Best Paddleboard Reviews 2023

Do you like riding waves and keeping fit and agile, while oceanic wind gently breezes through your hair (unless you're bald)? Is David Hasselhoff still one of your favorite celebrities even though he's not as fit as he used to be in his prime (and who's to blame him)? Well, if the answer is 'yes', we'd like to present to you a list o' 5 that’ll make your heart pound and eyes moisten with tears of joy and glee! That's right – we've compiled the best products we were able to find in our top 5 list of the best paddleboards! Read on and pick the best one for your needs!
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Best for
Our Top Choice
Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer iSUP Package
Building some of the most reliable paddleboard models currently on the market, the Tower Paddle Boards company delivers once again with their plucky Adventurer model!
It is able to support up to 350 lbs., is made of tough PVC material, and comes with a pump a paddle.
There is no instruction sheet available for this model.
9 feet 10 inches; 24lbs.
Military-grade PVC
300 lbs
Paddle Boarding
Best Value
Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard
As far as communicating with the elements is concerned, Solstice has got you covered for at least two- wind and water! There's some serious design prowess evident in all their products.
It's high-pressure inflatable. Quite strong considering it's not the standard model. Built out of tough PVC material.
There are some issues with stability (until you get used to it).
10 feet 8 inches
Denier 1000 3ply PVC
250 lbs
Paddle Boarding
BIC Sport Wing Stand Up Paddleboard
The BIC Sports company is one of the world leaders in the production of durable yet lightweight boards. Their ACE-TEC model is a fine example of their designing efforts over the years.
This model's got the Gear of the Year Award given out by the Outside Magazine. It's lightweight and durable. A perfect choice for a rookie who's into fitness paddling!
It's a bit pricey.
11 feet /12 feet 6 inches; 34lbs
260 lbs
Ten Toes Weekender Stand Up Paddleboard
The Ten Toes company is a business that creates and sells all products related to paddle and skate boarding. This Weekender model is one of their finest paddle boards yet!
This model's made out of military PVC. It comes with an aluminum paddle, and there's a 1-year warranty.
The pump isn't as sturdy as it could have been.
10 feet; 29lbs
Military-grade PVC
275 lbs
Paddle Boarding
ISLE Surf and SUP Inflatable Paddle Board
The Isle company enjoys a reputation of being a worldwide supplier of all kinds of water sports-related boards, and the Airtech model is one of their finest products to date.
It's made out of tough military-worthy PVC, and comes with a carry backpack. A high-pressure pump is included in the offer.
The paddle is quite heavy and might require some getting used to.
10 feet 6 inches; 21lbs
Military-grade PVC
240 lbs
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What is the Best Paddleboard?

Paddleboarding your way through scores upon scores of massive waves is surely one of the most flamboyant and Baywatchesque kinds of moving about on the water, other than owning a boat probably. If you'd like to look cool and also have plenty of physical activity on the way, and by virtue of owning a paddleboard no less, check out our top 5 list of the best models for the year 2017! Top tier products only at, we promise!
Our Top Choice
Easy to transport and made of some durable PVC material, the Adventurer paddleboard is one of the most successful designing endeavors coming from the Tower Paddle Boards company. If you'd like to get the updated model instead, the Adventurer 2 might be a better solution for you!

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 1 Inflatable 9'10" iSUP Package

In the world of paddleboard manufacturers, scarcely is there a company better equipped and more tenacious in the goal of building, painting, and selling their paddleboards than the positively passionate bunch of folks going by the name of the Tower Paddle Boards. This business started way back in 2010 in the city of San Diego, where the first plans to build a company were born and turned into reality. The main driving force behind this company is their wish to equip as many eager surfers and paddleboarders as possible with some tough and reliable equipment!

Through their boards, they hope to bring a cheery, somewhat cheeky beach atmosphere to each and every one of their present and future customers, so that even more people may fall in love with the adventurous activities that require one of these utensils! You can find out more about their sacred mission on their website, which offers a detailed insight into all of their works and possibly future schemes for some tough entrepreneurship!

When it comes to the paddleboard we've chosen to feature in this review, it features some pretty impressive characteristics. It's inflatable, so you won't be worrying about the transportation too much with one of these on your side. Also, it comes with a generous 2-year warranty in case something goes wrong with it in the meantime!

