Best Outdoor Chaise Lounge Reviews 2023

Outdoor relaxation is bliss, and it feels even better if you’re ‘chilling’ outdoors with a cozy chaise lounge that’s totally ‘on fleek’. Deciding on such a lounge can be daunting due to the numerous options out there. But it’s your lucky day today, as we’ve done all that work for you. We narrowed those options down to 5, yes you read right, 5 of the best outdoor chaise lounges made by trusted brands. If after going through our featured products you don’t find a good option for you, don’t worry. These brands have more designs of chaise lounges you can check out.
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Our Top Choice
GDF Lakeport Chaise Lounge Chair
For over 20 years, GDF has specialized in making and marketing high-quality home accessories and furniture for style and comfort.
Wicker is easy to clean and maintain, and its weather resistance makes it ideal for pool sides and sunbathing.
There’s an isolated complaint that you can’t get the backrest to an upright position.
80.5 x 29.8 x 7.8 inches; 56.8lbs
250-300 pounds
Best Value
BCP Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair
Since 2002, BCP has been selling varieties of household items and accessories that are of high quality and performance.
The foam cushion is relaxing and comfortable, and the swinging effect of this hammock-style chair takes lounging to a whole new level.
There are isolated complaints that the metal frame rusts too quickly.
51.8 x 9.5 x 30.8 inches; 86 pounds
265 pounds
Built-in pillow for extra comfort
Tangkula 3-piece Chaise Lounge Chair
Tangkula is a popular and reliable seller of high-quality and practical indoor and outdoor furniture that adds comfort to everyday activities.
The sturdy frame and thick plush foam give you a comfortable relaxation out by the pool with friends or alone.
Isolated complaint that the assembly is a bit tricky. But the lounge itself is worth the wait.
76.5 x 12.80 x 27.56 inches
250 pounds
Steel frame and PE Wicker
Adjustable angle back
KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge Chair
KidKraft is a leading global manufacturer of children toys and furniture with creative designs that let them explore and expand their imagination.
Easy to assemble and the 2-inch zippered foam offers a mothering comfort. The sitting area is just 8 inches off the ground.
The backrest of this lounge chair isn’t adjustable.
36.5 x 33.4 x 35.1inches; 28.6lbs
81 pounds
Oatmeal & White Strips
Cotton canopy
Coral Coast Del Rey Double Chaise Lounge
For several years Coral Coast has shown commitment to manufacturing great outdoor furniture that brings a little leisure to your everyday life.
Exotic, luxurious design and appearance. Angled feet padded with heavy-duty plastic lets it carry a weight of up to 500 pounds.
This double chaise lounge doesn’t have a backrest.
82 x 22 x 8 inches; 64 pounds
500 pounds
Steel frame
Quick-dry sling and canopy

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What is the Best Outdoor Chaise Lounge?

Now you have detailed information about chaise lounges and have decided on the needs your ideal lounge should meet. Go ahead and read through our review of individual brands/products with those needs at the back of your mind. We hope you’ll find it easier to choose the best outdoor chaise lounge for you at a convenient price.
Our Top Choice
The GDF Lakeport Chaise Lounge Chair (Set of 2) has an adjustable angle backrest with folding legs for easy stacking, and its curves make it feel like it wraps around your body. If you would like a lounge chair made of wood, try out the GDF Lisbon Folding Chaise Lounge Chair which is made of acacia and eucalyptus wood.

GDF Lakeport Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair – Available in 3 Sizes & 18 Colors

For over 20 years, Great Deal Furniture (GDF) has been known to offer only the highest quality furniture and home accessories. It operates out of California and has manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia. Its distribution is worldwide with dealers in several countries, but only sells directly to customers here in the US. It prides itself on customer service and satisfaction.

