Best Paris Travel Book Reviews 2022

Are you planning a vacation or business trip in Paris but not sure where to start? You need a travel book to guide you every step of the way on your trip, but with so many travel books on the market, picking the best Paris travel book can be a nightmare. It’s for this reason we’ve researched the best Paris travel book publisher brands on the market, showcasing one from each, to help you make an informed decision.
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Our Top Choice
Rick Steves Paris 2017 Travel Book
Rick Steves is a best-selling author of over fifty European travel books and has hosted at least one hundred travel shows in two decades.
Updated for 2017. Has various tours. Seven-day trips included. Easy-to-read maps. Useful tips included.
The paper isn’t the best quality.
Self-guided tours, trips & walks
Avalon Travel Publishing
707 – Paperback, Kindle
8 x 4.5 x 0.75 inches; 13oz
Best Value
Carolee Duckworth Your Great Trip to France
Dr. Carolee Duckworth is a passionate writer focusing on independent travel in France, USA, Italy, Europe and Canada.
Useful advice. Simple French phrases. Tips on saving costs. Information on safety. Well written and detailed. Maps and diagrams.
Featured places are chosen by the author and therefore might not suit everyone.
Pre-planned Paris trips
New Cabady Press
360 – Paperback, Kindle
8.5 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches; 19.2ounces
Lonely Planet Discover Paris 2017 Travel Guide
Lonely Planet was founded in 1972 and is one of the largest publishers of travel guidebooks in the entire world.
Has maps and colored diagrams. Discover more in one geographical area. Features annotated images. Tips to save money and time.
Some sights have less detailed information.
Paris Travel guide
Lonely planet
258 – Paperback
7.7 x 5 x 0.6 inches; 11.2 ounces
DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Paris Travel Book
DK Eyewitness Travel was started in 1974 and is renowned worldwide for illustrated reference publishing.
Itineraries are included. Saves you time. Better planning. Images are full color. Layout is intuitive. Color-coded maps.
Might require reading before the trip.
Top 10
DK Eyewitness travel
192 – Paperback, Kindle
4.1 x 0.6 x 7.5 inches; 9.9ounces
Shiela H. Leon Parents' Travel Guide - Paris
Shiela H. Leon is a prolific author with over twenty travel books written to make travelling with kids easy and fun.
Simple book. Maps included. French Phrases. Dining options. How to avoid long lines. How to explain the monuments.
It’s not as comprehensive as other books.
Traveling with kids
CreateSpace Publishing
74 – Paperback, Kindle
8.5 x 5.5 x 0.15 inches; 5.1ounces

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What is the Best Paris Travel Book?

Choose a Paris travel guidebook written by a seasoned traveler known to produce valuable content. Make sure it’s comprehensive, with enough details to guide you on your trip to Paris. Find out if one of our recommended Paris travel guidebooks is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Rick Steves Paris 2017 Guidebook is aimed at giving the reader easy and comprehensive self-guided tours of Paris. Keep an eye out for Rick Steves Paris 2018 guide, to be released in November 2017!

Rick Steves Paris 2017 Guidebook Updated for 2017 with Self-Guided Tours & Tips

Rick Steves is an American writer who focuses on European travel aimed at empowering Americans to have affordable and fun trips in Europe. He has been involved in writing over fifty travel guidebooks. Besides being a best-selling author, he also hosts a travel show called Rick Steves Europe and a radio show on travel. His empire has grown to include one hundred well-travelled staff members.

Sometimes, when visiting a new place, you want to just walk around on your own without using the services of a guide. It isn’t only cheaper, but you also get to enjoy the things you like more. This is what you can achieve with this guide. It gives you all the information you need for self-guided tours and walks. If you plan on traveling with your kids, the guide has you covered. It comes with tips on where to take your kids and how to enjoy Paris with them.

The Rick Steves Paris 2017 Guidebook also includes tips on entertainment, shopping and winter activities, so you can focus on having fun. Reading a map is hard for most people, and can even become confusing if bundled with unnecessary information. This book solves the problem by making it easy for you to get around Paris. It comes with maps that aren’t just easy to read, but also contain information about particular sites and their surroundings to help you find your way quickly.

There are many ways to get around Paris, including metro, bus, bike or taxi, among others. The book helps you maneuver through Paris using the available means. You also get detailed advice on how to save money, make reservations, communicate and handle emergencies. These go a long way to help you during your stay in Paris. You also get many more handy tips and some relevant Parisian history.

