understand how best to create handy automotive tools that cater for its clientele.
Features four 2 1/2" ball bearing wheels that roll & swivel easily. Reinforced base takes care of it, ensuring that the base does not warp.
The cap has no threads and so it fits loosely, making it a challenge to seal the jug and transport over a distance.
8 gallons
36 ½ to 74 inches
15 inches
14.5 x 24.8 x 15.4” / 16lbs
New Shape
Dragway Tools 18 Gallon Drain Tank Pan
Dragway Tools is known all over the world as a leading manufacturer of handy automotive tools. It’s quality is unmatched and its expertise is unbeatable.
Telescoping metal funnel ensures that you do not experience oil spills. Oil disposal is easier thanks to its 120 Degree Metal Hook End.
Extension pipe is too long.
18 gallons
46 to 76 inches
15 inches
38.3 x 17 x 16.8” / 54.8lbs
Safety Air Pop Off Valve
XtremepowerUS 20 Gal Waste Oil Drain Tank
XtremepowerUS is a name synonymous with quality products. It has been trusted for years to produce top notch, handy automotive tools.
Adjustable height to ensure that you can drain fluids even from vehicle on lifts. The regulator and gauge ensures you are in full control of the machine.
There have been complaints of the whole assembly leaning on one side thus inconveniencing users.
20 gallons
45 to 72 ½ inches
15 inches
18 x 35 x 18” / 44lbs
Funnel with filter screen
Dannmar The ManSpace Line Oil Drain
For the last ten years, Dennmar has grown to become the number one choice for experts in automotive lift industries.
Adjustable funnel height from 48” to 67” for convenience. The durable plastic can be bent but bounces back to shape.
This oil drain tank may not be ideal for commercial use owing to its limited capacity.
8 gallons
48 – 67 inches
17 ¼ inches
22 x 19 x 18” / 14lbs
Built-in oil screen

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What is the Best Oil Lift Drain?

Personal preference is not enough when it comes to choosing an oil drain tanks. You will need to be realistic about the kind of work to be done so that you can get your best fit. To help you through your shopping process, we have gone to great heights, researching some of the biggest brands in the industries and 5 great options from each. There’s something for everyone and every budget!
Our Top Choice
The Arksen Oil Lift Drain has proved efficient due to its adjustable tube height, making it much easier to drain oil from vehicles. Prefer an oil viewing window to monitor oil level and quality? We recommend that you go for ARKSEN 1\/2HP Single Stage 5CFM Vacuum Pump.

ARKSEN Red 20 Gallon Air Operated Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank

Arksen has, over the years, grown to become one of the most reliable partners for vehicle owners. Its expertise in producing reliable hand tools is unmatched. Its eye for detail has seen it produce high quality products that perfectly meet the client’s needs.

The Arksen Oil Lift Drain is one such product. Its reliability is based on the fact that it has an adjustable height and heavy duty swivel casters, thus making it much easier to move around and provide stability. It is most ideal for vehicle owners looking for affordable options for draining, evacuating and transferring oils and other fluids. What’s more, it is durable owing to its heavy-duty steel construction.

Apart from these, you would also be pleased to know these other features:
  • Special valve for easy transfer of oil from the 20-Gallon tank to your container irrespective of the height
  • Standard shop air pressure for quicker emptying of used oil from the storage tank
  • 15-inch heavy diameter funnel fitted with filter screen
  • Regulator and gauge to ensure efficiency in calibration
  • Ideal for both home and business applications
Best Value
The Lisle 8 Gallon Oil Drain is the new shape in lift drains and its stability is uncompromised. If you love the look of this 8 Gallon Oil Drain from Lisle but need a transmission drain funnel too, check out this handy Lisle 8-Gallon Oil Lift Drain with FREE T-Allen Transmission Drain Funnel.

Lisle 8 Gallon Oil Lift Drain with Quick Release Height Adjustment

Lisle is no doubt a household name when it comes to auto mechanic’s tool. Their experience that spans over a century has seen them create tools that cater for the dynamic needs of auto enthusiasts. Their product range includes breaks, exhausts, creepers, engines and, of course, oil lift drains!

The 8 Gallon Oil Lift Drain is a translucent, specially shaped jug that holds up to 8 gallons of fluid. Its base has been reinforced to prevent it from warping on contact with hot oil. This handy tool is fitted with a heavy duty adjustment clamp and a large handle for easier grip. This, in addition with its lowered center of gravity, ensures that the tool is stable while in use.