The list of features for the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Model:
  • Built from Military-grade PVC.
  • Easy to Transport.
  • The Offer Includes a Pump and a Paddle.
  • Drop-Stitch Construction.
  • 2-Year Warranty.
All in all, this is a durable piece of paddleboardery that can be compared with some of the rigid models when it comes to its toughness. The warranty's there to prove it. Also, as the offer includes a pump and a paddle, there's really nothing to lose in choosing this model over some other!
Best Value
Evoking some sunny imagery of the exotic Bali shores, this Solstice board can be a perfect water sports companion for an adventurous paddleboarding enthusiast! If you'd like a different model from this company, you can try out the Solstice Tonga Board instead! (in green 'n' white color combo no less!)

Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard (10-Feet 8-Inch)

Founded in the glorious year of 2007, the Solstice Sports company made its first steps in the rough industry of making paddle and kite boards with a serious intent to make their competition cower in fear as their new lines of tough products entered the market! Nowadays, the struggle continues, and even though they haven't been able to thoroughly wipe out all the other brands, they did manage to make some pretty impressive pieces of outdoors-bound equipment along the way! As a token of sportsmanship, they even ventured to make alliances with other brands in an effort to present their customers with cutting-edge products they can rely on!

Many of their models have been featured in prestigious sports magazines and numerous online reviews. If you'd like to find out more about their design solutions and the newest models they're releasing, you can visit their web page and see for yourself. You can also create an account there so that you become a part of their vibrant online community of extreme sports enthusiasts!

As for their Bali Stand-up Paddleboard model we're presenting to you on this list, it possesses some rather interesting features. It's inflatable and its build enables you to introduce huge amounts of air into it, so that it feels like a standard rigid board for all intents and purposes. Also, the offer includes a full kit with everything you may need to get it up and running!

The Solstice Sports Bali Paddle Board- a list of features:
  • High-pressure Inflatable.
  • 4 Tie-Downs for Securing Gear.
  • Made of Reinforced PVC.
  • Carry Bag Included.
  • The Offer also Includes a Pump and a Gauge.
All things considered, this is a well-made model by the Solstice folks that's surely worth checking out! Its durable construction makes it possible to have it inflated so that it is as tough and sturdy as the standard board, so you won't have to worry about stability with one of these. Also, the tie-downs may come in handy for transportation!
Boasting some of the world's finest paddle board designs, the BIC company strikes again with their ACE-TEC Wing Stand Up model! If you're working on a tighter budget, for roughly half the price, you can get their DURA-TEC Paddleboard model instead!

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Wing Stand Up Paddleboard – Available in 2 Sizes & 5 Colors

Ever since it was founded in 1979, the BIC Sports company has been following the latest trends in the world of water-bound extreme sports. Initially, they launched a brand new windsurfing contraption called the Dufour 'Wing' which managed to garner some popularity in the circles of extreme sports enthusiasts worldwide. After this success, the Solstice folks ventured to manufacture a line of tough boards throughout the 80's, and it's safe to say that this was the bout of genius which propelled them to the position they're now proudly occupying! Some of the boards that have cemented their reputation include the Electric Rock, Hard Rock, and Astro Rock! (Rock is for sturdiness presumably, but no one knows for certain.)

Starting somewhere in 2010, the SUP trend took the water sports aficionado communities by storm, and the BIC crew was there to follow through with it all. Long story short, they made a bunch of tough boards, greatly pleasing sporty people around the world. The French, for some reason, mostly appreciated their efforts to make their production processes somewhat greener; they gave them an award for it called 'Etoile du Design', which is nice.

The BIC Sport ACE-TEC Stand Up Paddle Board is a sleekly-designed model coming in 5 different color schemes. The pointy shape enables you to slide graciously through a shallow body of water, and the widened sides ensure that it won't be falling off of it so often. The board's even won the Outside Magazine's Gear of the Year Award for the best SUP!

The list of features for the BIC Sport ACE-TEC Paddle Board:
  • Lightweight Build.
  • Premium Deck Pad.
  • Ergonomic Carry Handle.
  • Recessed Standing Area.
  • 9 Deck Attachments for Securing Gear.
  • A Removable Fin System.

All in all, this is a must-have for an impassioned Paddle Board Enthusiast (who also possibly has a subscription for the 'Outside Magazine')! The additional features such as carry handles and the deck attachment fasteners also put this board over its competition!
Whether it's skateboards or paddleboards, the Ten Toes factory's got you covered. Their Weekender model is one of their best samples of the latter! If you're looking for a smaller, more affordable paddleboard, check out the Ten Toes iSUP Inflatable Standup Small Adult Paddleboard instead!

