Best Outdoor Halloween Decoration Reviews 2020

In a bid to win the invisible award of the Spookiest House on the Block, many fun-loving people invest in Halloween decorations every year, and we know you already have huge plans for your house or you wouldn’t be here. That’s ok; we’ve been waiting for you the whole time. Having searched the highs and lows of the market, we successfully came up with the best outdoor Halloween decoration from the top 5 brands in the decorating industry just for you. If you’d like some more to choose from, these brands have other decorations that may fit into the grand idea you have for this year’s Halloween.
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Our Top Choice
Zingz & Thingz Creeping Skeleton Garden Light
Zingz & Thingz is a renowned brand in the entertainment industry that offers its products and services to a number of retailers. Its commitment to customer satisfaction is always an A+, no matter the day.
Made from durable polyresin material. Waterproof. Great gifting idea. Swinging ghostly lantern creates an intriguing scene when lit. Suitable for spooky-themed parties.
It’s not as big as some may like.
Figure; lantern
Creeping skeleton
13 inches high
Minimal assembly required
Best Value
Fun World Mega Spider Web
Fun World is in its 55th year as a producer of all-season decorations. It boasts of a strong presence in America, India, Vietnam, and China where many customers opt for its products.
Weatherproof. Made from durable polyester material. Huge web measuring 23 feet by 18 feet. Comes with gutter bracket and 5 ground stakes for assembly. Perfect for Halloween.
This web may be a bit difficult to set up, especially when it gets tangled.
Yard/house decoration
Spider web
Polyester blend
23 x 18 feet
Can be reused
Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Spider
Gemmy has been a notorious trendsetter and an industry innovator in technology, entertainment, and decorating solutions for over 3 decades.
Self-inflates to 3 feet. Glows on its own at night. Is compatible with standard outlets. Comes with tethers and stakes for easy assembly. Made of durable nylon. Weatherproof.
The lighting fixture cannot be replaced when it burns out.
Figure; inflatable
3 feet high
Inflates in seconds
Velice 3D Halloween Lights
Velice’s products are well-known for their durability and functionality Its customers often commend its excellent customer support group for its quick response to their complaints.
Offers the choice of flickering or steady lighting. String of 20 3D bulbs. Low power-consumption LED bulbs. Suitable for indoor use. Durable and long-lasting.
If the lights are used outdoors they must be used in shaded areas because they aren’t waterproof.
8.8 ounces
Can be reused
Forum Novelties Zombie Hands and Arms
Forum Novelty is a household name when it comes to costumes for themed parties and events. It always has that one thing that’ll bring your creative ideas to dazzling reality.
Perfect zombie colors. Creepy, spooky and scary. Comes with stakes to hold the arms down to the ground. Pale flesh appearance. Perfect props for graveyard scenes.
The less-than-sturdy material makes the arms somewhat flimsy
Figure; stakes
Zombie hands and arms
14.5 inches long
Easy to set up

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What is the Best Outdoor Halloween Decoration?

Contrary to the popular idea that a Halloween decoration should be spooky, some can be simply decorative and nothing extra. In any case, a good one should be durable. Having gone through our buying guide, we know you have the information you need to make the best choice.
Our Top Choice
The Zingz & Thingz Sinister Skeleton Garden Light provides a classy and rather brilliant pranking idea for anyone at Halloween. The fact that a skeleton seems to be crawling out of the ground with a lantern is dramatic and intriguing, not to mention quite chilling! Would you like something for your Halloween costume? Try the Zingz & Thingz Decorative Accent Skull with Lighted Orb. It comes with 3 button cell batteries to light up the orb.

Zingz & Thingz Sinister Skeleton Garden Light Halloween Decoration

Zingz & Thingz is a pacesetter in the development of functional and decorative lifestyle products. Its product line includes home décor, lighting, patio and garden supplies, and giftware. It’s a stickler for design, value and quality, and these ideals are reflected in all the products it manufactures. Oh yeah, there’s always a great depth of innovation and creativity in its products too. Customer satisfaction is a big deal with Zingz & Thingz, which is why it strives to give its customers nothing short of the best service.

