Best Ovulation Test Reviews 2023

Nothing brings greater joy than experiencing your unborn growing inside you. But what most women won’t tell you is that making a baby can be an anxious and nerve-wrecking process since you have to constantly guess when you’re likely to conceive. But not anymore! We at TopProducts have combed the market and found five products from some of the best ovulation test brands which will bring sanity and relief to your search for a baby.
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Our Top Choice
iProvèn Ovulation and Pregnancy Testing Kit
Founded in 2014, iProvèn is a people focused company that aims at providing you with nothing but top quality health care devices.
50 ovulation tests; 20 pregnancy tests. Easy collect-and-dip testing procedure. Cost effective ovulation prediction
Pregnancy test strips need improvement to enhance accuracy.
Ovulation and pregnancy test kit
5.5 x 4.7 x 2.5 inches
50 ovulation & 20 pregnancy tests
5 minutes
Best Value
[email protected] Ovulation Predictor and Pregnancy Testing Kit
[email protected] has a rich and in depth knowledge of the female anatomy making it a trusted partner in your fertility journey.
FDA approved; highly accurate test strips; sufficient number of strips; fast and credible results; easy to read and use.
You have to measure results from 3 to 5 minutes after testing.
Ovulation and pregnancy test kit
4.9 x 4.9 x 3.7 inches
50 ovulation & 20 pregnancy tests
5 minutes
Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test
Clearblue started in 1985 to help women around the world in their fertility journey by making home pregnancy testing easy and affordable.
Detects LH surge 2-3 days before ovulation; high accuracy; simple instructions; ‘smiley face’ digital display
Inadequate when LH surge is too low.
Ovulation test kit
2 x 2 x 7.2 inches
40 mIU/ml
20 ovulation tests
3 minutes
Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips
Wondfo is a world leading manufacturer of high quality and innovative medical products as well as biochemical reagents.
FDA-approved; highly accurate strips; quick and reliable results; 25mlU/ml detection of LH levels; super sensitivity.
Requires precise timing to avoid false results.
Ovulation test kit
1.6 x 1.6 x 0.2 inches
50 ovulation tests
5 minutes
ClinicalGuard Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Combo
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ClinicalGuard is a reputable distributor of quality products that help monitor your respiratory health.
Color coded test bands; enhanced sensitivity of 25mlU/ml; quick detection of LH levels; great for irregular cycles.
The strips are skinny and may be tricky to grasp.
Ovulation and pregnancy test kit
4.6 x 2.5 x 2.3 inches
40 ovulation & 10 pregnancy tests
5 minutes

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What is the Best Ovulation Test?

When are my LH levels at their peak? Am I fertile enough to conceive? All these questions are constantly on your mind as you try to conceive. In this useful guide we’ve brought you essential information that’ll take away the hustle of monitoring your fertility by looking at essential features of the best ovulation test.
Our Top Choice
The iProvèn FK-127 Ovulation and Pregnancy Testing Kit contains 50 optimally sensitive ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy testing strips that accurately establish and monitor your fertility. Do you need an accurate device to assist you monitor your temperature? Then you’ll love the Clinical Basal Thermometer by iProvèn; it’s accurate to the 1/100th degree, making it the perfect companion for family planning.

iProvèn Cost Effective Ovulation Predictor Kit - Includes 50 Ovulation Tests and 20 Pregnancy Strips

Founded in 2014, iProvèn is a people-focused company that aims at providing you with nothing but top quality health care devices. Since its inception in 2014, iProvèn has built a name for itself as a provider of high quality and easy to use medical devices. Its medical team brings a vast experience into all the devices to ensure that the products are accurate and concise. Its products are geared towards allowing you to conveniently monitor your health right from the comfort of your home. Each of its medical gadgets comes with a customer-friendly manual with basic instructions that guide on how to operate and interpret the devices. To actively monitor your health wherever you are, then iProvèn is your go to companion!

The iProvèn FK-127 Ovulation and Pregnancy Testing Kit offers you a cost effective way to naturally monitor and predict your ovulation cycle. This kit contains 50 optimally sensitive ovulation strips that accurately establish when your LH hormone is at peak production. The LH hormone is responsible for ovulation in your body and you’re most fertile when it’s at the highest level. Through these strips you can actively monitor when there’s a surge in the LH hormones, which implies that there’s a high chance of conceiving.

The kit also contains 20 pregnancy urine test strips that help you establish whether you have a fetus growing your womb. Through an easy procedure of dipping the 10mlU/ML strips in urine, you can easily interpret the results to determine your HCG levels. The easy to understand manual gives you a step by step guide through the process of pregnancy testing as well as that of determining the level of your LH hormones.

