Best Path Light Reviews 2022

Path lights are an important part of any home’s outdoor lighting system. This type of light works with others such as motion lights, spot lights, and solar spot lights (all of which we have separate reviews for) to provide a complete outdoor or landscape lighting. Choosing the right path light can be a bit more difficult and confusing if a person has no idea what they’re looking for. In this guide, we spent some time looking carefully at brands that make path lights and we found five of the best path light brands from which we are going to review. These brands have different types of path lights, but to make the entire process easier for you, we’re choosing only one from each brand for review. Now, on to the guide!
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Light Type
Emit Color
Power Source
Lumen Rating
Our Top Choice
LampLust Glass Solar Brick Waterproof LED Lights
LampLust is passionate about lighting and has, since 2004, been committed to providing lighting solutions that are innovative and quality.
Lovely design. Solidly built. Solar-powered. Has rechargeable batteries. On and off switch. Good battery life. Low-consumption. Good battery life.
May not be very bright.
16 lumen
Best Value
Paradise Laurentide 3 Tier Walklight
Sterno Home, through the Paradise brand name, designs and manufactures outdoor lighting solutions that are top-quality and innovation-driven.
Solid construction. Lightweight. Waterproof casing. Attractive fixture. Low energy consumption. Gives good light. Easy to install. Durable.
It should not be handled with a lot of force as it could break.
Incandescent bulb
Warm white
130 lumen
Westinghouse Ledhill Low Voltage Light Set
For over 125 years, Westinghouse has been consistent in the delivery of top-quality electronics and appliances. No wonder it says, "You can be sure ...if it’s Westinghouse".
Sturdy construction. Quality materials. Attractive design and finish. Low energy consumption. Good value. Bright lights. Easy to install.
Included connectors are not the best of quality.
Warm white
100 lumen
Mr. Beams Wireless Motion Sensor LED Path Light
Mr. Beams is the brand name under which Wireless Environment, LLC, markets its range of off-grid, energy-efficient lighting products.
Sturdy housing. Easy to install. All accessories included. Weatherproof. Low power consumption. Bright light. Good battery life. Great customer service. Versatile.
Batteries need to be changed when they die.
Neutral white
35 lumen
Moonrays Bollard-Style Path Light
Moonrays prides itself in the quality and design of its products. It strives to offer a wide range of products so every user can find something that suits their style and needs.
Well-built. Low-voltage. Compatible with other low-voltage transformers. Easy to install. Bright light. Durable. Affordable. Great customer service.
The connectors are not of the best quality.
Warm white
65 lumens

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What is the Best Path Light?

Having come this far, you surely have become more aware of factors that can affect the use of a path light and features that you can expect to find when searching. The information you’ve gotten so far should help you determine the type of path light that will be perfect for your needs. This is a decision that you alone can make. We’ve simply provided you with a guide. Bearing what you now know in mind, carefully look at the products we’ll begin to review to find the one that offers the features that are just right for your needs.
Our Top Choice
The LampLust Blue Glass Solar Brick Waterproof LEDs with Rechargeable Battery provide you with aesthetic pathway lighting. Enjoy the benefits of a solar-powered, low-consumption LED light for night use. Would you love a standing model made of copper metal? Check out the Solar Copper Metal Path Lights, Set of 6, Warm White LEDs.

LampLust Blue Glass Solar Brick Waterproof LEDs with Rechargeable Battery – Available in Multiple Colors

When it comes to home lighting, LampLust offers the best and most affordable solutions. Its passion for lighting pushes it to constantly look for the latest technology and most innovative designs that will ensure its products keep meeting and exceeding the expectations of its customers.

