Best Paintball Tank Reviews 2023

For a pulsating game of paintball, every pro player knows that your paintball tank has got to be badass! So, if you’re in the market for one, then you’re right on time to see our review of five of the best paintball tanks from the leading brands in the industry. If our featured product isn’t the one for you, these brands offer more so do check them out. Ready, set, fire!
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Our Top Choice
Ninja Compressed HPA Paintball Tank
For those times when efficient, first-class HPA paintball systems are an absolute must, which is every time by the way, Ninja is globally recognized as the smart way to go.
Works with any standard 3000 psi regulator. Heavy duty but lightweight. Attractive design. Great shoulder-to-arm length. Inexpensive alternative to carbon fiber systems.
Valve tends to dig into the wrist.
Compressed air
48 cubic inches
< 3 pounds
Best Value
3Skull 20 Ounce CO2 Paintball Tanks
3Skull has consistently proved over the years that it can be relied upon for safe, quality, and excellent products that give the paintball player a most enjoyable game.
Standard pin valve included. Fires up to 1100 shots per fill enough for a complete, uninterrupted game session. Recent born dates to give longer use. Durable and lightweight.
Tanks only compatible with CO2. Cannot be used with compressed air.
36 cubic inches
Not applicable
Approx. 2.25 pounds
Empire Ultra Carbon HPA Tank
Empire Paintball, a trademark of G.I. Sportz Paintball, is one of the foremost leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of paintball sporting goods worldwide.
Lightweight. 80 cubic inch capacity. Gives stable air flow for efficiency. Dual burst disks included for safety. Fully serviceable internals. DOT/TC approved.
Born dates might not be recent sometimes.
CO2; compressed air
80 cubic inches
2.3 pounds
Carbon fiber
Tippmann Aluminum HPA Paintball Tank
With a commitment to quality, world-famous Tippmann has definitely proved to be a go-to brand for high-performance paintball markers and accessories at the most affordable prices.
Compact size. Lightweight. Keeps your loadout tight and maneuverable. Features an 850-psi output and a pressure gauge. 26 cubic inch capacity. 3000 psi.
Only delivers 300-500 shots per fill.
Compressed air
26 cubic inches
1.75 pounds
Valken GSTN Paintball Tank
When you’re in the market for the most luxurious paintball, airsoft, outdoor, and lifestyle gear that deliver on quality and functionality, you’ll sure find them at all at Valken.
Made of high-grade Aluminum. New tanks with recent born dates. Gives 800 psi output. Provides stable pressure output. Excellent airflow for efficiency.
Large tank may be heavy.
Compressed air
48 cubic inches
< 2.6 pounds

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What is the Best Paintball Tank?

Getting a good paintball tank shouldn’t be so difficult for you anymore now that you’ve armed yourself with all the info from our buying guide. You can move on to our reviews now and see our select five paintball tanks.
Our Top Choice
Up your paintball game a notch by revamping your marker with the Ninja Aluminum Paintball Tank. This tank boasts an efficient 3000 psi of reliable compressed air for a consistent and high velocity firing every time! Need something with higher specs? This comes lightweight, with a 4500-psi rating and therefore larger volume, and looks great too: the Ninja 4500 psi Carbon Fiber HPA Paintball Tank!

Ninja Compressed HPA Paintball Tank with Adjustable Regulator -- Available in Over 30 Colors/Sizes

Ninja Paintball is a division of Pressure Specialist International and has been in existence for over 15 years, doing what it loves to do best: all things paintball. Its mother brand has also been manufacturing the same products for over 20 years. There’s hardly anything you require as a paintball enthusiast that this brand does not carry and in excellent quality too. From regulators to fill stations, to hose assemblies - you name it, Ninja’s got it all. It has a huge client base of some of the biggest names in the industry and prides itself in the fact that all its products are made right here in the USA.

The Ninja Compressed HPA Paintball Tank is heavy duty and able to hold its own under any condition at all. Whether you like to play it hardcore or gentleman easy, this tank has got you. And guess what? It is still lightweight! Which means that while you duck, run, and fire, you won’t tire out easily under the weight of your tank, giving you a longer time to get ’em all!