Based on advanced research, this kit has a test line as well as a control line that help to easily establish when there’s an LH-surge in your body. This bulk fertility kit is ideal for someone who wants to actively chart their ovulation cycle at home. The kit eliminates guesswork from predicting your fertility and also simplifies the anxiety that comes with determining whether you are pregnant or not.
Best Value
The [email protected] Ovulation Predictor and Pregnancy Testing Combo Kit comes with 50 FDA approved LH strips and 20 HCG test strips to constantly monitor your ovulation cycle and accurately test for pregnancy. Are you looking to just monitor your ovulation without testing for pregnancy? We believe that the [email protected] Ovulation Urine Strips will be the perfect fit.

[email protected] Reliable Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Combo Kit - Includes 50 LH strips and 20 HCG Strips

[email protected] knows that keeping track of the ovulation cycle is cumbersome and overwhelming for most women. As a result, the [email protected] team endeavors to make conceiving an easy and accurate process by helping you effectively monitor your cycle. Having embraced the NFP concept which advocates for natural family planning, [email protected], is an ideal partner when it comes to matters concerning your fertility.

Consequently, [email protected] developed an Ovulation Predictor and Pregnancy Testing Combo Kit which gives you quick and accurate results without too much hassle. With 50 ovulation testing strips, this cost effective kit allows you to test regularly and you can monitor up to 5 cycles using a single package. Within 3 seconds of dipping the ovulation strips into your urine, you’ll be in a position to identify whether there’s an LH surge in your cycle. Having met all the FDA test standards, this combo kit has a great sensitivity ability of 25 mlU/ml which allows to accurately track your ovulation cycle.

The highly sensitive pregnancy urine strips help you to accurately test your HCG levels without waiting to miss a period in order to know that you are expectant. The easy to use strips apply a simple dip-and-see procedure which gives you quick and accurate results. Within 3-5 minutes of testing, the strips can detect any signs of pregnancy. The lines are easy to interpret with a positive indicated using two lines while a single line indicates a negative result.
The Clearblue unique Digital Ovulation Test informs you the best two days to try for a baby by accurately detecting your LH surge 2-3 days before ovulation. Would you prefer a smaller quantity? Fortunately for you, the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test comes in 10 packs as well.

Clearblue Effective Digital Ovulation Kit - Includes Enough for 20 Tests

Since 1985, Clearblue has provided women with pregnancy test kits, fertility monitors as well as advanced digital ovulation tests that are of remarkable quality. It prides itself on providing clear answers to fertility questions through its accurate devices. Built on a concrete foundation of scientific research, Clearblue’s’ devices are trusted around the world and are often endorsed by credible gynecologists.

Its Digital Ovulation Test allows you to accurately detect the two days when you’re most likely to be fertile by helping you simply identify when your LH surge is at its peak. The digital results are displayed within 3 minutes and a ‘smiley face’ pops up whenever it’s time for you to try for a baby!

Backed by clear instructions, this digital device is designed to adapt to your own personal cycle which further increases the precision of the results. It adequately detects your LH levels 2 – 3 days before ovulation happens. You can’t go wrong with this digital ovulation test since it eliminates the chances of misinterpreting the results.
The Wondfo FDA Approved Ovulation Test Strip has a high level of accuracy that helps you to successfully determine the most fertile period in your cycle Are you looking for an ovulation test that also allows you to test for pregnancy? Wondfo’s Ovulation Prediction Strips & Pregnancy Test Strips is a perfect match.

Wondfo One Step Ovulation (LH) Test Strips - Includes Enough for 50 Tests

Founded in 1992, Wondfo is a world class provider of drug testing kits which are used by select government agencies, health practitioners and rehabilitation centers. In the drug testing industry, integrity and precision are critical, which are two of the core principles that Wondfo lives by. Would you believe that its trusted drug tests can detect up to 14 individual drugs in one cup? Amazing, right?

The Wondfo Ovulation Test Strip is designed to accurately provide you with the most fertile period in your cycle which increases your chances of conceiving. The superbly sensitive strips can detect high levels of LH at 25mlU/ml within 5 minutes. The 50 FDA-approved strips correctly gauge your fertility levels and provide you with helpful and useful results.
The ClinicalGuard Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Combo contains 40 ovulation tests strips and 20 pregnancy strips that have color coded test bands that vary to indicate the concentration of LH and HCG levels. Do you prefer ovulation test strips that don’t combine with pregnancy testing? We believe that the ClinicalGuard® Ovulation Test Strips, which come in packs of 50, will be what you’re looking for

ClinicalGuard Easy Administration Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Combo - Includes 40 Ovulation Strips and 20 Pregnancy Strips

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ClinicalGuard is a reputable distributor of quality products that help monitor your respiratory health. Since 2006, ClinicalGuard has developed a strong reputation of distributing quality and affordable products related to respiratory health. The company knows only too well that accuracy of health devices is essential in monitoring one’s health. For this reason, it endeavors to ensure that the products it distributes are both accurate and reliable since someone’s life may actually depend on them!