Here are some other Rick Steves books you might be interested in:
  • Rick Steves Best of Europe Guidebook – Focuses on Europe, including Paris
  • Rick Steves Pocket Paris Travel Guide – Pocket-sized book
  • Rick Steves Best of France Guidebook – Various destinations, including Paris
Best Value
Carolee Duckworth’s Your Great Trip to France travel book enables independent travel using pre-planned trips to cities such as Paris. If you're looking to travel and want to know how you can make money on the go, then check out the Shifting Gears To Your Career Working Online book now!

Carolee Duckworth Your Great Trip to France for Complete Pre-planned Trip & Guide to Smart Travel

Dr. Carolee Duckworth is an author and publisher renowned for working online as a tele-worker in an online college she helped create. She writes about career empowerment and travel. Her writings on travel are focused on independent travel and are written in the “Your Great Trip To” series.

Many people find visiting other countries a problematic affair because of cost. Lack of knowledge on how to save money on your trip can cause you uncertainty. Carolee Duckworth’s Your Great Trip to France offers you information on how to budget while traveling. It offers you solutions on how to make the trip to Paris, one of the most expensive places to visit, affordable for you. There is also information on how you can save up for your trip.

Being in a foreign country comes with fears regarding security. This book comes with tips to boost your safety. It also shows you how to protect your belongings. There are also tips on how to overcome travel fears and challenges. This ensures you’re able to enjoy your trip without any anxiety or worries. Packing for a trip can be tasking, especially if you don’t know what to expect. In this book, you get advice on what to pack for your trip so you have all you need.

When you get to Paris, you can easily get lost in it all. The book guides you through two-week, pre-planned trips. The trips allow you to travel expertly by train so the trip is full of adventure and sightseeing. The sights chosen in the book will ensure you enjoy the local culture to the maximum. To enhance your experience, it has some common French phrases you’ll find useful in communicating with the locals.

With this book, you cover all your bases. All the challenges and the pleasures you can expect are highlighted so you can focus on enjoying your trip. Your trips will give you total freedom, as you’ll be able to get through Paris as you like with only your book, because it’s well illustrated using maps and diagrams. Therefore, you won’t need a tour guide.
The Lonely Planet Discover Paris 2017 is the gateway to all the best experiences and top sights in Paris. If you’re looking for a book to make it easy for you to communicate with locals in French, opt for the Lonely Planet French Phrasebook & Dictionary.

Lonely Planet Discover Paris 2017 Travel Guide 4th Edition with a Full Color Design & Easy to Read Layout

Lonely Planet is a renowned publisher of some of the best travel guidebooks worldwide. It has been in existence for over four decades and has produced many travel guides, magazines, phrasebooks, ebooks and so much more. The publisher also has mobile apps, so you can take your book on the go with your mobile devices. You will not go wrong with this publisher, considering its experience in publishing over 100 million guide books over the years.

The Lonely Planet Discover Paris 2017 is a guidebook written to offer you the most recent information on Paris. The book makes it easy for first-timers to get around Paris easily. This is because it has maps included after every site. What’s more, the book includes a pull-out map of Paris you can refer to and use to plan your itinerary. The book also comes with annotated images to make identifying and understanding any specific sight pretty easy.

When making a visit abroad, time is essential. You need to make the most of your time so you can enjoy as many sights as possible. This book helps you spend your time wisely, as it highlights all the top sights in Paris and the experiences you might be interested in. Also included in the book are tips you need on how to manage your time and save on costs.

If you don’t know French at all, there’s no need to worry, because the guide comes with some basic French phrases and their meanings. With the simple, yet essential, words, you’ll communicate with the locals easily. To help you get around quickly, there are also tips on how to avoid crowds, traffic and other trouble spots, so you’re able to reach your destination quickly. There is sufficient information on how to travel by bike, bus, train and taxi to your preferred destination and the most suitable mode of transport.

This book isn’t your usual, black-and-white kind of book. Its layout is intuitive, making it easy to read and navigate. Furthermore, the book comes with colorful pictures and drawings to bring all the featured sights to life. They appear in the book as you’d expect to see them in real life. The book details all the gems of the sights indicated, some of which you can’t find in other travel guides.

Here are some other Lonely Planet travel guidebooks that you might be interested in:
  • Lonely Planet Pocket Paris Travel Guide - Fits into most pockets
  • Lonely Planet City Trails - Paris Travel Guide – For kids
  • Lonely Planet Paris City Map Travel Guide – In the form of maps
The DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Paris Travel Guide provides the top ten lists of all the popular attractions and sights in Paris. Opt for the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Paris Book if you want a travel book written to offer you comprehensive and detailed information on various attractions in Paris.

DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Paris Travel Book with a Comprehensive Color Coded Pull Out Map

DK Eyewitness Travel was founded over four decades ago and has grown to become one of the world’s most renowned publishers. It produces content for over 82 countries and in 62 languages. Everything produced by DK embodies the publisher’s unique design. DK publishes content favorable for people of all ages. Its publications come either as print or digital media.

The DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Paris Travel Guide provides you with quick information about churches, cafes and bars, restaurants, historic buildings, hotels, shops and itineraries and trips. You have everything you’ll need for your trip covered in the top-ten lists. Using the book saves you time because you can easily plan where to dine, get accommodation and go sightseeing on your trip to Paris.

The guide is updated for 2017, meaning you’ll have all the latest places to visit. If there are prices included, then you’re sure of them being the recommended prices. Planning a trip to a foreign country can be tasking, especially if you’ve never been there. The guidebook makes this easy because it features various itineraries for planning trips to featured sights.

Getting yourself around a place you don’t know and figuring out where you’re going can be hard, and this is why the book comes with maps. The book also comes with a comprehensive, laminated, pull-out map to ease your efforts a step further, ensuring the maps are simple for you to read, and color-coded for your convenience.

If you’re looking for a little history and culture of the city, the book has it all. It makes information easy for you to digest, as it uses full-color photography to bring all the places featured to life. The book is sleek and a perfect size. It can fit easily in the front pocket of your backpack or purse. You can, therefore, have the book with you wherever you go. The author also offers many pictures and recommendations. The book has preplanned routes ideal for sightseeing, so you don’t miss out on all the breathtaking scenery in Paris.

Here are a few other travel books by DK to consider:
  • DK Eyewitness Travel Family Guide Paris Book – Sights ideal for the whole family
  • DK Eyewitness Travel Pocket Guide Paris Travel Book – Has a pocket map
  • DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Deluxe Paris Travel Book – Gift edition
Shiela H. Leon’s Parents' Travel Guide - Paris offers a seven-day itinerary for parents and kids while in Paris. Traveling to Italy with your kids and need a similar book to guide you and your family? Opt for Shiela H. Leon’s Kids’ Travel Guide: Italy.

Shiela H. Leon Parents' Travel Guide - Paris: All You Need to Know when Traveling with Kids (Parents' Travel Guides) (Volume 1)

Shiela H. Leon intends to make all the trips parents take with their children as easy and fun as they can be through her interesting travel books. She has a travel guide series for both kids and parents. She includes all the information parents need in order to enjoy a trip with their children, and the kinds of places and destinations kids are most likely to enjoy.

Shiela H. Leon’s Parents’ Travel Guide – Paris comes with a seven-day, pre-planned itinerary. This means you can save your planning time and utilize the little time you have in Paris to the maximum. It can be tasking to find fun family activities to engage in when visiting a foreign country, because you might not know where to find them. What’s more, time might not be on your side, hence the essence of this book.

Traveling with children can be challenging even before you leave the house. For instance, you might not know what to pack for them, especially if you’re traveling with them for the first time. The guide provides you with information on how to pack your suitcases so you have everything you’ll need to enjoy the sights and activities Paris has in store for you. When you get to Paris, you won’t just be relaxed, but also able to enjoy your trip, because everything you need to know and do is in the travel book.

Recommendations on where to stay, dine and sight-see are all included. Important information on how you can avoid long lines at certain sights, by either booking in advance or using other tricks mentioned, is at your disposal. Kids are generally curious and will ask questions or talk about the things they like. Don’t worry if your kids ask you about things you don’t know. The travel book offers you all the information you need to explain the monuments and other sights you visit to your kids.

Simple French phrases included in the book are intended to ease your communication with the locals, making it fun for you and the kids. Written in a simple language and format, the book is easy to understand. You can quickly reference your Paris travel guide if you need to refer to anything during your trip. Easy-to-read maps are also featured to help you get around the city easily and quickly with your kids or family at large.

Here are some kids’ travel books for other countries by Shiela H. Leon for your consideration:
  • Shiela H. Leon Kids’ Travel Guide: Italy & Rome
  • Shiela H. Leon Kid s’ Travel Guide: San Francisco
  • Shiela H. Leon Kid s’ Travel Guide New York City

How Do I Choose the Best Paris Travel Book?

Paris is one of the best places to visit in the world. With amazing sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Disney Land Paris, Arc de Triomphe and Notre-Dame de Paris, just to mention a few, visitors have so many things to do. There are many ways to get around Paris, meaning you can easily miss out on some of the best sights. It’s therefore important to have the best Paris travel guide on hand, in order to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Cost is a major issue for most people when it comes to taking trips and tours abroad. With a good travel guide, you can save on costs, budget and manage your trip so you spend as little as possible. This means you can add more days to your tour or even have some money left over to buy yourself and your family souvenirs. Many books are also sized to fit inside your pocket or backpack for use on the go.