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP – Available in 5 Colors

The Ten Toes Paddle Board company is a business dealing in all kinds of boards for water sports. Their products feature a durable build which they claim is virtually indestructible. Serving as a proof of this rather confident claim is the manufacturing process of their goods which elaborates in detail the steps of making them as well as the materials used for their boards. Typically, they use military-grade PVC stacked up in several layers which creates a powerful supporting structure capable of taking some serious abuse! Also, the entire thing is sewn together using the drop-stitch technology.

The Ten Toes crew make a variety of boards for anyone and everyone, and you can check out what they've been up to easily by visiting their web page. There you may find their other models, the contact for their local dealership, and even register your board, if you've already purchased one.

As for their Weekender model, it possesses quite interesting features as well as some handy pieces of additional equipment for easy setup. Like other models they've developed so far, this one too is made out of high-grade military PVC organized in a couple of layers for maximum strength and longevity. An aluminum paddle and three fins are, among other things, also included in this offer.

The list of features for this Ten Toes Weekender Board:
  • Built out of military-grade PVC.
  • The offer includes an aluminum fin.
  • A Manual Pump and A Repair Kit are also Included.
  • Easy to Transport About.
  • Comes in Five Different Color Schemes.
  • There is a Ten Toes' 1-year warranty.

Tough and sturdy, the Ten Toes's Weekender is a piece of paddleboarding equipment you don't want to miss out on. It's made of some military-type PVC which can withstand some pretty rugged conditions, and there are also additional features that make this model an offer you can't refuse!
Compactly made and durable thanks to the rough PVC material of choice, this Airtech paddle board can be an excellent solution for anyone in need of a tough 'n' rugged piece of equipment. For a lower price, you can also pick up one of the Isle's PEAK models instead!

ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10' All Around Stand Up Paddle Board iSUP Package - Includes Adjustable Travel Paddle, Carrying Bag & Pump

Uniting the two glorious water-bound disciplines of surfing and paddling, the folks behind the Isle company have been making their efforts to make them both accessible to common folks. This they hope to achieve by promoting these outdoor activities by making their products inexpensive and marketable. Their company policy's a variation of the famous 'the customer's always right' motto, as they make sure to always put their customers first and listen to what they have to say about their products, be it positive or negative.

Among other things, the company executives believe that the key to a long-lasting and successful business endeavor is the well-being of their employees. In the light of this glorious thought, they try to make a positive work environment where everyone can relax and give their best.

The Isle's AIRTECH paddleboard represents perhaps one of the most well-rounded paddle boards on offer. It features a simplified rounded design which is great for stability, and it comes with a bunch of accessories, such as a paddle, carry backpack, and a pump!

The Airtech Paddle Board List of Features:
  • Made of Military-Grade PVC
  • Comes with a Paddle.
  • A Carry Backpack.
  • A High-pressure Pump.
  • 1-Year Warranty on Materials.
  • Risk-free Returns within 30 Days.
The Airtech Paddleboard from the Isle company contains everything that you might need from a paddleboard. It's tough, made out of high-quality material, and it's easy to transport around! Also, it comes with a bunch of handy accessories that can save you a lot of money down the road!

How Do I Choose the Best Paddleboard?

As far as battling the waves of exotic beaches is concerned, the world of extreme sports has seen some great expansion in the recent decades with the rapid development of a wide range of curious and exciting sports. Be it surfing, water skiing, or some kooky form of sailing, you can saturate your water-bound adventure appetites in a wide variety of cheeky ways! For the purposes of this buying guide, we'll delve deeper into the subject matter of paddleboarding, that is, the essential prop that you'd need to engage in this plucky activity – the paddleboard. Read on, and find out what these contraptions are all about!

Unlike the somewhat similar sports props such as surfboards, windsurfing boards, or indeed water skis, paddleboards earn their cheeky name from the way you use them to move about on water, that is – paddling. As you may have anticipated, these boards are, by the virtue of the sport they represent, usually paired up with an appropriate paddle by manufacturers, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes you have to buy the paddle separately, and it’d be safe to say that some sportsmen and women prefer this deal, as they can choose a paddle according to their own delicate tastes.

