Best Pasta Maker Reviews 2023

Enjoying delicious homemade pasta is one of the greatest treats in life. You can bring the Italian restaurant right into your own home with these pasta makers that do the work for you. Make perfect pasta every time, and get all the credit you deserve for producing the finest pasta creations for your friends and family. To help you find the perfect pasta maker for you, we’ve featured five great products from some of the best pasta maker brands. First, read through our guide so you know what to look for.
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Our Top Choice
Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker
Philips covers the gamut in satisfying the taste of consumers with a variety of electronic devices, including this Pasta Maker to advance your culinary skills.
Mixes and kneads pasta dough in just 15 minutes. Makes four different pasta varieties. Easy to read LED Display. Auto shutoff. Preset cooking function.
Noodles may stick inside machine.
Electric kneader & extruder
Preset cooking function
Four pasta shapes
Measuring cup & cleaning tool
Recipe book included
Best Value
CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set
Trust in the professional-grade cookware that is suitable for gourmet meals that CucinaPro manufactures, like this hand-cranked pasta maker.
Makes pasta to the perfect thickness with 7 settings to choose from. Comes with all the attachments you need to make everything from spaghetti and fettuccini to ravioli.
A little muscle’s required to operate.
Hand-cranked pasta maker
Seven thickness levels
Five pasta shapes
Motor available for purchase
No messy clean-up
Bottene Torchio Bigoli Hand Press Pasta Maker
Bring Italy right into your own home with Il Bigolaro, the hand-turned pasta extruder invented by Francesco Bottene in 1875 to produce Venetian-style pasta.
If you love the thick spaghetti called “Bigoli”, or the wide-grooved rigatoni called “Gargati” served by Venetians, you can now make it in your own home.
Makes a specific type of thicker Venetian pasta.
Hand pressed pasta extruder
Four dies available
Two pasta shapes
Dual handle turning rod
Holes for mounting hardware
Lello Pastamaster Pasta Make
Makers of quality kitchenware, Lello produces fine cutlery, cookware, bakeware, and small appliances such as this convenient pasta maker.
Makes a large amount of homemade pasta (up to 3 pounds) in under thirty minutes. Comes with 8 different pasta discs to make all your favorite varieties.
Does not offer additional discs for purchase, but the 8 it comes with should be enough for plenty of variety.
Electric kneader & extruder
Automatic shutoff
Eight pasta shapes
Mixing bowl, cover, 8 dies
38 recipes included
Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine
Marcato manufactures kitchen products that help you make your favorite Italian treats, like this hand-cranked Atlas pasta machine with a variety of thickness settings.
Makes great homemade pasta with 10 different settings for the perfect pasta every time. Pick your favorite model from the gorgeous palate of colors to choose from.
Rollers may not be very effective.
Hand-cranked pasta maker
Nine thickness levels
Two pasta shapes
Flat rollers and cutting plate
No harmful metallic residue

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What is the Best Pasta Maker?

There are some wonderful options for you to choose from in pasta makers. Control the process thoroughly with hand-cranked models that come with a variety of settings for perfect pasta to suit your tastes. Enjoy making the pasta with beautiful, old-world style Italian pasta manufacturers that deliver Venetian masterpieces to the dining room table. Or, you can purchase a super-fast electric pasta maker to save time, allowing you to spend more time with your family. It’s up to you which you prefer!
Our Top Choice
If you love Asian-style cooking more than Italian, you may prefer the Philips Noodle Maker that is just right for making wontons, ramen, udon, soba, and dumplings in addition to traditional spaghetti.

Philips Past Maker with Recipe Booklet, Measuring Cup, and Cleaning Tool

Do we need to introduce Philips? From electronics and TV’s to personal care and health products, Philips does it all. And not only that, they do it well. Their line-up of kitchen appliances and household products could rival many leading manufacturers.

One of their countertop appliances is their pasta and noodle maker. This machine will aid you in your quest to becoming an executive chef in your own home with the recipe booklet, which is included. The cleaning tool that comes included in the packaging makes clean-up a breeze, plus you will also receive a measuring cup for perfect portions every time.

This machine will mix and knead your pasta dough in just 15 minutes. It is so fast and easy, you will find extra time on your hands to bump-up the nutrition and taste by adding in other ingredients such as spinach or eggs. Enjoy making a unique variety of noodle types with the 4 discs that come included for Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccini and Lasagna. More shaping discs are available for purchase if you want to expand your options.

Let’s check out some of the features in greater detail:
  • Easily detachable shaft
  • Secured with a safety lock
  • Light to indicate when power is on
  • Easy to read LED Display
  • No-slip feet to keep it steady
  • Shuts-off automatically
  • 1 year warranty
Best Value
Trust in CucinaPro to give you the kitchen tools you need to produce the finest-quality homemade pasta. If you are looking for a pasta maker that operates on electricity, try the CucinaPro 160 Imperia Pasta Presto Electric Pasta Maker.

