Best Paper Shredder Reviews – Heavy Duty Paper Shredders for Office and Home Use

Whether you’re a busy office worker finding yourself surrounded by heaps of junk paperwork, or a savvy business owner needing to protect any sensitive printed data, or just a regular person that needs to get rid of documents such as bank statements or old ids - a paper shredder is the ultimate solution for all these situations and many more! Finding the ideal shredder may be quite confusing, given the fact that there are so many of them in the market and each product is claimed as the best by its manufacturer. However, we can help you select the document perfect shredder a lot more easily, with our in-depth review. We understand that you may have a particular preference, depending on your situation, and hence, we have decided to review a variety of products from the best brands, which will cater to all your requirements.

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Shred Type
Cut Size
Shred Ability
Max Pages
Bin Capacity
Our Top Choice
Bonsaii EverShred Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Excellent product from a top rated company. Great for shredding medium load. 1 year solid warranty.
Long running time. Shreds 18 sheets per load. Large bin size. Efficient machine for small businesses. Majorly positive reviews on Amazon.
Input slot is inconvenient. Occasional clogging. Bin needs frequent emptying.
Cross Cut Shredder
1/4 x 1-23/50 inches
Paper, plastic, cards, staples
17 to 18 pages.
6 gallons
Best Value
Amazon Basics Microcut Paper Shredder
An impressive high-security office shredder. Manufactured by AmazonBasics. Number 2 in Shredders category on Amazon.
Triple shredding modes. Micro-cut offers greatest security. Large pull-out bin. Caster wheels installed.
Lack of safety lock. Short operational time. Fairly noisy.
Multi Cut Shredder
5/32 x 15/32 inches
Paper, plastic, cards, staples
12 Pages
4.8 Gallons
Fellowes Powershred® Jam Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder
The Powershred® commercial shredder has a Jam Proof System that can handle much more than paper -- perfect for large offices. Renowned brand with great amazon reviews.
High volume basket. SafeSense Technology. Quiet Operation. Energy Saving Mechanism. Has models that can handle from 18 to 24 sheets, with Strip or Cross Cut options.
Isolated reports of shreds falling from the bin while emptying.
Strip, Cross and Micro
5/32 x 1-1/2 inches
Cards, plastic, clips, staples
20 pgs, has models that do more
16 Gallons
Royal MC14MX Micro-Cut Shredder
Overall, a good shredder, good brand, has all necessary features, and great reviews.
Dedicated slots for different items. Micro cut for maximum security. Locking casters for mobility. Superior design and finishing.
Occasional clogging. Warranty terms are inconvenient.
Micro Cut Shredder
0.15 х 0.4 inches
Paper, plastic discs, and cards
14 Pages
8.5 Gallons
Aurora Light Duty Crosscut Desktop Shredder
Great desktop shredder, best choice for personal use, really cheap and great reviews.
Super robust body. Easy to carry. Safe to use. High quality blades.
Occasional clogging. Noisy. Narrow feeding slot.
Micro Cut Shredder
1/5 x 1 17/20 inches
Paper, clips, staples, cards
4 pages
1.32 Gallon

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What is the Best Paper Shredder for Home Use and Offices? Read on to Find Out!

Now that we have fair criteria in our mind and know which features really matter in choosing the best document shredder for your needs, let’s have a look at some of the most popular paper crushers in the market. We have selected five of the top brands, featuring a great model from each one and reviewed them in detail to give you a super clear picture.

Our Top Choice
The C149 is going to take care of all your sensitive data and leave you satisfied with its performance. If you are looking for a low budget and high security shredder, check out the Bonsaii DocShred 8-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper Shredder.

Bonsaii EverShred 18-Sheet Cross-cut Shredder with 6 Gallon Wastebasket Capacity and 4 Casters

