Best Paper Cutter Reviews 2023

Whether at school, the office or home, you will need to cut papers more often than you may realize. Some do it for school projects, while others are into origami, and there are a whole lot of other activities involving paper. You may go down the beaten path and use scissors, maybe a sharp knife, or sometimes folding and slicing it along the edge. But this usually comes as a last resort and never gives you the smooth, beautiful edge you need. So why not go down the line of least resistance and try a paper cutter? Well, with some of the best brands in the industry offering a variety of amazing options, all you need to do is check out our review on five of the best paper cutter brands in town.
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Cut Length
Max. Load
Our Top Choice
Swingline ClassicCut Lite Guillotine Paper Cutter
Swingline has been a trusted brand since 1925 due to its dependable, easy-to-use and quality products.
Designed with a sturdy plastic base. An alignment grid and dual ruler make cutting easy. Has a protective guard rail to keep your fingers safe from the blade. For versatile use.
For a clean cut you have to hold the paper close.
Available in 12 and 15”
10 sheets of paper
Plastic base
Self-sharpening blade
Best Value
Westcott 12’’ TrimAir Titanium Paper Cutter
With a combination of skills, knowledge, and methods that Westcott has developed since the 1870s, the company continues to manufacture top-quality products.
Made of titanium technology to keep it sturdy. The blade is easy to remove, making cleaning, honing, or replacement easy. Has an ergonomic design for the handle.
You might have to hold the cutter down to lift the blade.
30 sheets of paper
Natural wood base
Safety guard protection
X-Acto Heavy Duty Paper Cutter
X-Acto has been recognized as a top provider of precise cutting solutions for almost a century, thanks to its quality cutting products.
Designed with wooden base and rubber feet, making it stable. Has an ergonomic handle and textured grip, making it comfortable for use. Has base scales for easy measurement.
The handle might shift when cutting heavy material.
Available in 12, 15, 18, 24”
15 sheets of paper
Solid wood base
Self-sharpening blade
Dahle 18e Vantage Paper Cutter
As a customer-oriented company, Dahle strives to provide the best quality products, as well as services, to meet its customers’ needs.
Designed with an automatic clamp, keeping your work well pinned. Has non-skid rubber feet for easy use. Adjustable paper guide offering easy repetitive paper cutting.
The blade might be difficult, for some, to line up for a precise cut.
Sliding blade
Available in 12, 15, 18”
15 sheets of paper
Metal blade, metal base
Spring action handle
Fiskars Recycled Bypass Paper Cutter
Fiskars is an industrial icon when it comes to offering quality products, and their cutters are a true show of this hard work.
It is designed with a self-sharpening blade. Has a smudge guard, guaranteeing safe operation. Has non-skid rubber feet.
Aligning the paper evenly might be difficult.
Sliding blade
10 sheets of paper
100% recycled resin

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What is the Best Paper Cutter?

Now that we have a criterion in mind and have identified the features that really matter in choosing the best paper cutter for your needs, let’s look at some of the best brands in the market. We have selected the top five brands, each featuring a great model. Go ahead and pick the paper cutter for you.
Our Top Choice
The sturdy plastic base makes the Swingline ClassicCut Lite Guillotine Paper Cutter both durable and lightweight enough for portability. If you are looking for a personal paper cutter with a durable plastic construction, and which is portable, then check out the Swingline Personal 12’’ Paper Cutter.

Swingline ClassicCut Lite Guillotine 12’’ Cut-Length Paper Cutter— Available in Two Sizes

If you are looking for a variety of options, then you need to check out Swingline. The company offers a wide variety of innovative and reliable office products, including punches, staplers, trimmers, shredders and laminators, among others. The reputation of the company all comes down to innovation, quality, and reliability.

Few things can be more tedious than having loads of papers to trim to the right size. Things cannot get worse than when you have to do it all manually while a stream of other duties is lined up on your table. Well, this Swingline ClassicCut Lite Guillotine Paper Cutter, with its ability to cut up to ten sheets of paper at once with an astonishing 12-inch cutting length, is definitely your friend in this situation. That is not all, as the cutter comes with a lot more interesting features.

