Best Overdoor Organizer Reviews 2023

If you live in a small apartment, the storage and organization of your household items could become a big problem. An overdoor organizer is a simple and creative way to solve such a problem. Whether it’s a pantry organizer or shoe rack, the market is currently inundated with so many types of overdoor organizers that selecting a suitable organizer to de-clutter your apartment may pose another challenge. To lighten your burden, we have spent many hours researching and found some of the best overdoor organizer brands. From these top brands, we have also selected five top products (one from each) to review. These five are just samples of the many great products these brands have to offer. While this review is about overdoor organizers, please note that they are not the only type of organizers we have reviewed. Go ahead and check out toy organizer, desk organizer and stroller organizer reviews.
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Storage Space
Our Top Choice
ClosetMaid Adjustable Wall and Door Rack
For more than five decades, ClosetMaid has remained committed to helping people solve storage problems in their homes.
Adjustable. Mounting hardware included. Lightweight. Ventilated wire rack.
The door doesn’t close quite easily.
General storage
Adjustable wire rack
12-inch; 18-inch
To be screwed in
Best Value
DecoBros Over Door Coat Rack
DecoBros makes life simpler by manufacturing instant storage equipment and organizers that manage space and reduce clutter in both the home and office.
Sturdy. Flexible door bracket. Chrome finish. Good quality. Multi-purpose.
Not suitable for doors thicker than 1.75 inches.
For hanging
With hooks
11 hooks
No screws required
Longstem Organizers Overdoor/Wall Organizer
When it comes to manufacturing stylish and quality storage and organization equipment for clothing and accessories, no one does it better than Longstem Organizers.
Hardware included. One glance view. Easily accessible. Heavy-duty construction.
Difficulty in reaching and seeing the top of the unit.
Jewelry storage
Hooks; removable plastic tray
38 hooks; 6 compartments
1 screw to be used
PRO-MART Over The Door Pantry Organizer
PRO-MART enhances the lives of its consumers by equipping them with unique and quality products for storage and organization in the kitchen, closet, laundry room etc.
Rustproof finish. Sturdy construction. Interlocking shelves. Height adjustable. Easy setup.
Swings when the door opens and closes.
Pantry storage
Adjustable metal rack
5 shelves
To be screwed in
Whitmor Overdoor Shoe Organizer
Whitmor has been helping its customers achieve home organization by manufacturing quality and innovative storage and organization products for over 70 years.
Sturdy hooks. Breathable pockets. Great quality. Price friendly. Reinforced seams.
Not suitable for boots and heavy work shoes.
Shoe organizer
Breathable fabric pockets
24 pockets
Screw not required

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What is the Best Overdoor Organizer?

While an overdoor organizer can be helpful, you need to be careful during the selection process. There are several factors that should be carefully considered and, if you’ve read this buying guide properly, you will be better equipped to make the right choice. Now, let’s look at the first product in our review.
Our Top Choice
The ClosetMaid Wall and Door Rack measures 12 inches wide, and can be adjusted to accommodate items of various lengths and sizes. It can be used in the pantry, kitchen or any other room that requires extra storage. Got a lot of shoes? Check out the ClosetMaid Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer. It has 24 pockets for your shoes, socks, scarves and more.

ClosetMaid Adjustable Wall and Door Rack – Available in 12-Inch or 18-Inch Sizes

Since 1965, ClosetMaid has been committed to helping people de-clutter their homes at reasonable prices. It does this by manufacturing storage organizers that are functionally superior, durable and stylish. From its innovative wire drawer systems and laminate storage furniture, to its wall and door racks and pantry organizers, ClosetMaid ensures that its users maximize their storage space without breaking the bank.

If you’ve got limited space and too much stuff, the ClosetMaid Wall and Door Rack is what you need to help you organize those supplies whilst doubling your storage space. Sounds like magic, right? Well, a little magic is always welcome. It is a lightweight wire rack that is made of epoxy-coated metal and wire, and can fit over the door of any room, including the kitchen pantry, laundry room and even the kid’s room. No one likes clutter, and this equipment helps you store and organize items of various shapes and sizes. It’s an eight-tier rack with baskets that can easily be adjusted to accommodate your supplies, whether tall or short. All you need to do is shift it.

