Best Outdoor Vest Reviews 2023

Outdoor vests have two main functions: storage and protection. And if something is going to protect you, then you best be getting a good one. There are many of them out in the market today and picking one can be an uphill task. Trust us, we know. We just completed a hectic research on the best outdoor vests in the market, and narrowing them down to our top five was even more taxing. But anyway, we did it! Feel free to go through them and pick out your favorite.
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Our Top Choice
Carrhart Sandstone Mock-Neck Vest
For over 127 years, Carrhart has blazed the trail as a world-leading clothier by working with only the best hands and serving its customers with top-tier customer support.
Zip-front. Sherpa-lined for warmth and comfort. Two Sherpa-lined, front, half-kangaroo pockets. Two heavyweight inside pockets. One map pocket with closure. Machine wash.
Chest pocket might be too small for smartphones.
Men; mock neck
6 colors
S - 3XL; regular; tall
100% cotton
Machine wash
Best Value
Xposurzone Women Ultra Light Down Vest
Xposurzone is a world-class manufacturer of different cold weather apparels, with a focus on ultra-light down jackets, blankets, and vests, using the highest-performing materials.
Lightweight and sleek. Quilted stitch patterns accentuate feminine silhouette. High collar to protect the neck from cold winds. Color-matched pouch.
Slight issues with zipper.
Women; packable
15 colors
100% nylon
Machine wash
Outback Trading Overlander Oilskin Vest
At Outback Trading, there’s a fit for everyone. From all-weather outdoor apparels to fashion clothing, it produces top-quality, rugged clothing that customers love.
Oilskin repels water from vest. Two-way zipper. Zipper comes with storm flap. Comes with multiple pockets inside and out. Made of 100% breathable cotton fabric.
Side pockets a little small and hard to access for some.
Men; 5 pockets
Bronze; brown
S - 3XL
100% cotton
Hand wash
Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Vest
Columbia is an industry-leader in the outdoor apparel industry and holds itself to its commitment to providing wears that enable users to enjoy the outdoors for longer.
Lightweight. With Omni-shade sun protection (UPF 50+0). Omni-shield repellency from water. Omni-wick disperses sweat away from the body. With multiple pockets in and out.
Some pockets are hard to access.
Men; ridge
Gravel; grill
S - 2XL
100% nylon canvas
Wash separately; no bleach
White Sierra Women’s Mountain Vest
By focusing on what matters to its employees and customers, White Sierra has, for over 38 years, built a solid business around people—one relationship at a time.
Zippered hand pockets on Princess seams. Internal draw-cord for hem adjustment. Lined with plush polyester fleece for warmth and comfort. Lightweight. Layers nicely.
Fabric is a bit too thin for some.
9 colors
S - XL
100% Polyester
Machine wash

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What is the Best Outdoor Vest?

We’re sure you know more about outdoor vests than you did before you read our guide. Yeah, thank us later… a good time may be after you’ve picked out your favorite vest from our review that’s up next!
Our Top Choice
When function and comfort are a must, make the Carrhart Sherpa Lined Sandstone Mock-Neck Vest your go-to vest. It comes with multiple pockets that allow you to work in warmth, comfort, and convenience every time. Or check out this one with a brown finish, two front hand-warmer pockets, and nylon-lining for warmth. It goes for a great price: The Carrhart Men’s Arctic-Quilt Lined Duck Vest!

Carrhart Sherpa Lined Sandstone Mock-Neck Vest – Available in Several Sizes & Colors

It’s been 127 plus years of success, creativity, and innovation at Carrhart, a brand known and acknowledged for its outstanding successes in making some of the best apparels available in the market today. With an eye for quality, it employs only the best hands, uses only the best materials, and of course delivers on exceptional clothing that leave customers feeling confident, comfortable, and fashionable. Thanks to its open-door policy, Carrhart takes every opinion from its customers to heart and makes sure to integrate those ideas into the manufacturing of subsequent products. Little wonder it’s got huge fans all around the world.