Other than that, the material of the board itself is an interesting aspect to look into. Typically, many companies producing these boards opt for some sort of reinforced PVC, as this material has the best overall durability and toughness needed to survive the rough environment of sea water. Also, sometimes an aluminum fin is added for greater maneuverability. Other than this, it's important to note that almost all paddleboards tend to be inflatable, although there are some exceptions (one of the models we're featuring would be an example of a non-inflatable version). All in all, these plucky sports props come in a variety of shapes and styles, and most companies classify their models by weight category as well as the skill level of the user, so you should have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best one for your sporty self!
Perhaps one of the biggest downsides of all sporting equipment necessary for some of the newly-developing sports is that they're pretty darn expensive. For example, a paddleboard will set you back at least 500 dollars, and some of the more elaborate models with plenty of additional features can cost as much as 1,400 of your hard-earned greenbacks! Of course, this jump in cost is mostly due to the fact that these offers include a specialized pump (for inflatable models), a carrying bag and possibly a couple of other trinkets as well. So, if you already have some of the aforementioned tools and accessories, you can cut back on the costs by simply buying a board on its own! Luckily, there's plenty of models on the market, and you're sure to find one that fits your needs at an agreeable price if you know what you want!
As paddle-boarding is still a relatively young extreme sport, there’s no consensus among the many manufacturing brands that make these about what the official dimensions and other features should be. Therefore, picking the right kind of this mighty maritime utensil can present a bit of a headache for a mere rookie in this field! Worry not, however, as our TopProducts team is here for you – check out the list below and scan the features that a well-made paddleboard is capable of pulling off!

The list of the most important properties to pay attention to when buying a paddleboard:
  • The Material of the Board
  • Drop-Stitch Construction
  • Paddle
  • Pump
  • Ease of Transportation
  • Carry Bag
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Ergonomic Carry Handles
  • Removable Fin
  • Color of the Board
  • Warranty
If transportation presents the biggest issue for you when outdoors excursions are in question, perhaps you should get yourself an inflatable model. They're easy to move about and can be ready for ya in a matter of minutes!
Construction and Design
About the most important part of buying a paddleboard would be to pay attention to its size and the skill level necessary to play with one of these toys. Thankfully, these vital numbers are usually provided on Amazon or the manufacturer's site, so you needn't really worry about being in the grey zone as far as these matters are concerned.

Ever wonder how the paddleboard is able to retain all that air pressure without exploding at the slightest contact? Well, this is thanks to its drop-stitch construction, which consists of tens of thousands of polyester threads woven together to create an incredibly tough material. Thus, you can paddle along the water without any worry of your board popping like a balloon at a kid’s birthday party!

Other than that, paddleboards boast of a wide variety of color schemes and various attachments and perks, so whatever your style or preference, you can bet that there's a paddleboard on the market with your name written on it!
Performance and Ease of Use
Since the majority of paddleboards are inflatable, the first step toward rendering them sea-worthy would be to pump some air into them until they've assumed their natural shape! Usually, the manufacturers include a suitable pump as a part of the package, so this part shouldn't be that much of a problem. (If you don't get a pump, you can just buy one separately.)

When pumping up your paddleboard, don’t be concerned that the needle in the pressure gauge won’t move very much; this is normal. As long as you’ve twisted the valve to its “outer” or one-way position, you’ll be seeing that needle come alive after a few minutes. Remember, you want the board to be as tight as possible to ensure you’re getting the best performance from your paddle board.

Other than that, make sure also to deflate it when you're not using it, to increase its lifespan, and you should be A-okay in the long run!

Get the Best Paddleboard of 2023!

Covering a certain body of water can be done in a wide variety of ways, be it with a plucky transoceanic ship, an ol’ trusty riverboat or indeed or on top of a sturdy surfing board! None of the aforementioned methods, however, beats the sheer glory and genteel of gracefully cruising on the waves while seated or standing on top of a paddleboard! This cheeky sports prop (doubling as a viable means of transportation) not only looks good but is quite tough and reliable as well! We hope you managed to find the model of your dreams among the top 5 models we've provided on this list! Thank you for reading, and have a merry purchase!

Our Top Choice
Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer iSUP Package
Best Value
Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard
BIC Sport Wing Stand Up Paddleboard
Ten Toes Weekender Stand Up Paddleboard
ISLE Surf and SUP Inflatable Paddle Board