The GDF Lakeport Chaise Lounge Chair (Set of 2) is a weather-resistant chair that’s made out of wicker and well-crafted with curves to mimic that of your body, giving you a luxurious wrapping feel. It can be adjusted to lay out flat and is stylishly designed to suit any outdoor setting. The following are other features of this cool chaise lounge chair:
  • Folding legs for easy stacking
  • Reclining back lets you adjust to comfort
  • Weather-resistant
  • Gentle curves for extra comfort
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has dimensions of 80.5 x 29.8 x 7.8 inches
  • Weighs 58.6 pounds
  • Smooth and soft wicker surface
  • No assembly required
  • Ideal for pool sides and sunbathing
  • Metal frame with heavy-duty plastic caps on the legs
This chaise lounge chair is available in 3 sizes and 18 colors.
Best Value
The BCP Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair has a heavy-duty metal frame with foam cushion and a 46-inch canopy for shade, and its peculiar design makes it an ideal backyard furniture. If you would like the regular lounge chair design with a metal frame, go for the BCP Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair With Foam Cushion, which comes in 2 colors.

BCP Hanging Chaise Lounge Swing Hammock – Available in 3 Colors

BCP, located in Southern California, started out as Sky Billiards and exclusively sold pool tables online. With a vision to do more, it decided to expand its product offerings, which it did; it also changed its name and is now known as Best Choice Products (BCP). It now offers household items and accessories that are of high quality and superior performance, and still manages to offer them at competitive prices.

The BCP Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair has a 2-inch polyester cushion, a 46-inch canopy, and a powder-coated metal frame that can sustain up to 256 pounds of weight. It has a gentle swinging effect that makes your lounging a whole lot more relaxing. The following are some other cool features of this lounge chair:
  • Powder-coated heavy-duty metal frame
  • Beautiful design that passes for a backyard decor
  • Has dimensions of 30.8 x 9.5 x 51.8 inches
  • Weighs 86 pounds
  • PVC-coated cushion with pillow
  • Built-in 46-inch canopy
  • Detachable canopy for indoor use
  • Easy assembly with all installation parts included
  • Comes with touch-up paint
  • 60-day warranty
The Tangkula 3-piece Chaise Lounge Chair is made with a durable steel frame and PE wicker, and the set comprises of 2 lounge chairs and a table which is ideal for couples and VIP pools. If you prefer a single user with an umbrella from this same trusted brand, go for the Tangkula Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair, which is made of steel frame and PE rattan.

Tangkula 3-piece Wicker Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

Tangkula has for years been consistent with its offerings of superior-quality products that offer long-lasting solutions to certain furniture problems. Its wide range of products includes patio furniture, tents and canopies, laptop tables, and much more. It aims at surpassing customers’ expectations with its products and the quality customer service.

The Tangkula 3-piece Chaise Lounge Chair has a bed-like frame with a 2.8-inch thick plush foam that gets you comfortable and relaxed. It comes as a set of 2 lounge chairs and a table made of the same wicker as the chair, and it’s topped with tempered glass to hold your drinks. These loungers have an adjustable backrest that lets you choose the position you find most comfortable. It has dimensions of 76.5 x 27.56 x 12.80 inches.

The following are some other awesome products available from the stable of Tangkula:
  • Tangkula 10x30 feet Outdoor Party Tent – It’s made with polyethylene and has windows. It’s also easy to assemble
  • Tangkula Laptop Holder Table – The stands are made with iron tubes and the table top is wide enough to fit your laptop and still have space
  • Tangkula 50-pair 10-Tier Shoe Rack – It has metal support bars with plastic ends and each tier is detachable
  • Tangkula Metal Coat Rack – It has a high-quality metal frame and a stylish and elegant design. It’s 69 inches high with an 11.8-inch base diameter
The KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge Chair is built with high-quality composite wood which is weather-resistant and has a canopy that covers overhead and the sides. If you would like a single lounge chair for your kid, try out the KidKraft Outdoor Chaise with Umbrella which is also made of weather-resistant wood.

KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge Chair with Cup Holders

At KidKraft, it’s believed that every child needs a good chance to explore and imagine, so it creates quality products that help these children to expand their imagination and empower them to discover their environment through engaging play. The two companies it acquired were already big in making children backyard toys, which ensures a wider range of fun products this brand has to offer. KidKraft adopts a policy of merging the best quality with innovative designs and a commitment to inspire and entertain children all over the world.

The KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge Chair will make one awesome gift for your kid. The wood construct is weatherproof and has a large canopy that covers above and the sides of the chair, providing sufficient shade for your little ones. This lounge for kids has two cup holders so your children can enjoy their drinks without fear of spilling them.