Coming with all the perks you already know that compressed air gives, there’s no way you aren’t going to have an amazing paintball game with this tank loaded to your marker. Pressure and velocity are all top-notch with this tank and that’s not all.

It comes with a standard regulator to increase and stabilize your pressure output; this way your shots are high-powered and consistent throughout the game. No erratic or off target shots. With little effort, you get max results. All you need do is pull the trigger. The tank could even work with any standard, 3000 psi-marked regulator. It ain’t choosy!

We all know that carbon fiber takes the cake when it comes to containing high pressure and nobody is about to argue with that but if you need a cost-effective option that delivers maximally for its make, then this aluminum tank is definitely the way to go.

And do you know that its shoulder-to-arm length is fantastic? Players who have used this tank have found it to be just right in length, making firing a lot smoother. The only problem we can find is to do with the valve. A few guys have said that it tends to dig into their wrists. Well, some did not mention that at all, so who knows?

And boy o boy! This dude has got the looks to boot! No, I’m not referring to the guy behind the tank, I’m talking about the tank! It comes in really cool designs that will stand you out from your “enemies” on the field. So, you can win and still look cool while at it! If you’re not sold on the size or color of the featured tank, do not worry! There are over 30 designs/sizes to choose from so you’re bound to find the ideal match for you.
Best Value
Who’s ready to fire non-stop at the next paintball tournament? Then get ready for its 3Skull 20 Ounce CO2 Paintball Tanks. This value pack of five is not only economical, but each tank gives you 1100 shots per fill! How about a more affordable lightweight solitary paintball tank with a 9 Ounce capacity that also comes with a pin valve? Then check out the 3Skull 9 Ounce CO2 Paintball Tank.

3Skull 5-Pack 20 Ounce CO2 Paintball Tanks with Pin Valve

When it comes to making quality products that deliver a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping game, 3Skull is definitely not a novice. Its products are every bit as mean as its brand name sounds, ensuring that you do not lose your money due to poor quality of goods. All goods produced are long-lasting and highly functional for the reasons they are made and this is because they are manufactured with the best materials and employing the most up-to-date technology available. In spite of its reputation for producing “mean” products, it has an extremely sweet customer support system that walks along with you from pre-purchase to post-purchase. You’ll sure love your shopping experience with this brand, and that’s a fact!

Here’s an amazing paintball tank specially made for those who love an uninterrupted game with all the thrill and boom! Boom!! Boom!!! (and who doesn’t, by the way?): the 3Skull 20 Ounce CO2 Paintball Tanks.

Let’s begin with the glaringly obvious fact that these tanks are used in the plural, as in they come in a value pack of five at a crazy affordable price. It’s almost like 3Skull is giving it away! But hey, we’re not here to give them business advice. We will mind ours instead and receive their free gift with arms open wide and a great big “thank you!”

Now on to tech details. All tanks are made of aluminum and you know what that means, you’re going to be getting long periods of use with these tanks as they are durable. And with their durability comes the advantage of lightness. With all the adrenaline going on with the game, you’d hardly feel any extra weight aside the casual reminder that you have a gun in hand. Now you can keep firing till kingdom come.

In fact, these tanks deliver up to 1,100 shots per fill meaning that you never have to stop mid-game for a refill. You remain at full throttle from start to finish. Now that’s power!

And since we all remember the rules with the use of paintball tanks: they only have five years before they must be inspected, we all should go for tanks with recent dating on them as common sense advises. And these tanks are those tanks.

Fresh tanks are received weekly, so whatever tank you’ll be getting will come with dates as recent as recent goes. You’d get your full, maximal use of the five years before you have to take it in for inspection, seeing as that process isn’t exactly the easiest and most convenient thing to do in the whole world.
The Empire Ultra Carbon HPA Tank is made with carbon fiber ensuring that your tank stays light, yet contains high pressures of compressed air for that unending, high velocity firing that brings the bang to the game! You could also check out a more affordable tank that averages 1,000 shots with your marker and also comes with a safety burst disk. See the Empire 24 Ounce CO2 Paintball Tank

Empire Ultra HPA Carbon Fiber 80 Cubic Inch Paintballing Tank - DOT/TC Approved

There’s hardly any paintball player worth his salt that has not used or at least come in contact with the brand, Empire Paintball. And yes, it is that famous. This brand, which is actually a trademark of G.I. Sportz Paintball, has produced more quality goods than we can possibly number. With an eye for quality and craftsmanship, all its products always come out as unique and stylish, affording the player function, as well as style: a combination you’d agree many brands find difficult to pull off. Aside being crazy about all things paintball and all that the sport embodies, Empire is also equally, if not crazier about its customers. And to that effect, it has put in place a five-star customer care system that helps its customers through any issue they might encounter along their Empire journey.