You may be worried about the items in the basket tilting, but the close wire spacing design ensures that this doesn’t happen. It is also well ventilated, and strong enough to hold different items. Assembling and installing this white pantry organizer is quite easy and, although the door may not close as easily, it will add some storage space to your limited area. Weighing only eight pounds, this overdoor organizer measures 5.2 x 77 inches and is available in two widths – 12 and 18 inches.

ClosetMaid has other overdoor organizers to help maximize space:
  • The ClosetMaid Adjustable Wall & Door Hanging Organizer – which can be used to store and organize items like clothes, bags, purses and scarves. It is easily assembled and features hangers that can be easily adjusted to suit your storage needs.
  • The ClosetMaid Over-the-Door Tie and Belt Rack – which comes with 16 strong wire hooks for easy storage of ties and belts. It is white in color and can be easily installed.
  • The ClosetMaid Over-The-Door Utility Hook – which allows for instant storage in tight areas or behind doors. It has 12 hooks for umbrellas, towels, jackets, hats and more.
All ClosetMaid overdoor organizers come with all the hardware needed for wall or door mounting and you have the freedom to choose between two sizes with different packs.
Best Value
The DecoBros Overdoor Hook Rack is a well-built rack with a flexible door bracket that fits doors up to 1.75 inches thick. It also has 11 hooks that provide you with more space for hanging coats and other accessories. If it is your shoes that require organization and storage, then take a quick look at the beige-colored DecoBros Over the Door Shoes Organizer. It comes with 24 pockets to help you get more organized.

DecoBros Supreme Overdoor Hook Organizer with Flexible Door Bracket and Chrome Finish

DecoBros designs, manufactures and retails some of the best organization and storage products currently available on the market. From its kitchen and garment organizer to its office organizer, DecoBros remains committed to providing its customers with innovative and stylish equipment that reduces clutter and makes their lives simpler.

Limited space can be a bother, especially when you have so many clothes and accessories. An overdoor organizer helps maximize space while keeping your items within reach. However, there are very few over-the-door racks that don’t hamper opening and closing of doors, and the DecoBros Over Door Hook Rack is one of them. This rack allows you to hang your coats, bags, hooded clothes, purses and even backpacks, without having to put holes in the doors or walls.

It has 11 sturdy hooks that can hold several coats, backpacks, purses, etc., without bending. There is no need for installation, as it features a special door bracket that can fit doors that are up to 1.75 inches thick. The metal top is thin enough to pass doors with very little space above, and this allows you to shut the door completely. This overdoor rack has a beautiful chrome finish and measures 17.4 x 11.5 x 3 inches. So, put away your scattered clothing by adding this lightweight and portable instant overdoor organizer to your bedroom door.

Here are more impressive overdoor organizers from DecoBros:
  • The DecoBros Over the Door 6 Hook Organizer Rack – which comes with a flexible bracket that fits doors. It has six silver hooks that provide more hanging space for jackets, scarves, belts and even umbrellas.
  • The DecoBros Over the Cabinet Door Bag Holder – which can be mounted over the door or wall and can hold and store up to 60 plastic bags. It has a metal frame that is silver coated, and a removable, multi-purpose hanger.
  • The DecoBros Over Cabinet Door Organizer Holder – which can be hung or mounted over the bathroom or kitchen cabinet door and used to hold and store kitchen or bathroom supplies. It is also durable and has a silver-coated metal frame.
With the 38 hooks on the Longstem Organizers Overdoor/Wall Organizer, you can beautifully organize, exhibit and access your jewelry collections anytime. It also comes with the mounting hardware for easy assembly. But if you're a man with less jewelry and more ties, belts, hats, etc., then the Men's Over the Door\/Wall Belt Tie Valet Organizer by Longstem Organizers is what you need.

