Best Organic Fertilizer for Your Garden – Solid and Liquid Organic Fertilizers for Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers

You are going through all the hard work of growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers at home, so why would you want to use chemicals in your gardens? Some of the very best nutrient sources for your plants can be made on your own through composting and using other organic materials. But not everyone has access to organic fertilizers. To give you a hand, we’ve carried out extensive research on some of the very best “store bought” fertilizer products that are completely natural and organic.

When shopping for organic fertilizers, it is important to note that different plants have different nutrient requirements. For example, most lawn foods won’t due for vegetables —that’s why we have a totally separate review for organic lawn fertilizers and one for bloom boosters made specifically for flowers. Also, do keep in mind that for each of the brands we have reviewed, we have chosen one of their products to feature. But just about all of them offer a wide variety of organic fertilizers for your all of your gardening needs.
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N-P-K Ratio
Good For
When to Use
Our Top Choice
Jobe’s Organics Granular Fertilizer with Biozome
The Jobe’s Company produces its well-known original line of plant spikes and fertilizers in addition to over 200 other different home and gardening products.
Multi-purpose fertilizer for flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees & plants. Blend of microbes and Archaea quickly release for immediate plant use. Pourable bag for easy use.
It has a very strong smell.
Granular - Fast-Acting
Spring, Fall, Summer
At planting & every 4-8 weeks
Best Value
Espoma Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer
Espoma produces natural and organic fertilizers from natural resources that are of the highest quality and effective for lawn and gardening use.
Slow release formula mimics natural plant feeding by continuous release of nutrients. Bio-tone component promotes healthy plant growth. Contains 8% calcium to help prevent blossom end rot.
Its smell is appealing to dogs, so it may get eaten.
Granular - Slow Release
Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Melons
At planting & bi-monthly thru Aug
Keep at least 3″ from stem
Shin Nong Pro Organic 3lbs Fertilizer
Shin Nong Incorporated’s products are formulated with natural ingredients that influence the biological processes of plants toward increasing their yield capacity.
It helps plants develop bigger and stronger roots capable of holding more water and nutrients while its 100% organic nature eliminates harm to plants as well as the soil.
This fertilizer only comes in the smaller, 3-pound bags.
3 pounds
Info not provided
Summer, Spring
100% vegan
Azomite Organic Fertilizer Booster
Azomite Mineral Company products are wholly produced from a rock known as Azomite, a volcanic by-product that is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements.
Its high mineral and trace element content helps plants assimilate and utilize nutrients faster and also used as feed supplement for animals to improve their health.
Nothing seriously wrong with this product reported.
3 pounds
4 square feet
Summer, Spring
Contains over 67 trace minerals
Neptune's Harvest Organic Kelp Meal
Neptune’s Harvest innovatively utilized the fresh fish by-product gotten from filleting processes, to produce fertilizers of both organic and inorganic form.
Made from Rock Weed, the best sea plant for garden use. Good for all plants, vegetables, flowers, container gardens, lawns & indoor plants. Full of trace minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids.
It’s slightly more money than some of the other fertilizers.
Meal - Helps Retain Moisture
Summer, Spring
Till in Soil or Top Dress

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Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits and Flowers - Reviews

Before investing in an organic fertilizer, there are some important factors that one may want to consider and, having gone through our buying guide, it’s safe to say that you now know the different factors that should inform your choice. We urge you to go through these individual product reviews thoroughly and pick an organic fertilizer that meets your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Jobe’s Organics All Purpose Granular Fertilizer helps plants resist diseases and improves the soil, and it’s also listed in the Organic Materials Review Institute. For a special tomato and vegetable fertilizer, see Jobe’s Organics Fast Start Granular Fertilizer, which is especially formulated for seedlings and fresh plantings.

Jobe’s Organics All Purpose Granular Fertilizer with Biozome - 4-4-4 Organic Fast Acting Granular Fertilizer

Jobe’s Company originated with its well-known original line of plant spikes and fertilizers, but it now manufactures over 200 other different home and gardening products. Its mission is to make the world a more beautiful, healthier and better place for all, one plant at a time.

The Jobe’s Organics All Purpose Granular Fertilizer is a special formulation targeted to increase most plants’ root mass, to improve and encourage healthy foliage development and for the general stronger and healthier well-being and blossoming of the plants. It should be mixed in with the soil for better results.

