Best Pastry Board Reviews 2023

You are a kitchen enthusiast, alright, but what business do you have in the kitchen without a good pastry board? The multipurpose properties of this kitchen companion cannot be replaced by anything else. Since time immemorial, there has been a constant demand for a pastry board in the kitchen. This has led to the emergence of several brands, designs, and styles that may leave you spoilt for choice. We at Top Products have therefore gone through all the hassle to bring you reviews of quality pastry boards from some of the best pastry board brands in the market today.
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Our Top Choice
Fox Run Marble Pastry Board
For the last 40 years, Fox Run has endeared pastry enthusiasts by offering the best kitchen experience through its dependable products.
Attached rubber feet keep the board in place. Cool surface to keep cold items firm. Durable marble material. Design complements kitchen décor.
Edges not too smooth.
Flat, non-stick
12 x 16 inches
Hand wash
Best Value
Snow River Pastry and Pie Prep Board
Snow River has patiently gone up the ladder, one innovation at a time, and now stands among the giants in the industry.
Handcrafted, hardwood design. Revolutionary front lip and backsplash. Easy handwashing. Cracking- and warping-resistant.
Wood material gets affected by water with time.
Frontlip and backsplash
18 x 24 inches
Hand wash
Light Brown
Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board
Having been around for the last 45 years, Sur La Table is a force to reckon with in quality kitchenware.
Smooth, nonstick material. Sturdy and reliable build for stability. Keeps ingredients cool while on it.
Sliding plastic feet.
Non-skid feet
16 x 20 inches
Hand wash
Catskill Craftsmen Pastry Cutting Board
Catskill Craftsmen is a company that values skill and the need to solve everyday cooking needs through simple, dependable kitchen tools.
Baking graphics show standard crust sizes. Rounded corners and reversible for multipurpose use. Smooth oiled finish. USA-made.
Confusing calibration for first-timers.
Calibrated surface
16 x 22 inches
Damp cloth; don’t soak
Golden Brown
Dexas Pastry Superboard Cutting Board
Dexas is a master of design and technology, something that keeps it producing quality and dependable kitchenware with unique improvement each time.
High-density, faux granite design. Non-porous, lightweight, and stain-resistant material. Doesn’t absorb odor. USA-made. Multiple sizes and colors. Dishwasher-safe.
Board too slippery when cutting.
Faux granite
8.5 x 11 / 11 x 14.5 / 14 x 17"
Granite / midnight / oatmeal

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What is the Best Pastry Board?

With enough tips on what to look out for in a pastry board, you’re in a better position to look at each model objectively in order to pick out the best. Let us now take a look at the five pastry board models in detail.
Our Top Choice
The Fox Run Marble Pastry Board provides a cool surface to keep your cheese, butter, and other notable ingredients cold on. Your pastry won’t be complete without a rolling pin to complement the board. In this regard, Fox Run's Marble Rolling Pin with Wooden Handles and Base with stay-cool and natural non-stick properties can do you good.

Fox Run Black Marble Pastry Board — Matching Utensils Available

Creating culinary masterpieces is not just about being the best chef around. It takes the help of the right tools of trade and Fox Run understands this too well. Its over 40 years in the industry has equipped it with unmatched experience making dependable kitchen products. It has grown from its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of cookie cutters to become one of the leading marketers and suppliers of quality kitchenware in North America. With over 3000 products to its name, the company prides itself in its specialization on BBQ grillware and bakeware, as well as other coffee, food, and tea prep products.

The Fox Run Marble Pastry Board is a clear testimony of the company’s expertise as it features a comfortably smooth surface to roll out your pastry dough. The fact that it's made from marble adds to its suitability in making the surface cool and ideal for dough-making. It's a great combination of function and form as seen in its rectangular shape that gives it the right design to complement any form of kitchen décor.

