Best Outdoor Fan Reviews 2023

Choosing an outdoor fan can appear to be a very simple thing, until you actually begin to look at the number of options. There are so many outdoor fans to choose from that sifting through them requires a lot of work. Thankfully, we have done this work for you, so you do not need to go through that. In the extensive research we carried out, we found five top brands that produced great outdoor fans, and it is from these brands that we are presenting outdoor fans for review. We chose one model from each. These brands also have other wonderful models that you should by all means check out. We have chosen products that will give you an insight into what they have on offer.
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Our Top Choice
Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan
Lasko has been providing comfort to homes for over 100 years by keeping in touch with the realities of the day.
It has a very powerful yet quiet fan, is easy to control with included switches, and is portable for easy movement.
It delivers wet air, which will get anyone within about six feet of it wet.
3+ speeds
16.2 x 12.3 x 14.8 inches; 16 lbs
Automatic timer
Best Value
Westinghouse Comet Outdoor Ceiling Fan
For over 70 years, Westinghouse Lighting has supplied ceiling fans, bulbs, lighting fixtures and accessories that are innovation-driven.
It is easy to install, has a sleek, modern design, and is powerful and silent while creating a lot of airflow.
The included light is not bright.
3 speeds
52 x 52 x 14.4 inches; 19.1 lbs
2-year warranty
Holmes Outdoor Misting Stand Fan
Holmes enhances the home environment by combining design, performance and value in top-performing climate control and air quality products.
It's well-built and easy to assemble. It’s so silent you won’t know it’s there, and you can leave it in the rain without a problem.
The clips holding the water line are not very strong.
3 speeds
15.9 x 21.8 x 19.4 inches; 12 lbs
Standard hose faucets
Emerson Atomical Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Since creating the world's first A/C electric fan motor in 1890, Emerson has continued to refine its products, resulting in improved quality, versatility and aesthetics.
Installation is easy, and it works efficiently and silently.
The included bulbs are not really bright.
4 speeds
52 x 52 x 12.8 inches; 19 lbs
Remote controlled
Hunter Fan Company Bridgeport Ceiling Fan
With over 120 years in the industry, Hunter makes products that will maximize comfort, and improve energy efficiency and the aesthetics of homes everywhere.
It is stylish in design. It's also easy to install and is Energy Star rated.
Some buyers reported that the airflow is not as much as they would have liked.
3 speeds
52 x 12.3 x 52 inches; 17.2 lbs
Reversible motor

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What is the Best Outdoor Fan?

Choosing the outdoor fan that is best for you is very important. You need to know for yourself what kind of outdoor fan is best for you. This will be determined by different factors, primarily the location you want to use it in. Look at the features each fan offers, and decide how they will benefit you. After considering all these, you can then easily choose the one that offers you more of the features that are important to you. Let us look at our top five selections.
Our Top Choice
The Lasko Misto offers awesome outdoor comfort. This misting fan has automatic louvers that create a 90-degree-wide sweep at three speed levels. It is ruggedly built for durability and easy to maintain. Need something with more aesthetic value? Check out the Lasko Elegant Outdoor Tower Fan.

Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan – Reduces Air Temp by up to 25 Degrees

All of Lasko's products are centered on the customer's needs. Every product is designed to be of top quality, and deliver great performance and value. Lasko has been providing comfort to homes for over 100 years.

When it is time for some outdoor activity like picnics or family hangouts on the patio, deck or other outdoor location, the Lasko Misto is your ideal companion for ultimate comfort. This is a misting fan with automatic louvers for a 90 degree-wide sweep. It has three speed levels, and is durable and easy to maintain. Your outdoor comfort couldn't be easier to achieve. Its features include:
  • Weather, UV & rust-resistant
  • In-line GFCI with three-prong grounded plug
  • Low profile for outdoor stability
  • Simple, no-tools assembly
  • Nine-foot hose attaches to standard garden hose
  • Push button controls louvers
  • Water-shut off valve
  • Misting kit detaches without tools for cleaning
Best Value
The Westinghouse Comet Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is designed for covered decks, verandas, gazebos, patios and other covered outdoor locations. Its five-blade design and high-quality motor provide cooling for up to 360 square feet. Would you love a more stylishly presented model? Try the Westinghouse Oasis Indoor\/Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Westinghouse Comet 52-Inch Five-Blade Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting is a part of the Westinghouse family. For over 70 years, it has produced quality light bulbs, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and other lighting accessories.

