Best Parker Pen – Quality Parker Fountain, Rollerball Ink and Ballpoint Pens with Options for Every Budget

If you’re in the market for Parker pens specifically, then that says something about you: you do know your pens! You’re probably itching to go over and see the reviews on our five best Parker pens, so we’ll send you on your way already. But before you go, just in case you need them, we also have reviews on Cross pens and fountain pens. So, without further ado, let's go!

Oh wait, hold on a minute… For our featured products we chose individual Parker ink pens, in a variety of styles of course. But if you were here looking for a Parker Pen Set, for a gift perhaps, we didn’t want to leave you out. We did some searching and picked out some of our favorites to show you. Many of these sets include the types of pens we reviewed.

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Our Top Choice
Parker Premier Lacquered Rollerball Pen
All pens in the Premier collection are made to facilitate excellent penmanship with their contemporary designs that command attention and offer a balanced grip.
Sophisticated design in contemporary shape. Cold gray barrel with pale gold-chiseled cap for a subtle but powerful look. Comes in gift box. Smooth, dark lines while writing.
Might be a little pricey for some folks.
Fountain; rollerball
Fine; medium
Black; blue; red
9 colors
Best Value
Parker Sonnet Lacquered Rollerball Pen
The Sonnet collection brings sophistication to every writing occasion with its every intricate detail that reflects a timeless, classic expression of refined style.
Stainless-steel cap and barrel. Palladium-finished clip and trim that don’t tarnish. Rollerball tip. Hand-assembled and checked for quality. Comes in a luxurious gift box.
Some might prefer a bolder profile.
Black; blue
8 colors
Parker Duofold Chevron Fountain Pen
Driven by a knack for superior craftsmanship, Parker introduced the Duofold collection, employing carefully thought-out detail to create a flawless writing experience.
Comes with precision-etched chevron pattern and metallic blue varnish. Comes with 18-karat solid gold nib. Nib writes flawlessly. Large barrel and cap for a bolder profile.
Classic look might not appeal to some.
Centennial or International
9 colors
Parker Ingenuity 5th Technology Ink Pen
With the Ingenuity collection, Parker introduced to the market a line of quality, functional pens that somehow manage to be luxurious yet affordable.
5th Mode Technology offers a smart glide tip which adjusts to your writing style. Up and down movement of front area gives a nib-feel. Comes with refill.
Might tend to be a little slippery sometimes.
Parker 5TH
Small or Large
14 colors
Parker Jotter Stainless Ballpoint Pen
Fun and practical, the Jotter collection of Parker pens is specifically made for the young and the young at heart: people who need a fantastic pen on-the-go.
Affordable. Long-lasting ink formulated for fountain pens. Increased lubricity to enable pen to slide smoothly across the paper. Medium point ballpoint pen. Gorgeous.
Might fall below sophisticated users’ tastes.

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Which Is the Best Parker Pen in the World? Read Our Parker Pen Reviews to Find One in Your Price Range!

You can never go wrong with a Parker pen and it’s fantastic that you now know one or two things about Parker pens after reading our guide. But you know what’s more fantastic? Up next is our review on the best Parker pens you should totally get. Let’s head over and see how it all goes down!

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Our Top Choice
Command a presence everywhere you write with the Premier Lacquered Black Rollerball Pen with Custom Tartan Pattern. Its cold gray barrel and gold-chiseled cap, plus the signature Parker arrow clip give your pen a powerful yet subtle look. If this is too high-end then you can check out this one that comes in an all-metal design, with a gift box and a refill: the IM Premium Twin Metal Chiseled Rollerball Pen.

Parker Premier Lacquered Black Rollerball Pen with Custom Tartan Pattern – Available in Multiple Colors & Styles


The Premier line of Parker pens is targeted at the professionals and business executives with its highly formal and intricate aesthetic. The pens are crafted from exquisite materials including precious metals that help the user showcase his individual sophistication and prestige. For an excellent penmanship, ink flow is designed to deliver fluid lines consistently and effortlessly. Premier pens also come with clean and convenient refill systems of different colors that enable the user to switch or replenish ink smartly and neatly as the situation demands.

