Best Patio Chair Reviews 2023

It’s lovely to be able to enjoy your outdoor space or backyard with the whole family, surrounded by new blooming flowers, grass, and trees. What better way to relax and enjoy the outdoors than with comfortable patio furniture? Quality can vary greatly when talking about outdoor furniture. To make things easier for you, we have searched thoroughly and put together a list of the best patio chair brands – our top five. Though we have only featured one product from each brand, these brands have many other patio chairs you can check out.
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Max Support
Our Top Choice
Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs
Since 2002, Best Choice Products have been making high-quality products for the home at competitive prices.
It’s very sturdy, stylish, lightweight, and already assembled. It also comes with side trays for you to put things in.
Unfortunately, this chair is not quite comfortable for anyone over 6 feet.
38 × 26 × 9.5inches; 37.4lbs
UV-resistant mesh
Adjustable padded headrest
Best Value
RST Outdoor Original Orbital Lounger
RST Outdoor designs solutions that make everyday life easier and more relaxing, and its patio chairs are some of the very best in the market today.
It’s weatherproof, fade-resistant, made of powder-coated steel for durability, has a removable headrest for maximum comfort, and polyurethane prevents too much tilting.
One downside is that it’s a bit hard to assemble.
71 × 31 × 36inches; 25lbs
Woven PVC fabric
Weather-proof and fade-resistant
Keter Pacific Sun Lounger
Keter is a leading designer and supplier of outdoor storage solutions and furniture.
This chair comes already assembled to reduce your stress. It is also very comfortable and is weather-resistant. It is very stylish and matches your other outdoor furniture.
This chair is much more expensive than other patio chairs.
77.6 × 29.5 × 15.9inches; 32.2lbs
Polypropylene resin
2-year manufacturer warranty
Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair
Caravan Sports is a leading distributor of top-notch outdoor products which range from canopies to patio chairs.
This patio chair is very affordable and durable. It is also lightweight and foldable so it is easy to move around.
However, it isn’t very comfortable for heavyweight people.
25.8 × 23.4 × 37.4inches; 13lbs
Textaline fabric
Neat foldability for convenience
Coleman Oversized Quad Chair
Coleman is a leading maker of outdoor equipment and furniture, known for its affordable products that are never lacking in quality.
It’s comfortable for any size, is very easy to carry around as it is foldable, has a unique built-in cooler and is also weatherproof.
There are no cons known yet.
7.8 × 27 × 27inches; 7.8lbs
Built-in arm rest cooler, pockets

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What is the Best Patio Chair?

When selecting a patio chair, a lot of factors have to be considered such as the size, color, the maximum weight the chair can support, the material used, and many other variables too. Since you’ve read this buying guide, determining the best patio chair won’t be difficult. So let’s get on with it…
Our Top Choice
With removable and adjustable padded headrests, the Best Choice Zero Gravity chair is a patio chair that is designed especially for your comfort. It is also designed to immediately adjust to your body’s size. If you want something even more affordable that is also of high quality, we recommend the Folding Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Chair.

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs Case of 2 Lounge Patio Chairs – Available in 5 Colors

Best Choice Products started in 2002 as a small e-commerce retailer that sold pool tables online. Since then it has greatly expanded and now sells a variety of products internationally. Its founding mission, which is to always manufacture high-quality products at competitive prices while ensuring customers are 100% satisfied, has not changed to date. It keeps pushing forward in the creative sector and strives to reduce the production cost of its goods so as to make them more affordable for its customers.

The Best Choice Zero Gravity Chairs (Selling for $64.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) are highly comfortable but affordable chairs. The seats are made from UV-resistant mesh which is very comfortable, and it has a weight capacity of 250lbs. These chairs are very lightweight and fold up easily so they can be moved from one place to another with hardly any stress. They are made with replaceable elastic cords which help in creating a chair that adjusts to your body size once you sit on it. It also comes with cup holder trays that you can place any item in for easy accessibility.

Following are some other patio chairs by Best Choice Products…
  • Best Choice Products Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair Arc Stand Air Porch Swing Hammock Chair Canopy -- A modern design that comes with a heavy-duty powder-coated metal frame and supports up to 265lbs.
  • Best Choice Products Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair W/ Cushion Pool Patio Furniture Red -- A modern outdoor chaise lounge that is made of a weather and rust-resistant steel and comes with 100% polyester fabric.
  • Best Choice Products Patio Metal Rocking Chair Porch Seat Deck Outdoor Backyard Glider Rocker -- A durable uniquely-designed chair to add an elegant look to your patio.
  • Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Canopy Sunshade Lounge Chair Cup Holder Patio Outdoor Garden Black -- A zero gravity chair made out of quality materials capable of leaning back while supporting a person's weight and contains locks to hold the chair in its position.
  • Best Choice Products Outdoor 3pc Rattan Wicker Patio Love Seat Lounge Chair Furniture Set Multi Purpose -- UV resistant and made of a beautiful woven wicker, it comes with 4-seat cushion and 2 back cushions to increase comfort.
Best Value
The RST Outdoor Original Orbital lounger is a zero-gravity lounge chair that is quick-drying, waterproof, and fade-resistant which makes it very easy to maintain. If you want a chair that is less pricey than the one featured above but just as durable, you should try the RST Brands Original Orbital Zero Gravity Patio Lounger.