The Westinghouse Comet Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a classic-styled fan. It is specially designed for covered decks, verandas, gazebos, patios and other covered outdoor locations. It features a disc-style light fixture that provides warm light to further enhance the comfort of any location. Its five blades and quality motor cool an area up to 360 square feet (18 by 20 feet). Its other features include:
  • Two candelabra-base 40-watt torpedo light bulbs
  • 153-millimeter by 18-millimeter cold-rolled steel motor
  • Triple capacitor
  • Three fan speeds - high, medium and low
  • Reversible switch
  • Airflow - 5,087 cfm (cubic feet per meter)
  • Airflow efficiency - 90 cfm per watt
  • Lifetime warranty on motor, two-year warranty on all other parts
The Holmes Outdoor Misting Stand Fan provides refreshing coolness with a simple drip-free misting solution. The adjustable pole, tilt-adjustable head and motorized oscillation are customizable for optimal coverage. Are you looking for something less expensive than this? Consider the Holmes 21-Inch by 4.5-Inch Box Fan.

Holmes 120 Volt Black Outdoor Misting Stand Fan

Holmes makes items to transform the home environment into an enhanced and highly comfortable spot. It achieves this by combining design, performance and value to deliver excellent climate control and air quality products. These products are made in America, and are efficient and stylishly designed.

The Holmes Outdoor Misting Stand Fan significantly increases your outdoor comfort and enjoyment with a drip-free misting solution. The fan generates airflow to which micro-mist is added, cooling the environment. This misting fan does not drip, nor does it wet the surroundings. It just provides refreshing coolness. The adjustable pole and tilt-adjustable head, combined with the motorized oscillation, let you get the best coverage. Its features include:
  • Three speed settings
  • Grounded GFCI plug
  • Over 40,000 BTUs of cooling power
  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Power - 120 volts
  • Measures approx. 23" x 9" x 23"
The Emerson Atomical Ceiling Fan is contemporary-looking with is bold curves and clean lines. It delivers an airflow of 4515 CFM and airflow efficiency of 76 CFM per watt. It's suitable for use in patios and verandas. If you’re looking for something more affordable, take a look at the Emerson Curva Sky Modern Ceiling Fan.

Emerson 52-Inch Atomical Modern Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote - Damp Rated

Emerson invented the world's first alternating current electric fan motor in 1890. It refines and perfects its products for continued improvement in their quality, versatility and design.

The Emerson Atomical Ceiling Fan has a contemporary design of bold curves and clean lines. Behind this beautiful exterior is an efficient workhorse that delivers an airflow of about 4515 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and an airflow efficiency of about 76 CFM per watt. The light fixture houses two 60-watt candelabra bulbs to add to the general comfort and ambience. With its damp rating, it's good for covered outdoor locations such as patios and verandas. Its features include:
  • Fan span: 52"
  • Overall fan height: 15.8"
  • Blade to ceiling height: 12.0"
  • RPM range: 70-160
  • High speed amps: 0.49
  • SR400 remote control and receiver included
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty
The Hunter Bridgeport Ceiling Fan is damp listed, making it suitable for porches, patios, verandas and sunrooms. Its plastic blades are weather-resistant, while the Whisper Wind Motor delivers powerful but quiet air movement. Would you like a fan with an antique look instead? The Hunter Bayview 54-Inch Gold Ceiling Fan may interest you.

Hunter Fan Company Bridgeport 52-Inch Ceiling Fan - Available in 3 Colors

Hunter Fan Company says: "Sure, we invented the ceiling fan—but every day, we find new ways to perfect it." This statement says a lot about the philosophy of the brand. With over 120 years of experience, Hunter is committed to delivering products that will maximize comfort while improving energy efficiency.

The Hunter Bridgeport Ceiling Fan is a traditional fan that can quickly improve the comfort level in many spaces. Being ETL damp listed, it works well in covered outdoor settings such as porches, patios, verandas and sunrooms. Its plastic blades are not affected by the elements. The Whisper Wind Motor offers powerful, quiet air movement that will quickly blow the heat away. You determine how much airflow you want with the three speed levels. Its features include:
  • Three-position mounting system for standard, angled or low ceiling mounting
  • 3" and 2" downrods included
  • ENERGY STAR® certified motor
  • Included pull chain on/off and speed adjustments control
  • Stainless steel hardware to resist rust
  • Reversible motor to change from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter
  • 13-degree blade pitch optimized for ideal air movement and peak performance
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty
It is available in three colors – white, new bronze and textured black.

How Do I Choose the Best Outdoor Fan?

There are different reasons you may be considering getting a new outdoor fan. Maybe the one you have now has begun to bother some of your guests with its noise, wobbling and whooping. It is not just enough to get a new fan. It is important to get the best outdoor fan for you.