Bonsaii is a brand that focuses on delivering high quality and durable products. It’s line up is filled with industry leading solutions that are all intended for a single aim: customer satisfaction. Owned by Bonsen Electronic LTD, the company was founded in 2005 as a Sino-German partnership and has grown to become a truly prestigious brand. The Bonsaii C149 is a highly rated shredder, which can easily accommodate all your document and id disposal.
  • Cross Cut Shredder. The shredder will cut your documents horizontally and vertically, hence ensuring that it is almost impossible for anyone to try and put it together.
  • Patented Technology. It can keep churning out your shredded loads continuously, for up to one hour. Just insert the load and select AUTO mode.
  • 6 Gallon Pull-Out Bin. You can insert the load and take your seat. No need to worry about the waste suffocating the machine.
  • 15 LBS Weight. It is not the lightest shredder in the market, but is also not the heaviest one around.
  • Fairly Low Operation Noise. Only produces 62 decibels of noise, which will allow you to continue working in peace.
  • One Year Warranty. This reflects the quality product produced by the manufacturer and will give you the confidence to trust it.
The C149 makes for a very efficient medium-level document shredder. If you are a small business owner or a home based consumer, you should definitely opt for this product.
Construction and Design
Bonsaii has gained a reputation of high quality product development and assurance over the years. It’s highly specialized research and production facilities ensure that the consumer is getting a superior product, with durable parts and exceptional value.
  • Simple Yet Elegant. The shredder has no distracting add ons or gimmicks. It is a simple looking model, yet the bold color and appealing border outlines make the machine quite stylish.
  • Single Color. The model is currently only available in a shade of black.
  • Durability Assurance. The model has been manufactured from durable parts straight out of an optimized shredder factory in China. The one year warranty is an added guarantee of the genuinity of the product.
Performance and Ease of Use
The C149 has largely impressed its buyers regarding its performance and execution. It is a simple to use and easy to maintain product.
  • 12 Sheets at A Time. This will certainly save time and will enable you to dispose documents at a faster rate.
  • No Jamming. You can try a variety of items to shred, including paper, card, staple, etc. without any hiccups.
  • No Overheating. You can use the machine for several hours straight.
  • Minimum Lubrication. Lubrication is only required after about half a dozen bins of waste. You can do so by simply shredding a document soaked in oil. Main gear-box has permanent greasing.
During the researching for our review, we discovered a few isolated complaints regarding the performance of the shredder. However, it seems that these buyers overestimated the ability of the product to handle a heavy-load. As mentioned, this is a medium-load shredder and hence should be used as one.
Best Value
The AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High Security Shredder is going to make certain that there is no trace of your physical data. However, if you don’t need high security and want a basic shredder (has a different cut style), try the AmazonBasics six sheet cross cut version, which is also a #1 best seller.

AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder - Available With or Without Lubricant Sheets

Amazon’s own brand, the AmazonBasics was launched in 2009 and has grown to a respectable position in the market. The label sells cost-effective but high quality commodity products directly on the Amazon web store. The AmazonBasics shredder minimizes your odds of succumbing to any chances of identity or data fraud. The shredder offers outstanding convenience and keeps your information from ending up for malicious activity.
  • Multi Cut Shredder. You can choose from strip cut, cross cut or micro cut, depending upon your need for protecting your documents. It takes security to another level.
  • 12 Sheet Per Load. Simply insert the load and sit back, as the machine grinds it into several pieces.
  • 4.8 Gallon Bin. Not the biggest bin, but more than sufficient for personal usage.
  • Shreds Variety Of Items. You can insert papers, cards, DVDs or cds. The shredder will take care of all, one at a time.
  • Safety Flap. While there are no sensors installed, the safety flap does a decent job of blocking a direct contact with the machine’s parts while inserting the load.
  • One Year Warranty. AmazonBasics is a reliable brand and with a one year warranty, you should feel confident if you decide to purchase this product.
If you are looking for a shredder to be used occasionally and want something that gives something in between value and money, the AmazonBasics shredder is the way to go.
Construction and Design
The AmazonBasics document shredder comes in a typical box shape body. Despite its low price, the product has a high quality manufacturing and finish.
  • Excellent Design. The shredder features a black bin with a silver top. The body has been designed ergonomically for assistance in handling and moving.
  • Fits In Most Environments. The shredder looks nice in most places, be it in your home or office. It has a small size (25.19 x 11.44 x 17.31) and can even be placed on a desk.
  • 8.7 Inch Wide Paper Entry. This makes the entry of load very convenient and smoother.
  • LED Sensors. These turn on to signal overheating.
  • Durable Exterior And Interior. AmazonBasics is a reliable brand and it has ensured that the shredder you purchase is a durable and long lasting one.
Performance and Ease of Use
The AmazonBasics shredder has performed well within its limits and has impressed the majority of its buyers, allowing it to have the number 2 spot on the Amazon market place.
  • Shreds Different Materials With Ease. The shredder can target paper, receipts, records, cards, plastic, etc.
  • Safe To Operate. The machine automatically turns off if it detects your hand in the slot.
  • Minimum Jamming. The shredder works smoothly. In case of any jamming, the Auto Start / Stop / Reverse functions will get rid of the jammed paper.
  • Lubrication Easy But Necessary. You can shred an oil embedded sheet every time you empty the bin.
  • Short Duration Of Operation. You can use the machine continuously for every five minutes before requiring a thirty minute break.
While the shredder is a great choice for the budget-restricted home based requirements, you should note that it has a short operational time of only five minutes before requiring a break and produces a slightly higher noise of 70 decibels.
The Fellowes Powershred 225Ci is a king among commons. Throw at it all the junk you want and it will happily grind it all to mere pieces. In case the commercial one is too big and you want a medium sized heavy-duty shredder, you can give a look at the Fellowes Powershred® 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder. (Between the two, this one is more popular, most likely because of size and price point).

