Best Pasta Drying Rack Reviews 2022

You've made your pasta nicely, and there it is on the table, so what options do you have? Of course, you can make a meal right away, but you can also dry it for future use. If you decide to do the latter, then you know you’ve got to have a really good pasta drying rack. Getting an ideal rack can, however, be a hassle if you don't know what goes into getting the best version. We at Top Products have, therefore, sifted through the numerous options available in the market to bring you the best pasta drying rack options from five of the best pasta drying rack brands.
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Our Top Choice
KitchenAid 16-Arm Pasta Drying Rack
KitchenAid first mastered the art of keeping your kitchen bustling in 1919, when it first made the iconic stand mixer.
Single-turn wheel for easy adjustment; easy-to-clean arms; ensures fast, even drying; stable, wide base.
Arms are somewhat flimsy.
17 x 17 x 18.8 in; 1.2 Pounds
No assembly
Best Value
Fante's Grandma Nadia's Pasta Drying Rack
Fante's has been making the world delicious for kitchen enthusiasts since 1906, with its high performance and dependable kitchen appliances.
Revolutionary wooden folding table design; removable and evenly spaced dowels; folds to two inches high for easy storage; length ideal for drying long noodles.
Size is larger than average.
Cross feet, foldable
14.5 x 16 x 15; 1.5 pounds
Easy assembly, detachable dowel
Marcato Tacapasta Pasta Drying Rack
Marcato is a household name when it comes to kitchenware, as it never disappoints each time it creates a product.
Revolutionary wand tool to hold rolled pasta; strong polycarbonate rods; easy folding mechanism; ten-year warranty.
Cap at the top does not unscrew..
Foldable; retractable base
8" diameter x 16" H; 1.9 pounds
No assembly
VonShef Collapsible 8-Arm Pasta Drying Rack
VonShef believes that life in the kitchen doesn’t need to be stressful and, thus, eases this pressure through its finger-licking, quality products.
Eight strong arms; sturdy, versatile beech wood design; easy cleaning by hand; easy assembly and storage.
Some arms drop haphazardly.
15.5 x 11.8 x 6.3 Inches; 1.6 pounds
Easy assembly
Norpro Rubberwood Pasta Drying Rack
Since 1973, Norpro has stood for innovation, constantly creating futuristic products by keeping up with modern trends.
Unfinished wood design keeps pasta from sliding; Four 18-inch rods slide through post to make eight arms.
Too small for commercial use.
Collapsible design
0.8 x 2.2 x 17 inches; 0.25 pounds
Easy assembly

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What is the Best Pasta Drying Rack?

Having read the vital tips on what to look for in a pasta drying rack, it is now time to check out each of these reviews. Keep your preferred features and tips in the back of your mind as you read through these five reviews, for better judgment at the end.
Our Top Choice
The KitchenAid 16-Arm Pasta Drying Rack stands out, with its single-turn wheel that easily aligns the unit so you don’t have to spend time making individual adjustments. Need something to cut your pasta before drying? Check out KitchenAid's 2-Piece Pasta Cutter Attachment Set to cut the rolled dough into uniform, manageable pieces.

KitchenAid 16-Arm Pasta Drying Rack — Other Matching Utensils Available

If you are a wannabe chef or a foodie, then you know the value of making your own pasta at home. You also know the value of a solid brand. That is KitchenAid – a company that has dedicated its efforts to ensuring that both professional and amateur chefs enjoy their escapades in the kitchen. The company has worked to improve the culinary skills of every kitchen warrior since 1919. They have grown through the years, all the while striving to create appliances with the same keen attention to detail as they used with their first exemplary, high-performance kitchen essentials. Their innovative technology, quality craftsmanship and timeless designs have won over clients time and again.

The KitchenAid 16-Arm Pasta Drying Rack clearly demonstrates the expertise that goes into making a dependable pasta drying rack. This wonder tool makes it easy for homemade pasta to dry, while featuring a simple design than enables easy storage by collapsing. The rack also features a single-turn wheel that easily aligns the unit so you don’t have to spend time making individual adjustments.

