Best Pacifier Reviews 2022

Everybody’s happy when baby is happy. Such a precious gift to the world, no wonder we would do anything to make them smile. Growing up can be so uncomfortable, especially in those first pivotal years when every morning brings a new skill, and sometimes a new tooth! Many parents will opt for a pacifier to keep baby occupied and happy, and we have just the products for you. Trusted for their expertise and excellent line of quality items, we have selected five of the best baby pacifier brands to make your selection easier.
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Age Range
Our Top Choice
NUK® Juicy Orthodontic Baby Pacifier
Nuk applies over 50 years of experience in designing soothing products for your baby, featuring high-quality orthodontic essential items.
A sweet little baby blue and yellow set that also comes in pink and purple. The orthodontic nipple fits into baby’s palate, and encourages proper teeth alignment.
Specifically designed for tiny mouths under 6 months. If baby is over 6 months, we have other options for you.
Orthodontic pacifier
BPA free silicone
0-6 months
2 pack
Made in the USA
Best Value
MAM Night Orthodontic Pacifier
MAM has been engaging experts to help them design age-appropriate baby products for over 40 years.
Cute little glow-in-the-dark pacifier with sweet bear and sun design. Choose from blue and clear, or green and clear. Shield has air holes for better breathing.
Designed for 0-6 months. If you need a pacifier for an older baby, check out the other options by MAM.
Orthodontic pacifier
BPA free silicone
0-6 months
2 pack
Sterilizer & Carry Box
WubbaNub Mary Meyer Infant Pacifier
WubbaNub hit the scene 17 years ago when it was designed by a mom to keep her baby boy from losing his pacifier by attaching it to his plush toy.
This pacifier makes a great gift. A variety of stuffed animals to choose from, with pacifier attached, so baby can easily find it. Latex and phthalate-free.
Nipple may be a bit big for a newborn, depending on the size of the baby.
Stuffed animal pacifier
BPA free silicone
Newborn and up
1 pacifier/stuffed animal
Gift-friendly packaging
Disney Minnie Mouse Pacifier (& Other Characters)
Do not get between a Disney fan and their beloved favorite characters! Disney has something for everyone, including this Minnie Mouse-themed “binky”.
A precious little pacifier your baby is sure to love. Comes with Minnie Mouse on the front of the pacifier and the carry case. Phthalate-free. Other characters available.
Not an orthodontic pacifier.
Pacifier & holder
BPA free silicone
Newborn and up
1 pacifier with carry case
Minnie Mouse Case
Philips Avent Classic Infant Pacifiers
An international company, Philips Avent has their finger on the pulse of moms and dads across the globe with their high quality line of baby products.
Select a translucent pacifier from Philips Avent, highlighted with colors ranging from blue to pink, yellow, or purple, or get a mixed set. Works right-side-up or upside down.
Not suitable for babies over 6 months, but there are options available for 6+ months.
Orthodontic pacifier
BPA free silicone
0-6 months
2 pack
Taste and odor-free

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What is the Best Pacifier?

As a new parent, ensuring your baby is comfortable is your highest priority. In this regard, you will find a baby pacifier to be very useful. We have the best baby pacifiers that will address your design, price, and material considerations. Now that you have read our guide, let’s proceed to our product reviews.
Our Top Choice
Happy baby, happy house! Check out this two pack of pacifiers by Nuk made with BPA-free silicon in the USA, for babies who are 0-6 months old. Time sure does fly fast, so you may be in the market for the next age range, the Nuk 6-18 month old two pack.

Nuk Juicy Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier - Juicy Puller Infant Pacifier, Variety of Age Ranges, Colors and Designs Available

Nuk has an extensive line of products, and has been in the baby business for over fifty years. They achieve the utmost quality in their line of feeding utensils, baby bottles, and pacifiers by designing their products with orthodontic expertise for optimal safety and development of your baby.

Isn’t it exciting when there is a new baby in the house to fill with laughter, love, and joy? Absolutely, as long as the baby is happy. To keep them occupied, consider this pacifier set by Nuk. It is made in the USA, and features a BPA-free silicone nipple.

The design of this pacifier ensures oral health and proper development of baby’s teeth. The nipple has an asymmetrical shape that fits appropriately into your baby’s palate, and has a scoop nipple cavity which encourages the baby’s engagement with their tongue, jaw, and palate for optimal oral health.

This pacifier has a heart-shaped shield to avoid any irritation around the nose, and it comes with a classic puller. We have highlighted the blue and yellow set of two, but if you have a little girl or just want more color options, you can also select the pink and purple two pack.

This Juicy set is specifically designed for babies 0-6 months old, but there are many other options for different age ranges by Nuk to choose from.
Best Value
Babies definitely manage to lose their pacifiers quite frequently. That’s why you’ll love this two-pack set of glow-in-the-dark pacifiers by MAM for infants 0-6 months. If you’re looking for an orthodontic pacifier that is good for all day long, take a look at MAM’s Night and Day Pacifiers.