The amazing Carrhart Sandstone Mock-Neck Vest is just the right vest you need for that adventure you’ve planned. You sure can’t afford to miss out on all the topnotch features it brings to the table.

First, it comes Sherpa-lined. And you know how Sherpa works. Well, if you don’t know, Sherpa brings warmth, and of course lush comfort, to your vest. You’re going to love how this vest pampers you with all the warmth and comfort that you need to function and work optimally under the most conducive conditions without the distractions of discomfort.

Of course, it also layers nicely, so feel free to pile up all the clothing you want under this awesome vest. You’ll still have all the freedom to move around in it without any hindrance, so it’s totally cool.

For even more warmth, there are two front, half-kangaroo hand-warmer pockets that are equally Sherpa-lined. So, you guessed it: more warmth and more comfort.

For all your tools and what-nots, there are two heavyweight pockets inside that will hold them all like champs. And there’s also a map pocket in front to store more things, say your phone for instance (well, depending on the size actually, a few people have complained about the size of the map pocket).

With a drop tail for more coverage and a convenient machine-wash care, there’s hardly any box that this vest does not tick. It’s even available in an array of classy, casual colors you can choose from. And you should hurry up and get it!
Best Value
This is one vest that can never go out of style: the Xposurzone Women Packable Lightweight Outdoor Puffer Down Vest. It comes in a sleek, lightweight design that’s slim-fitted to accentuate your feminine silhouette. Want a more-affordable outdoor vest? Then check out this vest with its down puffer design and cool detachable hood: The Xposurzone Down Puffer Vest with Hood.

Xposurzone Women Packable Lightweight Outdoor Puffer Down Vest – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Over the years, Xposurzone has carved a niche for itself in the clothing industry, focusing its energies and creativity in creating some of the best cold weather apparels around for miles. Because of its strict, uncompromising rule of using the best and highest-performing materials possible, it manages to always excel at making the most unique clothing that’s lightweight, attractive, functional, and surprisingly quite affordable. Whether you’re in need of a fashionable down jacket or a stylish vest or a comfy blanket for the cold seasons, you’re on to the one-stop place for the most unique products at unbeatable prices.

Hey ladies, here’s something for you that you’ll definitely fall head-over-heels for: The Xposurzone Women Ultra Light Down Vest. It has a million reasons to love it, but because we don’t own all the space on the internet, we will limit it to the basic ones.

First off, this vest is slim-fitted to accentuate your feminine silhouette. Who says we have to go baggy to rock a vest? Nuh-uh… With this vest, you’ll turn heads and you won’t even have to rob a bank. In fact, it’s so chic that it comes with its own pouch that packs up your vest nicely when not in use. Now hear the best part: it’s color-matched! Yeah, we squealed too when we heard that.

It also comes with a high collar that serves more functions than adding to its fashionable look. It protects your neck from the winds and in that way wards off the chills.

You might not know it, but the zipper plays a big role in determining how much heat a vest will conserve for you. This vest comes with an insulated wind guard under the zipper to keep heat from seeping out or the wind from seeping in.

To ensure that this item lasts through many seasons, it comes bound at the arm holes, which also adds to the style this vest offers.

Let’s not forget that it’s available in a variety of trendy and fun colors that you can choose from—no matter your usual style, you’re sure to find a fit!

Now you know—you cannot afford to go on the next golfing or traveling expedition without one or even two (because we can’t wear the same vest every day, and we have to match with our sweaters, duh…) of this vest. Especially not when it’s so affordable! PS: it’s machine-wash!
Step out with all the glam that oilskin gives with its Outback Trading Men’s Overlander Waterproof Oilskin Vest. It looks great, feels great, and repels water strongly, leaving you feeling warm, dry, and confident whatever the weather. Too pricey? Check out this more-affordable vest that’s also oilskin, with multiple pockets and a classic western look to it. See the Outback Trading Cliffdweller Oilskin Vest.