Other notable features include the following:
  • Comes with 16 arms to allow you to dry even more pasta at one go.
  • Its stability is guaranteed by the wide base.
  • Can comfortably dry four pounds of pasta, quickly and evenly.
  • Easy cleaning with just a wipe from a damp cloth.
The drying rack is easy to assemble and can fold up for easy storage when you’re done.
Best Value
Fante's Pasta Drying Rack is a true reflection of their expertise, with its revolutionary wooden folding table design that stretches up to 12 linear feet. Prefer a rack with built-in dowels instead? Well, in that case, Fante's Cousin Emily's Collapsible Italian Pasta Drying Rack, which folds down to less than one inch, will suffice.

Fante’s Grandma Nadia’s Natural Wood Collapsible Pasta and Noodle Drying Rack

How would you love a company that makes your world delicious, just as it does your dried pasta? Well, look no more, as Fante’s promises just that. This family-owned business has been in operation since 1906, and has lived up to its billing by providing a personal touch to each of its products. Over the years, it has improved, courtesy of its creative staff but, most importantly, the keen eye on the needs and demands of the market. With its broad focus on houseware, the quality is unmatched, and its innovation, exemplary.

Fante's Grandma Nadia's Pasta Drying Rack features a folding table design that makes it easy to use, especially with its broad hanging area that runs up to 12 feet. With stable, wooden cross feet, you can rest assured that your pasta is in safe hands. What’s more, storage is efficient, thanks to its design that folds down to two inches, not to mention the dowels that are easily removed for easer transportation. The dowels are evenly spaced to prevent the pasta from sticking together. Its length makes it possible to dry even extra-long noodles.
The Marcato Tacapasta Pasta Drying Rack features a revolutionary wand tool that not only catches the rolled pasta, but can also be used as a cutting tool for the pasta sheets. Before you dry, you will need to roll and cut. For this purpose, the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine with multipurpose abilities fits the bill.

Marcato Atlas Clear Tacapasta Pasta Drying Rack

When it comes to making dependable kitchen accessories, such as machines for fresh pasta, bread, biscuits and pizza, Marcato is your go-to brand. Their 80+ years of experience have taught them the best way to appeal to existing and potential customers, through constant technological innovation and manufacture of quality products. The fact that they’re conscious about the environment and general health is enough to stamp their authority on the market. Throughout the years they have been in operation, they’ve remained focused on bringing healthy eating habits and traditional flavors back to the dining table.

Marcato has clearly demonstrated their worth in the Marcato Tacapasta Pasta Drying Rack, which features a strong, polycarbonate material, making it sturdy and durable. The creativity that went into designing this rack makes it as convenient as a pasta drying rack can get. Its 16 rods suffice to hold up to four pounds of pasta at one go. Its folding mechanism makes it easy to store, while it takes less than 20 seconds to assemble.

Here are some equally interesting features to note:
  • A proprietary wand tool that makes it easy to catch the rolled and cut pasta
  • The steel center column is chrome-plated for durability.
  • You can match the wands to your kitchen décor: red, blue, black, yellow, or clear.
  • Ten-year warranty from the manufacturer as a sign of trust in its durability
The VonShef Collapsible 8-Arm Pasta Drying Rack features a revolutionary design with eight strong rods that dry your pasta naturally and fast. You will have to make your pasta before drying it, right? In that case, the VonShef 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker comes in handy.

VonShef Collapsible 8-Arm Wooden Pasta and Spaghetti Drying Rack

Mention the kitchen and kitchen appliances, and immediately, VonShef comes to mind. This is a company that has proved its worth through its top-tier kitchen products that have revolutionized how modern chefs work in their fast-paced, hot offices. Whether it's food preparation, food storage, utensils, kitchen electrical or bakeware, VonShef has it all. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a simple culinary novice, VonShef promises products with quality that 'tastes so good.' With VonShef, it's time to let your eye feast on the awe that is its innovation and design. Boasting of products made for taste and built for durability, you can rest assured that it meets the pressures and demands of the modern-day kitchen.