Here are some of the benefits of this organic fertilizer:
  • Contains Jobes Biozome, a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, Mycorrhizal fungi and Archaea for aggressive degradation of materials for quicker results
  • No artificial chemical that can cause plant burn out
  • Its listed in the OMRI for organic gardening by the USDA
  • Its formulated with microbes that aid and improve soil conditions, helps plants resist diseases, insects and drought at the growth stage
  • Its carefully packaged in a pourable bag, you can use it directly from the bag
  • Greatly improves and makes nutrients readily available for absorption by plant roots
  • Well suited for long term soil investment as it creates a sustainable and ideal nutrient balance
  • Safe to use around children and pets as it contains no synthetic material
Best Value
The Espoma Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer features a slow nutrient release mechanism, and is packed with calcium and thousands of beneficial living microbes. If you want a great plant starter food that’s suitable for all plants, then go for Espoma PT4 5-3-3 Plant Food, which is fully organic and comes with all 15 essential nutrients.

Espoma 4 lb. Bag Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer – Available in 2 Package Quantities

The Espoma Company produces natural and organic fertilizers that are of the highest quality and most effective for lawn and gardening use. It uses the finest and purest natural resources available and strictly keeps to the stringent quality control standards dictated for the entire production process. Its products are dynamic, continually undergoing tests and improvement processes so as to keep providing the same or higher level of superior garden products.

The Espoma Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer is a specially formulated plant food of premium quality specifically targeted at tomatoes and other vegetables for consistent plump and juicy fruits harvest. It’s formulated to mimic natural feeding by not forcing rapid plant growth and compromising bloom and final fruit yield.

Some of its great features include:
  • All-natural and organic plant food formula packed with thousands of living microbes approved for organic gardening
  • Contains calcium which prevents blossom-end rot in tomatoes
  • It’s a complete plant food containing all the 15 essential plant nutrients and provides safe, continuous feeding for the plant
  • Pets and kids friendly, it’s also environmentally safe as it doesn’t contain any synthetic or hazardous substance
  • Contains the unique Bio-tone, a blend of super microbes beneficial to plants and promotes superior plant growth
  • Promotes plant root development for maximum nutrient absorption and encourages adequate foliage formation
  • Slow release mechanism that lets out the fertilizer’s nutrients slowly, making for continuous and steady plant feeding and preventing plant burn out or leaching out of nutrients from the soil
The Shin Nong PRO ORGANIC All Purpose Fertilizer uses microorganisms to ensure healthy plant growth, stronger and bigger roots and luxurious foliage. If you’d prefer an organic fertilizer in liquid form, then you may like the Shin Nong PRO ORGANIC All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer; with this product there’s no danger of over-concentration, so you couldn’t hurt your plants even if you wanted to!

Shin Nong Pro Organic 3-Pound Granular All Purpose Fertilizer

Shin Nong Incorporated is a company that produces organic fertilizers based on its research into the effects of chemical fertilizer on the plant and the soil versus the effects of organic fertilizer on plant and soil. Its products are formulated with natural ingredients that positively influence the biological processes of plants to increase their overall yield capacity while at the same time replenishing the soil nitrate to create a balance between the plant and the soil.

The Shin Nong PRO ORGANIC All Purpose Fertilizer is an all-purpose, all-natural organic fertilizer that maximally employs the activities of microorganisms to ensure stronger and healthier plants by helping plants develop bigger and stronger root systems capable of absorbing and holding more water and nutrients. You won’t go wrong with this fertilizer, as there’s nothing like over-application that may harm plants or the soil.

Here are other organic fertilizers from Shin Nong:
  • Shin Nong PRO ORGANIC Lawn Fertilizer, 22-Pound Bag (Granular), 100% Organic Fertilizer is a special fertilizer for lawn grass, helps the plant develop stronger and bigger roots for increased water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Shin Nong PRO ORGANIC Tree & Shrub Fertilizer, 22-Pound Bag (Granular), 100% Organic Fertilizer is specially formulated for trees and shrubs and helps them develop greater resistance to infections and insect attacks
  • The Shin Nong PRO ORGANIC All Purpose Fertilizer, 31-Ounce (Spray), 100% Organic Fertilizer is for all plants and in an easy to use spray can, it maximizes the activities of microorganisms to produce stronger and healthier plants and fruits
The Azomite Organic Fertilizer Booster has high mineral, trace element content, makes short work of degrading organic matter and facilitates faster plant uptake. For a micronized variation that’s readily available for plant root uptake and for coating seeds for faster germination, see the Azomite Micronized mineralizer, which comes in a huge 44-pound bag.

