Best Outdoor Christmas Lights – Easy to Hang LED, Electric, and Solar Holiday Lights to Decorate Your Home and Yard

The rapid advancement of technology in the last century has blessed us with such wonders of human ingenuity as such as marshmallow shooters and fidget spinners! (Also, electricity, planes, and some other stuff.) Christmas has also been updated ever since. In the five reviews that will follow, we talk about some artificial shiny stuff: electric and solar outdoor Christmas lights!

Now, before we get to our reviews, if you’re in the market for strings of traditional holiday lights to decorate your yard, that’s not what you are going to find here. However, if you are, brands such as NOMA, Wintergreen Lighting and Northlight have many great options for white, multicolor, blue or red and white Christmas lights (we've have some of our favorites for that color them further down in this article), just to name a few. Instead, we decided to focus on different outdoor holiday light designs that will make you the envy of even Clark Griswold!

Now a bit of "bad" news, followed by some good news. These days there are so many amazing and easy outdoor Christmas light options, but unfortunately, we only have room to showcase 5. But not to worry, with each review we have included links for more options. Additionally, have a review that is all about outdoor Christmas laser lights and one about Christmas tree lights — many of which are good for both indoors and outdoors. But the good news doesn’t stop there (did you see what we did there?). Throughout this article we also showcase some more of our favorite Christmas lights for outdoors. And here’s our first batch!

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Our Top Choice
Easy Solar LED Christmas Lights Outdoor
Made by a company dealing in everything shiny that flickers and blinks, these sun-powered Christmas lights will cheer up your entire family on any occasion!
A company specializing in all kinds of lights. Colorful sun-powered bulbs. Multiple light modes available.
Recharging can get tricky on overcast days.
Best Value
Alkbo Meteor Shower Rain Lights
These blue lights from Alkbo are unique in shape and with an exciting meteor theme. They can be hung on the nearby trees or parts of the house, with instant spooky results!
A company producing outdoor lamps and Christmas lights. A curious meteor-like design. Waterproof. Dustproof.
Sorting out all the cables can be a bit confusing.
1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Lights
The 1byone Christmas Light Projector is simple and packs a powerful light punch. It will cover your entire house exterior with red and green stars and dots!
A well-known home appliance-producing company. A compact design. Automatic timers included.
The red laser seems to not be as bright as the green one.
Aogist Weatherproof Outdoor Curtain Lights
With their elegant wavy look, the Aogist Curtain Lights can do a great job lighting up your door or patio during Christmas time! They're also great for weddings!
A company dealing in all sorts of light arrangements. A convenient curtain-like design. 8 modes to choose from.
They can be a real drag to hang. (Once they're up and running, they do look beautiful.)
Liangsm Solar Powered String Lights
If you happen to like flowers and LED lights, these Christmas solar-powered decorations from Liangsm can be the perfect choice for you!
A company dealing in decorations and fashion accessories. An attractive floral design. Water-resistant.
As with all solar-powered products, no sun during the day is going to be bad news.

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What Are the Best Outdoor Holiday Lights? Read Our Outdoor Christmas Light Reviews!

Putting up your Christmas decorations when the season gets underway is one of the most fun parts of the preparatory process that you can engage in with your family! To start wrapping your house and your backyard with the best outdoor Christmas lights, however, you'll need to buy some of these decorations first. Each of our five entries has its own merits, so please read the articles carefully and then pick out your winner with an air of confidence!

Bonus: A popular trend this year is to use red and white outdoor holiday lights. So, for those who want to go with that theme, we picked out some of our favorites to showcase.

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Our Top Choice
Since they're self-recharging and feature 8 different modes of use, these Christmas lights from Easy Decor can be a great maintenance-free way to get upcoming home decoration with festive cheeriness! We also love the look of these Decorative Fairy Water Drops!

Easy Outdoor Solar LED Christmas Lights — Waterproof String Lights, 30 LED Balls, 8 Mode Decorative Globes– Available in 3 Color Choices


Easy Decor is a well-to-do business producing all sorts of festive lights, ranging from the traditional rotund shiny bulbs to advanced creations such as multicolor droplet-looking blinking lights that can be perfect for a variety of celebrations. These may not work if it's been raining for a while, as they are solar-powered. Easy Decor produces many other products that are battery-powered and shine just as brightly!

The Solar Christmas String Lights have some pretty interesting characteristics and a budget-friendly price. The memory function enables you to alternate among 8 different light modes. A given mode will stay on for an entire day, until you pick another one.