You know you can actually have the best of both worlds, contrary to what you grew up hearing. You can actually have a tank that contains high pressure compressed air in a large volume and still have it come in a lightweight tank that will hardly make your arms ache while shooting, and that’s the Empire Ultra Carbon HPA Tank.

This tank is made with carbon fiber, and you know what that translates to. It simply means that your tank comes light but still tough enough to contain compressed air at high pressures. And you know high pressures give more than a decent high-velocity fire. What else do you need in a tank?!

But that’s still not all. The manufacturers benevolently added dual burst discs to the package. Containing compressed air at such high pressure, over-pressurization is not an impossibility and that could damage your tank or even you, and we don’t want that. With these burst discs, your tank is kept in check and preserved from damage that could lead you back here looking for another paintball tank in a jiffy.

It also provides stable air flow that you can depend on. No sudden surprises or jamming or erratic firing. Just a smooth game from start to finish so you can knock’em all dead. Made in the USA, you can be sure of quality with this product. Plus, it even comes DOT/TC approved, so you have no reason to doubt or fear with this tank.
And because you need to keep up to win, the Tippmann Aluminum HPA Paintball Tank comes compact and lightweight to keep your loadout light and maneuverable. This tank was made with your flexibility in mind! Would you prefer a more affordable CO2 tank that comes with a safety valve and is also available in different sizes? Then check out the Tippmann Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank.

Tippmann 26/3000 Aluminum HPA Compressed Air Paintball Tank

Tippmann has been around for a while, and has definitely and quite obviously picked up a few tricks along its growth curve. Starting out before most, this brand gradually but consistently built a reputation for quality, innovation, and service, a quality that places it ahead of many of its competitors naturally. It’s hard not to notice its knack for high-performance as it works tirelessly to produce superior products at the most affordable prices. Till date, Tippmann is not resting on its oars, rather it’s working extra hard to ensure that its loyal customer never lack new and improved gear made with the latest technology and served with an amiable customer service.

If you’re going to swing and fire from different angles like a pro or like James Bond in an action from impossible angles and all, then your loadout had better be light. You cannot be ducking and running with a heavy gear and expect to fire like Bond in slow-mo. No sir. And that’s why you must add the Tippmann Aluminum HPA Paintball Tank to your gear.

It comes in a compact lightweight that makes for a sweet, maneuverable shooting without hurting your arm under the weight of some heavy metal bottle. With this tank, your competitors will have to keep up with you, because you’ll be firing long after they’ve gotten exhausted.

Most players using either a paintball pistol or an airsoft gun also use this tank with a remote line that allows them strap the tanks behind them for a lighter gun and further convenience. Whichever way you choose to swing it, this tank is totally down for you.

This tank delivers a high-pressure output of 850 psi that allows your shots to be travel far and travel in power too. Another reason this pressure value works is that it does not just take your paintball far in power, it’s also safe, staying within the standard and keeping the field safe.

Paired with an average marker, this tank will only deliver 300-500 shots per fill. Understandably, this might be a bit of a turn off, but with a Tippmann M4 Carbine Airsoft Gun (that’s you should totally check out, by the way), the tank more than triples its output to about 1000 shots!
Do you need a paintball tank that will last the standard duration before having to be tested? Then check out its Valken GSTN Paintball Tank. This HPA tank always comes with recent dates as it is freshly made monthly. Would you prefer a more affordable CO2 paintball tank option that comes with a safety burst disc and a pin valve? Then check out the Valken CO2 Aluminum Paintball Tank.