RST Outdoor Original Orbital Zero Gravity Patio Lounger – Available in 4 Colors

RST Outdoors is a brand that combines the science and soul of great designs in everything it manufactures. This means it keeps on creating solutions that don’t compromise on quality, style and, most of all, comfort. It was founded in 2004 and since then, none of its designs or products have lacked superior quality and great value. Its goal is simply to help you enjoy life through the use of its products.

The RST Outdoor Original Orbital Lounger (Selling for $120.64 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a comfortable patio chair that is great for lounging and relaxing. It is very sturdy and easy to maintain. Here are some of its other features:
  • It has a weight capacity of 275lbs so can carry most people
  • It’s made with powder-coated steel that is very durable
  • It has a matching removable headrest for maximum comfort
  • It is weatherproof and fade-resistant. It also dries very quickly so it is quite easy to maintain
  • It is designed with polyurethane stops which prevent the chair from tilting backwards so much that it is uncomfortable
  • It weighs only 30lbs and when folded it is only 8 inches wide. This makes it very easy to transport and store
  • It has a zero-gravity design which is quite relaxing and comfortable
The Keter Pacific Sun Lounger is made of polypropylene which is highly durable. It requires almost no maintenance due to its weather-resistant construction For a lower-priced patio chair, check out the Keter Corfu Love Seat All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture.which is just as comfortable and stylish.

Keter Pacific 2-Pack All-Weather Adjustable Outdoor Patio Lounger – Available in 2 Colors

Keter is one the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of outdoor storage solutions and furniture. Its top-quality and highly innovative products are driven by consumer insight which is why they are almost always 100% satisfactory to their users. All of Keter’s products are specially engineered to combine durability, design, and optimum functionality. Keter has gotten many awards because of its beautiful designing and creative skills. Its commitment is to simplify and improve the lives of all its consumers around the world.

The Keter Pacific Sun Lounger (Selling for $266.30 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a comfortable lounger that makes you feel like you are in tropical paradise no matter where you live. It has four reclining positions so you can relax at any angle you want. This chair is also completely protected by durable UV material which makes it weather-resistant. Following are some of its other features:
  • It is made with durable polypropylene material and then designed in an open weave rattan pattern for maximum durability and to give you a beautiful, stylish chair
  • It comes in a two-pack arrangement for uniformity and a pleasing paired look
  • It requires absolutely no assembling
  • It comes with 3 different colors that fit in with usual outdoor furniture
The Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair is a chair that can support up to 300 pounds. Its handles are also made of high-strength steel which makes it very durable. For something else with similar features but with an adjustable pillow, you should check out the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair.which is also very durable and comfortable.

Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair – Available in 3 Colors

For many years, Caravan Sports has been manufacturing outdoor products of the best quality. Its goal is to always deliver products that encourage people to relax outdoors. Its products range from canopies to patio chairs. It is all about customer satisfaction and making life easier and more fulfilling for people.

The Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair (Selling for $44.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a highly durable and comfortable patio chair. It is made with a durable textaline fabric that allows it to stretch and prevents wear and tear. The legs and the armrest are made with heavy-duty steel and are covered with iron phosphate powder for maximum protection. Its seating area is made with long-lasting outdoor grade fabric and supports at least 300 pounds.

Here are some other great patio chairs by Caravan Sports:
  • Caravan Sport Infinity Zero Gravity Chair- strong steel frame and dual fingertip locking system
  • Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair- It is 5.3 inches larger than the normal model and has a weight capacity of up to 330lbs
  • Caravan Sports Suspension Chair- High steel strength and wider seat for more room
The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is designed to be highly durable. Its heavy-duty steel frame supports up to 300lbs. It is very unique as it has an armrest cooler. If you want something equally stylish and portable, you can try the Coleman Patio Sling Chair.which supports up to 225lbs and has an ergonomic support.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler – Available in 4 Colors

Coleman was founded by W.C Coleman before the 1900’s. More than 100 years later, it has greatly expanded and has become a force not to be reckoned with. It is known for its affordable products that are never lacking in quality. Coleman is made up of a team of highly creative inventors and is always striving to go beyond the known and add a little something extra to its products that will differentiate it from other brands. If you want a top-quality patio chair, you cannot afford to bypass Coleman.

The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair (Selling for $24.66 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a highly comfortable patio chair with a built-in armrest cooler that can hold up to four cans of drinks. Here are some of its other features:
  • Its armrest heights can be adjusted to suit your specific need
  • It comes with a carry bag so it can be easily transported and stored in
  • It is compact and lightweight and can fit in the boot space of almost any car
  • It has a mesh cup holder for any extra drink apart from the ones in the cooler
  • It comes in four different colors for variety
  • It has a storage pocket for keeping any item

How Do I Choose the Best Patio Chair?