Outback Trading Men’s Overlander Waterproof Oilskin Vest – Available in Multiple Sizes & 2 Colors

By sticking to only the best and most cost-effective manufacturing practices, Outback Trading has consistently delivered on quality apparels that customers, both locally and internationally, adore. It’s particularly committed to manufacturing comfy clothes that allow convenience for any kind of working lifestyle. From all-weather apparel to fashion wear, this company has succeeded in retaining its reputation of producing durable and rugged apparels that stand the test of time and use. With a customer care system that’s highly commendable, Outback Trading definitely sets the pace in the clothing industry.

And here comes the Outback Trading Overlander Oilskin Vest. It’s got all the glam that you know you want to have on you next time you take a hike. Now let’s have a quick look at why this vest is so awesome:

It’s made of oilskin, which has this leathery look and feel. Plus, it repels water like crazy and keeps you dry whatever your job requires. As you know, oilskin is 100% cotton and therefore breathable, so your comfort is totally assured.

It also comes with a two-way zipper that’s quite sturdy and even comes with a storm flap to keep all the warmth in.

There are multiple pockets both inside and outside the vest so you can store and store and store. It’s got three at the chest and two at the hips.

For more coverage and versatility, this vest comes with a longer length. Plus, it also has this really cool Nubuck leather top collar that’s every bit as functional as it is stylish. It keeps the chills away from your neck.

You can choose from bronze or brown colors when you purchase this vest as well, meaning you can find that subtle hint of color you need to complete the outdoor-adventurer look.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out in a fascinating vest, this is the one for you. But mind you, this vest is strictly hand-wash. No machines on this one, guys.
Keep your cool with the Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Vest with Ultraviolet Protection! Its patented Omni-shield and Omni-wick features keep the UV rays out and refresh you by dispersing all the sweat from a hard day’s work. Or you could have this pocket-friendly vest with its graphite color, multiple pockets, and thermal reflective lining that will keep you warm: the Columbia Men’s Saddle Chutes Vest.

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Vest with Ultraviolet Protection – Available in Multiple Colors & Sizes

Being at the top brings with it the responsibility to keep delivering, and this is a responsibility Columbia does not take lightly. Hard work has brought this company from where it was at its inception—a small company making quality wears and selling to a few customers—to where it is today: a large clothing company selling fast to thousands. Whether it’s fleece, pants, shoes, boots, or jackets, Columbia makes them, and at the highest quality. All products are tested under the toughest conditions to give you the strongest assurance that they will weather whatever condition you take them through. The team at Columbia is totally crazy about the outdoors and therefore does all it can to ensure that outdoor-lovers can now enjoy their adventures for longer.

And here’s a really innovative, out-of-the-box outdoor vest: The Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Vest. It’s got features you probably never thought of in an outdoor vest, but boy are they genius!

First, it has these patented “Omni“ features that have different functions. It has the Omni-shield feature that’s water-repellent, so you stay dry, conditions-regardless.

It also has the Omni-shade feature. Remember the rash guard and how it works? That’s how this works too. It comes with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ which keeps UV rays out of your skin. You know how those rays aren’t good for you.

There’s also an Omni-wick feature that disperses sweat off of your skin, keeping you feeling refreshed and cool however hard you work. So, you can now work for longer without feeling uncomfortable or cranky from all the heat.

This vest is available in two colors: gravel and grill. Pick your poison!

And boy does it have a lot of pockets! Pockets! Pockets everywhere!!

There’s a pocket with a hook-and-loop closure. There’s a zip-closed security pocket. On the inside of the vest is a mesh pocket. And on the front of the vest is, you guessed it, hand pockets. And it’s so lightweight, you’ll hardly notice it’s there.
You’ll find this vest highly functional and comfortable too. Order it now!