Valken GSTN 48/3000 Paintball Tank - DOT TC Certified

Valken carries some of the most luxurious products you’d ever find not just in paintball but also in airsoft, outdoor, and lifestyle products. It’s been in the business for quite a while and successes have been over the top. From one line of products to the next, customers have been greeted with highly functional products fit for the elite. And the amazing thing about this is that despite the fact that its products are termed luxurious like they actually are, they are about the best deals you can find on the block. So what you get from this brand are quality, style and fair prices. You’d agree that it hardly gets better than that but actually it does. Customer service is “A plus” as many happy customers testify. Altogether, Valken is a winning brand and that you can take to the bank.

The Valken GSTN Paintball Tank is about the freshest tank on the block and we’re not just saying. It comes freshly made every month. When you get one, you’re getting something that’s going to stay with you for every year of the five years it has before it goes in for testing. Not spending half its life in the store and the other half with you. That’s cheating and Valken is not about that.

Made of high quality aluminum, what you get with a purchase is a durable, lightweight paintball tank that delivers. Being so lightweight, you’ll barely notice its presence, so it just stays there unnoticed while powering your game to the ultimate game of a lifetime.

With a 3000-psi pressure value and a 48-cubic inch air volume, this tank has more than it takes to give you a high-performance propulsion. All paintballs will come spewing out from your gun with such precision and accuracy as you could ever imagine. This tank takes your game to a whole new level!

Since this tank delivers an excellent air flow and a stable pressure output, it is an efficient option that you wouldn’t want to miss. This tank is suitable for compressed air, not CO2. As such, you can be sure that weather conditions regardless, you will definitely have an enjoyable game every time you attach this tank to your gun. No excuses.

How Do I Choose the Best Paintball Tank?

Competition and survival are deep-seated instincts in man and that fact is quite obvious. If you doubt it, then explain our fascination for watching Jordan dribble to score on the basketball court. That’s the thrill! It’s the reason football, basketball, soccer and baseball have thousands more fans than the more laid back golf!

Humans live for the thrill of competition; survival. Doing whatever it takes to come out the winner or even simply watching and observing. It’s simply man’s thing to want to compete and win.

Paintball is one of those aggressive but less dangerous games of survival that humans have embraced. Well, the game which we all play for entertainment, as it ought to be, was actually born of a fairly scientific mother. Two guys, friends actually, were having drinks at a bar; their names Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines. Hayes was a Wall Street stockbroker and Charles was a writer. So, they were talking that evening, normal guy talk and then they got into some deeply intellectual talk.

They wondered if survival was actually a deeply buried instinct in man or was instigated by the environment. They wondered what the odds at surviving would be for a successful business owner as compared to an avid hunter in the jungle. So, they decided to put it to the test.

They bought a marker, invited some friends (making them 12), and fixed a date: June 27, 1981. Pretty recent, huh? They all gathered at the venue and they played “capture the flag”. To cut a long story short, it was a New Hampshire forester that won: Ritchie White. Of course! What were the odds that a sedentary business man or a writer would win? Fat chance!

But anyway, so goes the abridged version of the first paintball game.

Since then, paintball has evolved and reinvented and boy, is it so complex now! Now we’ve got all the airsoft guns, the masks, all the protective get-up like we are going for war. There are even paintball tournaments and many countries outside the US are playing the game more and more these days.

Perhaps one reason the paintball game has become more famous in the outdoor game field is the introduction of paintball tanks. The guy that invented these practically upped the game several notches singlehandedly (unfortunately we couldn’t find him/her to say thank you, but that person is the real MVP).

Paintball tanks make the game more pulsating with higher velocity of fire and more shots. All of this is what makes the game closely mimic real-life battle with the thrill and adrenaline. But there’s still lots more to the paintball tank than meets the eye. If you want to know, you’d have to stick around a little longer and read this to the end.
When it comes to getting a paintball tank, there are a few things that will affect how much you’ll end up spending. The most obvious is the fact that a HPA tank will definitely cost more than a CO2 tank, think over $100, while a CO2 tank will cost less, around $40. Somewhere in between these two prices though, you should be able to get an efficient paintball tank that delivers well.