If you have an outdoor space and you don’t enjoy spending time outside, perhaps it is because you don’t have the right outdoor furniture. If you are interested in spending quality time outside while relaxing, stick with us.

Many people do not know that patios can serve as a superb spot for relaxation especially when it is warm indoors. Some people use theirs as a parking space while others don’t know what to do with the area. Some people even question the possibility of relaxing outside the comfort of their bedroom. They do not know that to maximize the potential of their outdoor space, they need the right patio furniture. Once that’s settled, all they need to do is grab a book or magazine, a chilled drink, and settle into the comfortable patio furniture. Voila, they are good to go. But if you are not the reading type, you can also take your favorite gaming device with you or better still, just take a quick refreshing nap. However, the only way this can happen is you have the right patio chair.

Patio chairs come in different styles and sizes and they come as single chairs or in sets. A patio chair, like most chairs, would be useless if it were not comfortable, but it should also be durable against the elements. Although the cost of the chair is important, it would be an error to place it above other factors. Factors such as the size and maximum weight capacity of the chair, the material the chair is made from and most importantly, the extra features that will make the patio chair more suited to your needs.

If you go through this guide carefully, making the choice of a stylish and sturdy patio chair won’t be that tasking. If you still have space on your patio after buying a chair, you can adorn it further by adding an extra hammock chair. You can also add a patio heater if you don’t want to be kept indoors by the cold.
There are many types of patio chairs with a range of features to choose from. The cost of each chair is generally determined by the type of material it is made of and the features it has. From our research, we discovered that the cost of a good patio chair ranges between $25 and $300. Usually, the more unique features a patio chair has, the more it will cost.

What we have done in this review is select a range of patio chairs with impressive features. We also came across some cheap patio chairs that aren’t as functional and stylish as those we've highlighted. If what you want is a comfortable, solid and functional patio chair, you will do well to stay away from those cheap ones.
Before opting to purchase a patio chair, there are some basic factors that should be considered. Because you intend to relax in it, a patio chair should offer comfort as well as practicality. To prevent you from wasting your money and time on the wrong kind of patio chairs, we've drawn up a list of the basic things to look out for before selecting a patio chair:
  • Size of the chair
  • Material that the chair is made from
  • Maximum weigh capacity
  • Color of the chair
  • Extras
Now let’s get into details…
Construction and Design
Before buying a patio chair, it is important to first consider the space where the chair will be placed. The amount of space available will determine the size of chair that will be a good fit. The size mentioned here refers to the dimension and weight of the patio chair; it ultimately depends on the brand. Some designs have an extendable length that you can use as a foot rest if you want to lay back in the sun. A patio chair can weigh between 5 to 40 pounds. The weight should be considered if the patio chair will be moved around often.

A patio chair could be made from nylon, PVC, polypropylene resin, plastic mesh, wood, etc. Patio chairs made from polypropylene are chemical resistant, flexible and usually more durable because they have good resistance to fatigue. A patio chair made from nylon is abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and less expensive when compared to other materials. As with other plastic furniture, patio chairs made from PVC are quite durable with economic value. When exposed to the sun and rain, they do not easily fade or degrade and they usually come in multiple variations and colors. Wooden patio chairs are quite stylish and boast an earthy tone. The only limitation is that they are prone to termite infestation and may degrade with time, especially when exposed to the rain and sun.

All patio chairs are constructed with a weight capacity in mind and it would be advisable to know the maximum weight capacity before purchasing one; the weight limit can vary from around 200 pounds to 350 pounds.
Performance and Ease of Use
Some patio chairs come with a suspension system that provides increased comfort. These chairs are usually foldable and allow for easy transport and storage. A patio chair with a glide recliner usually allows the user to relax completely. The recliner allows the user to lower the back of the chair while lifting the front. This patio chair is also ideal for pregnant women and elderly people. If you want to have a bite or drink while relaxing on the chair, a patio chair with pockets or side trays would be beneficial. The tray can also hold your mobile device or any other accessory that you want to use while sitting on the chair. There are also some patio chairs with a detachable pillow. This pillow can serve as a head rest, which can be great if you intend to take a quick nap.

For patio chairs that would be exposed to all forms of weather pick your material wisely. Some materials may be destroyed by rain, while others fade or degrade when exposed to sunlight. A patio chair marked weather-resistant would be ideal in this case. If there’s no sunshade where you intend to place the patio chair, getting a patio chair that is made with UV resistant material with a form of canopy would be suitable.

Depending on the material it is made from, cleaning a patio chair is not difficult. Patio chairs made from nylon, PVC and plastic can be easily cleaned with the aid of a wet cloth and little soap. For wooden patio chairs, you can dust with a dry cloth and spray with any suitable wood spray if the need arises.

Get the Best Patio Chair of 2023!

We are glad you have taken the time to go through our review and we hope we have provided you with enough information to enable you to make the right choice. So go ahead and place that order.

Our Top Choice
Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs
Best Value
RST Outdoor Original Orbital Lounger
Keter Pacific Sun Lounger
Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair
Coleman Oversized Quad Chair