PS: this vest is machine-wash, but strictly no dry cleaning.
Whatever the adventure, the White Sierra Women’s Mountain Vest with Internal Draw-cord should go with you. This beautiful vest is lined with fleece that gives you the lush feeling of comfort and keeps you warm and ready to enjoy your activity. Your daughter will love this vest for girls, with its lovely mint color, and a polyfill insulation that will keep her warm: the White Sierra Girls St. Helen’s Vest.

White Sierra Women’s Mountain Vest with Internal Draw-cord – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

What’s most charming about the White Sierra brand is the lovely familial ambience one gets when shopping there: it has built a solid business that centers around people (employees and customers), one relationship at a time. Because of this focus on people, it makes apparels that don’t just suit outdoors generally, but apparels that suit your very own outdoor needs. So, you define the occasion, and it delivers just the way you like it. Pretty cool, right?! Being family-owned itself, White Sierra is big on family bonding, hence it also caters to clothing needs of everyone in the family, from the oldest to the youngest. Making everyday clothes for everyday people, this brand has won the hearts of many customers who need fashionable, functional, and affordable clothing that stands out.

The White Sierra Women’s Mountain Vest is the vest of choice for the fashionable woman who’s working on a really tight budget. It’s affordable and yet carries the look of a real classy fashion piece.

It’s plush fleece-lined, which means you get as much warmth and comfort as you need. Whatever the outing you’re on, mountain climbing or hiking, the fleece offers you protection from the elements. It also adds a touch of style to the piece.

While the vest is stitched to fit your figure, it still comes with an internal draw-cord to adjust the hem to whatever fit you want. So basically, the power lies with you to decide how you want to go: loose-fitting or a little more slim-fit.

There are also hand pockets to keep your fingers nice and warm and further increase how much warmth you get out of this thing every time you’re out in it.

And with a color that compliments your feminism (there’s several to choose from), you’ll step out proudly female, exuding confidence and all at an unbelievable price. Get it fast!

How Do I Choose the Best Outdoor Vest?

There are so many reasons to get an outdoor vest, but the most basic reasons are about three.

One: an outdoor vest is a fantastic item for the cold weather, maybe not “snowing cold” as a down jacket or a heated one might be better, but generally, these are great for the chills and winds.

Plus, they layer nicely. Most people wear layers of clothing underneath an outdoor vest, and because most are designed to be pretty roomy it still works and hardly gets in the way. Which brings us to our second point…

Two: Outdoor vests are also used for working or an exciting adventure.

So, say your job requires you to work outside even on chilly, windy days; you would most definitely need an outdoor vest. Now this isn’t just about warmth. No, a little more than that. Outdoor vests are typically designed to have a barrage of pockets. We kid you not! It’s a zoo out there. Several, several pockets. Pretty much like your combats.

The reason you’d love this as a hiker, mountain climber, or outdoor worker is that you get to store so many things and work with convenience. Your hands are free to work and all your tools are just one touch away. Literally!

Three: Last but definitely not the least, we absolutely have to mention that outdoor vests are totally hot! Well, yeah because they give you some warmth, but it’s beyond that. They are stylish, fashionable, and make a statement.

So, say you’re going to an elite country club and it’s slightly windy; don’t you think it would be sweet to swing in style with an outdoor vest? Of course you do! With your hair flying in the breeze like a superstar, and your outdoor vest matching your underlying sweater, you’re literally going to stop traffic… of the flying ball because there are no cars there except golf carts. Whatever... Anyway, you catch our drift.

That said, you might want to walk with us to know all the deets on outdoor vests cos there’s plenty of other stuff to consider just before you make your purchase. And you know we’re all about informed buying here to reduce the chances of buyer’s regret. Are you ready to find out the deets? Cos we’re born ready!
For a wide range of prices, you can get a lovely outdoor vest that works for all, or at least most, of your needs. Usually, within the range of $20 to $150 plus, you should be able to get a good outdoor vest depending on the materials used in making the vest—and of course, your personal tastes in fashion. Of all the materials used in making these vests, polyester is the least expensive and the most common; if you’re an oilskin lover though, get ready to spend a little more (but then again, you probably know that already). Cotton is usually in the middle of these two in pricing, while cheap outdoor vests are totally out of the picture.