CucinaPro Fresh Pasta Set - Includes Spaghetti, Fettucini, Angel Hair, Ravioli, Lasagnette Attachments

Make fresh homemade pasta at your house every week with this hand-cranked pasta maker by CucinaPro. Makers of gourmet cookware, CucinaPro offers professional-grade kitchen products you can rely on for years to come.

This machine will make clean-up a breeze, as the smooth passage of the pasta dough through the device leaves little to no residue, just perfect pasta every time. Once you have pressed the pasta dough through the machine to your desired setting, you can then use the attachments to shape the pasta into the exact type you want, from spaghetti to ravioli.

Here are the highlights of this pasta maker:
  • Comes with every attachment you need to make perfect pasta
  • Makes homemade fettuccini, spaghetti, angel hair, and lasagnette pasta
  • Seven settings for the desired level of thickness
  • Delivers consistent homemade pasta all year-long
  • Fresh pasta will just take a few minutes to cook
  • Made of chrome coated steel
Pasta can be fun and romantic with this old-school pasta extruder by Bottene. If you are looking for a more affordable option check out the Torchio Bigolaro Hand Press Pasta Maker.

Bottene Torchio Bigoli Hand Press Pasta Maker - Made in Italy

Mama Mia, that’s a good pasta! You can feel the love with this pasta maker by Bottene, a company of Italian specialty pasta machine makers that makes sure the chef enjoys the fun of cooking.

You don’t need to break out the passport to take a trip to Italy. Bring Italy into your own home with the true craftsmanship of The Bigolaro. The design has been enhanced to offer Bigoli (similar to spaghetti) and another Venetian pasta delight called “Gargati”, a wide-grooved rigatoni.

A beautiful piece of cooking finery, this pasta maker is the kind of tool chefs love to use to make the finest pasta in town.

Here are the features:
  • Made in Italy
  • Makes 17 ounces of pasta or 480 grams
  • Comes with Dies for spaghetti and rigatoni
  • Makes authentic Venetian pasta
You can also purchase other Dies for tagliolini and tagliatelle, sold separately by the manufacturer.
Be the fastest homemade pasta-maker in town with the electric pasta maker by Lello, which produces up to 3 pounds of pasta at a time. For a money-saver, you may prefer a similar model by Lello, the 2720 Pastamaster, that makes up to 2 pounds of pasta at a time.

Lello Pro Pasta Maker - Electric

Lello makes top-notch kitchen aids and appliances, as well as fine cutlery. One of their most popular pasta makers is this 2730 Pro Pastamaker, which acts as your sous chef in the kitchen.

If time is of the essence, but you still want to make delicious homemade pasta just the way you like it, then buy you will love this electric pasta maker. You can make 3 pounds of fresh pasta in less than half-an-hour with this full-cycle pasta machine.

The powerful 300-watt motor generates up to 8 different types of pasta with swappable discs. There are at least 38 delicious recipes you can prepare with this machine, which come included with purchase.

A great accompaniment to any cook’s repertoire, this pasta maker makes the sometimes laborious process of pasta-making simple and easy.

Here are more details about this purchase:
  • Dimensions are 12x8x12 inches
  • Item weighs 21 pounds
  • Comes with 8 pasta discs for different pasta varieties
  • Safe operation requires the mixing bowl and cover are kept in place while operating
  • 1 year warranty
A beautiful kitchen tool, you will love making fresh pasta at home with the Marcato pasta maker. If you want a stainless steel version that also makes pasta sheets and Taglioni, check out the Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker in Stainless Steel

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine - Comes in a variety of colors

Enjoy making delicious pasta at home with these beautiful pasta machines by Marcato. They come in a wide variety of colors to suit the tastes and decor of every chef. From vibrant red to green, blue, light blue, black, pink, copper, or gold the perfect option for you is somewhere in the mix.

This pasta maker features a chrome and nickel steel design and is hand operated. If you are finicky about your pasta, there is a wide range of 10 different settings to choose from, so you can make delicious homemade spaghetti or fettuccini.

Here are the features:
  • Includes attachments to make 2 different kinds of pasta
  • Clamp model
  • Weighs 4.8 pounds
  • No harmful metallic residue
  • Easily removable cutting plate
  • Italian style and design
  • Hand crank is easy to grip and clean

How Do I Choose the Best Pasta Maker?

Nothing compares to homemade pasta, that’s for sure! Yes, making homemade pasta takes a little extra effort, but it’s well worth it. And you no longer have to complete the whole process by hand, like back in the day. Using a pasta maker means you won’t have to do all the work yourself; it’s nice to have a little assistance in the kitchen.