Fellowes Powershred® 225Ci 100% Jam Proof Multi-Cut Commercial Paper Shredder - Varying Sheet Capacity Options

Fellowes is an industry leader in producing office equipment. Its products are renowned for having the most rigorous standards, which has helped the company cement its position at the top. Currently it has developed in to a company with several wings, providing solutions for business management and storage, industrial air purification and cellphone technology. The Fellowes 225Ci is a premium heavy duty shredder, with several advanced features, for usage in a busy office with 3-5 users.
  • Multi Cut Shredder. The machine boasts strip, cross and micro cuts. You can utilize any of them, depending upon your needed level of protection. The micro cut shreds documents into pieces as small as 5 / 32 " x 1-1 / 2".
  • Up to 24 Sheet Per Load. The shredder can rid of the junk documents at a faster rate than other alternatives. It operates for up to 30 minutes, without requiring a cool down. You can choose models from 18 to 24 sheets at a time.
  • 22 Gallon Bin. This means that you can just feed in the load, sit back and relax. No need to worry about bin over flowing.
  • Shreds Variety Of Items. It can take on any of your junk office items. These include Staples, Credit cards, Paper clips, CDs/DVDs, Junk mail and more.
  • Safety Flap. While there are no sensors installed, the safety flap does a decent job of blocking a direct contact with the machine’s parts while inserting the load.
  • Two Year Warranty. What makes this product stand out even more is its solid product and service warranty. Moreover, the cutter has an individual lifetime warranty.
Being a premium commercial model, this is not a cheap paper shredder. However, its price is justified with its multi functional abilities and capacity to tackle huge loads – plus, you can often find it for less on Amazon.
Construction and Design
Knowing the price that you would be paying for the 225Ci, Fellowes has ensured that the quality of its product exceeds your expectations.
  • Top Design. The shredder comes in a prism shape. It features a color scheme of black and grey. The aesthetics match most office settings with ease.
  • Portable. With a size of 25.19 x 11.44 x 17.31 inches and a set of wheels on the base, the 225Ci is easy to move around and share in your office.
  • Safety Cover And Sensor. This prevents any small objects from clogging the cutting slots and damaging the interior. There is also a sensor installed to power off the machine if your hand is near the inlet.
  • Motor Protection Mechanism. The shredder automatically counters thermal overload, which keeps it from heating internally and burning out.
  • LED Sensors. Installed on the front panel, the LED lights indicate when the shredder is ready to use and when the bin has become full.
  • Durable Exterior And Interior. AmazonBasics is a reliable brand and it has ensured that the shredder you purchase is a durable and long lasting one.
If you have bucketful of junk documents to dispose of daiily, the Fellowes commercial shredder is the ideal product for you and your office.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Fellowes commercial shredder is a simple to use and a super reliable machine. It is durable and super safe.
  • Multi-Purpose Shredder. It can destroy anything paper or plastic, with its powerful steel blades. You can dispose off your ids, bank statements, credit bills, cards, discs, staples, clips, etc. There are no manners required in disposing off the junk – just shove the papers in and see them get ripped to pieces.
  • Safe To Operate. It has a safety lock that comes in to play when the bin is taken out. The sensor stop the machine if the hand is too close to the inlet.
  • Energy Saving System. Save power and avoid unnecessary consumption not only during the standby mode, but also while the shredder is operating.
  • Low Maintenance. Only requires timely lubrication. You can use Fellowes lubricating oil for this purpose.
  • Super Silent Operation. Produces 54 decibels of noise during operation. You can use the machine continuously without disturbing the office environment.
The Fellowes 225Ci is a loved product, having an almost 95% positive feedback from Amazon buyers. There are no real problems to report for this machine. It is easy to set up and works like a charm.
The Royal MC14MX is a simple to operate and super effective product, which will end your need of any external shredding services. However, if you prefer a cross cut small inexpensive shredder, you may try the Royal 100X.