Other notable features include the following:
  • Feet made from a non-stick material to ensure stability when working and prevent countertop scratches
  • An easy-to-clean design through hand washing
  • Marble construction is a sign of durability
If you love variety, then this is best for you as you can choose from the various colors, sizes, and styles.
Best Value
The Snow River Hardwood Maple Pastry and Pie Prep Board with Backsplash features a revolutionary front lip and backsplash meant to keep the board in place and floor particles on the board. Prefer a multipurpose board with carving capabilities too? Well in that case, the Snow River Maple Pyramid Cutting and Carving Board comes in handy since it keeps the working table clean by capturing juices.

Snow River Hardwood Maple Pastry and Pie Prep Board with Backsplash

Pastries just got more enjoyable, thanks to Snow River; a brand so keen on ensuring that the market gets what it truly deserves. Since 2002, this company has been at the forefront to create quality kitchenware, including pastry boards and wooden bowls. The fact that its products are mainly made from wood goes to show how conscious it is about the environment. Its use of repurposed wood is exemplary not only on the conservational point of view, but also in ensuring that it comes up with uniquely beautiful products.

Talking of quality and innovative designs, the Snow River Pastry and Pie Prep Board embodies just that. Meticulously handcrafted from the best hardwood around, this pastry board features a backsplash and front lip to keep it in place while at the same time protecting your countertop. The wooden surface is ideal for rolling pie crusts, cookie dough, and much more. With this pastry board, feeling cramped for space will be a thing of the past, thanks to its spacious surface measuring 18 by 24 inches. What's more, you will no longer have to worry about the board sliding around, thanks to the lip under the front of the board hanging over the working surface. The hard-sanding and expert finishing of the wood with a food-grade oil helps protect it against warping and cracking—this is a board that will last you for years to come.
The Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board with Non-skid Feet offers efficiency with its smooth, nonstick, and natural material that ensures a uniquely done dough. A matching rolling pin would complete the set, wouldn’t it? In that case, Sur La Table's Marble Rolling Pin with Handles is your ideal pick.

Sur La Table 16 x 20-Inch Marble Pastry Board with Non-Skid Feet

Nothing beats a creative mind with an insatiable thirst for cooking. This clearly describes Sur la Table; a futuristic company that opened its doors in 1972 in Pike Place Market, Seattle. It all started with a couple of serious cooks who came across an interesting selection of dependable culinary tools from all over the world to start with. The company prides itself in the rich knowledge of its employees who also happen to be passionate about cooking. Through the years, it has steadily expanded and now owns more than 100 stores dotted across America. Even with this notable improvement through the years, it has remained grounded on its mandate of creating an unmatched selection of uniquely appealing kitchenware.

Innovation, quality, and expertise is all you can notice in the Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board. The elegance of this pastry board makes it just the right tool to make delicate pastries, thanks to its stone marble material that keeps cold the butter, grease, and other notable ingredients known to be sensitive to temperature. This ensures that the dough remains easy to work around.

Its other equally appealing features include:
  • Non-stick natural material for efficiency when working with the dough
  • Can come with a matching rolling pin (sold separately)
  • The sturdy and reliable build helps keep the board stable
The Catskill Craftsmen 22-Inch Perfect Pastry Cutting Board features baking graphics, clearly marked to show standard crust sizes. Prefer a plain chopping block instead? Well, then you can opt for the Catskill Craftsmen 19-Inch End Grain Chopping Block that features finger slots that allow easier handling.

Catskill Craftsmen 22-Inch Perfect Pastry Cutting Board – Rounded Corners and Reverse Groove

The worth and confidence of any company is realized from its ability to wade into new waters never sailed before, and be successful at it. That is Catskill Craftsmen for you; a company so daring, it started conserving energy by making use of waste, even before the trend was fashionable. Having started its operations in 1948, the company has grown to become one of the country's leading makers of ready-to-assemble kitchen carts, islands, and work centers, all made from hardwood. The fact that the company is privately held says a lot about its focus and personified attention to detail in its manufacturing process. In line with its mandate to conserve the environment, the company built a Wood Pellet Mill in 1994 to help put to use all waste from its manufacturing process. These are values of a company to be emulated, and which Catskill Craftsmen is trusted to deliver.