Now, if you’re always on the lookout for the cheapest option available, then you should be aware of a few things first. Cheap paintball tanks are many times not durable, and do not propel paintballs well at all. And then many of them come with falsified born dates and you end up using them for short periods before they have to be tested and we all know testing isn’t our favorite thing to do in the world.
Just before you rush off to order that paintball tank, here are some features that you might like to consider before you purchase, so that you can enjoy your game to the fullest:
  • Type
  • Size/weight
  • Material
  • Date
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design of your paintball tank, there’s two important things to consider.


There are two types of paintball tanks available, and it all depends on your pressure source whether it is CO2 or compressed air (also known as High Pressure Air). Let’s look at these two types closely so you can fully understand what you’re getting yourself into should you get either of these guys.

CO2 was the first gas to be used in paintball tanks and remained the only gas used for years. Refilling a CO2 gas tank is relatively cheaper and they usually come in compact tanks that make them lightweight. It also means that you get more shots from them compared to compressed air. But... there’s a but. Due to some science-y things we will not go into, using a CO2 tank will also make your shooting more inconsistent.

Compressed air tanks are also referred to as High Pressure Air (HPA). Normally, the air is pressurized to the pressure rating written on your tank: usually 3000 or 4500 psi. And then there’s a regulator that regulates the pressure, usually between 800 and 850 psi.

An advantage of the HPA that’s so seducing is its stable pressure and how it retains high performance under any weather condition. And with the high velocity and the higher firing rate, your accuracy is much improved and you’d enjoy your shooting a lot better. But as usual, there is a but… HPA tanks are usually bulkier and are made with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is what makes the tank walls thinner so they can take higher pressures without necessarily being so bulky. And they definitely cost more than CO2 tanks.


So, there are two groups of materials that a paintball tank can be made from: carbon fiber and metal.

If your tank is made of carbon fiber, then what the manufacturer had in mind was to make the walls of your tank thin and yet able to hold high pressures like we explained earlier. This will now make even a small tank capable of holding high pressures since all that will have to be done is to thin the walls of your tank, there’ll be no need to increase size. As such, your tank stays light. HPA tanks that are made of carbon fiber are usually more expensive than any other material like aluminum or steel.

Which brings us to the issue of metals. There are two types of metals that a paintball tank can come in: aluminum and steel. Obviously, steel is much heavier than aluminum as we all know. There’s not much difference between the two beyond that.

Now, a brief final word on carbon fiber wrapped tanks before we zoom off. You have to protect the carbon fiber tank like it’s your baby. If they chip their epoxy, your tank is toast. While you’re clamoring for a lightweight tank, make sure that you’re not a klutz, or else your investment will just run down to the ground.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are different scribblings that you’d find on a typical tank, e.g. 68/4500. And that may be a bit confusing understandably, but it’s actually not that confusing. It’s pretty straightforward actually. In the afore-mentioned example for instance, the 68 will be the volume of the tank in cubic inches while 4500 will be the pressure that tank can hold, measured in pound per square inch. Simple!

And that’s for compressed air.

CO2 tanks, on the other hand, come measured in ounces, like 40, 20, 12 ounces. CO2 tanks are made to hold gas by weight rather than volume as HPA tanks usually work. And understandably, the higher the weight, the heavier the tank. So, don’t expect a full James Bond move with a 40-ounce tank as compared to a 12-ounce tank.

Paintball tanks do not come cheap, and some can actually be referred to as outright pricey. You might want to beef up your tank with some protection: grips, covers and co. to shield it from getting defaced by scratches, bumps or dents.

A word about rehydration testing.

This test is supposed to occur five years after the date of manufacture, which means that the dates on your tank are extremely important data that you cannot afford to trifle with. You must endeavor to check and be sure that they are as recent as possible.

Rehydration testing isn’t exactly fun. It’s actually kinda stressful, so try to enjoy the most of the five-year grace you have before having to go through that chore. If the dates come in really backdated, then return the item; you can’t pay full value for half performance.

Get the Best Paintball Tank of 2023!

And it’s a wrap! From all of us at Top Products, it was fun talking paintball with you. Now, we leave you to make that order right away!

Our Top Choice
Ninja Compressed HPA Paintball Tank
Best Value
3Skull 20 Ounce CO2 Paintball Tanks
Empire Ultra Carbon HPA Tank
Tippmann Aluminum HPA Paintball Tank
Valken GSTN Paintball Tank