Best Parking Sensor Reviews 2023

Parking sensors come in an extremely wide variety of types and sizes. This makes it difficult to choose from among the numerous options available. For this reason, we researched several brands and arrived at five top brands with some of the best parking sensors on the market. Although one product from each of the featured brands was reviewed in this work, these companies have other models of parking sensors that you may find interesting, and we’ve included their links in this review.
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Sensor Type
Our Top Choice
MAXSA Innovations Park Right Lasers
MAXSA Innovations manufactures products that are designed to protect and guide while delivering the best comfort and enjoyment to users.
Its sensors are motion-activated, automatically turning the laser on once motion is detected. It’s electrically powered, but uses batteries during power outage.
The laser lights tend to go off very quickly, which may defeat the aim.
2 probes
1.5 meters
5 meters
Laser beam
Best Value
Auto Safety Universal Car LED Parking Sensor
Auto Safety produces trusted vehicle safety accessories and parts that are highly dependable and cost-effective.
Its human voice sound is free of interference and gives clear instructions on obstacles detected. The sensor is highly weatherproofed for tough conditions.
If your car’s bumper is metal, you'll need a drill a bit stronger than the one provided to be able to cut into it.
4 probes
2.5 meters
2.5 meters
Kiptop Wireless Reverse Radar System
Kiptop’s products are designed to last, and are manufactured from high-quality materials to meet consumers’ expectations.
Its wireless setup eliminates wiring issues, and the 100% money back guarantee assures users' peace of mind.
Improvement in the instruction manual content and grammar would be a most welcome development.
4 probes
2.5 meters
2.5 meters
LESHP Auto Car LED Parking Sensor
LESHP is a versatile production outfit with items in several categories. Its products are designed to be high-performing and user-friendly at an affordable cost.
Its military technology background ensures that the unit is reliably accurate, and the sensors are tough and designed to work under adverse weather conditions.
The one thing lacking for this item is a technical support line.
8 probes
2 meters
2.2 meters
Esky Car Reverse Backup Radar System
Esky is a dynamic brand with products that are top-notch, functional, durable and cost-effective.
It has an on/off switch for control, and the colored LED display screen shows the distance between obstacle and car.
It could use a longer power cable, so users can install the monitor where they really need it.
4 probes
1.2 meters
2.4 meters

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What is the Best Parking Sensor?

A parking sensor helps drivers park cars safely and correctly. It comes with various features which should be noted. After having gone through our buying guide, we are sure you’re conversant with the important features to look for. You should be able to make an informed choice of a suitable parking sensor, hopefully from the list of products in our product review section.
Our Top Choice
The MAXSA Innovations Park Right Garage Laser Park is motion-activated and designed for two-car garages. Its laser lights are adjustable and easy to use. If you would prefer a different method to help you park right, try the MAXSA Park Right Black Parking Mat.

MAXSA Innovations Park Right Garage Laser Park – Available in 5 Styles & 2 Colors

MAXSA Innovations products are user-friendly, easy to install, reliable and budget-friendly. It has a standby and fully functional customer service team that responds quickly to customers' requests and enquiries.

The MAXSA Innovations Park Right Garage Laser Park is a motion-activated, Class IIIA sensor that helps to guide you and your car, so you can park safely and correctly in your garage. Even if the garage is tight or has other things packed inside, using this laser park sensor ensures you don’t hit anything and that you park in the same spot every time.

Here are some of its notable features:
  • Specially designed for a two-car garage, with two laser lights that’ll help you park two cars perfectly
  • Has a motion-activated sensor that automatically turns the laser light on once motion, like opening the garage door, is detected. This means you don’t have to get out of your car to turn it on
  • Amazingly easy to use - all you need to do is follow the light and stop only when the laser is pointing directly on the designated part of your car
  • Primary source of power is electricity, but it can also be powered with two AA batteries in cases of emergency power outage
  • Comes with mounting screws and anchors for no-stress installment using a screwdriver or drill
  • The laser lights are adjustable, so you can point and position them correctly in any direction
  • Once the light comes on, it stays on for roughly 15 seconds after motion stops before it goes off
  • Comes with a 6.5-foot-long power cable for plugging into any nearby power outlet
Best Value
The Auto Safety Universal Car LED Parking Sensor has four flush-mounting sensor probes, a human voice sound, a clear LED display screen and dual CPU. For a parking sensor with anti-electromagnetic interference technology, see the Auto Safety Car Reverse Backup Radar System.