There are different kinds of fans, such as ceiling fans, box fans, standing fans, floor fans, table fans and more. From these different types of fans, you will need to find one with the qualities that make it ideal for your needs. Generally outdoor fans have to meet certain requirements. We will list these requirements so you can look for them, making it easier for you to choose the right outdoor fan.
Outdoor fans do not have fixed prices. With outdoor fans, build quality, materials, functionality, and extras (such as misting), among other things, can affect the price you will pay for one. From our research, we found that you can get a good outdoor fan from between $90 and $350.

We are focused on products that will deliver value, not cheap outdoor fans that will either not last or won’t serve you at all. With the products we have selected, you are sure of getting the value you pay for.
There are some important things to be aware of when choosing an outdoor fan. Knowing these will make it easier for you to choose a good one. The features to look for include:
  • Damp/wet rating
  • Type of fan – ceiling, standing, table, floor
  • Extra – misting, light fixtures
  • Control
  • Fan size
  • Location of use
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of installation/assembly
  • Size of location
Let us look at these in more detail.
Construction and Design
An outdoor fan is called that because it was specially designed for outdoor use. This means it can handle the dampness or wetness that is associated with outdoors. It is important to check two ratings – damp and wet ratings. Fans with these ratings can be used outdoors to different degrees. Fans with a damp rating can only be used in covered outdoor locations, because they can only handle the water in the air and not direct contact with water. However, a fan with a wet rating can handle direct contact with water. Choose appropriately depending on the location you want to use the outdoor fan.

You will also need to consider the kind of fan. Some fans cannot be used in some locations. Ceiling fans, for example, can only be used where you have some form of overhead support that the fan can be hung from. When you need an outdoor fan for a location such as a poolside or garden, where there are no overhead supports, look at standing fans, table fans, and floor fans.

Another thing to consider is the extras that come with the fan. Many ceiling fans come with lighting fixtures. If this is not important for you, look for one without this feature as it may save you a few bucks. Some outdoor fans have misting features, which are essential on some hot summer days. If your location gets hot and very dry, consider getting a misting fan. The misting feature will help accelerate the cooling effect of the fan. Before choosing a misting outdoor fan, know that water is involved, so it may not be ideal for some locations.

Outdoor fans come in various designs. The aesthetic value of your fan may be an issue for you. If it is, be sure to look for a design that will fit your existing setup. There are outdoor fans with modern, stylish designs, and ones with traditional and even antique designs. You are sure to find a design and color that will complement what you already have in place.

The size of the fan blades affect the amount of air it can move. In the same vein, the size of the space where the fan will be used will affect its effectiveness. For ceiling fans, the height of the location also matters. So what can you do about this? Follow this guide for ceiling fans: if your room is up to 400 square feet, go for 52-inch outdoor fans. For up to 225 square feet, use 44-inch fans, and for up to 144 square feet, use 42-inch fans. If your space is larger than these, consider using more than one mid-sized fan.

Ensure a ceiling fan does not hang lower than seven feet from the floor. The height of your ceiling will determine if you will use a drop rod. It will even determine if you should be considering a ceiling fan at all. If your ceiling is lower than eight feet, a ceiling fan may not be the best for you. For higher ceilings, use the following guide: if your ceiling is nine feet high, use a 12-inch drop rod. Use an 18-inch drop rod for a 10-foot ceiling, a 24-inch drop rod for an 11-foot one, a 36-inch drop rod for a 12-foot one and a 48-feet drop rod for a 13-foot one.
Performance and Ease of Use
To help you understand the damp and wet ratings, we will list places where outdoor fans are best suited for depending on their rating. Outdoor fans with damp ratings are best suited for bathrooms, covered patios, garages, and screened porches. In these locations, they are exposed to humidity, but not to direct contact with rain. Outdoor fans with wet ratings are suited for open decks, cabanas, gardens, gazebos, verandas and other locations that are exposed to rain. They can handle this well.

Installing an outdoor fan is usually an issue for most non-technical persons. Find out how easy it is to assemble and install the one you are considering before purchasing it. You should also look at its control options. Sometimes it can be really difficult to get up to adjust the controls of your fan when you’re relaxing. Choosing one with a remote control can make this unnecessary.

Get the Best Outdoor Fan of 2023!

We are excited that you took the time to go through this review, and we hope you got the information you need and more. Now that you know exactly what you need, place your order so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of your new outdoor fan.

Our Top Choice
Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan
Best Value
Westinghouse Comet Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Holmes Outdoor Misting Stand Fan
Emerson Atomical Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Hunter Fan Company Bridgeport Ceiling Fan