These other features should also tickle your fancy:
  • Big pour spout with threaded cap
  • Quick release height adjustment
  • Quick release lock ring to ensure fast lowering and raising of upper tube
  • Wide working range from 36 1/2" to 74"
  • Caters for using compact shipping carton
The Dragway Tools 18 Gallon Oil Waste Drain Tank has made it possible to drain used oil easily; thanks to its easy to use features and large capacity. Prefer an oil drain tank with great cherry picker jack lift instead? Try the Dragway Tools 12 Ton Hydraulic Ram Cherry Picker Jack Lift instead!

Dragway Tools 18 Gallon Oil Waste Drain Tank Pan for Lift Jack Hoist Shop Crane

When it comes to automotive tools, Dragway Tools is no doubt a force to reckon with. Right from inception, they have proved to be reliable with quality and consistency. Whether it’s their scissor jacks, load levelers or cherry pickers, you know you’re getting a high quality and durable product.

If you own a lift, then the Dragway Tools® 18 Gallon Oil Drain Tank ought to be a component in your garage. With this oil drain tank, oil spills and drips are a thing of the past, thanks to its 15-inch telescopic metal funnel. To help you easily drain oil filter prior to disposal, all you have to do is close the ball valve heading to the tank and connect the air hose.

The following features have set this oil drain tank apart from the pack:
  • Two 6" solid rear rubber tires will not go flat
  • 1" x 8' premium hose for discharge
  • Ari pop off valve for safety
  • An air regulator that adjusts up to 120 PSI
  • Durable red powder coated finish will keep shining for years to come.
  • 120 degree metal hook end for easy disposal
  • One year full warranty
The XtremepowerUS Oil Lift Drain Tank is the true definition of quality at the right price. Its efficiency and speed is unmatched. Need a smaller capacity for personal use? Try out the 5 Gallon Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank instead for the same great quality but a smaller size!

XtremepowerUS 20 Gallon Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank Air Operated

XtremepowerUS is a solid company with several years in the automotive tools industry. Their keen eye to detail and affinity for quality products has seen them gain much trust from users of their products.

The XtremepowerUS 20 Gallon Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank is no exception when it comes to their quality and innovative products. It features an added regulator and gauge with a 1/4" NPT air coupler. Its 20 gallon capacity is ideal to be used even in commercial settings.

The following are features that make this handy tool a must-have in your garage:
  • Gauge reading: 0-23PSI in 0.5 PSI increments
  • Adjustable height from 45" to 72 ½" to ease draining of fluids from vehicles mounted on lifts
  • 8 foot 9 inches long evacuation drain hose with 1" diameter
  • Two fixed 6" wheels at the rear and two 3" swivel casters at the front
  • 15" diameter funnel with filter screen
The Dennmar Portable Oil Drain comes with a generous diameter on the funnel and an 8 gallon capacity, making it great for home users and hobbyists. Need to go commercial? Well, in that case, the 20-gallon Dannmar 122835 20G Self Evacuating Oil Drain will be the perfect fit for you.

Dannmar The ManSpace Line 8 Gallon Portable Oil Drain with Wheels

For the last ten or so years, Dennmar has grown to become the number one choice for experts in the shop equipment and automotive lift industries. Since inception, they have kept the same integrity and their innovative nature keeps improving by the day.

The Dannmar Portable Oil Drain is designed to be durable, functional and affordable. Its revolutionary built-in screen makes sure that no debris end up in the oil reservoir. With an oil level indicator, you can easily track the oil levels. You do not want to hold a bucket over your head while draining used oil from a lifted car, do you? Well, the Dannmar Portable Oil Drain has been designed with an adjustable height, thus ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

The following are features in store for you if you are looking forward to getting one of this.
  • Convenient hand grip to ensure positive control when draining
  • Smooth-rolling bottom casters for the user to maneuver easily
  • Wide drain pipe to ensure speedy draining of the used oil
  • 17 ¼ inch diameter funnel that features a wide drain pipe ensuring quick, mess-free draining
  • Adjustable funnel height from 48" all the way up to 67"

How Do I Choose the Best Oil Lift Drain?

Imagine being under your lifted car and trying to drain used oil from the tank only to end up being splashed all over with this dirty stuff, not a nice experience right? Well you do not have to go through this embarrassing situation; thanks to oil drain tanks.