Safety is also important when you’re traveling abroad. You need to know how to reach the necessary security agencies and also how to keep yourself safe with some Dos and Don’ts. Taking care of your belongings, luggage and valuables on your trip is also important. All these factors are addressed in most of the best Paris travel guides. Some books also feature awesome travel activities for you. Traveling with kids can be a hassle without such tools.

You might not know where to take your kids and which places are safe for them. Kids also require certain activities for them to enjoy the trips; all this information should be provided in a travel guide. Accommodation and dining will also be important every evening when you want to retire. Having the best place to rest and enjoy delicious food is essential to the success of your trip. A Paris travel guide will help you in this, since most come with recommended places.
Paris travel guides are affordable and every person interested in traveling to Paris should be able to buy one. However, that doesn’t mean all Paris travel guides are well written. Avoid cheap Paris travel guides, because they might not be as comprehensive as you would require. They might also be made with poor quality paper, meaning they might not last, especially if you plan to visit Paris often.

Look for a book that offers you the kind of information you will need for your trip before you consider the price. You’ll find a good book in the price range of $5 to $30. Expect to pay more for a high-quality and comprehensive travel guide with many pages.
There are some important features to look for when shopping for a Paris travel guide. The most important feature is the content you’re looking for and how well it’s presented to you. A book that’s easy to read makes it easy for you to get what you want quickly. The quality of a travel guide, its comprehensiveness and the number of pages included are also important considerations when looking for a good Paris travel guide.

Here are some of the features to look out for in your Paris travel guide:
  • Easy-to-read maps and diagrams
  • Detailed and comprehensive content
  • The year of publication, to ensure you have access to the latest information
  • The author of the book
  • The variety of destinations and sights included in the book
  • Useful tips you’ll need before and during your trip
  • A size that fits in your backpack or pocket for mobile use
  • The number of pages the book has; the more the better
With the right Paris travel guide, you won’t just be able to spend your time well in the city, but also save on costs and visit the top destinations.
Construction and Design
Type – Paris travel books come in different types, depending on the content included in the book. Most travel guides feature the top places you can visit in Paris, such as popular attraction sights, restaurants, hotels and beaches, among others. Other books are about travelling with kids. They’re specifically meant to make your trip with kids enjoyable and safe.

Other types of Paris travel guides can provide information on trips that are pre-organized. These books usually give detailed information on what you can expect on different trips, in terms of pleasures and challenges. The choice here depends on what you’ll need to know about Paris, either before the trip or when you’re already there. You can usually decipher the type from the title.

Publisher – The publisher of the book is also important. Some publishers are known to publish just anything that comes their way to make quick money. What’s more, some publishers might not be experienced in publishing travel guides. It’s therefore important to check the publisher to ensure they have the experience required to publish a good travel book. The quality of the book depends highly on the publisher.

Year – The year of publication is also important, because you need information that’s recent. The prices indicated in the book should also be recent prices, so you’re not caught by surprise when you get to your destination. Some information is evergreen and might not change much over the years, such as the history of the place and information about the culture of the people. However, you need recent information on the best places for entertainment, dining, etc.

Pages – The number of pages a book has is an important consideration, because it usually determines how comprehensive and detailed the book is. A book’s pages might also increase because of maps and diagrams, which might accompany the places featured in the book to make your experience hassle-free.

Size – Most travel books are available in pocket size and also as complete books. The pocket-sized editions are good for people who just need quick information on places that they want to visit, since these books are obviously small. The complete-sized books, however, are more detailed and comprehensive, with more information and details. They can fit in your backpack.
Performance and Ease of Use
The font on a travel guide should be easy to read for most people, without struggling. A good book is designed with an easy-to-follow layout you can effortlessly understand and follow. Find a book made with good-quality paper to make it easy for you to highlight and underline details you feel are pertinent. Maps and diagrams are also important. Maps should be easy to read, as they are essential in getting you around. The book you buy should also include other important information you might need on your trip for a wonderful experience.

Get the Best Paris Travel Book of 2022!

Whether you’re planning a business trip to Paris or going on a vacation with your family, there’s an ideal Paris travel guidebook out there for you. We hope this guide was resourceful enough to help you find a suitable travel guidebook for you. If you need anything else to prepare for your trip, check out our other travel gear reviews.

Our Top Choice
Rick Steves Paris 2017 Travel Book
Best Value
Carolee Duckworth Your Great Trip to France
Lonely Planet Discover Paris 2017 Travel Guide
DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Paris Travel Book
Shiela H. Leon Parents' Travel Guide - Paris