Best Parasol Reviews 2023

A parasol is a type of umbrella that can shade you from the sun and the rain. It can also be used as a fashion accessory for many occasions. Selecting the best parasol might not be so easy because parasols come in different diameters, lengths, designs, and materials. That is why we have made that process simpler by undertaking extensive research of parasol brands. We provide a review with five of the best parasol brands as well as a product from each to help you get an idea of what they offer. Do not forget that these are not the only parasols by each brand, so feel free to look at other varieties if these don’t suit you.
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Full Diameter
Our Top Choice
Outgeek Ladies Sun-Proof Umbrella Parasol
Outgeek provides you with an impressive range of high-quality fashion products at competitive prices.
It is a super cute parasol that can protect you from both the sun and rain. It’s made of high-quality material and opens easily.
It could be heavy to carry after a while.
Pagoda-shaped, Victoria style
UV-rays protection
Best Value
Remedios Lace Parasol Umbrella
When it comes to fashion clothing and accessories that are unique and beautiful, Remedios leads the way.
It is well-sized and can be opened easily. Its metal frame holds up well and is sturdy.
It can't be used in the rain.
Wedding bridal decoration ivory
Cotton lace/wooden handle
Bridal shower decor
Kung Fu Smith Black Vintage Umbrella
Kung Fu Smith is an internationally recognized brand that is synonymous with innovative umbrellas.
The opener is automatic and the dome is nice and big, perfect for both rainy and sunny days.
It is a little bit long, but still gorgeous all the same..
Elegant lace bow design
Lace, satin, pongee and leather
Fast auto-open
TopTie Lace Umbrella Wedding Parasol
TopTie is well-known for using the latest technology to design fashion items and accessories.
The lace material is of high quality and very soft to touch. It looks elegant and is quite affordable.
It is somewhat fragile and does not protect from rain.
Wind-resistant design
100% Battenberg lace
JapanBargain Oriental Parasol
JapanBargain is committed to manufacturing unique and novel fashion supplies with competitive pricing.
It has a solid design and is easy to use. It is very beautiful and durable.
It is not rain proof.
Handmade oriental design
Bamboo, wood and nylon
Removable handle

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What is the Best Parasol?

A parasol could be that essential accessory that improves your look when you step outside. We created our buying guide to take the guesswork out of the selection process. Now that you have read through it, you can take a look at each of the products reviewed below and see which one offers the most desirable characteristics for your needs. Once you find the parasol that ticks the most boxes, you’ve found the best one for you.
Our Top Choice
The Outgeek Ladies Umbrella Parasol has an open diameter of 88cm. It is made of lace and this fashionable piece can be used in any occasion. It is also sun and rainproof. Looking for a functional, classy, wind/rainproof parasol? Check out the Tinksky Pagoda Umbrella, which is a peak-shaped umbrella with lace trim by Outgeek.

Outgeek Ladies Lace Flowers Pagoda-Shaped Long Handle Sun-Proof Umbrella Parasol – Available in 4 Colors

Outgeek is a professional merchandiser that deals in clothes, furniture, tools, fashion jewelry, parasols, etc. With dedication to keeping its customers happy and satisfied, Outgeek provides an impressive range of high-quality fashion products at competitive prices.

The Outgeek Ladies Sun-Proof Umbrella Parasol (Selling for $21.98 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is made of pongee material which is water-resistant and durable. With an open diameter of 88cm and a length of 86cm, this parasol can cover up to two people. This pagoda-shaped parasol has a vintage white and black color and a lacey flowery finish that makes it very beautiful and elegant. It is sun and waterproof and can be used for all occasions.

Outgeek has other parasols that you might want to check out:
  • Outgeek Umbrella Retro Pagoda Umbrella is a beautiful and durable parasol with a hook handle that comes in white and black and could be used by two people walking side by side
  • Outgeek Pagoda Parasol is an anti-UV sun proof umbrella with lace trim
  • OUTGEEK Wedding Bridesmaid Parasol with a long handle is a pretty three-layered lace design that can be used in the sun and rain
Best Value
The Remedios Lace Parasol Umbrella is a cotton-laced parasol with a wooden handle that is great for wedding parties. It has an open diameter of 76-80cm and can go with any outfit you desire. Want a parasol that is both classy and easy to use? Check out the Vintage Bridal Wedding Party Cotton Lace Parasol by Remedios which is a classic handmade vintage Battenberg lace umbrella.

Remedios Lace Parasol Umbrella for Wedding Bridal Decoration – Available in 17 Colors

When it comes to quality products at the right price, Remedios is unrivalled. With so many unique products available, Remedios has continued to lead the way when it comes to fashion clothing and accessories that can be trusted.

The Remedios Lace Parasol Umbrella (Selling for $22.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a beautiful and unique fashion accessory that can be used by a bride to spice up her wedding pictures. It has an open diameter of 76-80cm and a length of 65cm when closed. This means that it can be used by both adult and children. The material is made of cotton lace and its handle is wooden. It provides the necessary sun shade required and can be used in parties and showers. It is available in 16 colors.