What else could scare the living daylight out of your visitor than finding a horrifying and hideous skeleton that appears to be crawling out of the ground with a ghostly-lit lantern in its bony and shriveled fist? It’s better witnessed than imagined! And that’s exactly what Zingz & Thingz Sinister Skull Décor offers.

Here’s our advice to you in case you plan to write a horror book soon. Ensure you have a good camera close by to capture the scene when your visitor sees the horrifying decoration on your lawn. We can tell you for free that the picture will make an awesome book cover…. *giggles*

To ensure that you have a long-lasting pranking experience with this decoration, it has been constructed with a sturdy Polyresin material that’s water and weatherproof. This material also ensures that there are no alterations with the way the decoration is built over time.

The ghostly-lit lantern will need 2 AA-sized batteries to stay on. So you’ll need to get a pair along with your order in case you don’t have one already.

If you want to share this dramatic and intriguing decoration with someone at Halloween, it’ll be a perfect gifting idea for that purpose. We all need to bring out the pranksters in us at Halloween, don’t you think?
Best Value
The Mega Spider Web is the perfect outdoor decoration for a Halloween season. It’s made from a durable polyester material that makes the web fit to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Add a little spooky spice to your Halloween party by getting the Fun World Bag of Mice. This bag of 12 mice will definitely scare the life out of your visitors.

Fun World Mega Spider Web Outdoor Halloween Decoration with Gutter Bracket and 5 Ground Stakes

Fun World started out in April 1963 as a small Easter baskets and toys business acquired from Stanley Geller’s father-in-law. In the years that followed, business for the company was really tough, but it grew despite the hard times and is today reckoned as a successful brand. It boasts of a workforce of 250 employees, a 400,000 square-foot warehouse in America and offices in Vietnam, China, India, and Hong Kong. It’s now in its 55th year of existence and continues to blaze the trail in the decoration and costume industry.

A spider web may be visible to you during the day, especially if you have good eyesight, but it may be a bit difficult to see a white web at night, even with the best vision. This is what Fun World was thinking about when it made the Mega Spider Web for Halloween decorations.

A prank can only be fun if you are the prankster. So we can already tell you will be reeling with laughter when you set this mega web in your front or backyard and your visiting friend walks head on into it. It gets even funnier if said friend is an arachnophobe.

You should trust us when we say that this web is mega. Or what do you think of something that measures 23 feet by 18 feet! In fact, this spider web has the potential to cover your entire outdoor space.

This triangle-shaped web comes with a gutter bracket and 5 ground stakes, meaning that it’ll stay put once assembled.
Are you worried that your web will deteriorate under bad weather conditions? Relax, friend! It’s made of strong and durable polyester that’s specially designed to withstand the worst of weather conditions.
When connected to a standard power outlet, its Halloween Airblown Kaleidoscope Spider self-inflates to a 3-foot arachnoid in a matter of seconds. It also features internal lighting that glows on its own at night. Not everything has to be spooky or creepy, right? Something cute like the Gemmy Outdoor Ghost with Witch Hat may be a nice change of pace. It has a goofy expression and a treat basket for visitors to drop their gifts and goodies in.

Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Wide Kaleidoscope Spider

Since its inception in 1984, Gemmy has been making ground-breaking achievements in the animation and novelties market. Ever heard of Pete the Repeat Parrot or the sensational Big Mouth Billy Bass? They were both products of Gemmy’s innovative ideas. In the years that followed its founding, Gemmy displayed great success in the decorative market and especially in the area of seasonal decorations. Its Airblown ® inflatables are known to be must-haves in many holiday decors in America. It’s also been featured in popular publications like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Gemmy is truly a trendsetter in many fields including technology, entertainment, and decorating.

Critters are generally creepy, and a spider crawling on the back of your neck is surely enough to make your hairs stand straight on ends.

Well, we’ll really like to introduce you to a giant spider that’s cuter than those pesky things on your skin: the Gemmy Halloween Airblown Kaleidoscope Spider.

This large monster is made of durable nylon which means you can add it to your decoration Halloween after Halloween without coming across as someone who is out of touch with what’s hot and what’s not in Halloween decorations. It features alternating colors of black and white on its antenna and red large dots on its black head for eyes, and then a kaleidoscope glow on its abdomen that lights up at night.