MAM Night Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier – BPA Free, Available in Different Age Ranges, Variety of Colors and Patterns Including Glow in the Dark

MAM embraces the fact that every baby is unique in their line of products. With age-appropriate designs that grow with your baby month after month, they offer everything you need to keep baby happy and healthy as time marches on.

Want a unique design to go with your fabulously unique baby? Check out these glow-in-the-dark pacifiers by MAM that make lost pacifiers easy to find. Another unique feature that comes with this pacifier is the sterilizer & carry box that can easily be popped in the microwave to eliminate germs.

This two-pack set of pacifiers comes with a butterfly-shaped shield with air holes to keep baby comfortable while sucking. The orthopedic nipple will adapt to baby’s mouth, and is ideal for healthy oral development.

Our featured set comes in baby blue and clear, with a cute little design on the front. If you want another option, you can also select the green and clear two pack. This pacifier set is designed for infants from 0-6 months.
This Mary Meyer “binky” by WubbaNub comes attached to a pink plush toy called Ella Bella Elephant. Don’t need the designer name? WubbaNub has dozens of other animal options such as their 3 pack which comes with a bunny, lamb and giraffe – each attached to Soothie(TM) medical grade, latex-free pacifiers.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Designed by Mary Meyer for WubbaNub and Available in 9 Different Animals/Colors, BPA, Phthalate and Latex-Free

All aboard the cute train with pacifiers by WubbaNub! The brainchild of mom-preneur Carla Schneider seventeen years ago, WubbaNub’s stuffed animal and pacifier combination came about because she needed a way to help her baby boy Bret keep from losing his pacifier, which upset him on a regular basis. Mom came to the rescue with some needle and thread, and a company was born in the process.

Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide, WubbaNub has become a winning product thanks to their stuffed animal toy and pacifier all-in-one to calm and soothe babies.

Our highlighted “binky” by WubbaNub is designed by Mary Meyers and is called Ella Bella Elephant. It features an adorable plush pink elephant attached to the pacifier. Made with baby’s health in mind, the nipple is made from BPA-, phthalate-, and latex-free, medical-grade silicone. This pacifier is recommended for newborns and up, and comes in a gift-friendly package to showcase the precious and cuddly stuffed animal and pacifier.

By the way, you aren’t limited to our featured Mary Meyers Ella Bella Elephant. You can also select from these other options: Cream Bunny, Cutesie Caterpillar, Ella Bella Elephant (different version), God Bless Lamb, Jasmine Giraffe, Little Nuzzles Kitty, Mango Monkey, or Okey Dokey Dino.
This Minnie Mouse pacifier comes with a precious little Disney-themed carry case to keep it clean, and easy to find. Looking for an orthodontic pacifier with a Disney theme? Check out the Disney Monsters Inc. Orthodontic Pacifier Set, which is also BPA- and phthalate-free.

Disney Baby Pacifier and Pacifier Case – Wide Variety of Disney Characters for Different Ages (Not All Come with Case)

Disney is bringing the magic to the nursery with their line of pacifiers featuring your favorite Disney characters. From Winnie the Pooh to Mickey and Minnie Mouse, they offer a full line of products for wee-little ones all the way up to clothing for adults.

One of the trickiest parts of using a pacifier is finding it! They easily get lost, and dirty for that matter. That’s why Disney created this Minnie Mouse pacifier with an adorable little carry case to go with it. Now you don’t have to worry about finding your “paci” when you need it, or keeping it clean when you don’t.

This Minnie Mouse pacifier is made with a BPA- and phthalate-free nipple, and will help to soothe babies from newborn and up. There are many other Disney characters to choose from, if Minnie Mouse doesn’t suit your taste.
If you don’t like complicated designs, but you do like top-notch materials in a pacifier, Philips Avent may be the right choice for you. Looking for a pacifier designed for soothing your precious little one? The Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier is available in a variety of colors with options for different age ranges – all of which are BPA free.

Philips Avent Translucent Orthodontic Infant Pacifier for Babies 0 to 6 Months – Available in Clear, Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow

Philips Avent is a name familiar to many households with a baby on board. They have a fine line of stand-out products for newborns on up, that include baby bottles, breast pumps, and many other accessories for growing families.

This two pack of translucent pacifiers is orthodontically designed to ensure proper development of your baby’s teeth, palate, and gums. The BPA-free silicone is also odorless and tasteless, to help with the transition from breastfeeding to sucking on a pacifier.

This pacifier has a unique design that will conform appropriately to baby’s mouth whether it goes in right-side-up, or upside down. The nipple won’t get sticky like some pacifier nipples do, and it is easy to sterilize. There are many stylish accent colors to choose from, such as blue, pink, yellow, purple, or a mixed variety in one set.

How Do I Choose the Best Pacifier?