These are some of the features you should not miss:
  • A plastic construction makes it both durable and lightweight, for easy portability around the office or across your desk.
  • The alignment grid, as well as the dual scale ruler, also comes in handy in measuring a precise, clean cut.
  • With a protective guard rail, the safety of your fingers is guaranteed, and there’s a blade latch hook that makes locking the blade a breeze.
  • The cutter is a general-use machine, both in the office and at home, with the guillotine blade sturdy enough for cutting even thick material.
  • The trimmer design comes in handy for versatile use too, cutting through photos, documents, and artwork effortlessly.
Remember, if this12’’ cutter is not ideal for your needs, you can always check out other size options, like the 2-12”, 2-15”, 4-12” and the 15-inch trimmers, and you will still get the same quality.
Best Value
The 12’’ TrimAir Titanium Paper Cutter is manufactured with titanium technology, keeping it sturdy and sharp to serve you longer. If you are looking for a paper cutter that is great for trimming photos, cardstock and paper then check out the Westcott Cut and Score Blades Paper Cutter.

Westcott TrimAir 12’’ Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter with Anti-Microbial Protection

With efficiency and reliability at the top of Westcott’s priority list, the latest technology has been used to create some of the best products on the market. The company makes durable, strong, resilient and safe products for everyday use in the office. This can be attributed to the coating technology employed in the manufacture of these products, resulting in some of the best products in all categories.

Using a paper cutter can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you have the wrong equipment for the job. But things are more fun when you have the right machine to get the job done. The Westcott 12’’ TrimAir Titanium Paper Cutter is built with a sturdy and sharp blade that can effortlessly slice through up to 30 sheets of paper measuring 20lb. And this is just the beginning – you can’t beat the other features the cutter comes with.

These are some of the features we are talking about:
  • The titanium guillotine trimmer offers unprecedented comfort when slicing, thanks to its ergonomic handle design.
  • The blade also comes with anti-microbial protection, as well as a safety guard for keeping your hands safe.
  • The natural wood base makes the cutter not only sturdy, but also gives it an attractive design and appearance.
  • The blade is built with titanium technology to keep its edge sharp for a long time.
  • The tool is super easy to use on papers as well as things like wedding invitation cards, a true aspect of versatility.
  • And with the blade held in place by four head screws, you can always remove it easily for cleaning or honing the edge, and you can replace it too.
The wooden base and rubber feet in this X-Acto Heavy Duty Paper Cutter make it stable enough for use on different surfaces. If you are looking for a paper cutter that has a transparent cutting guide and able to cut three sheets at a time then check out X-Acto ELMER Razor Paper Cutter.

X-Acto Heavy-Duty Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter— Available in Four Sizes

If you are looking for ideal cutting materials, there is no better place to check than X-Acto. The company has dedicated its efforts to the production of a wide range of cutting instruments for nearly a century now. With the use of quality steel for maximum durability and sharpness, the company never disappoints when it comes to getting the cutting edge on your table. The company offers students, moms, hobbyists, teachers, professionals, and crafters precise cutting tools for use in virtually any activity.

Papers with jagged edges is the last thing you would settle for in the office. Unfortunately, if you do not have the right tool to get clean cuts, you might have to settle for less. But this should not be the case if you can lay your hands on this X-Acto Heavy Duty Paper Cutter. First, the cutter comes with an oversized and textured grip that offers unparalleled control and comfortable handling for easy use. Then there is the juicy part – the cutter also packs some other interesting features to reckon with too.

Here are some of the other features to keep an eye on:
  • The guillotine blade is designed to cut through multiple sheets of various materials with a precise cut. Besides, the base has scales for easy measurements and paper orientation, giving you uncompromised cuts.
  • With stable rubber feet, the cutter is also sturdy enough, despite the different types of platforms you might want to use it on.
  • The equipment is versatile enough to be used on a number of materials with exquisite performance, from all types of papers to films and photographs.
  • A solid wooden base adds to the trimmer’s stability as well as durability, not to mention giving it a natural touch and an attractive design.
  • Since safety is essential in using any trimmer, a safety guide and a latch in this one enable you to use it with confidence, despite the environment.
If the 15-inch does not fit your needs, you can go for 12, 18 or 24-inch types.
An automatic clamp in this Dahle 18e Vantage Paper Cutter helps keep your work well pinned for precise cutting. If you are looking for a large, lever-style paper cutter that cuts up to 30 sheets, then check out the Dahle Premium Large Lever Style Guillotine Paper Cutter.

Dahle 18e Vantage Automatic Clamp Sturdy Metal Base Paper Cutter— Available in Three Sizes

To meet the ever-growing demand for professional and personal tools, Dahle has always advanced to offer customers quality paper shredders they can be proud of. If you are looking for a document-shaping arsenal, there is no better place to turn than this company’s outstanding products. Its customer service and product prices are unbeatable too.

There comes a time when you need to cut your papers to a certain size, but nothing is worse than having to do so with a pair of scissors or a knife. Even worse, if you have to do it with bare hands, you know you will end up with edges that aren’t so pleasing. But why settle for the hassle when you can do it cleanly from the start? With a pre-printed grid and a stable metal base for easy use, this Dahle 18e Vantage Paper Cutter is good for the job. And it also comes with a lot more features to check out.