You need the Premier Lacquered Black Rollerball Pen to complete that subtle and commanding look that best expresses your individuality as a boss.

From writing to finishing, this pen sends a strong message about who’s boss. It comes in a contemporary shape with a sophisticated design. And to tie the bow on the present, it’s finished with a cold gray barrel and topped off with a pale gold-chiseled cap. We told you! Powerful yet subtle!

And the way it writes? Flawless!

If a gift is in order for some reason, this pen comes in a fancy gift box that makes a befitting gift for any occasion. This pen is fantastic, no doubt, but it’s got other equally fantastic friends in its circle. Check them out:

  • The IM Premium Twin Metal Chiseled Ballpoint Pen: For those who don’t fancy a rollerball
  • The Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiseled Ballpoint Pen: It’s hip for the modern you
  • The Urban Premium Matte Black Rollerball Pen: It comes with a beautiful matte black finish if that’s how you like to play it
  • The IM Premium Shiny Chrome Metal Chiseled Parker Pen: it’s absolutely gorgeous and also comes with a medium refill
  • The IM Premium Warm Silver Rollerball Pen: Has a fine point and beautiful design
Best Value
The Sonnet Lacquered Blue Rollerball Premier Pen is meticulously hand-assembled with a stainless-steel cap and barrel, plus a palladium-finished clip and trim that bring a refined style to every writing occasion. Or you are looking for a premium pen, take a look at the Sonnet Black Lacquer Parker Fountain Pen

Parker Sonnet Lacquered Blue Rollerball Premier Pen – Fine Point with Palladium Trim & Black Ink – Available in Multiple Colors


The Sonnet line is a stunningly successful merging of a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic with meticulous details. The pens come hand-assembled for quality and precision, delivering a timelessly elegant and unique look that lets you stand out at every occasion. Coming with a solid gold nib, the pen delivers high precision and excellent handwriting. With a range of finishes available to the buyer, Parker has made these beauties available to customers in styles that are fitting to their individuality.

Why do we love the Sonnet Lacquered Blue Rollerball Premier Pen? Many reasons, actually. First off, it’s hand-crafted. Such thoughtfulness! And then it also comes in a stainless-steel finish completed with a Palladium trim.

If you remember your Periodic Table well, you should recall that Palladium does not tarnish! So in plain English, this pen is going to keep shining practically forever! See what we said about timeless?!

This pen will come to you encased in a beautiful gift box that also makes it a good idea for the next time you’re stuck on ideas for the right gift for an occasion.

For other really cool options of different price ranges, you might want to check out these other pens in the Sonnet collection.

  • The Sonnet Black Lacquer with Golden Trim Ballpoint Pen: It’s equally available for those who prefer ballpoints
  • The Sonnet Great Expectations Ballpoint Pen: Comes in a beautiful blue hue and is presented in a neat gift box
  • Sonnet Fountain Pen with a Gold Trim: It really stands out
  • The Sonnet Sterling Silver Cisele Fountain Pen: Also looks great and even comes with a notebook
  • Sonnet Fountain Pen Chiseled Purple Matrix Rose with Gold Trim: It’s feminine and ultimately attractive
With a precision-etched chevron pattern and a metallic blue varnish, the Duofold Prestige Blue Fountain Pen reflects impeccable attention to detail that makes this pen truly stand out from others prestigiously. And if you don’t fancy fountain pens, there’s the option of a rollerball with a black finish and a golden trim. It’s also more affordable! See the Parker Duofold Rollerball Pen.

