Best Pedal Car Reviews 2022

When you want to choose a pedal car to buy, you suddenly realize you are faced with sifting through the multitude of options out there. We’ve got you covered! We have done extensive research, and have picked what we consider five of the best brands of pedal cars on the market. Although we’ve featured one product from each brand as a showcase of what they offer, bear in mind that these brands have many others you can choose from if the featured ones don’t meet your requirements.
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Our Top Choice
Berg Toys Buddy Pedal Go Kart
For more than 30 years, BERG Toys has been inspiring fun, active play with its creative products.
Powder coated tubular steel construction. BFR Hub; go forwards, brake and reverse. 4 pneumatic wheels don’t require lubing. Swing axle for stability.
Some isolated complaints of tires popping off.
Go Kart
44 x 26 x 25” / 40lbs
4 pneumatic wheels
3 – 8 years / 150lbs
Adjustable seat & steering wheel
Best Value
Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart
Hauck understands the wonder of the wheel when it comes to kids toys which is what their product range is based on. They manufacture balls, strollers, bikes and wagons.
Great, fun design. Adjustable seat positions. Rubber wheels. 3-point responsive steering. Handbrake. 8-ball style brake. Easy to assemble.
Some people received the product without assembly instructions.
44 x 21 x 22” / 22lbs
4 rubber wheels
4 years and up
3-point responsive steering
Rolly Toys John Deere Pedal Tractor
Rolly Toys is a manufacturer of kids toys, ride-on vehicles and John Deere inspired tractors and diggers. They take particular care when it comes to the safety of their toys.
John Deere style tractor. Features a front loader and backhoe. Seat is adjustable in 2 positions. 50lbs weight capacity of the backhoe. Safety lock and roll-bar. Rubberized tire tread.
Relatively small age suitability, 3-6 years.
47 x 16 x 23” / 33lbs
4 resin wheels, rubber traction
3-6 years / 75lbs
Functional front loader & backhoe
Kettler Melbourne Pedal Go Kart
Kettler, a global supplier, has been manufacturing high-quality leisure furniture, fitness equipment, outdoor toys, bicycles, table tennis tables and more since 1949.
Many safety features; enclosed chain guard, non-slip pedals, dual rear wheel hand-brake. Seat adjustable in 3 positions. MaxXtread, quiet wheels. Carbon steel frame construction.
The only isolated complaint was that they wanted it to go faster.
Go kart
35 x 21 x 23” / 20.9lbs
Powder coated carbon steel
3-6 years
Oversized anti-slip pedals
InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car
InStep makes safe, superior quality bikes, automobiles and accessories for children, letting them experience some driving fun.
Sturdy steel construction. Great retro design and detailing. The lead-free paint means no health hazards. 70lbs weight capacity. Adjustable pedal drive.
Poor turn radius.
Fire engine
37 x 12 x 17” / 40lbs
Solid steel construction
2-5 years / 70lbs
Adjustable pedal drive

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What is the Best Pedal Car?

Now that you know what to look for if you want a great pedal car, you have probably made a clear note of the different features and options that you want in yours. If that is the case, go right ahead and read the individual product reviews below, so you can get your little angels their next favorite toy.
Our Top Choice
The Berg Toys Buddy Pedal Go Kart features four pneumatic wheels on a swing axle that keeps the kart grounded even over uneven surfaces. If you prefer a bigger ride with the same go-kart design, check out the Berg Ferrari FXX Racer Go Kart.

Berg Toys Buddy Pedal Go Kart – Available in 2 Colors

For more than 30 years, Berg Toys has been developing, making and selling active outdoor playtime products. Its line of products, including go-karts and trampolines, guarantees years of trouble-free playtime fun because of superior quality. It has a team of experienced designers and engineers working on improving its products, creating safe and easy-to-use designs with appealing appearance. Berg also takes environmental responsibility seriously by doing its best to be environmentally friendly in its production processes.

The Berg Toys Buddy Pedal Go Kart is a fantastic pedal car for kids aged 3-8 and you can even choose from black or orange, depending on your child’s preferences. The go kart measures 44 x 26 x 25-inches but comes with an adjustable steering wheel and seat so the kart can grow as your child does. The Brake, Forward, Reverse (BFR) Hub, means you can not only go forwards, but if you want to slow down you can move the pedals backwards and once you’ve come to a standstill this action will put it into reverse too.