Azomite Organic Fertilizer Booster, Soil Amendment, Animal Supplement Containing Over 67 Trace Minerals

Azomite Mineral Company was formed in the late 1930s by a geological prospector, Rollin Anderson, in Utah, USA. Its products are wholly produced from the rock formation known as Azomite, a volcanic by-product that’s extremely rich in minerals and trace elements. The trace elements are essential to plants and act as catalysts as they aid plants to properly assimilate the nutrients available to them; it also goes further to help the plants utilize the nutrients maximally. Its products are used globally for planting and animal feeding, with numerous testimonies shared from satisfied customers.

The Azomite Organic Fertilizer Booster is a pure and natural plant food mineral supplement produced from a renewable resource in Utah, USA. Azomite, a high-content mineralized silica ore, is proven to contain over 70 trace elements, most of which are the rare earth elements or lanthanides that have been depleted almost entirely from soils worldwide. It’s usually available in either granular or powdered form and used in conjunction with any good organic fertilizer.

Here are some benefits and features of this organic fertilizer:
  • It makes readily available the micronized and soluble nutrients in the soil and organic fertilizers to plants for quicker uptake and utilization to give a healthy growth
  • Small quantities of Azomite give an almost immediate and noticeable difference in plants, giving a greener and fuller foliage
  • Cannot be over applied as it doesn’t burn plants and its texture makes it suitable for any type of fertilizer applicator
  • Contains no synthetic or harmful chemical thus it’s safe to be used where there are kids or pets
  • Drastically improves the soil conditions by improving the health of soil microorganisms, beneficial bugs and worms, all of which play an important role in transforming insoluble elements into bio-available nutrients for plants
  • Can be used for all types of plants to produce bigger and great tasting fruits and vegetables and also used on lawns to make the grass look greener and healthier
  • Used as a feed supplement for all animals, to enhance their overall health and growth and help them fight diseases and infections naturally
  • Helps plants develop resistance to diseases and infections
  • Greatly improves the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables as the plants have more access to the nutrients which are also beneficial to man
The Neptune's Harvest Organic Kelp Meal is made from ground sea rock weed. It’s rich in trace elements, carbohydrates and amino acids, and it adds organic matter to soil. For an organic fertilizer with crab shell organic matter, check the Neptune's Harvest Crab & Lobster Shell Multi-Purpose Plant Food which is an excellent dry organic source of NPK (5-3-0), calcium (17 %) and magnesium (1%).

Neptune's Harvest Kelp Meal Multi-Purpose Plant Food 1-0-2 – Available in 3 Sizes

Neptune’s Harvest is a subdivision of the Ocean Crest Seafoods Incorporated, a wholesale fish and seafood company. Its mission is to effectively and innovatively utilize the fresh fish by-product gotten after the filleting process, which is about a whopping 70% of every fish, and turn it from an environmental hazard to a highly useful substance that will be beneficial to man. Its resulting products are liquid fish fertilizers, of both organic and inorganic variations, that are considered to be among the finest fertilizers available today.

The Neptune's Harvest Organic Kelp Meal is a budget friendly and natural enhancer for soils and plants. It’s incorporated into the soil when tilling and before planting or it can be dressed on the top soil after tilling. Any method you choose gives the same great result for your plants and the soil.

Here are some of its features:
  • Made from dried and blended rock weed, Ascophyllum Nodosum, which is known as the best sea plant for agricultural purposes today
  • Contains large amounts of trace mineral elements, carbohydrates and amino acids which are needed by plants
  • Helps develop a stronger and bigger plant root system and healthy plants
  • Its well suited for all plants and fertilizer applicators; it’s also used for the lawns to keep the grass green and vibrant
  • Adds organic matter to the soil which helps in moisture retention
  • Supplies plants with the much needed nutrients in readily available form for faster growth and bigger fruit and vegetable formation
  • It works well with other soil conditioners and fertilizers

What is the Best Fertilizer for Organic Gardening?

In recent times there’s been a fairly blatant paradigm shift from chemical and artificial food production to organic and natural food production. This is a result of the new awareness being created about living and eating right. So many prevalent diseases have been linked to the increased number of chemicals imbibed through foods and drinks, both knowingly and unknowingly.