The LampLust Blue Glass Solar Brick LEDs are an efficient, easy-to-use pathway lighting solution. From their simple but aesthetic design, to their energy-efficient and eco-friendly functions, you get the complete lighting solution you need for your pathways. Being solar-powered and using LEDs means it’s not just efficient and lovely, but also cost-effective. Some of its other features are listed below:
  • Ice Block Design – Adds aesthetic value to your light
  • Four LEDs per Block – Increases the brightness of the light
  • Rechargeable Battery Included – Provides power when solar energy is not available
  • On and Off Switch – Offers the option to switch the light off when not in use
  • Blue Light – Creates a lovely ambience
  • 90-day Warranty – An assurance of quality
You can get this path light in an array of colors—pick the one that best accentuates your pathway!
Best Value
Light your pathway with the warm glow of the Paradise Laurentide 11W/12V 3 Tier Walklight. Its 130-lumen incandescent bulb is encased in frosted plastic and mounted on a cast aluminum fixture, adding to its appeal. Prefer to have a solar-powered LED model? Check out the Paradise GL23716BK Cast-Aluminum Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light.

Paradise Laurentide 11W/12V 3 Tier Walklight – Available with 3 Fixture Colors

Paradise is a brand name under which Sterno Home manufactures and distributes its outdoor lighting products. With years of experience in the home lighting industry that has made it an industry leader, Sterno Home uses the Paradise brand name to showcase its experience and expertise by designing and producing a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions that are innovative and of top quality. It ensures the continued improvement of its products by staying up-to-date with the latest in technological advancements and trends in the global home lighting space.

The Paradise Laurentide 3 Tier Walklight offers you a warm glow that lights your pathway, giving it an inviting and lovely ambience. This light delivers 130 lumens, which will perfectly light your pathway without being too bright. It’s encased in a waterproof frosted plastic case which ensures its durability outdoors. Some other features of this light have been listed below:
  • Warm White Color – Soft, but bright, light
  • Incandescent Bulb – Safe to handle with no toxic materials present
  • 12 Volts/11 Watts – Low power requirement and consumption
  • Cast Aluminum Fixture – For durability
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – An assurance of quality
This light’s fixture is available in three colors: Black, copper, and green.
The Westinghouse Low Voltage Landscape Remington Bronze 8-Piece LED Light Set provides a quick way to bring your pathway to life, with 6 path lights and 2 spot lights with an output of about 100 lumens and a 9.6-watt power consumption. If you’d like a different design sold in single pieces, try the Ledhill Westinghouse 1-Pc Low Voltage Landscape LED Black Dome Path Light.

Westinghouse Low Voltage Landscape Remington Bronze 8-Piece LED Light Set

When it comes to brands that have affected lives the most, Westinghouse is one name that comes to mind. With a history of innovation and smart solutions that stretches back over 125 years, this brand has no doubt touched many lives. Over a century later, it is still waxing strong with the provision of energy-efficient products that are also environmentally-safe. This is a brand you can be sure of.

The Westinghouse 8-Piece Low Voltage Light Set is an outdoor lighting solution that includes 6 path lights and 2 spotlights. The path lights feature stainless-steel fixtures while the spotlights feature cast aluminum fixtures, making them durable and able to withstand constant outdoor use. They also come with LED lights, which are bright but save you energy costs due to their low energy consumption. Some other features of this light set are listed below:
  • Warm, White Light Color – Offers soft bright lighting
  • Metal Construction – For durability
  • Clear Glass Casing – Does not reduce the brightness of the light
  • 1.2 Watts per Light – Total of 9.6 watts for the set, offers low power consumption
  • 100-lumen Light Output – Bright enough for your pathway
  • 35-watt Transformer – Steps down the main’s voltage to the required voltage for the light
  • Bronze Finish – Adds to its aesthetic value
The Mr. Beams Battery Powered Wireless Motion Sensor LED Path Lights are a good way of combining path and security lighting. Their 35-lumen LED lights, motion and light sensors, and auto-off function make them ideal for these and other uses. Would you prefer a pack with more lights? See the Mr. Beams MB576 Battery Powered Motion Sensing LED Path Light, 6-Pack.