Some of the other features to keep an eye on include the following:
  • The metal blade operates with a reliable spring action that prevents it from falling.
  • Built for heavy-duty use, the blade is strong enough to slice through up to 15 sheets of paper at once without a struggle.
  • With the help of a pre-printed ruler marked in centimeters and inches, outlining the section you want to cut should never be a challenge.
  • The cutter also comes with non-slip rubber feet to prevent skidding on the surface during use.
  • And if you want to make a series of repetitive cuts, you can never go wrong with the adjustable paper guide in this cutter.
  • Working with sliding papers can be quite the frustration, but with an automatic clamp, you can hold down your work for smooth operation.
If the 18-inch blade is not the perfect option for you, you can always try the 15 and 12-inch ones for the same value.
The self-sharpening blade in the Fiskars Recycled Bypass Paper Cutter is essential for years of cutting without need for replacement. If you are looking for a scrapbooking trimmer with a swing-out arm, then check out the Fiskars Scrapbooking Portable Paper Cutter.

Fiskars Recycled Bypass 12-Inch Paper Cutter

When it comes to offering a variety of products, Fiskars is always ahead, with an array of impressive products. And the company is also inclined toward offering the best prices for customers, not to mention the outstanding services. If there is something customers can love about this company, it has to be the satisfaction of their cutting needs as well as the amazing service.

Nobody likes the idea of taking longer than necessary in doing any chore, whether in the office or at home. And cutting certain pieces of paper can be intimidating until you get this cutter, and then everything becomes super easy. The first thing you will notice about the Fiskars Recycled Bypass Paper Cutter is the heavy use it can withstand, from cutting invitations to handouts, fliers and a variety of other heavy materials as well. It also offers many more features that will definitely blow you away.

These are some of the features we are talking about:
  • A grid and a precision-printed scale can go a long way in helping you align the projects for a clean cut.
  • Besides, the trimmer is built using 100% recycled post-consumer resin, which offers a sturdy base that will last you for years.
  • Then it has self-sharpening blades, which means you will never need a replacement to get the job going.
  • The other thing you will love about this trimmer is the sheer strength of its blades, which are capable of easily cutting up to ten sheets of paper at once.
  • The trimmer comes with several other impressive features, like a paper clamp for holding the papers tight.
  • Plus, you can also count on the anti-skid rubber feet that ensure stability, and a smudge guard to keep your fingers out of harm’s way.

How Do I Choose the Best Paper Cutter?

You may have never given it much attention, but have you ever wondered just how many things you can do with a paper cutter? Perhaps, you might have been asking yourself why everyone in the office wants one around. Probably, you won’t realize how important this device is, until the moment you have a book you need to bind or several flyers to create. A paper cutter can be a savior in such situations, but you have to be aware of the features that get the job done.
To begin with, using a paper cutter comes with its fair share of risks. And the first and most imminent threat is to your fingers. If you are to keep your hands safe, the devices should have guard rails to prevent any of your fingers sliding into the blade.
And talking of safety, there is a big risk in working with unstable equipment. If your office desk is quite smooth, you may be worried that this device will slip, with catastrophic consequences. Not to worry; just like a paper shredder and most other office equipment, paper cutters are built to maintain stability on virtually any tabletop. To prevent slipping, most of these devices come with rubber feet for stability so, regardless of the surface, you can keep working without any cause for worry. 
The other thing you cannot afford to miss is the efficiency that the paper cutter can offer. No one loves leaving the office late after struggling to trim some printing papers for a project due the next day. If the mere thought of it drives you crazy, then you need to get a cutter with the ideal blade for the job. The good news is, these blades are sharp enough, and some of them are self-sharpening for everlasting service.
Then there is the aspect of trimming your papers to the right size. This can prove difficult if you do not have a ruler handy. Good news is, almost all cutters in the market feature a pre-printed ruler or a grid, and some even come with an adjustable paper guide for repetitive cutting. It can go a long way in making your work not only easy, but also precise. From trimming fine edges on cards and flyers, to cutting documents to the desired size and shaping them, you will not have to work with jagged edges anymore.
You can always get more with paper cutters, and you can find this out for yourself with our top selected options, but first take a look at some of their features.
Let’s face it, considering paper cutters’ performance and efficiency, you might expect them to cost you a fortune. Actually, these devices come at a reasonable price, ranging from $25 to $60, and a little more if you want to get a high-end one.