Create Little Italy right in your own home with a pasta maker that will help you smooth your pasta dough to perfection. We will cover everything you need to know in order to purchase the right one. We even have a review on the best pasta drying racks, so you can hang your pasta after making the dough.

While food processors can do a lot, you’ll need a pasta maker to press the dough to just the right thickness and shape. Pasta makers make the process much easier than doing it by hand, so they’re a worthy investment. We even have top-of-the-line dishwasher reviews available, so you won’t have to do the dishes after dinner. All you have to do is look for some healthy pasta recipes, cook dinner, serve, and enjoy!
When it comes to price, your classic hand-crank pasta machine will run you anywhere from $40-$90, depending on the manufacturer. You may be able to find a cheaper pasta maker, but it probably will be lacking in quality. The construction and design needs to be finely detailed to get the pasta just right, so look for a well-established brand.

Some specialty pasta makers will run from $200-$350 for added features like dough-kneading in the electric models – these often also include such add-ons as measuring and cleaning tools, and recipe booklets. A finely crafted pasta maker from Italy will take you into the high end of the market and cost you $400 or more.
There are a variety of pasta makers out there. Picking one depends on your needs and cooking style. Be sure to look out for some of these key features before making your purchase:
  • Hand-cranked or electric
  • Variety of pasta shapes it produces
  • Dough-kneading options on electric models
  • Thickness settings
  • Bonus tools that come with purchase
  • Bonus recipe booklets
  • Cleaning specifications
  • Optional attachments sold separately
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
Now let’s look at some of the construction and design features available…
Construction and Design
A hand-cranked pasta maker should be heavy and sturdy, yet compact enough to easily store when not in use. A good hand-cranked pasta maker should have a skid-free base or feet to avoid kitchen mishaps, and come with clear instructions on how to use it. Most pasta makers offer multiple thickness settings for repeated running of your pasta sheets through the machine, until you get your pasta just right. Depending on how thick or thin you like your pasta, there can be anywhere from six to ten thickness settings on your hand-cranked pasta machine.

There are electric pasta makers that will do most of the work for you. From kneading the dough to extruding the pasta, these electric pasta machines take the guess work out of making delicious pasta, allowing you to produce large batches in a shorter amount of time. Look for features like an easy-to-read LED display, easy assembly, and automatic shut-off.

To showcase your skills and bring old-world style to your kitchen, you might want to purchase a pasta extruder from Italy, like the Bottene that makes a thicker Venetian-style pasta. With a unique construction design that offers long wooden handles that turn to extrude the pasta, this sort of pasta maker creates a romantic experience for those who like to take their time in the kitchen.

Each pasta machine offers a different number of pasta shapes through the use of specialty plates, discs, or dies that come with the machine. Some sell additional attachments separately, such as specialty dies for the perfect taglioni or tagliatelle.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you love fresh pasta, but don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then an electric pasta machine is probably the right choice for you. Once in a while, the pasta dough may get stuck in the machine, but electric pasta makers definitely simplify the task.

For those who want more control over the process, a hand-cranked pasta maker is the best choice. This allows you to work with the dough and refine the texture until it is perfectly to your liking. It also makes the process more fun, as you can really immerse yourself in the experience of making your own pasta.

Whether you opt for a hand-cranked pasta machine or an electric one, make sure you take the time to read the instructions thoroughly for the best results. Now let’s get into our top picks…

Get the Best Pasta Maker of 2023!

These pasta makers mean you can make mouth-watering fresh pasta creations every day without too much effort. The possibilities are endless. You can even boost the nutrition value by adding vegetables to your dough for colorful and tasty pasta meals that are bound to impress.

Our Top Choice
Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker
Best Value
CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set
Bottene Torchio Bigoli Hand Press Pasta Maker
Lello Pastamaster Pasta Make
Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

Pasta Maker FAQs

How to use a pasta maker?
You can use a pasta maker, starting with the right combination of ingredients based on a particular recipe. After kneading the dough, wrap it in plastic and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Divide the pasta dough, roll it, fold, and feed it into the machine. The machine will cut it into several sheets forming noodles. At this stage, you can remove and cook the noodles to prepare a meal.
How to clean pasta maker
To properly clean a pasta maker, never overlook the instruction manual. You can use any of the two cleaning methods. The first involves wiping the rollers with a cotton cloth. Alternatively, you may use a scrap dough. As the dough passes through the machine, it will remove any particles that might be stuck inside. However, thorough cleaning involves disassembling the machine and cleaning piece by piece.
Where to buy a pasta maker?
You can buy a pasta maker from online retailers like Amazon, which offers a greater variety when it comes to the available models. If you are looking for a pasta maker to buy, we have reviewed some of the best pasta makers that will make you a memorable meal.