This cool piece of furniture is made with sturdy composite wood which is very well put-together to provide balance. The foam cushion slightly extends beyond the chair to provide a sort of protection from the wooden edges, and the foam is covered in outdoor fabric, making it easy to clean and maintain. The individual parts of this kids’ lounge have been tested and certified for safety. It has dimensions of 36.5 x 33.4 x 35.1 inches and weighs 28.6 pounds.
The Coral Coast Double Chaise Lounge is a beautifully crafted steel-framed lounge with a hammock-style fabric and well-padded pillows, and has a large canopy for shade. If you would prefer a wooden chaise lounge, try out the Coral Coast Bellora Chaise Lounger which has a pull-out table and is made of acacia wood.

Coral Coast Del Rey Double Chaise Lounge with Canopy

Coral Coast is a leading manufacturer of top-quality and long-lasting outdoor furniture that’s available for sale in many countries all over the world. It’s committed to bringing leisure to people’s homes with its creative and innovatively designed pieces of furniture that let you add some comfort to your everyday living.

The Coral Coast Double Chaise Lounge is a piece of outdoor furniture that’s worth having just to beautify your backyard - that’s how attractive the design is! The part of this lounge you lay on is made with a sheet of outdoor fabric laid out in the hammock style. The same fabric is used for the large canopy overhead which provides adequate shade for the dwellers underneath. This lounger has dimensions of 82 x 22 x 8 inches and weighs 64 pounds.

The frame of this lounge is made of steel and finished with a mocha powder-coat. The textile used is easy to clean and maintain, and has a quick-dry quality so you can lay on it soon after it’s cleaned. The coating makes the frame rust-resistant and suitable for all weather conditions. The feet of this lounger are angled in such a way that it can withstand heavy load, 500 pounds worth, and their plastic padding makes the lounge well-balanced.

The following are a few of the other products Coral Coast makes:
  • Coral Coast Classic Adirondack Chair Cushion – It’s made with 100% polyester fabric covering and 100% polyester fiber batting fill, and is available in 7 colors
  • Coral Coast Soho Wicker Porch Swing – It’s made with high-quality wicker and a well-padded foam for comfort

How Do I Choose the Best Outdoor Chaise Lounge?

It’s said to have originated in Egypt around 3100 BC as a combination of a chair and a day bed. In ancient lands such as Babylon, Assyria, Sumer, and Rome, the nobles and royals used them in place of regular chairs especially during banquets. The modern name originated from France and is used to refer to any long reclining chair. They were mostly designed in the same general upholstered style as a modern-day sofa; only that they have a slant backrest and only one arm rest. So, there’s a brief history of the chaise lounge! It started off as indoor furniture, but as time went on it found its use as a valuable outdoor piece.

The best outdoor chaise lounge is comfortable either as is or with a plush foam spread over it. There are several designs out there offering all sorts of aesthetic accents. There are even some designs that make chaise lounges similar to a folding bed. Outdoor chaise lounges are also made with different materials; there are some that you can use directly, while others come with foam cushioning.

Just like an adjustable bed, there are some you can recline all the way back to get them flat, or raise so you’re sitting upright. Others still are wide enough to accommodate two people, while others are bundled as multiple single lounges. Some outdoor chaise lounges are crafted to give you the effect of a rocking chair, while some are designed like a hammock and swing back and forth. Whichever combination of features you go for will ultimately depend on your taste.
As outdoor chaise lounges vary in designs and types, so do their prices. The materials used in constructing a chaise lounge are the dominant factor affecting the price. Naturally, we all want the coolest lounge available, but resources are still scarce enough that we can’t all have what we want. The premium chaise lounges made with teak or other expensive materials finished off with elegantly designed waterproof fabric will cost you over $600.