Longstem Organizers Over-Door/Wall Jewelry Organizer

Longstem Organizers is committed to one goal: providing you with storage solutions that can maximize efficiency while utilizing the space available. To achieve this, it has designed and manufactured several organizers that ensure that all members of the family have the means to store and organize properly. It is, therefore, no wonder that most of its products are of high quality, innovative and, most especially, affordable.

If you’ve ever spent more than an hour looking for a piece of jewelry, you will not hesitate to get the Longstem Jewelry Organizer, which allows you to store, organize and display all your jewelry at once. You can easily access your earrings, watches, rings, necklaces, pins and so much more. It is a beautiful and stylish jewelry organizer that can hang over the bedroom or closet door, or can be placed on the wall.

Made of steel, this organizer is sturdy enough to hold more than 300 pieces of jewelry. This two-piece organizer includes 38 hooks, a removable six-compartment plastic tray for additional storage, two mounts for over-the-door hanging and four mounts for wall hanging. It also comes with the required hardware (screws and anchors) to make assembly easy. Once you’ve assembled and mounted it, you can display all your collections and view them clearly at a glance. It weighs 7.2 pounds and measures 20.5 x 29.6 x 3.6 inches. It can also be used to store and organize glasses, belts, hair accessories and scarves.

Longstem Organizers has more organizers you can check out:
  • The Longstem Wall-mounted Organizing Jewelry & Accessory Storage Valet – which can be easily assembled and is built to last. It can hold a lot of jewelry and allows you to see all of it at once.
  • The Longstem Overdoor Wall Jewelry Organizer – which is bronze colored and has 38 hooks that can hold more than 300 jewelry pieces. It is easily assembled and features a heavy-duty construction.
  • The Men's Over the Door/Wall Belt Tie Valet Organizer – which displays belt, ties, keys and more at one glance. It is white and built to last.
The PRO-MART Over The Door Pantry Organizer features the latest interlocking shelves that can be easily adjusted to store and organize different household items. It also has a rustproof finish for increased durability. If you want an organizer with breathable pockets for your shoes and purses, check out the PRO-MART DAZZ Over The Door Shoe and Purse Organizer. It has 22 clear, vinyl pockets.

PRO-MART Over The Door Pantry Organizer – Available in Small or Large Sizes

When it comes to home organization products that are creative, innovative and affordable, no one does it better than PRO-MART. It is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of products that facilitate storage and organization in the home. Committed to bringing glamour and ease to life, PRO-MART ensures that its users get only the best products that are of high quality and of great value.

A small-sized pantry can be a nightmare, especially when disorganized. If that is your story, the PRO-MART Over the Door Pantry Organizer can be the solution. This five-tier organizer hangs over the door and provides you with additional storage space to help de-clutter your pantry. To prevent the organizer from collapsing when filled with items, innovative interlocking shelves are featured for extra strength. The shelves can also be adjusted accordingly for items of different shapes and sizes.

Placing this equipment is quite easy, and no tools are needed for hanging it over the door. It has a thin bracket that slips between the door frame and edge. For increased durability, the frame of this organizer is rustproof. This ensures that the organizer serves its purpose for a long time without any loss in quality. With dimensions measuring 5.2 x 17 x 51 inches, it can fit the length of any door.

Here are more overdoor organizers by PRO-MART:
  • The PRO-MART DAZZ Over-The-Door Wire Shoe Rack – which can hold 18 pairs of shoes and doesn’t require any tools to be assembled. It is made of steel and built to last.
  • The PRO-MART DAZZ Over the Door Organizer – which is beige colored and has 42 breathable, mesh pockets with elastic trim for secure storage.
  • The DAZZ Over the Door Organizer by PRO-MART – with 32 breathable pockets that can be used to hold small household accessories. It is also see-through and has five overdoor steel hooks for easy hanging.
Although we featured the small size option, please note that you can also get this over door organizer in large size as well.
The Whitmor Overdoor Shoe Organizer ensures you save floor space by providing 24 breathable pockets for storing and organizing up to 12 pairs of shoes. It is hung by three thin, sturdy hooks that fit doors of standard sizes. If you'd rather have shoe shelves than pockets, then check out the Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Shelves. It has 26 shoe compartments for easy storage and access.