The ClinicalGuard Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Combo comes with test bands that vary in color to help you accurately monitor your fertility cycle. With a 5-minute window before you get your results, this kit is easy to use and reliable in knowing when you’re ready to conceive and then accurately test for pregnancy. With a sensitivity of 25mlU/ml, the strips have one color in the control zone when there’s a negative result while a positive result brings about multiple colors in the control as well as test zones.

How Do I Choose the Best Ovulation Test?

Honey, I’m pregnant! How many times have you yearned to exclaim those words? For so long you’ve longed to hear your little one calling for your attention through the baby monitor in the nursery next to your bedroom. Or to watch them sleep peacefully in that beautiful crib your husband bought a while back. But all these things haven’t come to pass because you’ve fruitlessly tried to conceive for several months now. Countless trips to your doctor have also not borne any fruits. Making a baby can be a draining and frustrating endeavor, especially when you can’t effectively monitor your fertility.

Luckily, ovulation tests exist for the sole purpose of helping you accurately track your ovulation cycle naturally in order to know when your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) is at its peak. The LH hormone is responsible for ovulation and you’re most fertile when it’s at its highest. The best ovulation test should allow you to quickly and accurately detect this level.

Since ovulation occurs at different times, an ovulation test should have a high sensitivity to immediately detect when you have an LH surge. Through simple instructions to help you use the ovulation test, you can be in a position to read and interpret the results it displays. By getting the right ovulation test, it’ll only be a matter of time before you start putting up a baby gate to contain your little bundle of joy!
Correctly and accurately timing your fertility doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple and accurate ovulation test will cost you between $ 10 - $ 50 depending on the number of strips that come in the package as well as the testing procedure. You may get ovulation test kits that also combine pregnancy testing strips into their package in order to help you know whether you were successful. Such kits may cost a bit more since you’re getting two services in one kit. Some kits come with as many as 50 ovulation testing strips which may make them a bit pricey.

Getting a cheap ovulation test may complicate and frustrate your baby making process since such tests not only give you inaccurate results but also lack the much needed sensitivity to detect your LH levels. You won’t find such testing kits here, however, because we don’t want to keep you any further from your little bundle of blessing!
Below are some features of ovulation tests that’ll help you get a step closer to making a baby:
  • Type — Traditionally, the ovulation tests come in the form of a strip that indicates the results in the form of lines. However, you may find digital tests that have a display screen to show you the results.
  • Accuracy — Nobody wants to get a false positive/negative results since it may make you get frustrated later on when you realize that you based your actions on an inaccurate result. The accuracy of the ovulation test depends on how sensitive the strips are to changes in your LH levels.
  • Time — How long does it take for you to get the results? The shorter the period the better. The testing process can be nerve-wrecking.
  • Quantity — Since ovulation occurs at different times, it’s important to have sufficient strips to constantly test so that you may not miss an LH surge.
Construction and Design
Most ovulation tests come in the form of a strip that has a control line and a test line. The control line is there to ensure that you carry out the test effectively. In case you spoil the test, it’ll reflect on the control line. Some ovulation tests have color coded test bands that turn a certain color when the test is spoilt. The test line(s) indicate the results of your test with instructions on how to interpret positive or negative readings. You may also find digital ovulation tests that display the results on a screen. You may find that a ‘smiley face’ appears when you have a positive result which gives you the green light to try for a baby!

The most common ovulation test is urine-based that predicts a surge in your LH by collecting urine in a cup and dipping the strips in it. You may also find ovulation predictors that use saliva to test through an easy to carry microscope which forms a fern like crystal once there’s a rise in your LH level.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ovulation tests are pretty easy to use and most of them come with easy to comprehend instructions on how to carry out the test as well as interpret the results. By following the simple instructions, you’ll effectively test your LH levels. Most of the strips require you to collect urine in a cup, dip the strip, and wait for a couple of minutes then read the strip to find out the results.

The ovulation test kit requires no assembly other than setting up the testing up and unwrapping the strips. It’s recommended to collect urine at around the same time every day and preferably in the afternoon when ovulation is likely to occur. Once you have the results, it’s advisable to throw the strip away since keeping it for too long may erode the results.

Get the Best Ovulation Test of 2023!

Such an information-packed review, right? We hope that in here you were able to find the best ovulation test to help make your baby making process a simple and hustle free one. If not, don’t worry! There are numerous other ovulation tests from these expert brands that’ll have you smiling all the way to a pediatrician’s clinic for your first prenatal visit!

Our Top Choice
iProvèn Ovulation and Pregnancy Testing Kit
Best Value
[email protected] Ovulation Predictor and Pregnancy Testing Kit
Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test
Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips
ClinicalGuard Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Combo