Auto Safety Universal Car LED Parking Sensor with 4 Sensors & Reverse Assistance Radar Monitor Detector System

Auto Safety's vehicle safety accessories and parts are highly dependable, cost-effective and designed with all-round safety for you and your car in mind. They use technology to provide you with utmost satisfaction and enjoyment and a safe driving experience.

The Auto Safety Universal Car LED Parking Sensor is designed for the rear bumpers of vehicles. It helps to guide you, especially when you’re backing up into any space, so you don’t end up scratching or damaging your car. It also helps to safeguard other things around you, stopping you from unintentionally bumping into them when in reverse mode.

Some of its interesting features include:
  • Four extremely sensitive probe sensors that are easy to mount flush on your rear bumper. The sensors are waterproof and weatherproof, do not give out false positives, and are unaffected by high or low temperatures. They can be painted to match the color of your bumper without affecting functionality
  • Bright LED display unit for clear sensor readout display to help guide your backward car movement
  • Human voice sound that is loud, clear and free of any form of interference, to tell you the type and distance of the obstacle
  • Highly adaptive environment technology system that prevents it from freezing over
  • Comes with a power cable, a hole saw for drilling holes into your rear bumper and a dual-sided adhesive pad
  • Dual CPU and step-up alarm system that is highly efficient and intelligent for reliable anti-obstacle analysis and beeping sound to indicate distance from object
The Kiptop Wireless LED Display Car Reverse Radar System features four sensitive parking sensors, automatic on/off, wireless installation, and hole drill bit. If you’ll be needing a durable parking sensor with eight probes, try the Kiptop 8 Parking Sensors Backup Radar System.

Kiptop Wireless LED Display Car Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System with 4 Alert Parking Sensors – Available in 3 Colors

Kiptop produces quality and durable auto accessories and several other products in different categories. Its products are designed to last a long time. The high-quality materials ensure the items do not fall short of consumers’ expectations. Customers’ satisfaction through quality products is its mission.

The Kiptop Wireless LED Display Car Reverse Radar System is designed to help you reverse and back up safely. It’s made from weatherproof components that are protected from overloading or overheating by a well-engineered circuit system. The sensors are mounted flush on the bumper and come in different colors to match your bumper color.

Here’s a list of its functional features:
  • Four extremely sensitive parking sensors with high detecting abilities capable of detecting little children, low walls or any other obstacle in your way
  • Colored LED digital display with high resolution that shows the distance between an obstacle and the car. It also comes with a sound alert system
  • Wireless system that ensures quick and easy setup, eliminating the hassles of stringing wires in the car
  • Accident warning alarm that is activated when the back of the car is too close to an obstacle
  • Turns on once the car ignition is turned on, and goes off once the ignition is off
  • Comes with a central AV connection box that makes it quick and easy to install
  • Includes a hole drill for drilling holes in your car bumper so you can mount the sensors
  • The parking sensors are long-lasting and tough, and not affected by temperature changes
  • 100% money back guarantee in case the item is defective
The LESHP Auto Car LED Parking Sensor has a military technology background, eight ultrasonic sensor probes, a high-resolution camera, double CPU and double sensitivity. For a four-sensor probe parking sensor with advanced chipset for improved coverage, get the LESHP Car Reverse Backup Radar System.

LESHP Auto Car LED Parking Sensor Reverse Backup Parking Radar Alert Parking Sensors LED Display – Available in 4 Sizes

LESHP products are high-performing and user-friendly, and come at an affordable cost. Its manufacturing materials are top-quality and durable, which makes the products functional, reliable and resilient.