Whitmor Overdoor Shoe Organizer with Reinforced Seams

If there's one thing Whitmor guarantees, it is quality products that improve home appearance. From storage and organization products to laundry accessory and garment care products, Whitmor ensures that its products enrich the lives of its consumers by simplifying the home care process. Innovation and integrity are two qualities that have endeared Whitmor to its numerous users, and its team of experienced customer care agents ensure that solutions are provided to all questions pertaining to Whitmor products.

Your shoes can make your closet or room look disorganized and messy, especially when there are too many of them and little or no storage space. While you can’t throw them away, not storing them properly can increase their risk of damage and potential destruction. And while it would be expensive to move into a bigger apartment or replace damaged shoes, an inexpensive option would be to get the Whitmor Overdoor Shoe Organizer.

It helps keep your shoes organized and room neat by providing you with 24 pockets for storing them. The polyester, mesh pockets are breathable and allow air to get into the shoes to prevent mildew. Durability is increased by the presence of the reinforced seams, and the three thin hooks allows convenient over-the-door hanging. The java brown color ensures it doesn’t look out of place on the closet or bedroom door. Weighing 0.6 pounds, it is lightweight enough to be easily moved from one room to another. Measuring 18 x 64 inches, it can rest pretty on any standard door. So, to avoid the problem of shoe cluttering, get this overdoor shoe organizer today.

Whitmor has more organizers you may check out:
  • The Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Organizer – with 24 breathable pockets for shoes. It is made of 100 percent linen and has a frame that’s made of steel.
  • The Whitmor OTD Shoe Bag – with clear, vinyl pockets for easy view and access. It can be used to organize shoes, cleaning supplies, toys, etc.
  • The Whitmor 36-Pair OTD Shoe Rack – which can easily store and organize up to 36 pairs of shoes. It requires no tools for assembly and can also hold boots.
  • The Whitmor Gift Wrap Organizer – which can hold and store gift wrap and other wrapping supplies. It is tear resistant and has clear, vinyl pockets for viewing and easy access.

How Do I Choose the Best Overdoor Organizer?

If you're reading this, it means you currently have a storage space problem. It could either mean that you live in a small apartment, or that you have too much stuff with little or no storage space. But, no matter your reason, there's only one solution – increasing storage capacity. No, we are not asking you to get a bigger apartment; neither are we asking you to throw away your belongings. What we are doing instead is presenting you with a storage solution that can also help you organize your household items. Your answer is an overdoor organizer!

What makes this organizer different from other organizers you may have come across, is the fact that it can be hung over the door. So, with the right overdoor organizer, every door in your home is now a potential additional storage. While one overdoor organizer may serve different purposes, it would be wiser to get a different overdoor organizer for each room. For example, an overdoor organizer for the pantry or kitchen would not serve the same function as a coat rack for jackets and hooded clothes. Similarly, if you’ve got different shoes, such as dress shoes, running shoes, bike shoes, etc., a shoe organizer would be more efficient than a jewelry stand.

There are several types of overdoor organizers and, to select the right one, there are several factors that must be considered. Factors such as the design of the organizer, the storage capacity, the mounting mechanism and the material employed in construction are important.

Space saving and efficient organization are some of the benefits of an overdoor organizer. Most times, it is the difference between a neat room and a messy, disorganized room. So, if you're experiencing any form of item cluttering, then do not hesitate to equip yourself with the most functional and durable overdoor organizer available. You will appreciate the value and, most importantly, your problem will be solved.
The price of an overdoor organizer is largely dependent on the brand and type of organizer in question. When it comes to the brand, there are some popular brands, such as ClosetMaid, that are known for exceptional performance and are, therefore, highly popular. When it comes to the type in question, a pantry organizer is not expected to cost as much as a jewelry organizer. Also, the price of an overdoor organizer tends to increase as the number of pockets, shelves, or hooks increase, irrespective of the type.