The auto shut off function is a handy, power-saving feature, with its cycle turning on automatically at dusk and shutting off at dawn. The fact that it's solar-powered means no expenses! Simply expose the lights to some sunlight during the day and watch them shine on their own during the night!

Here's a list of features for this Easy Decor Christmas light configuration:

  • 8 modes available
  • Package comes with screws
  • Solar panel included
  • Manual included
  • Waterproof IP65 rating
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Refunds offered by the manufacturer for faulty goods

No expenses, no maintenance, AND you get to play with the control panel! What's not to love? Add to that the manufacturer's guarantee to refund you if you're unlucky enough to receive a faulty package, and you get a nicely well- rounded product (both figuratively and literally)!

Best Value
Featuring a curious design combined with a nifty set of specifications, these Alkbo Christmas lights can be a new way to spice things up a bit in the light department at your Christmas party! If you prefer string lights but still want a unique look, try Alkbo’s battery operated fairy lights instead!

Alkbo Meteor Shower Rain Outdoor Holiday Lights — Waterproof String for Christmas, Wedding, Party or Garden, Available in 4 Colors


Alkbo is a retailer known for its wide range of light-producing utensils of festivity. Its products include small gadgets operating long strings of cheery lights suitable for many different occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, New Year's Eves, and, of course, Christmas parties.

As the company started expanding rapidly in recent years, the range of its products started to include increasingly imaginative designs characterized by new, unconventional bulb shapes and multiple modes of functioning. The product we've chosen to feature on this list illustrates this pretty well, as it comes in the exciting, dinosaur-exterminating shape of a meteor shower!

The whole contraption works on the principle of the tail plug, which goes around whatever pole or tree you've chosen to be its support, and connects each of the eight tubes in a network of corrosion-resistant, waterproof Christmas lights of delight and holiday mirth!

Features of these lights include:

  • Meteor shower effect
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Energy-saving

This is a cheeky and entertaining piece of light equipment from Alkbo. Organizing all eight different tubes in one bunch and switching them on as the sun starts setting will make the time you've spent puttering about with the cables well worth your while! It looks like meteors - kids will love it!

Want to paint your house in the colors of Santa's workshop? Or perhaps in those of the Portuguese flag? The possibilities with the red and green 1byone Christmas Light Projector are practically innumerable! Want a laser light show with more than Christmas trees and stars? This one by the LedMAll® not only has Santa, snowflakes, candy canes and bells too, but also designs for other holidays like Halloween!

1byone Laser Green Christmas Tree and Red Stars Show, Projection Lights for Xmas, Holiday, Party, and Garden Decoration


With an ambitious and competitive work philosophy, the 1byone team has maintained its justly earned position in the e-business market, partly thanks to its healthy fairness-oriented belief that e-commerce is inherently global. Wise words indeed, and backed by its business undertakings where it meets and cooperates with other cultures and discovers new vibrant markets. Its customer service seeks to listen to people and take their constructive feedback seriously.

The 1byone Magical Outdoor and Indoor Christmas Laser Light itself is a simple and efficient yard apparatus featuring some interesting light-projecting properties. You can set it to work as either a stationary stream, or a fully-blown light show that can be a great addition to your upcoming Christmas party!

Here's the list of features for the 1byone Christmas Outdoors Laser Lights:

  • Comes with a power adapter
  • Can work as stationary or flashing light
  • Built-in timer
  • Weather-resistant
  • Remote control included
  • User manual included in the offer
  • 12-month warranty

Surprise your kids, create a cheery atmosphere, and attract your local Portuguese soccer fans for good measure! With this Christmas light projector from 1byone, you'll be all set for festive leisurely undertakings in no time. Simply stick it somewhere in front of your house, and watch it do its magic! (Make sure your cat is not around when this happens, because if it's been plotting to kill you, which it probably has, this laser-like light parade might push it right over the edge.)

If you've been planning on celebrating Christmas and possibly getting married afterwards, the Aogist Curtain Lights can be a single stone for killing those two lovely birds, so to speak! Prefer a outdoor holiday lights that look like icicles? Toodour Icicle Christmas Lights are a great, energy efficient option.

Aogist Christmas Curtain String - Solar Copper Wire Waterproof Lights for Indoor and Outdoor, Multiple Size and Color Options


Aogist produces specialized lights for many different purposes, ranging from those best suitable for posh weddings and celebrations, to those that can be used for any festive occasion, including Christmas.