The LESHP Auto Car LED Parking Sensor is a classically designed, efficient parking sensor for any make or type of vehicle. It works perfectly to help you avoid costly collisions while reversing or backing up. Its military technology background ensures its accuracy and durability. Some of its distinguishing features include:
  • Eight sensitive sensor probes that detect almost everything, including little children and low-lying obstacles
  • Central AV connection box that helps you easily install the unit in your car
  • High-resolution rearview camera with an extremely clear, night vision mode
  • Sounds an alert whenever one of the cameras detects an obstacle, with the sound getting louder the closer the car gets to the obstacle
  • Comes with double CPU and doubled sensitivity
  • The sensor probes work via ultrasonic detection, which indicates the direction and distance of the obstacle
  • Ergonomic design that shows signs of great workmanship and careful fittings geared towards durability and functionality
  • Sensors are impervious to varying environmental or weather conditions, and are anti-freeze and anti-quake
The Esky LED Display Car Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System comes with four auto sensor probes, a high-volume warning buzzer sound and a 30-day money back guarantee. For a parking sensor with a 170-degree viewing angle and HD picture quality, consider the Esky HD Waterproof Car Rear View Camera.

Esky LED Display Car Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System with 4 Parking Sensors

Esky has lots of bestselling products under its belt. It’s a manufacturing outfit with products that cut across different product categories. The hallmarks of its products are top-notch functionality, classy design, durability and cost effectiveness.

The Esky LED Display Car Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System is an ergonomically designed parking radar system that helps you avoid collisions while backing up or reversing. It helps to correctly detect the distance between obstacle and car, and is positioned to be among the best parking solutions available on the market. Its functional features include:
  • Four automatic sensor detectors with high sensitivities that work independently
  • Well-designed sensor probe is waterproof, anti-freeze and functions fine under extreme weather conditions
  • Warning buzzer sound volume is high, and unlike other parking sensors, it has an on/off switch
  • The CPU is enhanced, processing data at top speed
  • Its monitor screen is a bright and colored LED display unit that shows the distance between an obstacle and the car
  • Comes with a central AV controller box for quick and easy setup and installation
  • A hole drill and dual-sided adhesive stickers are included, for drilling holes in the car bumper to mount the sensor probes
  • The item is adequately covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee

How Do I Choose the Best Parking Sensor?

For some people, parking correctly in a garage or carport can be as tough as the proverbial camel passing through the eye of the needle. Such people often end up banging their cars on objects in the garage or against the garage itself. Another commonly occurring “mini-accident” may involve reversing or backing out of a parking lot, and then inadvertently running over an object or obstacle lying across the driveway. It might even be as bad as backing into another car, especially when driving under unfavorable weather conditions.

Such unpleasant occurrences are usually costly and time-consuming. To save yourself the expenses and stress that come with such happenings, invest in a device like the parking sensor, which is designed to eliminate those minor annoyances that threaten to question your driving capabilities. A parking sensor helps you to park safely and correctly. It comes in different variations, with the most common type designed to guide you when backing out or reversing so as to avoid obstacles such as kids’ tricycles or low-lying walls.

Parking sensors have sensor probes attached to the rear or front bumper of the car, and a display unit that goes on the dashboard. The sensor probes detect obstacles lying within their range and transmit the information to the display unit, which alerts the driver about the obstacle. Another type of parking sensor uses laser light to guide the user to park correctly and safely in a garage or carport.

A parking sensor or radar comes with features that make it easy to use, such as a human robotic voice that delivers clearly enunciated instructions. Other features to look for include the number of sensor probes, the type of sensor, setup mode, response type, and cost. This guide treats these features in great detail, so you are encouraged to read on and then make an informed choice.
When it comes to pricing of a product, there are many factors that come into play, with the most prominent factor being the features available in the product. For a parking sensor, the number of sensor probes play a key role in the pricing. You should plan your budget in line with how many sensor probes you’ll be requiring for your vehicle.