This explains why the VonShef Collapsible 8-Arm Pasta Drying Rack stands out with a blend of functionality and quality to dry your pasta evenly and naturally. Its versatility means that you can dry a variety of pasta, including tagliatelle, spaghetti, vermicelli, fettuccine and lasagne. Standing firm with eight sturdy arms, this beech wood drying rack can also be easily collapsed to allow for convenient storage.
The Norpro Rubberwood Pasta Drying Rack stands out with its four, 18-inch rods that slide through the holes in the post to make eight arms, perfectly angled to avoid them clashing when loaded. If you're going to make pasta at home, then you better get a good pasta maker. For this cause, the Norpro Pasta Machine will fit the bill to complete your homemade pasta making.

Norpro Rubberwood 18-Inch Dowel Pasta Drying Rack

The kitchen is a sacred sanctuary for any chef worth their salt, and Norpro understands this all too well. This is the fuel that drives the company to create high-caliber kitchenware. Nestled in the iconic Pacific Northwest, Norpro started its production in 1973 under the exemplary leadership of its CEO, Gunner Lie. Driven by the insatiable thirst to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers, Norpro has, over the years, made considerable progress in keeping the kitchen not only a mandatory but also a fun place to be. Product innovation forms the core of the company, with most of its staff frequently travelling the world to study new trends in the market and inspire themselves to come up with cutting-edge products.

The Norpro Rubberwood Pasta Drying Rack features a playful style and stands out with its petite but effective size that works perfect for those who may want to make a few batches of pasta at a time. Standing at 16.5 inches tall, with a 7/8-inch thick base, this pasta drying rack is made of rubberwood, an environmentally friendly material that also keeps the pasta in place through the drying period. The four, 18-inch dowels are long enough to slide through the post holes and create eight arms, perfectly angled to avoid them colliding when loaded with pasta. What's more, you can disassemble it in seconds for safe storage when not in use.

How Do I Choose the Best Pasta Drying Rack?

Ever heard of the proverbial pasta that sneaked off the dinner table to live happily ever after as jewelry? No? Well, that’s most likely because we just made it up! But hey, that can almost happen with the right combination of a good pasta maker and matching pasta drying rack to create stunningly dry, artistic noodles – so much so that they will look like pieces of jewelry as they hang from the rack's arms.

We know you love pasta (albeit not as much as we do!), and you always look forward to getting that neatly dried pasta for dinner or breakfast. When it comes to drying pasta, nothing does this better than a pasta drying rack. For a homemade pasta enthusiast, the worst thing that can happen in your pasta-making process is seeing all that hard work stick together in one humongous heap – not a pretty sight, we bet. With a pasta drying rack, you can easily dry all types of pasta, no matter the length or thickness. In fact, for those who are looking to lose weight, this is the perfect rack to dry your homemade Shirataki noodles. So, out with the traditional table drying and in with the revolutionary drying rack, but what is at stake to consider?

Basically, an ideal design for a pasta drying rack involves one or several stems, through which various rods are anchored to help hold the pasta hanging in place. Considering the various designs available, a pasta drying rack, just like a dish rack, comes in multiple types and styles. In fact, new styles keep cropping up every now and then, as manufacturers try to keep up with the demands for versatility in the products. This has seen the introduction of movable drying racks, featuring extensions that can continually move to make it possible for the pasta to be dried in turns. The material also varies, and includes wood, polycarbonate and plastic as the most common materials. While wood pasta drying racks are instrumental in holding the pasta in place due to their unfinished design, polycarbonate or plastic pasta drying racks come in handy if you are looking for durability and elegance.