You won’t find them in this review, and please don’t go elsewhere looking for them. Only a few insulate even moderately well, and when they do, they come with such terrible stitching that they hardly ever last a few wears even though these vests are meant to last you many seasons. And don’t even get us started on the material. Just avoid, please.
So, what are the features you need to look out for in an outdoor vest before you purchase? You should, by now, have a clue, but if you don’t, that’s why we’re here. Here are some features to look out for before purchasing an outdoor vest:
  • Material
  • Fit
  • Pockets
  • Care
  • Weight
Construction and Design

A lot of materials can be used to make an outdoor vest, and aside from determining price, they can also determine how well you like your vest (or not), depending on your tastes. The top materials of choice include cotton, polyester, and oilskin. Let’s talk a bit about oilskin since you probably already know much about the other two.

Oilskin material is actually cotton fabric mixed with oil (of course it’s not this straightforward, but this is not a cloth-making class). Vests made from this material are usually nice-looking and, of course, more expensive. But most importantly, they repel water like crazy!

So if you’re to be going fishing or any other activity that might require one or two splashes, we guess you’ve found the material to go for. Of course, polyester will also work, but be careful about polyester; if you get the cheap ones, you’re going to hate them. It’s a guarantee.

Another part of materials we will discuss is lining

You already know what the essence of the lining is in an outdoor vest, and different vests come with different linings: from fleece to polyfill, to down. Fleece will give you a warm and furry feeling, and so will down. But then there are two kinds of down linings. Some are synthetic, while others are natural feathers. Of course, natural down will give more warmth and cost more, but if your location doesn’t ooze out cold like rain, then you can also go for synthetic.


Lastly, in this section, we will look at the fit:

Please and please, outdoor vests aren’t supposed to fit you like a glove. This goes to the ladies especially. Yes, you want to show off the hourglass, but the purpose of the vest is to allow for easy, unrestricted movement since you’ll be using it for rigorous outdoor activity.

Of course, the fit for men is different from that for women, and is generally looser. Outdoor vests for women, on the other hand, actually come slim-fitted to flatter the feminine figure—but don’t expect it to be like your little black dress. Your ideal size should be a little loose-fitting on you as we’ve said. Too tight and you might not be able to layer or get much done conveniently.
Performance and Ease of Use

The number of pockets an outdoor vest comes with weighs differently in the camps of different people. If you need them for the kind of job you do that probably requires you having a lot of tools around, then you definitely need a lot of pockets. Adventurers also need lots of pockets. If you just need them for outdoor recreation though, you might not need too many pockets. But generally, outdoor vests come with lots of pockets, so you should be fine. Worst case, you have too many more than you need which isn’t a biggie at the end of the day.

A bigger issue than number of pockets is the ease of accessibility. Be sure that the pockets fit your hands and other tools you want to put into them. There’s nothing more useless than having a ton of pockets and still having to lug a bag of tools around because they’re so difficult to access.


An outdoor vest should be lightweight for obvious reasons. Heavy clothing isn’t ideal on a normal day… how much more when you’re out on an outdoor activity that already requires you to exert so much energy? The last thing you want is anything that slows you down. So get a lightweight vest.


Finally, when it comes to care, there’s no blanket advice. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If they say to hand wash, you hand wash. If they say to machine wash, good for you. Things like fabric softener and bleach though, are a no-no. Keep them away from your vest.

Get the Best Outdoor Vest of 2023!

Are you ready? Then let’s order those vests! And if you don’t like our featured vests, we featured only world-class brands, so any other vest from them will be just fine!

Our Top Choice
Carrhart Sandstone Mock-Neck Vest
Best Value
Xposurzone Women Ultra Light Down Vest
Outback Trading Overlander Oilskin Vest
Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Vest
White Sierra Women’s Mountain Vest