If you can already imagine how this spider looks when it’s set up, then you can tell that it’s a must-have for this year’s Halloween.

When you get this bug in a delivery, it’ll come as a flat deflated piece of nylon, but it self-inflates to a 3-foot size in a matter of seconds.

Wondering how you’ll set it up? We hope that knowing that it comes with everything you need to make it set for the purpose chills you out. This includes tethers and stakes to hold it down to the ground and an AC adapter to connect it to any standard outlet.

It’s also weatherproof and fade-resistant so that it can be conveniently used outdoors without any thoughts on a deterioration due to exposure to the elements.
Velice offers its Battery-Operated 3D Pumpkin Lights for your decorating space. These LED lights come in a string of 20 LED bulbs that’ll run seamlessly and tirelessly on 3 AA-sized batteries. How about solar-powered lights for your Halloween-themed outdoor space? Try the Velice Solar Powered 100 LED String Light. These lights can be used anywhere, including Christmas trees.

Velice 20 LED Battery-Operated 3D Halloween Lights – Available in 5 Designs

Velice manufactures and distributes decorations for all occasions. From lights to lanterns and themed pieces, Velice has that one thing that’ll spice up your event or celebration. It also boasts of a team of skilled customer service representatives who work round the clock to ensure its customers have a perfect after-delivery experience. Velice’s products are well-known for the value they add, the functionality they offer, and the innovative ideas they inspire in indoor and outdoor spaces of homes, offices, and public places.

When you think Halloween, you think pumpkin lights. To add these lights to your Halloween decoration this year, go for the Velice Battery-Operated Pumpkin Lights.

These lights are LEDs, and 20 of them at that, which means they don’t consume much power. So if you were thinking of scrapping lights out of your proposed Halloween décor just because of power consumption, you can relax on these ones.

With these lights, you can choose the option of a steady illumination or a flashing one for an extra effect to the entire theme of the day.

You can also rely on these lights to serve you for not just one Halloween but several Halloweens. I mean, what’s a Halloween without pumpkin lights?

However, you’ll need 3 AA-sized batteries to keep these beautiful lights running.

We’d also like to inform you that they are not waterproof. So you’ll do well to hang them up in shaded areas if you have to use them outdoors.

If pumpkins aren’t your thing, fear not, as these lights also come in blue bat, ghost, and spider variants!
Give your visiting neighbors a run for their dear life by staking the Forum Novelty Zombie Hands and Arms to your lawn. These arms come in grey colors that match their dark ragged sleeves. How about something to frighten passers-by? Check out the Forum Novelties Halloween Horror Zombie Garden Gnome. If you’d rather keep him indoors, this little guy can be used in your living room as well as your yard.

Forum Novelties Zombie Hands and Arms with Lawn Stakes

Forum Novelties has been a major player in the costume industry for well over 30 years. From tricks to jokes and magical scenes, Forum Novelties has something to make your events and scenes come alive. It also specializes in the production of costume accessories for all ages and body sizes. Forum says that if you need the perfect costume, decoration, or accessories for your Mardi Gras, Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day celebration, it has the perfect collection for your perusal.

Let your Halloween-themed decoration be the talk of the town this year by placing an order for the Forum Novelties Zombie Hands and Arms.

Imagine folks coming to your house to play a Halloween prank on you only to find zombie arms sticking on of an unearthed portion of your garden lawn! This already sounds like a scary scene enough for anyone to make a run for his dear life.

You can peer at their dramatic reaction to your decoration through the blinds of your curtain, of course without being seen, while you have a good laugh knowing you pulled off a great trick.

What makes these arms all the more spooky is that they feature dark gray cloth sleeves that emphasize the plastic grey color of the shrivel arms. They also come with ground stakes to pin the arms firmly to the ground through the edge of the sleeves.

Just in case you’ve been thinking of how to spice up a graveyard scene, and you’re looking for something creative to make that scene as real as your eyes in their sockets, these zombie arms will be perfect props for that purpose.

How Do I Choose the Best Outdoor Halloween Decoration?

Halloween is always so much fun and rewarding for people who take out the time to actually plan one. From the trick or treats to the costumes for the guys and for the girls to the indoor and outdoor decorations, your Halloween could be so lit that it becomes the talk of the town.