Royal Paper Shredder - Micro-Cut Shreds Up to 14 sheets, Handles CD's & DVD's

Royal has over a hundred years of experience in manufacturing and producing office accessories. The MC14MX paper shredder has been one of the flagship products of the company and boasts a comprehensive method to protect all your sensitive documents and information.
  • Micro Cut Shredder. It can take chop down any document to pieces as small as 0.15 " х 0.4 ". This will virtually make it impossible for anyone to try and put the pieces together.
  • Auto Start / Stop / Reverse. The machine starts automatically when any document is inserted in the slot and stops itself when the shredding is completed. It also has auto reverse to counter jamming incidents, by allowing the cutter blades to move in the opposite direction.
  • 8.5 Gallon Bin. It has a modest bin size and is sufficient for use by up to three people at an office. You do not have to worry about the bin choking the machine. It can hold up to 575 sheets of paper.
  • Shreds Variety Of Items. Not only does it tackle paper documents, the MX14MX can also chop down credit cards, CDs and DVDs.
  • Thermal Overload Protection. In case the machine gets over heated due to extra load, the shredder automatically turns off and prevents excessive internal damage.
  • One Year Warranty. The product is covered with warranty on all parts and labor, which is a reflection of its quality manufacturing.
As you can see, the Royal MC14MX is a perfect solution for all home and small business shredding tasks.
Construction and Design
Over the years, Royal has focused on promoting high quality and reliable products. It is no surprise than that the MC14MX is a built and design that is superior to many other office shredders.
  • Top Design. The shredder has a modern console design with great attention to detail. It can easily fit in office environment. It has a color scheme of black and silver.
  • Adjustable Basket With Window. You can easily keep an eye on the level of waste in the basket and clear it as it is reaching its capacity. A super convenient addition to the typical shredder.
  • Portability. It has a footprint of 14.5 x 18.8 x 27 inches. The body has locking casters system for easy movement around the office and makes up for the slightly heavy weight of 39 pounds.
  • Sturdy. Royal knows the importance of a durable product for home and office use. This is why it has kept a strict eye on quality control and robustness of the internal / external parts of its shredder.
  • No Lubrication Needed. The high quality of metals mean that you do not have to worry about lubrication, giving the shredder a huge advantage over its competition.
Performance and Ease of Use
The Royal shredder performs smoothly and has been engineered to operate without needing any particular expertise.
  • Excellent Shredding Capacity. The high quality metal blades installed in the shredder can take out any paper or plastic. It can share the load of up to three individuals at an office.
  • 10 Minute Runtime. You can shred continuously for 10 minutes and up to 600 sheets a day. This should accommodate all your small-sized office or home needs. It only requires 30 minutes of cooling down after every session.
  • Moderate Noise Level. While operating at maximum capacity, the shredder produces noise of up to 68 decibels. This is not too disturbing and will allow you to continue focusing on the task at hand.
There have been isolated reports of the machine jamming upon constant use at maximum capacity. However, rest assured, these are just a few bad experiences from a pool of overwhelmingly positive ones.
The Aurora is the most basic and yet super effective paper shredder machine, which is going to eat up all your home based junk happily. If you prefer a Light Duty Strip Cut Paper Shredder without Wastebasket, you should check out the AS680S by the same company. The latter is also #1 Amazon best seller.

Aurora Desktop-Style Cross-Cut Paper Shredder – Great for Home/Small Office Use, Handles Cards and Clips, 4 Sheets at a Time