Mr. Beams Battery Powered Wireless Motion Sensor LED Path Lights – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Wireless Environment, LLC, specializes in the development of off-grid lighting solutions. It believes that the future of lighting lies in the ability to effectively power light off- and on-grid. Under the Mr. Beams brand name, it designs, manufactures, and markets its range of LED lighting solutions that are all wireless and energy-efficient. These battery-powered lighting solutions also feature innovative additions such as motion and light sensors that increase their functionality and energy efficiency. The brand promises to continue to come up with more efficient and effective lighting solutions for both off- and on-grid applications.

This 2-piece set of Mr. Beams Wireless Motion Sensor LED Path Light effectively combines pathway and security lighting. It features a motion sensor which turns the light on when it senses movement within 15 feet of it, acting as a pathway light for anyone legitimately walking that path at night—or a security deterrent for an intruder. The 35-lumen LED light covers a 120-foot area and is automatically turned off when no movement is noticed for either 20 or 60 seconds (depending on which you select). This light has other great features, some of which are listed below:
  • Glow Mode – This function allows it to maintain a low glow when there’s no movement, acting as a marker
  • Weatherproof – Can be used safely outdoors
  • Light Sensor – This detects daylight and dusk so it does not turn on during daylight
  • Battery-powered – This mode of powering makes installation easy as it needs no wiring
  • Installation Accessories Included – Includes everything you need to install or mount
  • Warranty – 30-day guarantee and up to 2-year warranty
The Moonrays Bollard-Style Low Voltage Metal Path Light Fixture easily lights your pathway, giving it a secure look. It features a 10-watt halogen bulb that shines through a clear plastic lens, mounted on an aluminum fixture. Do you want to look at another design? See the Moonrays 95871 Marion-Style Low Voltage Metal 3-Tier Path Light with Copper Finish.

Moonrays Bollard-Style Low Voltage Metal Path Light Fixture – Available in Multiple Buying Options

Whatever your outdoor and landscaping lighting needs, Mooonrays has something that will fit perfectly into your plan. This brand offers a wide range of products covering solar-powered lights, low-voltage lights, accent, and uniquely-designed lights. It’s committed to providing enough lighting solutions to suit a wide variety of lighting needs.

The Moonrays Bollard-Style Path Light is a simple but effectively-designed path light that does more than just light the path. Its black diecast bollard-style aluminum fixture gives it a serious look that can be harnessed to make your space look extra-secure. Featuring a 10-watt halogen bulb, you can get enough lighting without running up your energy bills. Some other features of this light are listed below:
  • Circular Plastic Casing – Allows the light to shine through all-round
  • Warm White Light Color – Bright but not harsh
  • 12-volt Power – Works with most low-voltage transformers
  • 1-year Limited Warranty – Assurance of quality

How Do I Choose the Best Path Light?

It was getting quite dark and the young boy was skipping along the unlit path towards the porch of his home. Suddenly he stopped and bent to pick up a string of rope he found on the dark pathway. However, before he could pick it up, the string of rope slithered into the brush bordering the path. Alas, it was a little snake and not a rope as the boy thought.

The rain had finally stopped just as they finished their band practice. They had been practicing in their friend’s basement temporarily, and had been held up by the sudden rainfall. Now, they had to start heading home. As they stepped out onto the dark path laughing and joking among themselves, their bespectacled lead singer walked right into a puddle. Wondering what happened, they asked him and he told them he just didn’t see it until it was too late.

The stories above have one thing in common: the pathway was dark. Having a dark pathway is not just a safety hazard but also a security risk. How many times have we walked along a dark path and suddenly stopped, thinking we saw movement around the corner or in the bushes or flower bed? When the path is lit, you’ll walk with more confidence while an intruder will be less likely to want to walk there.