Parker Duofold Fountain Pen with Solid Gold Nib - Black Ink and Convertor, Choice of Centennial or International Size, Medium or Fine Print


The current Duofold style was established in 1921, making it a real classic. It has stood as the icon of the legendary exquisite craftsmanship that we have come to expect of Parker. This line offers pens that are crafted and finished by hand for quality and precision, and detailed with precious metals for an altogether impeccable look. Although there are other pens in this particular collection, there’s a primary focus on fountain pens here. In fact, it’s well-known as the reference in fountain pens. In the end, it’s always a comfortable and luxurious writing experience with the Parker Duofold collection.

“Isn’t it lovely?” Oh yes, it is! So much that it makes us want to do the Stevie Wonder. The Duofold Prestige Blue Fountain Pen is indeed a sight to behold with its truly unique chevron-patterned, metallic blue blend that just tempts you (in a nice way) to own it! And boy, should you!

With a bold profile, this pen stands out and its 18-karat gold nib puts the icing on the cake, not just for beauty but for performance. It delivers a flawless writing experience that will make you so proud!

And the beauty doesn’t end here. There are still other amazing products that the Duofold collection offers:

  • The Duofold Eraser: Its quality customers have attested to
  • The Duofold White Ivorine International Fine Point Fountain Pen: It’s to-die-for with its charming color and solid gold trim
  • The Duofold Lapis Lazuli Rollerball Pen: Looks great in blue and comes with a fine refill
  • The Duofold Ballpoint with Palladium-plated Trim: Stunning pen with a neat gift box
  • The Duofold Classic Red Vintage Rollerball Pen: It stands tall and elegant in red with a fine point
Be free to write the way you like without inhibition with the Parker Ingenuity Pen. Thanks to its 5th Mode Technology, you can finally have a smart tip that adapts to your writing intelligently. You may also like the Ingenuity British Collection 5th Technology Parke Pen Set. It costs a little bit more but comes with a gift box and pouch.

Parker Ink Pen Ingenuity Collection with 5th Technology Ink - Elegant Precision Adapts to Your Writing Style, Small or Large Size, Multiple Color Choices


With the patented Parker 5th Mode technology, the Ingenuity line of Parker pens intelligently adapts to your writing style. Little wonder it’s so named. This pen is so intelligent it adjusts mid-stroke to suit your writing style at the precise moment. It does this by combining the fountain pen with the rollerball, for a flexible tip. Thanks to the 5th Mode technology, this is a plan that works ingeniously. And its smooth-gliding ink ensures a fluid flow of ink to paper for beautiful writing. Made from quality materials and finished off to high-end perfection, this collection of pens is one that brings luxury and affordability in one tool.

If for nothing else, Parker gets a gold star for the apt naming of this collection. It’s truly genius and the Ingenuity Black Rubber & Golden Metal Pen is no exception. Alright, you’ll catch the bug when we explain shortly:

The patented 5th Mode technology works so that your writing tip is smart. How? It intelligently adapts to your writing style… wait for it… mid-stroke! So whatever style you decide to roll with, this pen intelligently adjusts itself to a tip that best presents your chosen writing style. Amazing!

And to better an already-excellent product, this pen comes with an up and down movement that makes you feel like you’re using a fancy fountain pen. So with this pen, you not only write great but you feel so good, you just want to keep writing.

Now come on over and meet its equally genius partners-in-writing:

  • For our Zen enthusiasts, there’s the Ingenuity Pen Year of the Dragon Edition that you’ll totally love
  • There’s also the Ingenuity Slim Pearl and Metal GT Pen to go with the confident and sassy female
  • Classic people deserve classic pens so there’s the Ingenuity Slim Black 5th Technology Adoption Pen
  • And still keeping it black, the Ingenuity F(Fine Print) Black Rubber CT Pen stands tall and proud
You don’t have to break the bank to get an exquisite pen that speaks volumes. The Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Parker Pen is Parker’s way of ensuring that everyone gets the chance to own a prestigious Parker! Prefer to have a pen with bright colors AND that costs a lot less? With the Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen Collection you get 4 colored pens for the same price as the Parker stainless steel ballpoint.