Aurora is one of the oldest office equipment supplier in the United States. Headquartered in California, the company has grown from a solely calculator brand to a one stop shop solution for all workplace needs. What makes Aurora stand apart from its competitors is its ambition to nurture a relationship with its customers and excel in servicing them. The Aurora Desktop Style paper shredder is a basic machine. It is no surprise that the machine has limited features and is very modest in comparison to the aforementioned products.
  • Micro Cut Shredder. It can take chop down any document to 1/5 "x 1 17/20" tiny bits. This practically makes these documents totally indecipherable.
  • Auto Start / Stop / Reverse / Stand-by Mode. The shredder will start shopping itself once the document has been inserted completely. In case of jamming, it will automatically reverse the blades. When on standby, the LED indicates the status.
  • 1.5 Gallon Bin. Given that it is a simple desktop shredder, the bin capacity is very small.
  • Shreds Variety Of Items. Can shred paper, card, clips and staples. The load per shred session is minimal.
  • Thermal Protection. Despite being a small shredder, it comes with an installed thermal protection to prevent overheating and damage from it.
  • One Year Warranty. Aurora has a single year warranty for parts and services from the date of purchase.
This is a great product for your occasional shredding needs and comes with an unbeatable price-to-value ratio. While Aurora is known for making great shredders for under $100, if you are looking for a professional grade high security shredder, you may want to consider the Aurora AU1210MA 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder which is still an affordable option.
Construction and Design
Aurora has cemented its place as a top manufacturer of office products. Its desktop paper shredder, despite being of a very low price, still has the quality and finishing which can be compared with the premium models in the market.
  • Sturdy Built. The shredder has a plastic body. Despite being a small product, it is fairly sturdy and can endure.
  • Ultra-Portable. With a small size and a weight of about 1 pound, it is very easy to take the shredder with you, as your personal machine.
  • Waste Basket With Window And Handle. This allows you to keep a check on the disposal level and unload the bin when it reaches its capacity. You can use the handle to easily take out the bin and carry it.
  • Detachable Power Cord. This is a surprise and a sweet add on to such a basic machine.
Performance and Ease of Use
The desktop shredder delivers a smooth and hassle free performance.
  • Powerful For The Size. Despite its size, the shredder can chop up to 4 sheets at a time or a single card.
  • 2 Minutes Runtime. This is very low in comparison to the premium models, however since you are going to use it only occasionally, the run time is fairly okay. It needs 30 minutes to cool down after every session.
  • Lubricant Free Blades. Despite the slow and limited shredding prowess, it can easily tackle any load with its high quality blades, which do not require any lubricating for maintenance.
  • Noisy. It produces noise up to 70 decibels while operating at maximum capacity. This might be annoying to some users.
While researching for our review, we generally saw a positive response from the buyers of this desktop shredder. However, they did report clogging incidents upon working with the machine at maximum capacity regularly. There were also minor complains regarding the narrow size of the inlet, which prevented wider sheets to be inserted without prior folding.

How to Choose the Right Paper Shredder for Your Home or Office — Keep Your Information Safe!

Paper shredders are an ideal choice for disposing off your sensitive documents or personal identification – or simply just so that your unwanted paper takes up less place in the trash. With the growing cases of identity theft and several professional garbage rummagers searching for any information that can be used for malicious purposes (think account information, social security number, bank details, etc.), shredding any unneeded pieces of paper is an important security measure. Typically paper shredders have various cutting styles and come with add-ons to ease the cutting. The first step in picking out a paper shredder for yourself is to identify the maximum load you would be putting in every time. Depending upon your need, you may opt for a home based shredder, an office shredder or an industrial shredder. In our review, we are going to guide you step by step in selecting the best paper shredder for your exact needs. Since there are so many types of shredders, it can be quite overwhelming for a first timer to purchase the ideal machine. We understand this and will give you the information you need to not only make an efficient and viable choice, but one that doesn’t hurt your budget either. NOTE: For added security with extremely sensitive information (or if you can't afford a shredder), consider getting an identity theft prevention security roller or stamp. These are used to block out the important stuff with special encryption. They are also useful for marking of your address on junk mail and personal information on prescription bottles.

Protect Your Identity: Proven Pattern Hides the Text Underneath It, Keeping It Safe From Prying Eyes

Guard Your ID Advanced 2.0 Roller Identity Theft Protection for Confidential Security Stamp

By the way, shredding machines are limited in disposing only physical information. However, in today’s tech age more and more sensitive information is being stored on computers. In case you are looking to protect or dispose-off your digital information, you should have a look at the encrypted hard disks. Let’s now take a look at the things that you need to consider before buying a paper shredder.
Paper shredders are used everywhere, from homes to small offices to big firms. Therefore it is no surprise that the price of a paper shredder can range from a cheap two-digit figure to an expensive four-digit one. In general, the price increases with better quality, more features and abilities, and durability. If you are going for a small-scale basic document shredder, you can get a cheap machine for under 100 bucks. However, if you are looking for a commercial paper shredder that can handle a bulk load of sheets at one time, be ready to spend several times more. It is strongly recommended to not spend miserly on a paper shredder if you are looking to use it for disposing heavy loads regularly, since an inexpensive model may give up on you and eventually cost you more with the added repairs. To give you a variety of options and to accommodate everyone’s respective budgets, we have included different types of shredders in our review, including simple, complex and in-between models.
Shredders machines come with several features that make them stand out in the market. It is recommended to have a look through the features of all the mentioned products to see if they are worth the price tag. It should not be a surprise that the more featured products usually come at a higher price, compared to the modest ones. The main feature to watch for in any paper shredding machine is the cut type it comes with:
  • Strip Cut: This is the conventional cut type. This will cut your sheet into vertical strips.
  • Cross Cut: This is the modern cut type. It cuts the sheet both horizontally and vertically, at the same time. This ensures that the pieces cannot be put back together by any one.
  • Micro Cut: This is also a modern cut type. It virtually chops off the paper sheet into several tiny pieces (mere particles in fact!) that are virtually impossible to put together, similar to confetti.
It is strongly advised to purchase a cross cut, micro cut or confetti cut shredder if you are disposing paper with sensitive information because it is very easy to reorganize the vertical strips using a strip-scanner within a few seconds.