Aside from safety and security, there’s also the beauty path lights can add. Like we stated earlier, it can be part of a bigger outdoor lighting plan which can include spot lights, flood lights, motion lights, and more. In this guide, we will help you find the path light that’s best for you; we’ll show you things to look out for and factors you should consider before choosing. Whatever kind of lighting you need for your path, be it solar-powered lights or any other type, we will help you find the best path light.
What you’ll pay for a path light will be determined by certain factors, including the type of light, the type and quality of the fixture, and the number of lights, among other things. Some path lights are sold as single lights while others are sold in sets of different numbers; some could be a set of four lights, six lights, or even more. It should be pretty obvious that a 6-piece set is almost certain to cost more than a single unit.

Having said all of the above, we found from our research that you can get a good path light for about $9 to about $65. Within this range, you’re sure to get good path lights of various types. Of course, there are some path lights that cost far above this range and possess some additional features or are made of higher-quality materials. In the same way, there are cheap path lights which we will strongly advise you to avoid as their quality is usually in serious question. The range we’ve given is a simple guide for you to work with.
When you want to choose a path light, the first thing to do if you want the process to be easier is to take some time to consider important factors. During this consideration period, ask and answer certain questions. Doing this will give you a clearer picture of exactly what you need in a path light. Some of the factors to consider include:
  • Power source
  • Type of light
  • Lumens
  • Voltage
  • Fixture material
  • Application
  • Additional features
Let us take a closer look at these.
Construction and Design
There are different types of path lights with differences in design, size, brand, and so on. In this guide, we will not be talking about design or style while referring to types of path light. We will be focusing on the different types of light used. A few examples of types of lights used in path lights include incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LEDs.

  • Incandescent - Incandescent lights are the cheapest to purchase and the most expensive to run because they have the highest energy consumption of the three listed. They also have the shortest lifespan.
  • Halogen - The halogen is also affordable to purchase but may cost a little more than incandescent lights. Halogen bulbs consume about 30% less power to deliver the same level of brightness than the incandescent bulbs, and last about three times longer.
  • LEDs - Finally, LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) are the most expensive of all to purchase. They can cost over ten times the cost of purchasing a halogen bulb, and over forty times the cost of an incandescent bulb. You will, however, make serious savings on energy consumption and the light’s lifespan. The LEDs consume about 80% less power than the incandescent bulbs and about 50% less than halogen lights to deliver the same level of brightness. They also last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lights and over 8 times longer than halogen bulbs, which is pretty amazing.
Path lights can be electric, solar, or battery-powered. If you want to go for electric-powered path lights, you’ll need to decide between 120-volt lights or 12-volt lights. Using 120-volt path lights means you’re running full-strength voltage to the bulbs and will require 120-volt bulbs. The advantage of this is that you won’t need to get an additional low-voltage transformer. You also won’t experience a degradation of the voltage even if it travels over a long stretch of cable.

The disadvantage of this choice is that there is a higher risk involved due to the high voltage. For this reason, installation cost will be higher; you may not be able to handle it yourself, and so may need to hire a professional contractor to do it for you. You’ll also need to run your cables at a minimum depth and/or inside protective conduit routes which will also increase your installation cost while making it more difficult to move or change your path light system should you decide to. To avoid the risk of electrocution, you will need to use only waterproof connectors and materials all through.

The alternative are the 12-volt lights which make use of a transformer to lower the voltage from the mains to 12 volts. Because of the low voltage, they’re easier to install and many people can do it by themselves. This is a major cost-saver. There’s also no risk of electrocution, so the cables don’t need to be buried so deep, and can be moved easily should you decide to change your landscaping lighting style.

The main disadvantage of the 12-volt lighting is that you cannot just run power to the bulbs directly, but will need to power them through a low-voltage transformer. Another disadvantage is that the voltage seems to begin to drop when the connection is beyond 10 feet. This could mean that the lights will be brighter at the top of the connection and dimmer the farther you go from the top. This last disadvantage will, however, not be an issue if you use very low power consumption bulbs.