The price range of our featured parking sensors is between $14.99 and $39.98, which covers a wide range of quality products with different numbers of sensor probes. In the course of our research, we came across some cheap parking sensors made from flimsy components that will break down in a short while. We didn’t bother with them, as we are always on the lookout for quality and durable products for your satisfaction.
An ideal parking sensor should have some key features that enhance its functionality and make it reliable and easy to use. These features include:
  • Type of parking sensor
  • Number of sensor probes
  • Setup mode
  • Response type
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
There are two major types of parking sensors. The first type uses laser light to guide the user when parking in a garage or carport. This type of parking sensor is usually mounted on an elevated part of the garage, such as the roof, and is motion-activated, so the light comes on once the garage door is opened. The laser light guides the user to drive in until the light is pointing directly on the designated part of the car. This ensures that the user parks consistently and safely in one spot all the time.

The second type is designed with three distinct units – the sensor probe, the AV control box and the monitor. The sensor probe is attached to the rear bumper of the car. The monitor is placed at a convenient and visible spot inside the car so the user can have a clear view of its readout, and the AV control box is the central connector and the CPU of the device. This type of parking sensor helps the user to navigate safely around obstacles when reversing or backing out of a parking lot.

A parking sensor can have between one and eight sensor probes. The number of sensor probes directly affects how well the unit detects an obstacle. The higher the number of sensor probes, the larger the coverage area. These sensor probes are mounted flush with the vehicle front and rear bumpers at specified distances to maximize coverage. They can also be mounted on the fenders to cover blind sides and increase safety while driving.

Parking sensors work on either ultrasonic or electromagnetic mode. Ultrasonic sensors require holes to be drilled into the spots on the bumper where they will be mounted. The sensors give out acoustic pulses, while the control unit measures and interprets the return interval to give the obstacle distance. The system then sends warning to the user in form of alarm tones or some other warning mechanism. Ultrasonic systems rely on sound waves, so they may not be able to fully detect flat or extremely small objects.

Electromagnetic sensors don't require drilling holes on any part of the vehicle. They’re discreetly mounted on the inner side of the bumper. They work based on the slow and smooth movement of the vehicle towards the obstacle. Once the vehicle is within a pre-determined range of the obstacle, the system starts emitting warning sounds that increase in frequency as the vehicle approaches the obstacle.

Different brands equip their parking sensors with different feedback response mechanisms. The mechanism can be a buzzer tone, an alarm bell or a human robotic voice. The buzzer or alarm tone sounds when the sensor detects an obstacle, and the tone frequency increases as the vehicle draws nearer. The human robotic voice gives the driver information on how far away from the obstacle the vehicle, is and the direction from which the obstacle is being detected. The voice sounds are usually clear, loud and free of interferences.
Performance and Ease of Use
Parking sensors are pretty straightforward when it comes to installation. The inclusion of a user manual in the pack goes a long way in helping users set up the unit correctly. A parking sensor can either be wired or wireless, although most brands are the wired type. A wireless parking sensor is faster and easier to install than the wired model, as you don’t have to contend with the hassles of stringing up wires from one end of the vehicle to the other.

In addition to warning tones or robotic voices, a parking sensor is most often equipped with an LCD or LED display screen. This screen shows distance (in meters) between the obstacle and the vehicle. It might also display some other useful information, including the size of the obstacle, the coordinates, and in some cases, the weather conditions. The display unit gets its feed from the camera embedded in the sensor probes.

Different laser light parking sensors have different models, with varying numbers of laser light points to accommodate and park any number of vehicles correctly. The laser lights are adjustable, so you can point them at any spot where you need the car to be parked. Although their major source of power is electricity, some of them can be battery-operated in cases of emergency power outage.

The motion-activated laser lights in the parking sensor ensure that you do not have to get out of your car to switch the unit on. Once the garage opens, the laser lights come on, and automatically go off after about 15 seconds. This is a highly efficient and time-saving system.

Almost all parking sensors are weatherproof, with their performance unaffected by any untoward weather conditions.

Get the Best Parking Sensor of 2023!

Thanks for reading. Now that you’ve seen our product review, go ahead and make your choice from one of the great parking sensors we’ve reviewed.

Our Top Choice
MAXSA Innovations Park Right Lasers
Best Value
Auto Safety Universal Car LED Parking Sensor
Kiptop Wireless Reverse Radar System
LESHP Auto Car LED Parking Sensor
Esky Car Reverse Backup Radar System