Many of the fruits served in many expensive fruit bowls in homes across the world or which are juiced with the best juicers were grown on lands manured with artificial fertilizers. Eating or drinking these can be dangerous to our health.

Inorganic or chemical fertilizers, inasmuch as they increase plant yield, have been proven to have more disadvantages than their seeming ‘advantages.’ Artificial fertilizers have been found to be major sources of soil and water pollution, leading to soil degradation and changes in pH of both land and sea.

An organic fertilizer is derived from purely natural resources, mainly animal and plant by-products. A few of them are produced from rocks and naturally occurring ores. There is really no serious disadvantage associated with using an organic fertilizer for planting, unless you count in its typically off-putting smell or the fact that they are not as concentrated and may take longer to act. It promotes healthy and stronger development of all plant part, from the root to the foliage while at the same time improving and adding to the soil by replenishing its natural nutrients and biomass.

Using organic fertilizers in your garden ensures you get the better tasting and bigger fruits and vegetables with more nutrients than you could get from an inorganic fertilized garden while giving back to mother earth and nature. Organic fertilizers can be used for all plants, including lawn grass.

While we’re focusing on organic fertilizers, which are especially important to those who grow gardens or farms, you might be interested in artificial plants just for decorative purposes.

Now let’s take a close look at some factors you need to consider when buying an organic fertilizer such as the major component source, the form of the fertilizer, the pack size, the action mechanism, and quite naturally, the cost. By the end, we think that you will agree that making organic part of your lawn and garden routine simply makes sense!

How to Have a Completely Organic Pest Free Garden

Let nature do its thing by growing lots of plants and you reap all the rewards. | Courtesy of MIGardener
For every purchase you plan on making, there’s usually a price range which you wouldn’t want to exceed. Most products have high-end and low-end categories (and many in-between). Depending on the type or category of product and the features you’re looking for, you’ll most likely see the product in different variations, having different prices and features.

In this review, we covered all price categories, bearing in mind that there are very good products that aren’t so expensive. In any case, you’re assured of quality products from reputable brands in this review.

The price range for the organic fertilizers under review here is between $7.19 and $26.00 which is quite broad and well within most budgets. During the course of our research, we encountered several cheap organic fertilizers, but we dismissed them because they’ll likely not give the desired results. A good quality fertilizer is especially important for any raised garden plan due to the fact that all the nutrients are concentrated in a smaller area.

Thus this review is solely focused on high quality and high performing organic fertilizers. Keep reading.
Organic fertilizers have undergone some changes from the typical unsightly and smelly substances that they were known for to being well-packaged modern products with a refined look. There are some factors you need to consider if you’re going to buy a high performing organic fertilizer.

These factors include:
  • Major component and its source
  • Form
  • Pack size
  • Action mechanism
  • Additional information
Construction and Design
Organic fertilizers are formulated from 100% natural sources or materials. Most of them are composed of microorganisms or animal and plant by-products. There are still some made from naturally occurring ores and rocks. Those composed of microorganisms usually blend in different types of beneficial microbes and microorganisms that break down nutrient materials in the soil, making them readily available for plant uptake and utilization. The type formulated from animal and plant by-products adds decomposed and bio-available nutrients to the soil, enriching the soil and increasing the nutrients available to the plant. The organic fertilizers from naturally occurring rocks and ores are extremely rich in trace mineral elements which work by altering the biological processes of plants, improving and increasing their rate of nutrient uptake and utilization. So checking the major component of the organic fertilizer you want to buy is advisable, so you can have a fair idea of what to expect.

Most organic fertilizers in the market come in different pack sizes – there are the small packs of between 3-pounds – 9-pounds, medium packs of about 12-pounds – 16-pounds and the bulk sizes of up to 50-pounds in weight. An organic fertilizer is not an item you’ll want to store for an extended time, given that most of the microbes in the formulation are live organisms, so you’d be better off buying a pack size that’s commensurate with the size of your garden.

Organic fertilizer can be in granular, micronized or liquid form, with the most common form being the granular type. The form of an organic fertilizer does have a direct relationship with its application. The granular form is most often applied directly to the soil either while tilling or when the plants must have grown to a certain height. The micronized or powdered form is used mostly for coating seeds before planting to decrease the time taken to germinate. The liquid form can be sprayed unto the plant base or added to the water before watering the plant.