The Specialized Curtains with Alternating Lights we've decided to feature on this list are a great example of the multipurpose nature of Aogist's products. Position a couple of carved pumpkins next to them and play some spooky music in the background, and you've got yourself a wavy white light of horrors! If you pair them with some traditional Christmas decorations, however, they can represent chastity and rebirth! A win-win situation, really!

For whatever purpose you chose to use these lights, you'll be thrilled to find that there are 8 different modes of use: combination, waves, sequential, steady on, slow fade, twinkle/flash, slogs, and chasing/flash! Simply set the lights to your favorite mode, and enjoy a lively flickering background in no time!

Here's a list of features for the Aogist Curtain Lights:

  • No heat energy consumption
  • Has 8 functions
  • Energy-saving
  • Warm white color
  • Total of 16 strings

The Aogist set of Curtain Lights for Christmas and other occasions is one solid illumination product! Not only does it look versatile on its own, it also includes 8 different modes for orchestrating a light-show for both spooks and scares, and tranquil dignified festivity!

With an interesting design that features a number of petite illuminated flowers, Solar-Powered String Lights are a great solution for a florist's (or anyone else's) Christmas celebration! We also love the look of these Solar Powered Twinkling Stars. Each 40 foot string features 100 LED stars with 8 different modes.

Liangsm Solar Powered String Outdoor Lights - Waterproof Decorative Christmas Fairy Icicles, Lights and Balls, Also Good for Parties, Celebrations and Indoor, 11 Different Styles


Liangsm offers a range of versatile and reasonably priced products, which has enabled it to amass a large customer base in every part of the world. Whether it's specialized clothing items or small technical appliances for decorations and home improvement, this up-and-coming company makes sure that its customers are satisfied.

The Liangsm Solar-Powered String Lights have a unique floral design, which, combined with the bright milky-white LED light stream, makes for a combination great for any festivity in need of dignified and tranquil-looking decorations!

This happy-go-lucky LED bunch is powered by a business-meaning solar panel capable of fully recharging the whole thing in 4-8 hours. Thus powered up, these Christmas lights can work for 8-15 hours non-stop! You can use the control button to alternate between the modes.

Features of the Liangsm Outdoor Christmas Lights include:

  • Powerful solar panel
  • Easy-to-use control button
  • No electricity costs
  • Water-resistant
  • Automatic shut-off
  • 2 modes to choose from
  • Comes with a stand

Since they're easy to control and completely maintenance- and cost-free, these festive LED lights from Liangsm will provide instant decoration and brighten up the space wherever you choose to install them. Since they're waterproof, there's no need to worry about dismounting them if it rains or snows!

Easy Holiday Outdoor Light Decorating Guide — Outdoor Electric Bulbs and LED Christmas Lights vs Solar Christmas Lights

In the past, as the Christmas season would start slowly appearing on the horizon, the common folk would retreat to their humble abodes and spend some quality time together creating vividly colored decorations and gingerbread (and also bickering about who gets to position the star on the top of the Christmas tree). Nowadays, as perhaps only the last part of this holy family-time deal has survived, and you can simply buy all the rest, we've decided to bestow upon ye a Christmassy list of our own! We're making our own contribution to the spirit of Christmas: the top five list of the best outdoor Christmas lights, and its subsequent buying guide. While artificial Christmas lights may not sound like the most authentic celebration prop ever, there are surely some advantages to decorating your home-sweet-home in an electric cobweb of light!

Most lighting configurations that serve as holiday season decorations have several modes of functioning. You can alternate among the various modes to spice up the appearance of your home, creating an environment of merry spirit for your kids (and possibly confusion for your pets)! Depending on the manufacturer, Christmas lights typically come complete with four to eight different modes, including various kinds of flashy, alternating, or meteor-like light shows. Since these decorations are expected to work just as well outside the house as they are supposed to inside it, most manufacturers will make sure that their products are waterproof. That way, nothing will get in the way of the unbreakable Christmas spirit, come hell or high water! (Or also high snow.)

To make your brand-new Christmas light net come to life or alternate between modes, most manufacturers provide a remote control device. When you feel like lighting up the place, just sit by your firewood rack and start pushing buttons! Alternatively, if you set your Christmas lights configuration outdoors, you can carry your remote control snugly in your pocket and use it whenever you feel lonely and freezing during a particularly tough snow plowing chore (for which you need a snow plow, for the record). Whether you're about to use a snow shovel to do some driveway liberating business, or otherwise perform some other outdoor activity, you'll have the power to light up your house for everyone to see!