These are basically handy tools that help vehicle owners drain out used oil from their vehicles to a temporary container before disposal. They have revolutionized the way vehicle owners drain their used oil by avoiding the mess that had hitherto been synonymous with the exercise. The drain tanks are available for both home and commercial uses depending on the capacity of the tank and the speed of operation.

Drain oil tanks have gained so much popularity in the recent past especially as vehicle enthusiast warm up to cleaner and more efficient ways of servicing their vehicles. With on oil drain tank, the effort becomes less and you can even get time to turn up the volume on your car speakers end enjoy the music as you do the draining. Whether you are using an electric jack or a floor jack to tilt your vehicle to the desired position, you can rest assured that an oil drain tank makes your work much easier than you would imagine.

Before we can look at our top picks, here are some of the consideration factors that we recommend that you keep in mind as you begin your sopping process.
Pricing is something that can be influenced by several factors when it comes to oil drain tanks. The most notable is its capacity. Oil drain tanks come in various capacities but the common ones range between 5 and 25 gallons. Your choice will be dependent on its intended use. Remember, the bigger the capacity, the higher the price.

If you are looking for an oil drain tank to be used at home, however, you do not need to go for the pricy, bigger options. Commercial users may need to dig deeper into their pockets if they are to get an oil drain tank that will perform much faster and accommodate more oil.

The other factor that is likely to affect the price is the size and shape of the funnel. Round and bigger funnels perform much efficiently and thus are a bit pricy compared to regular funnels. Its height also plays a role in its pricing as taller train tanks can be used even on cars on lifts.

However, in general you can expect to spend anywhere from $70 to $200 for a good quality oil lift drain. We recommend that you don’t go for the really cheap oil lift drains because they might not come with enough capacity or sport less features, making your work tedious.
While oil drain tanks are basically meant to perform the same task, they would usually vary in terms of features. Some come with bigger funnels and trendy designs, while others are simply basic with the features you would expect in an oil drain tank. Based on this, it would be prudent to get your priorities in order, to understand the features that are essential for you and those you could do without.

When it comes to oil drain tanks therefore, this check list will come in handy:
  • The right tank capacity
  • Stability and portability
  • Regulator and gauge for accuracy in calibration
  • Adjustable height to cater for all vehicle types
  • Nicely shaped funnel to help have a good grip and avoid drips
  • Drain hose with a good length
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction of your oil lift drain, you’re going to want to consider a few things including capacity, height and material. The tank’s capacity makes all the difference in terms it being either a commercial or a home use tool. If you’re interested in one of these for home-use, then you can settle for a 5-10 gallon capacity however, for commercial use, you’re looking more at a 25 gallon tank.

Another factor that stands out with most oil drain tanks is its adjustability in terms of height. This is meant to cater for vehicles of all kinds. In most cases, the taller the tank is, the better since this means it can be used to drain cars even when they’re on lifts.

Finally, the design and material of your funnel will differentiate between a clean garage at the end of the draining process or a mess with used oil dripping all over the place. Most of them come with tight fitting caps that prevent spillages and choosing a sturdy material, like steel, will increase durability. If you want even more convenience, get an oil drain with sturdy rubber wheels so it can be easily transported.
Performance and Ease of Use
We know you love working with tools that call for minimal or no assembly, don’t you? Well, with oil drain tanks, your assembly worries are put to rest. They, basically, have been made with efficiency in mind; you do not need to make installations or fix gadgets and accessories before use. It is basically a ‘plug-and play’ kind of tool.

Apart from the hose that you may need to fix in place to help drain the oil into a temporary container, the tool is otherwise straightforward. As long as you have closed the ball valve that heads to the tank, you can connect the air hose and the process is already on course. Well, it can’t get any easier than that!

Get the Best Oil Lift Drain of 2023!

There you have it! By now, we hope that you have a better grasp of what you ought to look out for when finding the best oil drain tank for your needs. However, we admit that this may not be a conclusive list of all the models from these brands. In case you do not feel convinced to go for the featured products feel free to review other options by the brands. They are all reputable, so quality is guaranteed!

Our Top Choice
ARKSEN Gas Caddy Oil Lift Drain
Best Value
Lisle 8 Gallon Adjustable Oil Drain
Dragway Tools 18 Gallon Drain Tank Pan
XtremepowerUS 20 Gal Waste Oil Drain Tank
Dannmar The ManSpace Line Oil Drain