When shopping for a pasta drying rack, consider your regular quantity of pasta. You do not want to go for a rack that may not accommodate all the pasta made in one go. To be on the safe side, choose one that can hold about four pounds at once. The pasta drying rack should also be able to collapse easily for convenient storage. This leaves you with enough space in your kitchen to do your cooking, or even make more pasta!
When it comes to getting a good pasta drying rack, price does matter. Though this handy kitchen tool may seem simple, you don't want a cheap pasta drying rack that may result in the waste of all the hard work you have put into making these little tasty pieces. The price of a pasta drying rack is mainly determined by factors such as material, construction and size.

Plastic and polycarbonate versions cost more than wooden ones, due to their elegance, durability and ease of cleaning. On the other hand, there are advanced designs that may include additional features and, thus, cost a little more than the basic versions. Based on these tenets, therefore, you can expect to find a good pasta drying rack anywhere between $9 and $220, give or take a few dollars. Your choice will all boil down to how and where you expect to use it.
As already established, pasta drying racks come in various forms, styles and designs. Here is our compilation of the common features you can expect to find in a pasta drying rack, though, due to the wide variety out there, they may not all be found on one single rack. Most of these features are geared toward improving the drying period, evenness and ease of storage.

The common features include:
  • Material
  • Rods
  • Symmetry
  • Base
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Assembly
We will describe each of these features in detail in the two sections below.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design of your pasta rack, there’s a few key things to consider.


Considering the fact that these handy tools are, in many cases, used outdoors, or at least in an open area, the material matters. This is especially so in terms of speeding the drying time of your pasta. Wooden pasta drying racks are common, due their simplicity both in use and storage. They usually feature an unfinished design that ensures the pasta does not slide off, either when still wet or after it dries. However, there are also plastic and polycarbonate materials that add style and elegance to your pasta drying process.


Without the rods, a pasta drying rack would be useless, since this is where the pasta strands will be placed to dry. Depending on the design, rods come in various forms. While some come fully attached to the whole system, some are detachable and can be removed when cleaning or storing. Some styles feature single rods that pass through a hole in the main post to form double arms. Whatever the case, rods should leave enough space to ensure air circulates evenly for fast and natural drying of your pasta.


A pasta drying rack has to be symmetrical to enable the pasta to hang from both ends. This keeps the whole rack in balance so it doesn’t tip in one direction. When it comes to symmetry in design, there is no limit and many of these racks feature designs that make them a masterpiece that stands out even when not in use.
Performance and Ease of Use
Pasta drying racks are made to offer simplicity, both in use and storage. The base is usually made either wider or heavier to help support the whole system, especially when loaded with the pasta. On the other hand, size also matters. While there are small-sized versions meant for small-scale, homemade pasta, there are also large designs that can be used for commercial purposes or for a large family. Go for a size that makes it convenient to dry enough pasta as needed at one go.

Capacity also matters in a pasta drying rack. This may not only depend on the size, but can also include the materials used and the overall strength of the rods or arms. Notably, pasta tends to be heavier when still wet, thus, it's important to go for a design that can hold the maximum weight of your pasta when still wet. On the other hand, a good pasta drying rack ought to offer ease in assembly. Most come fully assembled and ready for use, while others may have a few parts to be attached or assembled before use; these would most likely be the rods or arms. Alternatively, some versions feature a collapsible design to ease storage and setup.

Get the Best Pasta Drying Rack of 2022!

That’s it! We believe that this review has been comprehensive enough to cover all you needed to know about getting the best pasta drying rack. Take that step that will forever change how you dry your pasta. If you haven’t found a rack with the ideal features you were looking for, don’t worry; you can still check out other equally worthy options from the trusted brands that we reviewed above.

Our Top Choice
KitchenAid 16-Arm Pasta Drying Rack
Best Value
Fante's Grandma Nadia's Pasta Drying Rack
Marcato Tacapasta Pasta Drying Rack
VonShef Collapsible 8-Arm Pasta Drying Rack
Norpro Rubberwood Pasta Drying Rack