Remedios has other parasols that you might want to check out:
  • Remedios Handmade Lace Parasol Umbrella Hand Fan Set is a beautiful cotton set that can be used as a wedding bridal accessory
  • Remedios Ivory Victorian Cotton Lace Parasol Umbrella has an embroidery cotton lace, wooden shaft, and metal ribs. It can be used for photo props, bridal shower, tea parties, or wedding parties
  • Remedios Wedding Flower Girl Lace Umbrella is a super cute parasol for kids only. It has a resin handle and is a perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays
The Kung Fu Smith Compact Umbrella has an elegant lace bow design and a fast-open auto button. It has a strengthened steel shaft and flexible fiber glass ribs that makes it sturdy and windproof. For a Pagoda parasol with high-density waterproof and UV protection, check out the Kung Fu Smith Women Vintage Polka Dots Parasol. It is also portable, lightweight, and windproof.

Kung Fu Smith Black Vintage London British UV Protection Sun Stick Umbrella

Kung Fu Smith, founded in 1998, is an internationally recognized brand that is synonymous with innovative umbrellas. Its products are usually of high quality and durable. No wonder it has great reviews on top selling sites.

The Kung Fu Smith Black Vintage Compact Umbrella (Selling for $22.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a stylish lace bow design, lovely bubble shape, and a black leather J handle. Its diameter when open is 98cm and its length when closed is 85cm. It can be used in the rain and sun, and the underside has a patchwork of 7 black panels & 1 red-striped panel. The construction material is a combination of lace, satin, pongee, and leather. The strengthened black steel shaft makes it quite sturdy and the fiber glass ribs are flexible. The frame is wind-resistant and this parasol has a fast auto open button that enables you to open it easily and quickly. The grip is comfortable and is easily portable.

Kung Fu Smith has other amazing parasols that you might want to check out:
  • Kung Fu Smith Auto Open Clear Birdcage Rain Umbrella is a see through bubble dome that has a portable plastic hook handle and an easy auto open mechanism
  • Kung Fu Smith Half Automatic Rain Umbrella is a bubble dome shaped parasol with a beautiful floral design print and an open diameter of 80cm and a closed length of 82cm
The TopTie Lace Umbrella Wedding Parasol is 100% battenburg, with embroidered flowers and is lightweight, cute, and stylish. It has a closed length of 68cm and an open diameter of 76cm. TopTie also has a waterproof Pagoda Umbrella Wedding Parasol. It has a sturdy windproof frame and is also available in 7 colors. Check it out if you want something slightly high-end.

TopTie Lace Umbrella Wedding Parasol – Bridal Costume Accessory – Available in 11 Colors

Since its birth in 2005, TopTie has been committed to offering customers high-quality products with greater value and a wider choice. With an excellent customer service designed to go the extra mile, TopTie continues to stand out among its peers.

The TopTie Lace Umbrella Wedding Parasol (Selling for $10.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is available in 11 colors and is made with 100% battenburg lace and embroidered flowers. It has a manual open and close and its frame and handle are wind-resistant. This parasol, with an open diameter of 76cm and closed length of 68cm is durable, lightweight, and easily portable. Its lacy design makes it a great choice for sunshade, bridal showers, weddings, photo props, and outdoor parties.

TopTie has other lovely parasols that you might want to check out:
  • TopTie Anti-UV Sun Parasol, Claret-Red Arched Umbrella with ruffle trim is made of terylene material and aluminum alloy that can be used in the rain and sun
  • TopTie Sun Shade Anti-UV Umbrella UV Protection Folding Parasol is made of high-class material and can be folded in three sections. It has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of >50+
  • TopTie 60" Windproof Golf Umbrella is an auto open double-canopy umbrella that is available in 6 bright colors. It is made of Fiberglass shaft and ribs and has a storage sleeve
The JapanBargain Oriental Parasol is made of nylon while the handle is made of hollow bamboo. It is 81cm wide and 55cm long and it is a great choice for Asian-themed decorations and weddings. Do you want a handmade oriental parasol instead? The red JapanBargain Oriental Parasol is another sturdy and classy parasol suitable for multiple uses.

JapanBargain Oriental Umbrella Parasol 32-Inch – Available in 11 Colors

JapanBargain continues to lead the field by creating product lines that are unique and different with competitive prices. It carries a variety of Asian fashion and restaurant supplies.

The JapanBargain Oriental Parasol (Selling for $10.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is available in 11 colors. It measures 81cm when opened wide and 55cm long when closed. It provides shade when required and can also be used as a photo prop. The parasol is made of nylon while its handle is made of hollow bamboo. It is a very beautiful piece that can be used for Asian-themed decorations and weddings.
JapanBargain has other beautiful parasols that you might want to check out:
  • Japanese Chinese Oriental Parasol Kasa – It’s only for kids and measures 22 inches while open
  • JapanBargain Oriental Parasol – It’s red and has an open diameter of 32 inches
  • Oriental Parasols Hot Pink 161-11 – It’s transparent and measures 30 inches when open

How Do I Choose the Best Parasol?