Some organic fertilizers are formulated for specific plants while a good number of them are general-purpose organic fertilizers. So if you need an organic fertilizer for any particular plant, there’s every possibility that you’ll find it. We have quite a few of the specific-type organic fertilizers in our individual product review section.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most organic fertilizers are pre-mixed. This means that you don’t have to mix it again, just open and apply. Although some of them may come with an instruction with regards to how to apply or what quantity to apply, there’s really no need to fret as there’s nothing like plant burn out due to over application; unlike the case of an inorganic fertilizer, there’s no need to measure carefully before applying to the plant to avoid burning the plant. Whatever quantity you choose to apply on your plant when using an organic fertilizer is solely based on your discretion and how much fertilizer you’re willing to use up for your garden.

Organic fertilizers are high performance substances because the components are natural and have been engineered to immediately get to work once they’re incorporated into the soil. Most of them have a slow release mechanism which closely mimics the natural plant feeding method by slowly and continuously releasing nutrients for plants to assimilate. This mechanism also prevents the leaching away of valuable nutrients. The trace mineral elements in these organic fertilizers work by developing plant roots to be stronger and bigger so they can take up and hold more water and nutrients from the soil and also facilitating the quick utilization of the nutrients by the plants.

Because the organic fertilizers provide readily available and quality nutrients to plants and also help them assimilate faster, they help plants build up their defenses against diseases and insect attacks. This also makes the plant healthier, vibrant and strong and leads to production of bigger and tastier fruits and vegetables.

Top 10 Questions on Tomatoes, Peppers & Tomatillos

Planting and fertilizing tips for growing tomatoes & peppers - watch to the end for bloopers! | Courtesy of CaliKim29

Get the Best Organic Fertilizer of 2023!

Thank you for reading to the end. Having learned about some of the best fertilizers in the market today, we hope you’re now fully equipped to confidently place your order now. But in case you happen not to find any one that suits you, feel free to click on the brand links provided here to see what other options they offer.

Our Top Choice
Jobe’s Organics Granular Fertilizer with Biozome
Best Value
Espoma Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer
Shin Nong Pro Organic 3lbs Fertilizer
Azomite Organic Fertilizer Booster
Neptune's Harvest Organic Kelp Meal

Organic Fertilizer FAQs

What is organic fertilizer?
Organic fertilizer is an all-natural fertilizer that’s made using animal and plant waste, as well as other natural nutrients in some cases. The main source of materials used to make organic fertilizer are animal wastes especially from slaughterhouses, peat, and treated sewerage sludge. Animal-sourced organic fertilizer includes manure from animals and by-products of slaughtered animals. Plant-based organic fertilizer includes compost and seaweed extracts.
When should I apply organic fertilizer?
This depends upon the type of fertilizer. Due to the extended period of time that many organic fertilizers require to fully break down (for example natural compost or manures), it’s best to apply them several months before planting. The prior application ensures that the soil absorbs all the necessary nutrients needed for plant growth. If you are using a quick acting fertilizer or water soluble fertilizer, those should be applied during the growing season. Since the timing depends upon the type, always check the package for detailed instructions.
How do I apply organic fertilizer?
The most recommended way to apply organic fertilizer is to layer it on the topsoil or the upper layer of the plant bed. Since the roots of plants don’t need to penetrate much into the soil, you don’t need to dig it deep into the ground. There are also some organic fertilizers that come in liquid form which are applied mixed with water.
What is better chemical or organic fertilizer?
Both vary in terms of benefits. Organic fertilizers are typically slow to release into the soil but the great thing is that they don’t form a crust on the soil and contribute greatly to the structure of the soil. Chemical fertilizers are readily absorbed by the soil but in case too much is used, they may burn the soil leading to low yields.
Is organic fertilizer safe for pets?
The answer to this question depends upon what you mean by "safe." Most organic fertilizers are safe for contact with skin, but no fertilizer is safe to ingest by pets. The difference between organic and chemical fertilizers comes in terms of lethality. For example, ingestion of some non-organic or organic fertilizer blends (typically small amounts won't be lethal for the organics) may require an immediate trip to the vet to prevent serious complications such as inflammation of the pancreas or death from poisoning. In general, organic fertilizers are not lethal, but they can still cause side effects such as diarrhea or bowel obstruction. Whenever there is any doubt, regardless of whether your dog or pet has eaten manure, organic fertilizer or a chemical one, seek medical advice or treatment to be on the safe side.