The less expensive types which still sport most of the important features will cost you a little less than $150. And still, there are cheap lounges saturating the market. We got to check out some of them in the course of our research, and what we found is the reason they’re not in our review. They’re not durable, the fabric used will soon fade, and the foam will flatten. So, don’t go for them, they’re no good – and you certainly deserve better.
Chaise lounges some time ago used to be a type of indoor furniture, but as with most things, it evolved and found its way outside. Since then, it’s been evolving in style and functionality making its claim as a typical outdoor piece. If you’re considering getting one, here are some of the main things you should look out for:
  • Type
  • Material
  • Design and Aesthetics
  • Comfortability
  • Care and Maintenance
The list above is meant to bring your awareness to the important features of an outdoor chaise lounge that make it a piece of furniture you’re sure to be fond of.
Construction and Design
Chaise lounges are a great way to relax and enjoy the benefits of hanging out outdoors. Knowing the type of outdoor chaise lounge you want will surely make buying one easier. Some popular outdoor chaise lounge types are:
  • Cabana-style - These have a block shape design, can be made of different materials, and usually come with cushions.
  • Sling - These are mostly light framed and have curves that align with the body.
  • Double - These are wide enough to accommodate two people at once.
  • Wheeled - These have wheels at the head rest end to make repositioning easy.
  • Strap - These are designed similarly to hammocks, and the fabric supports the weight of your body.
The type of material used for outdoor chaise lounges differs by design and the effect the lounge is expected to achieve. The different materials popularly used for making chaise lounges include:
  • Recycled plastics - These are generally easy to clean and require no real maintenance, but do need a cushion to provide the needed comfort.
  • Synthetic resin - These are easy to clean and don’t require maintenance. They’re also lightweight and durable, while inexpensive at the same time. However, they’re susceptible to wind damage and are difficult to repair.
  • Wood - These are most likely to last a lifetime. Some require cushioning, but they’re often used as is. These are a heavy alternative and require regular maintenance, on top of being expensive.
  • PE wicker - These are lightweight, durable, and don’t require maintenance. These are typically comfy as is, but some brands choose to add plush cushioning for even more comfort.
Performance and Ease of Use
The main reason anyone would buy an outdoor chaise lounge is to relax outside. And there is no relaxation without comfort. The comfortability of a lounge is the main reason it gets the aye or the nay. There are lots of lounges with adjustable back rests so you can recline it to your preferred angle, whether to read, take a nap, or just ‘lounge’ under the sun. You can also look out for rocking or swinging lounges to give yourself some extreme bliss.

There are so many outdoor chaise lounge designs out there that if the design and aesthetics are your main criteria for choosing a lounge, you’re so going to be spoiled for choice. Designing outdoor chaise lounges has moved on from the usual rectangular designs with reclining backrests; the modern designs now use metal frames, such as aluminum, wrought iron, or steel, fabricated into all sorts of shapes and styles to give you eclectic designs that serve as masterpiece decors for your backyard and poolside.

Even the regular block-design lounges are now designed to be more maneuverable and chic in appearance. One way outdoor lounges are made to look trendier is the color of the materials used in covering the foam on chaise lounges. A colorful lounge will always be attractive and psychologically comfortable.

Further, some chaise lounges now come with a table to place books, drinks, or whatever you will, and most are generally designed to be stackable, making storage a breeze. Outdoor lounges that have canopies or other sorts of shade are becoming more common.

For outdoor chaise lounges that require cushioning and the hammock-style ones, rely on quality outdoor materials for their finishing. It’s important that the materials used in making the lounge are easy to clean and maintain. There are some fabrics out there that are specifically designed for outdoor furniture, and these are commonly used for lounges. They’re easy to clean, quick to dry, and won’t wear easily.

Whatever the design of the chaise lounge you choose, you should be sure it can handle the weather; a lot of outdoor lounges are weather-resistant. Come rain, come shine, they’re as good as new and ready to serve. Those with metal parts are well-coated to prevent rust. Regardless of all these, you should still take adequate care of your outdoor chaise lounges.

We hope this information will help you decide on which features you consider critical for buying your ideal outdoor chaise lounge.

Get the Best Outdoor Chaise Lounge of 2023!

You’ve come to the end of the review; great job. We hope you now have sufficient information to confidently buy your choice of chaise lounge. Don’t delay any longer; go get that lounge and start enjoying the pleasure of outdoors.

Our Top Choice
GDF Lakeport Chaise Lounge Chair
Best Value
BCP Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair
Tangkula 3-piece Chaise Lounge Chair
KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge Chair
Coral Coast Del Rey Double Chaise Lounge