Most overdoor organizers are affordable, and you can get a good, durable option between around $15 and $75. However, there are a lot of cheap overdoor organizers with questionable quality. If you don’t want to compromise quality for cost and regret your purchase, it is best to stay away from such products.
Good storage and organization products are hard to come by, and selecting the right overdoor organizer could make all the difference when it comes to space utilization. To make the selection process easier and simpler, we will simply point out the major factors to consider, as these will determine which overdoor organizer will be best for you. These features include:
  • Type: Pantry Organizer, Shoe Organizer, Jewelry Organizer
  • Design: Pockets, Shelves, Hooks
  • Storage Space: Number of Hooks, Shelves, or Pockets
  • Organizer Material
  • Hanging Mechanism
  • Size and Color
Now let’s look at how these can affect your choice.
Construction and Design
To properly organize and store different items in your home, you need the overdoor organizer that’s best suited for them. There are several types of overdoor organizers, and they include the pantry, shoe, jewelry, closet organizers.

If you’ve identified the type of overdoor organizer you need, the next step is to select a design. Overdoor organizers come in many designs, and the design selected should be suited to the items. The designs available include pockets, hooks and shelves. Some organizers with pockets may be transparent, while others are not.

The material of the pockets may also vary from plastic to nylon. Overdoor pocket organizers are multi-functional, and may find use in many parts of the house. From storing toys to organizing shoes to holding little kitchen items, these pockets have no limit to what they can hold. Hook organizers are more useful in the bedroom, and they may be used to hang coats, bags, purses, scarves, hats and even backpacks. The overdoor organizers with shelves are great for the kitchen and pantry. They can be used to store and organize kitchen supplies and, most times, they can be adjusted to contain items of different heights and shapes.

The materials used in the construction of overdoor organizers range from plastic to wood or metal. The nature of the items to be used in the organizer should determine the type of material employed. For organizing shoes, organizers with plastic or breathable fabric should be used. For clothes that are bulky, or weighty kitchen supplies, the overdoor organizer employed should be rigid and sturdy, and nothing comes closer than metal. Once mounted properly, these metal frames will hold up under the weight of the items and will not break or bend. Some shelf organizers are also made of wood. These wooden overdoor racks may be more expensive, and may need more care than other materials.
Performance and Ease of Use
While the design of the overdoor is important, the quantity of space available for storage and organization plays as great a role. The storage could be in the form of hooks, shelves or pockets, but what is being considered here is the number. The capacity differs from brand to brand and it is important to ensure it can accommodate your clutter before buying it. When it comes to shelves, some brands have five tiers, while others have as many as eight or ten. In the case of pockets, you may come across as many as 42, while for hooks, 10 or more is a possibility.

The hanging mechanisms of overdoor organizers differ but, most often than not, they require no tools or special skill set. Some organizers come with special brackets that fit over the top edge of the door. For this special bracket to fit the door, it must be thin enough for the door to open and close properly. Secondly, there should be a small space above the door, just between the door frame and edge. If there's no space at the top of any of the doors, it would be best to look for organizers that also have the wall mounting option. Most overdoor organizers without hanging brackets come with the required mounting hardware, such as screws and anchors. This is because they should be screwed into the door or wall for maximum stability, especially for organizers designed for heavier items.

Also consider the size and color of the overdoor organizer. To do this, you will also have to consider the door that the organizer will be attached to. Do not install an organizer that is larger than this space, as this can lead to another form of clutter. If you are going for a multi-functional rack, choose a lightweight and portable organizer that won’t pose any challenge when you need to move it. Overdoor organizers come in different colors, and it is advisable to select a color that will match the rest of the room’s furniture. If you select a metal organizer, ensure that it is well coated or painted to prevent rust or any form of degradation. This can go a long way in increasing its durability.

Get the Best Overdoor Organizer of 2023!

If you're experiencing any form of clutter, any of the above overdoor organizers will solve your problem. Now that we've been of service, it is now up to you to complete the process by placing your order so your house can be clutter-free.

Our Top Choice
ClosetMaid Adjustable Wall and Door Rack
Best Value
DecoBros Over Door Coat Rack
Longstem Organizers Overdoor/Wall Organizer
PRO-MART Over The Door Pantry Organizer
Whitmor Overdoor Shoe Organizer