Can You Reassemble Documents Cut by a Paper Shredder?

Pros and cons of different types of paper shredders: Cross-cut shredders are better for security. | Courtesy of Galvo Shredders
Other features check out include:
  • Load: Any shredder comes with a maximum shredding capacity at one go and you should ensure that the shredder you are opting for fits your required workload.
  • Bin Size: The amount of junk the disposal machine can store before requiring emptying.
  • Portability: Depending upon your usage, you may require to move the document shredder around. In that case the weight and the size of the machine will come in to play.
  • Sound: If you are working in an office environment, it is probably preferable to have a paper shredder that makes minimum sound.
  • Smart Sensing: Top end paper shredders can sense if your hand is too close to the chopper and will stop immediately.
  • Warranty: This is an important feature to look at as it can save you money in repair and maintenance in the future.
Construction and Design
There is little to talk about regarding the design of a paper shredder. Almost all kinds of paper shredders come in a box design – either rectangular or square shaped. The outer body is mainly made of plastic. What differs is the finish quality of different products and brands. A good quality shredder should have a durable body and an exquisite finish. Depending upon the brand you select, there several colors to choose from, giving you the opportunity to choose that compliments the environment of your home or office, without standing out like a sore thumb.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, usually the products by the top brands deliver the best results. Irrespective of being low or high priced, products from renowned brands have a user friendly and smooth operation. However, in some cases even lesser known brands can produce some great shredders. For a product to meet your expectations, you must double check that your requirements match its abilities. You cannot get good performance from a small home based paper shredder, if you have a work load of thousands of sheets a day. Most shredders these days are powered electrically. You just need to plug in and get started. Depending on your needs, some of them can target paper while others can even destroy plastic. Usually, the industry grade paper shredders can dispose CDs, DVDs, credit cards, etc. Lastly, it is always a good practice to check what the buyers are saying about the product. This will give you a transparent view of the shredder, and let you know if it actually performs to the standard being marketed by the manufacturer. Our reviews are designed to help you with this.

How Can Junk Mail Be Used to Steal Your Identity?

Thieves can use junk mail with your name on it to make purchase and open credit cards. | Courtesy of CBS Sacramento

Get the Best Paper Shredder of 2023!

While all the above mentioned products are some of the most popular and prestigious ones in the market, the choice regarding the perfect one for you ultimately relies on your preferences and your budget. We feel confident that one of our recommendations may be a great fit.

Our Top Choice
Bonsaii EverShred Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Best Value
Amazon Basics Microcut Paper Shredder
Fellowes Powershred® Jam Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder
Royal MC14MX Micro-Cut Shredder
Aurora Light Duty Crosscut Desktop Shredder

Paper Shredder FAQs

What is the best paper shredder for home use?
The best paper shredder for home use should be compact and space-saving. It should also easily shred paper clips and staples. Lengthy run time is also a great attribute of a home paper shredder. Depending on how often you shred and the number of items that you need to shred, the shredder should be powerful enough to meet your needs.
Who makes the best paper shredder?
When we conducted our research, we found that some of the leading brands in making paper shredders Fellowes and AmazonBasics. Aurora and Bonisail are also recognized brands when it comes to paper shredders.
What is the best micro cut paper shredder for home use?
A 100% jam proof micro-cut paper shredder is ideal for home use. It should be powerful and quickly shred through all the items. Better yet if it has thermal protection and auto-shutoff feature. A large wastebasket is an essential component of the paper shredder. We reviewed several different options to help you find one that fits your needs.
Can you get a good paper shredder under $50?
As long as you don't have high volumes of paper to shred, you can find quality paper shredders for less than $50. AmazonBasics and Aurora have some affordable options. To learn more about them, read our reviews.