Parker Ballpoint Pen Jotter Stainless Steel Collection – Retractable with Medium Point Tip and Chrome Trim – Available in Multiple Buying Options


Parker realizes that there are active people who are constantly on the go and require a pen that keeps up with them. The Jotter line features intricately-designed pens that are simple and cool for those who like to keep a low profile. A common feature of all pens in this line is a streamlined design which offers ease of writing. And of course, we cannot forget the iconic clip! Jotter pens are durable and long-lasting, and if what customers are saying is anything to go by as we know they are, the claim is correct. These pens last throughout some people’s high school years! Of course, that’s barring the chance that another person decides s/he needs it more desperately than you.

You move around, up and down, all day, every day, and you need a pen that conveys your knack for simplicity—but at the same time delivers on performance and style: the Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Parker Pen is that pen.

Check it out: simple straightforward design with a stainless-steel finish to keep things simple; increased lubricity so that your pen just waltzes across the paper effortlessly, giving you consistent, terrific writing.

And you know what we discovered? It’s long-lasting!!! You might not understand the need for all the exclamation marks but hear this: a certain customer who bought this pen during his school years said that he used it for 8 years! In fact, the only reason it couldn’t go with him to college is because it got misplaced by his cousin. Wow!

And you know with all these amazing features, it’s really sweet that Parker decided to make this pen so affordable. Well done, Parker!

What are you waiting for? Come on, let’s introduce you to other cool members of the gang:

  • Check out the Jotter Variety Ballpoint Pen Set which is economic especially for the back-to-school student. There are 3 different colors at an affordable price
  • And there’s the Jotter Blue Ballpoint Pen, really trendy with the cool blue and stainless-steel combination
  • There’s also the Jotter Stainless Steel GT Ball Pen, and this one comes with some really nice gold details on it that give a lovely contrast to the stainless steel
  • And something for the gals... the Jotter Pink Ribbon Ballpoint Pen! Go girls
  • And because everyone needs one sooner or later, there’s the Jotter Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil sitting pretty and waiting to get into your hands

Best Parker Pen Buying Guide – Things to Consider When Buying a Parker Fountain Pen, Parker Ballpoint Pen, Parker Ink Pen, or Parker Pen Set

Whether you’re just scribbling in your journal or trying to balance your accounts after a profitable business, or you want to send a strong message to investors as you sign the dotted lines on that multi-million-dollar contract, one thing is central to all: you need a good—scratch that—a great pen.

Yes, the world is getting smarter every day and gadgets are the new black, but have you tasted vintage wine before? It never gets old no matter how old. It’s the reason it’s vintage! It’s not every time you use the word “vintage” to describe a thing. You have to be a certain kind of good to earn it. And that’s how the pen is too. Classic vintage instrument.

Truth is, no matter how smart the world gets, gadgets can never be a symbol of class as much as a fantastic pen. For instance, if you walk into an office and see a MacBook seated atop a CEO’s desk with a beggarly pen at the side, what would you think?

Exactly! Even teenagers these days own iPads—but a good pen? Man! You’ve got to be of a certain caliber to be able to know, understand, and select one. And that’s a fact! A business executive with an everyday laptop but an exquisite pen beats one with all the devices and an abysmal taste in pens. Word!

We hope this spurs you to rethink your choice in pens. If you’ve made that decision to get a dignifying pen or want to add to your stock, then Parker is an intelligent way to go.

This guide will fill you in on what makes Parker pens tick and hopefully, from our reviews, you’ll find just the right Parker pen for your individual style.

Video: How Parker Pens Are Made

The Craftmanship of Parker Writing Instruments. | Courtesy of Brand Innovation

The price of Parker pens, in all honesty, is towards the steep end of the price range. Some go for as high as $900+. But relax, if you don’t have $900 to burn on a pen (some people’s school fees for two sessions lol) that’s understandable; Parker offers more affordable pen lines around the $10 to $20 range. So you’ll be okay.