You can also choose solar-powered lights, especially if you live in areas with a lot of sunshine. Solar-powered path lights usually have rechargeable batteries that are charged during the day so they power the lights at night. These may cost more at the beginning, but you’ll end up saving energy costs. You won’t need to run a lot of cables depending on how the powering system is designed.

Your last option is the battery-powered type. This is less common, especially for extensive path lighting projects. These are more efficient for very few light placements where no wiring is required or can be done. Its disadvantage is that you will have recurrent battery costs.

When trying to determine the brightness of the path light you want to get, don’t just look at the voltage. From the explanation above, voltage does not tell you how bright the light will be; it only tells you how much power it will consume. To compare how bright one light is with another without seeing them, check for their lumen rating. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light will be.

The path lights you’ll get will likely not just be bulbs; they will come with fixtures. It’s important that you get the right fixture for your lighting plan, as the fixture you get will determine how durable your path lights will be. Ensure you remember that these light fixtures will be exposed to the elements. Come rain, come shine, they will be out there; you need something that will withstand all that.

The common materials fixtures are made of include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. Aside from the quality or durability of the materials, you should also look at how each material fits into the general scheme of your landscape lighting. Here are a few suggestions:

If your pathway has very high traffic, consider using brass fixtures because they are usually heavier than the other materials and can therefore provide more protection for the lights. For more natural settings such as paths through gardens, consider using copper as they tend to blend in well—though they get a bit tarnished with exposure to the elements. They will also work well with brick settings, which also have a natural ambience about them.

If yours is a modern setting, then you should consider using stainless steel. Bear in mind that keeping it shiny will require some polishing work every now and then. Finally, aluminum fixtures should be considered when cost is a major issue. Most aluminum fixtures are powder-coated and can be gotten in different colors. You can choose a color that fits your style and setting.
Performance and Ease of Use
Where and how you intend to use your path lights is a major factor that should affect the choice you make. The choice of whether or not to go for a solar-powered light will surely be affected by the intended positioning of the lights. For example, if the path lights will be positioned under a shed or somewhere they won’t have access to sunlight, it’s a no-brainer; you should not go for solar-powered models. Solar-powered models should be positioned so that they have as much exposure to sunlight as possible.

Your path lights can provide safety, aesthetic value, and security. The brightness of the light on the path, the arrangement, and the ambience are all benefits of having path lights. You can, however, achieve more if you take some time to consider all you need path lights for so you can choose ones that will help you achieve your goals.

Most people don’t leave their path lights on all night. They only turn them on when they need to, or for a particular period of time—either manually or with a timer. The question therefore is this, when do you need your pathway lit?

Some path lights now offer additional features that make them easy to use for multiple functions. The addition of motion and light sensors makes it possible for path lights to function automatically. These motion sensors turn on the light when they detect motion; they also turn off the light when motion is not detected for a while. The light sensors, on the other hand, ensure the lights only come on when it’s dark and not during daylight.

To get the full benefit of path lights which includes aesthetics, safety, and security, it may be best to mix up the lights you get. You could get some regular lights that stay on for a set period, giving your path that ambience we all love. You could then interspace these with motion lights which will keep providing light whenever motion is detected, even when the other lights have been turned off. This will provide safety for a legitimate user of the path while acting as a deterrent to an intruder.

Get the Best Path Light of 2022!

It’s been great bringing you this guide and review, and we do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did bringing it to you. You should now know exactly what you want, so without further delay, place your order now and begin to enjoy your new path light. If, however, you didn’t find what you needed among them, you can look at the other models offered by the brands.

Our Top Choice
LampLust Glass Solar Brick Waterproof LED Lights
Best Value
Paradise Laurentide 3 Tier Walklight
Westinghouse Ledhill Low Voltage Light Set
Mr. Beams Wireless Motion Sensor LED Path Light
Moonrays Bollard-Style Path Light