Being a new parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. It is so surreal in the sense that you have helped bring a new life to the world. However, this bundle of joy is quick to end this honeymoon phase with its seemingly alien desires, such as waking up at 11:57 PM and 3:27 AM to breastfeed and then sleeping throughout the day. In some cases, the baby’s need to breastfeed is not informed by a need for nourishment, but is an instinctive habit. A baby pacifier comes in handy when dealing with the latter. This product is not only helpful to newborns, but also older babies that are struggling to king a thumb-sucking habit.

It’s important we mention that you should only offer your baby a pacifier between meals when you’re sure that he or she is not hungry. During these breaks, a mom recovers well and produces more milk for her bundle of joy. In some instances, this period of rest is so productive that you even produce excess milk. In order to quell the discomfort in your bosom, you may have to milk some out. All you need is a double breast pump and baby bottles. Further, hygiene is crucial to keeping illnesses at bay. It is for this reason that you need to disinfect the bottles with a bottle sterilizer.

A happy and calm baby leads to a jovial parent. By selecting one of our baby pacifiers, you’re assured of having a bundle of joy in every sense of the phrase.
You really can’t put value on a cheery and contented baby. A baby pacifier plays a huge role in reaching this state. There are numerous brands out there, each of which prides itself in having the best pacifiers in the market. The fact that the range of their prices is so massive is a sign that some are of premium pedigree, while others are of questionable quality. We’ve made selecting a baby pacifier an easy exercise for you by providing five products from five top brands.

Our baby pacifiers range from around $10 to $40. The difference in prices mainly comes down to the brand that manufactured the product as well as the design. For example, a pacifier manufactured by WubbaNub will cost you more than one made by NUK because the former is considered an expert in manufacturing pacifier toys. In the same way, a pacifier that has a stuffed animal attached to it will be more expensive than one that does not.

Keeping these things in mind, also note that it’s not wise to purchase a cheap baby pacifier, as this will likely result in disappointment. A low price tag typically means that lower-quality materials were used and that less important features were included. Spending a little more for a quality pacifier is the best way to go.
Most baby pacifiers are made of BPA-free silicone as it’s easy to clean. Additional features to consider when purchasing one are outlined below.
  • Design - A pacifier may come with a standard or orthodontic design.
  • Age - While some pacifiers can only be used by babies under six months, others can be used by older ones.
  • Quantity - Some packs have two pacifiers, while others only have one.
  • Range of Use - Can you use it when it’s upside-down?
  • Presence of Latex and Phthalate - These materials are used to make baby toys flexible, transparent, and durable.
  • Accessories - What does the baby pacifier come with?
  • Ease of Use - It is crucial that your little one’s airway and skin remain open as he or she uses the pacifier.
Construction and Design
Baby pacifiers are all fairly similar, however there are some defining consideration factors such as quantity, design and materials. Let’s look at these in more detail.


Most of our selected brands package their pacifiers in twos. That way, when your little bundle of joy loses his or her pacifier and you can’t find it, there is always a backup.


Another feature to consider when purchasing this product is its design. A baby pacifier can either be standard or orthodontic. An orthodontic pacifier is of superior quality as its nipple fits into baby’s palate, thus encouraging proper teeth alignment. In addition to being orthodontic, one of our selected pacifiers comes with a stuffed animal attached to it. This makes it easy for your toddler to grasp and manipulate it to his or her liking.

Apart from having orthodontic properties, a good baby pacifier should ensure that your baby breathes effortlessly with it in his or her mouth. One brand has made this need a reality by designing a baby pacifier that has airholes that also allow your baby’s skin to breathe.

Presence of Latex and Phthalates

In order to make them flexible and durable, some baby pacifiers have latex and phthalates. However, some toddlers are allergic to these substances and may develop rashes after using them. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this as some of our selected products are both latex- and phthalate-free.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to the performance and ease of use of your babies pacifier, we want to take a look at the age of your child, accessories the pacifier may come with and the range of uses that each pacifier can possess.


The baby pacifier’s size affects the age of the babies that can use it. While most of the selected brands produce pacifiers for babies under the age of six months, they also have pacifiers for older children.


Our selected baby pacifiers also come with different accessories. Depending on the brand you choose, your product may come with a sterilizer and carry box, gift-friendly packaging, or even a Minnie Mouse case.

Range of Use

Lastly, while most pacifiers can only be used right-side-up, others can also function in an upside-down position. That way, you don’t have to keep harassing your little one to confirm whether he or she is using the pacifier correctly.

Get the Best Pacifier of 2022!

There is nothing as valuable to a new parent as rest. Unfortunately, our little bundles of joy take it upon themselves to make this period as rare as possible through incessant activity that ranges from putting anything and everything into their little mouths to breastfeeding even when they are clearly not hungry. By selecting one of our baby pacifiers, you will be assured of a calm and happy little doll.

Our Top Choice
NUK® Juicy Orthodontic Baby Pacifier
Best Value
MAM Night Orthodontic Pacifier
WubbaNub Mary Meyer Infant Pacifier
Disney Minnie Mouse Pacifier (& Other Characters)
Philips Avent Classic Infant Pacifiers