Cheap Parker pens have a nice ring to them until the chips, or the pens in this case, are down. If they sound like they are ridiculously cheap, they are ridiculous! Don’t buy! Only Parker can make Parker pens that work, any other thing will probably fall apart at the seams, write poorly, fade off quickly, and generally be a hopeless waste of money.


Parker makes several different pens and after looking at the types of pens we have, we’ll see one or two things about what makes the Parker pens tick.

  • Types
  • Point type
  • Barrel
  • Parker designs

Let’s get into the details already!

Construction and Design

There are many types of pens, but we will discuss the most basic types below:

The Ballpoint: You probably already know a bit about these pens, but at the risk of telling you what you already know, a ball point pen has a small ball at its tip from which ink is spread while writing, hence the name ballpoint. You must have noticed that these pens don’t write at an angle or upside down or sideways, and that’s because they require gravity to work.

The Fountain Pen: This one has two parts—the nib (that’s the pointy part that you use to write), and the feed (the part that feeds the nib with ink). Most people go for it for its elegant looks and how it makes their writing appear.

The Porous Point: This has a soft writing tip which could be made of an absorbent plastic or felt. They are also called soft tip pens.

Roller Ball: So basically what happened here is that they combined features from the three we just mentioned and made it into one pen. Tip like a ballpoint, ink like a fountain pen, and writing like a porous point. Pretty cool, ‘init?

Barrel Type: When buying one of these, keep in mind that the rubberized kind are always best for a comfortable grip.

Video: How to Clean Your Parker Fountain Pen

Cleaning Your Parker Pen. | Courtesy of Officeworks
Performance and Ease of Use

So, a word about Parker Pens…

Parker offers an array of different designs of these four types of pens. And it draws its inspiration from almost anything and channels all inspiration into exquisite designs that can hardly be found anywhere else.

Its plethora of pen lines covers almost every category of persons and persona, from the hip youngster to the serious business executive (our review tells which pen is for whom).

Parker pens also come in both bold and narrow profiles, and are usually trimmed with precious metals and a statement-making cap with the iconic arrow (look for it). And of course, there’s always the option of engraving if you love to personalize your stuff.

So what tip to go for…

The best tip for someone who has small handwriting is a fine point, but for those whose handwriting is more towards the larger size, you’ll find that your writing has a much better appearance with a medium point.

Get the Best Parker Pen of 2022!

Hey! What are you still waiting for? The review is over. Go on and place that order now! You need more options, you say? Well, our featured brands have plenty of options for you to check out and choose from.

Our Top Choice
Parker Premier Lacquered Rollerball Pen
Best Value
Parker Sonnet Lacquered Rollerball Pen
Parker Duofold Chevron Fountain Pen
Parker Ingenuity 5th Technology Ink Pen
Parker Jotter Stainless Ballpoint Pen

Parker Pen FAQs

What is a parker pen?
A parker pen is one that’s made by the Parker Pen Company, a leading American brand. The company makes luxury pens of the finest quality for students, writers, and business professionals. Parker pens are a must-have for everyone looking for a luxury pen at an affordable price due to their reliability. Our review has a variety of Parker pens for you. Check them out!
How to put ink cartridge in the parker fountain pen?
To put an ink cartridge in a parker fountain pen, you should start by getting the right cartridge. Then identify the opening of the cartridge so that you can easily slot it into place. Now, disassemble the pen by unscrewing the barrel and then insert the barrel’s opening. Firmly and strongly push the cartridge until it punctures. Since it will take time for the ink to move from the cartridge to the tip, leave the pen tip-down for a while. After a couple of hours, you can start using the men to write.
How much does a parker pen cost?
A Parker pen may cost anything between $7 and $200, depending on the writing quality you get from the pen. Check out our Parker pen buying guide for more details!