Nothing can be more frustrating than spending hours getting ready for an event only to get to your destination sweaty or rain-soaked. Sometimes sunscreens, sunglasses, and hats just won’t suffice. Nothing ruins confidence faster than a burnt-out, disheveled look, especially when you are going to an important event.

There are situations in which a parasol is more function than fashion. Imagine a door-to-door salesperson whose job is convincing people to buy a product. The likelihood of garnering a larger audience is much higher with a cool, calm and collected demeanor, as opposed to a sweaty, self-conscious and most likely irritable one. Parasols can also reduce the health repercussions that could result from over-exposure to intense sunlight.

Parasols are dainty-looking umbrellas whose primary functions are to provide covering from the sun. Though widely misconceived as outdated, they are indeed important accessories to add to your wardrobe. The use of a parasol as a fashion accessory is another reason to add one to your wardrobe. They come in an array of colors and designs so you could pick a color that suits your occasion. Their UV-coated designs provide maximum protection from the sun that even your traditional rain umbrella is not equipped to do, and their dainty style makes them less awkward than carrying a conventional rain umbrella when it’s not raining. Some manufacturers now design parasols that can be used both in the sun and the rain.
Parasols are quite affordable, usually ranging from $10 to $22, depending on the brand and features. The larger, rain-proof parasols are more expensive than the smaller parasols that only provide coverage from the sun. Their affordability makes it possible to have more than one, for a more coordinated outfit experience.

We took the liberty of eliminating the cheap parasols we encountered during our research because of their flimsy designs and non-durable qualities. You can be rest assured that every product featured on this page offers value for every dollar spent.
Do you spend a lot of time in the sun but want to maintain a level of composure and glam? Are you a photographer looking for something extra? Are you getting married soon and need an elegant accessory to keep you cool in between posing for the camera? Then you might need a parasol, but before you go shopping there are some important features you should consider. They include the following:
  • Full dimension
  • Shape
  • Style
  • Design
  • Material
  • UV protection
  • Water resistance
  • Ease of opening
These features will help inform your decision as to the ideal parasol for you. Let’s look at them in some detail.
Construction and Design
One of the first features to look out for in your parasol is its dimension, both when closed and when open. You don’t want to be carrying a parasol that is a lot bigger or smaller than you are. Parasols with large diameters can provide sufficient cover for two people at once making them ideal for a parent-child outing or a date.

Though most parasols are pagoda-shaped, you could still find other variations such as the bubble or dome shape. It all depends on what purpose you want your parasol to serve and how much coverage is required. This will inform what shape to choose. Also, depending on the kind of statement you want to make and the air you desire to carry along with your parasol, you can choose a style that best describes you. Some of these styles are: vintage, Victorian-style, Japanese-style or unique hand-made designs.

Quality parasols are made from durable materials that offer sufficient protection from the sun and sometimes rain. The materials could be silk, pongee, cotton, linen, nylon, satin, lace or a combination of two. Most times, the material used is dictated by function, culture or purpose. For instance, most hand painted silk and paper parasols are usually associated with Asia because weather conditions there are mild enough for these materials. Sturdier parasols are made from canvas and plastic and they are more moisture-resistant. The handles and stem are also made from different materials including wood, steel, hollow bamboos, or other materials. Parasols with metal stems are sturdier and more wind-resistant.

Parasols come in interesting and fashionable designs which may include lace finishing, lace-bow designs, polka dots, paintings and embroidered flowers. The occasion you need it for will influence the design you should get. For instance, bridal parties are best with lace or lace-bow designs.
Performance and Ease of Use
UV parasols offer about 85% to 99% protection from UV rays, which make them great for optimum shielding from the sun. The importance of shielding your skin from UV rays is ever-increasing with skin cancer becoming more common. You could always use regular parasols and wear sunscreen but if you can have a “sunscreen” and a parasol in one package, why not go for it?

Water-resistant parasols also provide cover in the rain, making them ideal for places with unpredictable weather. This eliminates the need to carry a parasol and a conventional rain umbrella at the same time. Let’s picture you using a lace-design parasol and it suddenly starts to rain. You may as well walk the streets without any cover. So, when you are choosing a material for your parasol, ensure it can stand the weather conditions in which you will be using it.

Parasols also apply the normal method used in opening a traditional rain umbrella (manually or automated buttons). No matter the method applied in getting the parasols open, ensure you get one that opens easily and quickly. Some parasols can also be folded and carried in handbags. If you are considering portability, look out for this feature in your parasol.

Get the Best Parasol of 2023!

It is our hope that with these reviews, we have provided you with enough information to make your parasol selection easier and faster. You can now go ahead and place your order with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Outgeek Ladies Sun-Proof Umbrella Parasol
Best Value
Remedios Lace Parasol Umbrella
Kung Fu Smith Black Vintage Umbrella
TopTie Lace Umbrella Wedding Parasol
JapanBargain Oriental Parasol