You can decide to organize a party for your friends and loved ones where they can enjoy all the festivities that come with Halloween. For a fab party, you should also include decorations in your preps and planning. With decorations, you can decide on things like lights that are simply decorative but Halloween-ish nonetheless. Or you could go the extra mile with a little drama for your friends and visiting neighbors.

Because, really, when it comes down to it, what is Halloween without the pranks and tricks? If you know someone who often brags about being able to face the scariest things without shaking as much as a hair strand, here’s a grand opportunity for you to order something that’ll give that fellow a run for his life.

Oh yeah! You could also include your Chihuahua into the prank by getting him an appropriate Halloween pet costume as well.

This year, we’d like to help you plan the best Halloween of your life by introducing you to some amazing decorations that you can’t help but love. Please come with us as we show you how to ensure the choice of decorations you make lives up to your expectations.
Halloween decorations vary with functionality, assembly, type, and size. This ultimately means that one may not be able to attribute the variation in prices to a particular factor. But one thing is sure: the more elaborate your decoration is the costlier it becomes. And the cheap outdoor Halloween decorations are definitely no-go areas because they make shabby appearances.

Nonetheless, good outdoor Halloween decorations can be purchased within a price range of $5 and $200.
Having the perfect Halloween décor shouldn’t be a big deal, especially if you know your onions. So here are a few we think you may want to consider before you make a choice:
  • Material
  • Type
  • Assembly
  • Size
  • Theme
Construction and Design
What type of decoration would you like? Lanterns, for instance, are common Halloween decorations that stay in outdoor spaces. They could be plastic or paper lanterns with LED bulbs or the more sophisticated and ornate ones. Skeletons are also Halloween must-haves. These fleshless beings add a strong touch of spookiness to any Halloween setup. You could also opt for creepy crawlies such as bugs and spiders or even bats. Frightful foods are less common but also relevant. They include sugar-craft cobwebs, eyeballs from peeled grapes, brains made from spaghetti noodles. If you love being creative in a kitchen, you can actually decide to make the frightful food yourself.

There are a gazillion and one Halloween decorations in the market made from different materials. These materials include plastic, polyresin, wax, wood, and metal. Because you plan to use them for your outdoor space, however, it’s best you go for something that’s waterproof and weather-resistant. Plastic, for instance, is a great material for this purpose. In some cases, though, the material may not be weatherproof and the brand will let you in on that. If it isn’t weatherproof and you love it anyway, you can choose to have it set up in a shaded part of your outdoor space.

The durability of a decoration also depends on its material. Nylon, for instance, will be prone to tears, especially if it gets caught in any sharp thing. Inflatables should also be considered when it comes to durability. A hole in anything of the sort will definitely be a spoiler.

You can also answer the question of size too. How big or small is the decoration, relative to your outdoor space? This directly affects the final outcome of the Halloween decoration. If it’s too small, then you might as well do without it because it may not do the ‘telling’ well enough. It can of course be too big as well; your neighbors may not appreciate your graveyard narrative spreading beyond your property and into their own.
Performance and Ease of Use
Assembly is often a major concern when it comes to decorations. How easy is it to set up? Do the assembly necessities come with the decoration or would you need to purchase some separately? While some such as spider webs, inflatables and skeletons come with ground skates and gutter brackets, things such as lights and lanterns will need electric supply. The battery-operated ones will also require batteries which rarely come in the package. So you should plan for the correct batteries as well

Some decorations can be a tad bit difficult to set up even though they arrive your house with all the things you need. Spider webs, for instance, may get tangled and it becomes increasingly frustrating to detangle them if they’re really big. In some difficult assembly cases, one may even need a handyman around. If you don’t think such a decoration is worth stressing so much over, then you can just pass on it.

Get the Best Outdoor Halloween Decoration of 2020!

Now that you’re aware of some of the best Halloween decorations around, we’re sure you’ve got your spook on, and we sincerely hope that you find the right decoration to make 10/31 at your house the talk of the town.

Our Top Choice
Zingz & Thingz Creeping Skeleton Garden Light
Best Value
Fun World Mega Spider Web
Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Spider
Velice 3D Halloween Lights
Forum Novelties Zombie Hands and Arms