Notably, the Catskill Craftsmen Perfect Pastry Cutting Board is a worthy brainchild of the company, featuring 22 inches of length; a space generous enough to help you work perfectly even with stubborn doughs. The fact that it’s reversible allows flavor separation in cases where multiple recipes are involved, as well. What's more, its overall appearance is appealing and complements the overall look of the kitchen, even when it’s not in use.

You'll most likely be thrilled by these other features:
  • Grooved edges to help hold flowing juices and other liquids
  • Standard crust sizes clearly marked to help make the right calibrations when need be
  • You can use the reverse side for other pastry or cutting projects
  • Thick size is ideal to keep the board from sliding around
The Dexas Pastry Superboard Cutting Board boasts an exemplary, high-density, faux granite design that keep knives sharp for longer. Prefer a white board specifically suited for cutting meat products? Well, you can then go for the Dexas NSF Polysafe Pastry Board with super-sanitary features.

Dexas Pastry Superboard Cutting Board – Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

Nothing works better than a combination of innovation, design, and technology. Dexas has mastered just that in its bid to revolutionize the industry and make the kitchen a fun place to be. Since it created its first cutting board in Dallas 48 years ago, it hasn’t looked back and is now one of the leading designers and makers of kitchen tools—this includes heat-resistant, silicone items and of course pastry boards. This also makes it one of the leading suppliers of innovative and quality kitchenware to the leading retailers in the world. Its resolve to work with today's trending colors in its products has not only appealed to kitchen enthusiasts, but also lovers of kitchen décor. These weatherproof, durable products are hard to resist for any kitchen warrior worth their salt.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the Dexas Polygranite Pastry Superboard stands out with its faux granite design with a high density, leaving knives sharp even after repeated use. Its construction and superior quality means that this board doesn't splinter, warp, peel, or crack, making it the most ideal board to use with professional knives. Furthermore, it's stain-resistant, lightweight, and non-porous, meaning it will not absorb odor. Entirely made of virgin poly, this board not only complies with FDA regulations but is also dishwasher-safe.

For those who love versatility, you can choose your preferred color and size from the various options available.

How Do I Choose the Best Pastry Board?

Well it has been a long day; you’re back at home, tired, and certainly hungry. Obviously, you’ll need to do what you do best in the kitchen before you retire. With your vegetables, fruits, meat, and other ingredients at hand, you’re looking forward to a good meal; not so fast! Do you have a cutting or pastry board?

Most kitchen enthusiasts tend to overlook the importance of getting a good pastry board with all its benefits notwithstanding. Whether you’re looking to keep things pristine with some raw meat or trying to second-guess the state of your kitchen, a pastry board ought to be on top of your list. This multipurpose wonder tool can prove to be the difference between an efficient cooking process and a mess in the kitchen.

Lately, there has been a heated debate on which material best suits a pastry board. However, the most important question we ought to ask is how safe the board is in terms of harboring germs and how best it fairs in keeping the knife sharp for longer while staying in optimum condition itself. It should also be strong or thick enough, not only for stability, but to withstand the cutting pressures exerted even by a meat cleaver. For those using the board for pastries, it should be ideal enough to enable the chef to create good dough with little effort.
With the growing demand for pastry boards, more brands are now getting into the market and this means more variety in terms of the types and designs available. Some of the common materials used to make pastry boards are wood, plastic, glass, and marble. We’ll get more into this later in the guide, so you’ll know which is best for you.

Other notable considerations to take before you settle on a pastry board include aesthetics, time, and cooking habits. It would only be fair to consider the fact that some kitchens may be too small to allow for a pastry board of a given size to be stored conveniently—you may have a hard enough time storing your knives. In such cases, it’s advisable to get an average cutting board that can serve multiple functions and with an appealing design to add to the kitchen décor. In regard to cooking habits, consider what you like cooking most. For instance, if you frequently cook meat and poultry, then it’s advisable that you go for boards that are easy to clean with a simple combination of clean water and dish soap. They shouldn't harbor germs easily to avoid cross-contamination.