It goes without saying that several factors will affect the price of any paper cutter. For instance, if you go for one that comes with the best safety features like spring action or guard rail, or one with a self-sharpening blade, you can expect to pay more for the quality. This applies to the material too – a wooden cutter will definitely cost you a little less than a plastic one or a resin type. When it comes to the brand too, you can expect a tilt in the price. So, you want the paper cutter that everyone is talking about in town. Well, you can be sure to spend more on that product than you would with the less known brands.

Most importantly, you need to understand the worth of the paper cutter you are going for. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with numerous cheap paper cutters, but these are not for you. If you want to take shortcuts, then you might end up with a device that lacks essential features like an ideal handle, pre-printed grid or a safety latch hook that you would get with a quality cutter.
Behind every reliable paper cutter, several features bring out the best in it. If you want to make the most of your cutter, these are some things to look for.

  • Type – Paper cutters come in two types – the sliding blades, and the guillotine type. These may vary considerably in design or performance, but either of the types will always get the job done. If you prefer either of the two, you can always keep an eye on the other features to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Size – If there is one aspect of these devices that can vary from one to the other, then it has to be the size. Most cutters are shaped nearly the same, but they vary in size, from the lightweight options that you can easily carry around to the more hefty ones. This comes down to your preference. or the needs you have for the cutter.
  • Maximum Load – Whether a paper cutter can cut ten or more sheets of paper, or handle a certain cut length, depends on the individual cutter you land on. Most of them, however, are built for heavy-duty function. As such, they will usually withstand a load of even up to thirty sheets at a go. Most importantly, determining your needs should come first.
  • Blade – The blade is an essential part of the paper cutter, and usually made of stainless steel. For ideal operation, most of these blades are sharp enough to slice through sheets of paper like butter. Most of them do not lose their edge quickly, and some are designed to self-sharpen themselves as you operate the device. Most important of all is the issue of safety. To achieve this essential goal, most cutters are fitted with a protective blade guard rail to keep your fingers from danger, as well as having blade latch hooks for locking the blade in place when the cutter is not in use.
Construction and Design
The construction of a paper cutter makes all the difference between having a device you will be proud of and blaming yourself for wasting your money. If you want the real deal, here is what you should not miss.


Cutters come in different sizes, and so they vary in weight. The options here can be overwhelming, but you should always zero in on the perfect one that best fits your desired mode of use. Some cutters are light enough for easy portability, while others have some heft to them. If you are looking for something to place on the desk so you can use it there, then the options are on your side but, if you need one you can carry from one place to the next quite often, then you need to ensure you get a lightweight one.


The material used in making paper cutters differs as well. This might vary from one brand to the other. You might go green and choose the natural wood options in the market or opt for the recycled resin type. Plastic cutters are also available.


Each cutter is designed in a distinct style according to the manufacturer’s choice. Most of these devices are well built, and they usually make a good addition to your table. Whether you are using it in the home office or on your desk at the office, well-designed paper cutters can be a conversation starter.
Performance and Ease of Use
Performance is the most important aspect of a paper cutter. This is where you need to get everything right, and everybody in the office will want a cutter like yours. But what do you need most?


Using a paper cutter may seem like a simple task, but it poses some threats – the most significant being the risk of your finger getting into the blade. A slight mistake may ruin your papers too, so it is important to ensure everything runs smoothly. Most cutters feature a guard rail, which keeps your fingers from the sharp blade by creating a barrier between the two. Some cutters also come with a spring action function. This keeps the blade from falling unexpectedly. Others have a latch hook for holding the blade in a downward position for all-time safety. The other aspect that’s usually overlooked is the stability of the device, and this is usually achieved by non-skid rubber feet. Having the cutter well placed and tightly secured can save you both injury and wrong cuts on the papers.

Ease of Use

A paper cutter may have a razor-sharp blade, but if the handle is not ideal, you might well have a torturous feat trying to use it. The handle should be comfortable in your hand, as well as having smooth movement. Fortunately, most handles feature an ergonomic design to provide a comfortable and steady grip. This means you can use the device for hours without any issues or discomfort whatsoever.

Get the Best Paper Cutter of 2023!

We are sure that by now you are confident about getting the best paper cutter for your needs. If you are not yet convinced that any of these five cutters have all you need, you can always browse the brands we have recommended and check out their other amazing options too. You will surely find something to your liking. Then, hit that buy button with confidence!

Our Top Choice
Swingline ClassicCut Lite Guillotine Paper Cutter
Best Value
Westcott 12’’ TrimAir Titanium Paper Cutter
X-Acto Heavy Duty Paper Cutter
Dahle 18e Vantage Paper Cutter
Fiskars Recycled Bypass Paper Cutter