Video: How To Hang Christmas Lights On Your Roof

DIY Tips and Tricks on How to Hang Christmas Lights. | Courtesy of Christmas on Crestline

Outdoor Christmas lights aren't really that expensive if you take into consideration the joy they bring to everyone in your household (and to people outside it)! The more elaborate models with more modes of functioning, solar chargers, and remote controls are typically more expensive, but you do get more bells and whistles if you decide on one. Additional features such as auto shut-off mode and built-in timers also tend to add a couple of extra bucks to the total price. That being said, you can find relatively cheap outdoor Christmas lights with some great features. The prices of our featured products range from about $15 for simple sets, to about $55 for sets with more complex effects.


Although they're simple in their primary modes of functioning, outdoor Christmas lights are holiday props that come with a number of additional features, depending on the manufacturer. In this section, we'll list the ones you're the most likely to come across in your relentless search for the best model ever!

The list of features to check when looking for outdoor Christmas lights includes:

  • Type of power adapter
  • Modes of lighting
  • Weather resistance
  • Remote control
  • User manuals
  • Number of strings
  • Energy-saving properties
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Solar panels
  • Warranty

A bunch of Christmas lights strings that can be powered by a solar panel can be a great asset, especially if you're concerned about your electricity consumption or can't be bothered to buy new batteries all the time!

Construction and Design

Outdoor Christmas lights come in a few different shapes. They can assume the form of a bunch of long strings sprinkled with small bulbs, or they can be in the shape of a stick for a more uniform kind of setting. The real diversity of these decorations is revealed when you take a look at their potential with various modes. The more modes a lighting grid has, the better it is, so try to get your hands on a model with many different kinds of light shows! It may cost more, but we think it's well worth dishing out that extra couple of bucks.


Video: How to Install String Lights on an Outdoor Tree for Christmas?

Learn How to Install Christmas Lights on a Tree. | Courtesy of Festive Lights
Performance and Ease of Use

Since outdoor Christmas lights come in the form of special electrical grids, there's really not much that can go wrong with them, so you can expect a stable flickering or flow of light throughout their deployment. As most light configurations nowadays come with a remote control, choosing your favorite mode and setting it off won't present an issue, and you'll be able to make a great light show just by pushing a couple of buttons! Also, you won't need to worry about the outdoor conditions, as most of the models are made to be waterproof! Set them all up, and have yourself a very merry and well-lighted Christmas!

Get the Best Outdoor Christmas Lights of 2022!

Here at TopProducts, we've already picked our personal favorite from the five products we've offered in our reviews. Not because we like decorating our houses, but because we're not-so-secretly afraid of the Ghost of Christmas Past coming after us again this year! The sooner you embrace the Christmas spirit and pick out your Christmas decorations, the less likely it is that you'll be visited by a grumpy apparition that is NOT EVEN THAT SCARY! (Our dear Daisy fainted last year because she was taken by surprise, not because she was scared.) Haha, just kidding! Past Spirit Ghost, if you're reading, we love you.

Our Top Choice
Easy Solar LED Christmas Lights Outdoor
Best Value
Alkbo Meteor Shower Rain Lights
1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Lights
Aogist Weatherproof Outdoor Curtain Lights
Liangsm Solar Powered String Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights FAQs

How to hang outdoor Christmas lights?
You can hang outdoor Christmas lights by first picking a focal point (like the entryway). Check that the gutter is thick enough and the shingle flexible to hang the lights on the roofline. So, you can hang outdoor Christmas lights along eaves or rooflines, trees, hedges, and bushes. You may also hang them around windows, pillars, deck railings, posts, pathways, driveways, planters, and window boxes. Check out our review for more details.
How to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree?
To put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree, you must select a tree that provides a focal point to the landscape. Its form and branches should also have a shape that creates a striking picture once you turn on the lights. Remember, a large tree requires more lights to adorn. Before adorning the tree, plug in the lights to test if they are working. You may connect different strings of lights and lay them side-by-side on cardboard. Use an outdoor-rated power extension and place it where the tree trunk is visible. You may also secure the cord by wrapping it around the base of the tree. Take strings of lights and wind up the tree trank moving to the branches. As you move higher, use a ladder to reach the furthest points of the tree. After securing the strings of lights, you can turn them on and enjoy.
How to power outdoor Christmas lights?
You can power outdoor Christmas lights using an outdoor-certified electricity extension