Whatever board you go for, sanitation is paramount. It’s advisable to sandpaper the board frequently to smoothen the debris that come about due to the frequent cuts, especially for wood and plastic pastry boards.
You’re looking forward to efficiency in making that dough in the kitchen—but at what cost? Shopping for a good pastry board calls for consideration in terms of price. As much as you may want to go for a cheap pastry board, this can prove costly to you in the long-run due to poor quality.

In regard to quality, there are several factors that affect the price of a pastry board. These include material, design, and size. On material, granite and glass pastry boards usually cost more compared to wood and plastic versions due to their durability and physical appeal, respectively. Similarly, a pastry board with additional features such as feet, grooves, and lips cost more compared to plain versions.

Based on these features therefore, you can expect to find a good pastry board for between $15 for the basic versions and $70 for those with advanced designs and fancier material. This is a far margin, but we’re sure you can see why there’s such a difference now.
When looking for a pastry board, many considerations come into place, especially in regard to its features. Notably, pastry boards come in several variations ranging from cutting boards to pastry variations. However, there are general features that may cut across most of them.

Some of the notable features include:
  • Size
  • Color
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Feet
  • Reverse functions
We will explain how each of these features influences the usability of your pastry board.
Construction and Design
The construction and design you opt for in regard to your pastry board will determine its modus operandi. Different users have varying tastes and cooking habits, and therefore the various designs are meant to cater for these variations. Let's look at a few of these:
  • Size: The size of the pastry board you decide to go for is directly proportional to the amount of food being prepared, or in other cases, the size of your kitchen. You don’t want to buy a huge pastry board, only to end up keeping it in storage for lack of space in the kitchen.
  • Color: While this feature may not matter much in terms of efficiency, it does add some taste, class, and differentiation when working. Further, the various colors available helps to add to the overall décor of your kitchen when the pastry boards aren’t in use.
  • Design: Pastry boards come in different designs. While some are made with droves to help trap juices and other fluids when working, others are simply flat all the way to allow for easy cleaning. Other designs have allowances for handles to help in transportation and storage.
Now, let’s have a word on materials, like we promised:

Wooden cutting boards are mostly preferred by users with frequent cutting needs because they keep the sharpness of your kitchen knife much longer. However, you will need to replace them after some time since they eventually get damaged from the frequent cuts. On the other hand, plastic pastry boards are also gaining popularity, mostly due to the fact that they are easier to sanitize compared to wooden versions. They also come in different colors for those who may want to own several to differentiate while working. Marble and stone boards are mainly used for pastries when rolling out the dough. This is mainly because they have a cold surface that keeps the rolled dough cold.
Performance and Ease of Use
There’s nothing as frustrating as using crude tools in the kitchen; it eventually ends up killing your appetite altogether. As such, pastry boards are made to ease the hassle that is the cooking procedure in various ways depending on the type of cutting board you go for. Notably, most pastry boards feature miniature feet that not only keep the board stable but also prevent it from slipping away while at work. In most cases, these would be made of rubber to ensure a good grip even in wet conditions. Those without feet would, in most cases, be made heavier to keep them in place and withstand the pressure exerted when spreading dough or cutting other cooking ingredients.

Cooking usually involves making various foods at a go. As such, you want to have tools with multifunctional capacities. This explains why most pastry boards are made to be used on both sides, with each side performing its own function. For instance, some are made with one side specifically meant for cutting, clearly with grooves to keep the juices within the board; the other side may be made flat, specifically for making dough. Most importantly, a pastry board should be easy to clean in order to avoid cross-contamination. This explains why a pastry board is clearly dishwasher-safe.

Get the Best Pastry Board of 2023!

There you have it! We believe that we’ve done justice to this review and have given you a better perspective through which you can make the right decision on the best pastry board to go for. Your kitchen yearns for that missing link in the pastry board already. If you’re yet to make up your mind based on the above reviews, you need not worry as you can still check out other pastry board options from the trusted brands we have already reviewed.

Our Top Choice
Fox Run Marble Pastry Board
Best Value
Snow River Pastry and Pie Prep Board
Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board
Catskill Craftsmen Pastry Cutting Board
Dexas Pastry Superboard Cutting Board