The Buddy Pedal Go Kart has four pneumatic wheels and a swing axle that makes the ride smooth and keeps the wheels on the ground at all times, even over uneven surfaces. When it comes to durability, you’ll be pleased to know this kart has a powder coated tubular steel frame so it’s got a long lifespan on it if properly looked after. The wheels don’t even require lubing thanks to the sealed bearings.
Best Value
The Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart features four rubber wheels and a responsive, 3-point steering system that makes for a smooth, controlled ride. If you’re little one doesn’t like Batman, you should consider the Hauck Nascar Lightning Go Kart, which has all the same features just with a different design.

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart with 3 Point Steering

Hauck’s first ever product range was inspired by the wheel and how much children were fascinated by it. From the classic red ball in baby group, to pull-along ducks, baby strollers, bikes and wagons, there’s something magical about the wheel! Since then, Hauck has developed a lot more products, including dolls and accessories, indoor and outdoor toys.

The Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart features a fun, batman design that your little hero will surely love. It’s suitable for kids over the age of 4 and has an adjustable bucket seat so even if your little one gets a bit bigger it can grow with them. The rubber wheels are durable, and the 8-ball style brake gives a smooth ride and good grip. Kids can practice their driving skills in this pedal car as well as their parking skills! With 3-point, responsive steering they’ll be no issues zipping around an obstacle course in this. When your little tike is done playing, just pop the handbrake on and store inside. It measures 44 x 21 x 22-inches so is compact enough to fit in a garage or cupboard.
The Rolly Toys John Deere Pedal Tractor features a front loader and backhoe that can dig and scoop up dirt, snow or sand until your little one’s heart is content! If you want a tractor ride on for your smaller toddler, you should consider the Rolly John Deere 3 Wheel Tractor with Trailer Ride On.

Rolly Toys John Deere Pedal Tractor with Working Loader and Backhoe Digger

Rolly Toys is a popular manufacturer of kids ride on toys. They have a lot of tractors, wheelbarrows and an extensive range based on John Deere tractors and equipment. They’ve got toys recommended for 2 and a half year old’s up to about 8 years old and most of their products are very highly rated.

The Rolly Toys John Deere Pedal Tractor is suitable for kids aged 3-6 or children up to 75 pounds. This John Deere Pedal Tractor boasts a fully functioning front loader and back hoe, with a 50lbs capacity, which will supply your little one with hours of fun in the yard. Scoop piles of sand, dirt or snow and dump them in a different area; what more could a kid want? With an adjustable seat in two positions, the tractor can grow with your child and the safety roll-bar should give you some peace of mind in the event of tipping. The chain drive system is totally enclosed for safety reasons and you’ll get great traction on the resin tires with rubberized tread. Rolly Toys is all about safety and they even incorporate a stabilizer foot on the backhoe and safety latch.
The Kettler Melbourne Pedal Go Kart incorporates many safety features like an enclosed chain guard and rear wheel hand-brake to ensure your child is safe as well as happy. If you’d prefer a different color go kart, take a look at the Kiddi-o by Kettler Pole Position Racer Pedal Car in blue!

Kettler Melbourne Kettcar Pedal Go Kart

Kettler has been around since 1949 creating fitness equipment, leisure furniture, bicycles, kids outdoor toys, table tennis tables and more! They’re still owned today by the same German family, but they now sell products worldwide and employ over 1500 people. Kettler wants to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of all its customers, whether they’re old or young.

Kettler wanted to improve kids toys and make them less dangerous by including hub dynamos, improved braking systems, better lighting and well-tested rigid frames. That’s exactly what they did when creating the Kettler Melbourne Pedal Go Kart. Constructed with a high carbon steel frame with a powder coat finish that won’t fade, this pedal car is built to stand the test of time. With synthetic MaxXtread wheels, your kid is in for a smooth and quiet ride. The high rise, racing seat can be adjusted into 3 positions, making this ideal for kids aged 3 to around 6 years old. Kettler has incorporated many safety features to this kart including a fully enclosed chain guard, anti-slip pedals and a dual rear wheel hand-brake!
The InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car is built with a solid, steel construction and adjustable pedal drive so it can last and grow with your child. If you want a different design, InStep also manufactures the Street Rod Pedal Car which features an awesome flame paintwork design.

InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

InStep manufactures a wide range of children's products, such as bicycle trailers, pedal cars, and jogging strollers and their accessories. This company markets products that are very safe to use and offers them at competitive prices. It has great customer service that is available to assist you all the time.

The InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car features a classic, retro look that kids will love. If you’re child is aged 2-5 and weighs under 70lbs this could be the pedal car for them! It’s built with a solid steel construction for amazing durability no matter what mischief your little one gets into. It has an adjustable pedal drive, so it can grow as your child does and still be usable. The functional steering and rubber tires make for an easy drive and the authentic detail of the paintwork will bring back some nostalgic memories for the adults at least!

How Do I Choose the Best Pedal Car?

Vroooom! Vroooom! VaVaVoooom! You look over at your son, clad in his favorite dress coat, moving the shoulder straps of his backpack left and right. Then you remember hearing those joyous giggles when he went on a swing for the very first time. You should be happy! He is clearly a natural automobile enthusiast. You should encourage this by getting him a pedal car, one that closely simulates the real thing so he can start having a feel of the thrill. Who knows? He might become a race champion someday!

The best pedal cars are well constructed with durable materials for stability, and have a high weight capacity so mini drivers can keep using them as they grow bigger. The seat and pedal positioning should be comfortable and suited to your child’s preference. Many pedal cars have adjustable pedals, though.

Safety is a very important factor, so the materials, design and packaging have to be safe for kids and adults alike. Watching out for safety standards will usually have this issue covered. Everyone wants to ride in an appealing car. The ride has to sport good detailing and design, and a cool paint job.

Some pedal cars have retro, classic designs like the Morgan Cycle Ice Cream Truck Pedal Car and the Dexton Retro Pickup Truck Riding Toy. These are great for the adult’s nostalgia and kids love it because they feel like they’re riding real vehicles, not just toys!
Pedal cars come in different price ranges. Those with metal construction, detailed design and many working parts that closely simulate luxury cars or legendary classics usually command high prices (close to $500). There are some that won’t cost that much, but they will not pack as many features and options, even though they’re still of good quality. We’ve added a number of those in our selection (as low as $140). They come without most of the bells and whistles, but are of a quality we are proud to associate with.

We came across some very cheap pedal cars while researching, but we did not mention them in our review. They are poorly constructed with inferior materials, have shabby detailing and don’t last long. No child deserves those kinds of cars, and certainly no parent wants to waste money.
Pedal cars are always a great way for your child to have fun, energetic play, especially for kids that have a thing for automobiles. There are features that separate a poorly made pedal car from a great one, and make the car more fun and intriguing for your little ones. While you may not get all these features in all high-quality pedal cars, you should pay close attention to them while making your choice. Some of these features are highlighted below:
  • Construction materials
  • Design
  • Dimensions
  • Detailing and visual appeal
  • Adjustable seat and pedals
  • Tire type
  • Working parts
  • Ease of assembly and use
  • Realism and fun factor
Construction and Design
Some brands prefer metals as their construction material because they favor durability. A pedal car that’s made with steel will surely last long and have a high weight capacity. This allows children to keep using it as they grow. Other brands use heavy-duty plastic for versatility and mobility.

The area of design is where brands get quite innovative, as they get really creative with the look and detailing of their products trying to outdo one another for attention. Some cars are designed after popular real-life luxury cars, while some favor classic muscle cars. There are some pedal cars that come as construction vehicles, retro fire trucks, and go-karts. You just have to know the type that your child will find most appealing.
Performance and Ease of Use
These pedal cars have different difficulty levels when it comes to assembly, as most of them are packaged as parts to avoid big packaging. They all come with instruction manuals, so the ease of assembly will depend on how well written the manual is, the complexity of the parts and how well the buyer follows instructions. Take your own ability to assemble things with a manual into consideration. If you are very good with such matters, then this might not be a big issue for you. But if you know that you are a bit technically challenged, opt for easy-to-assemble cars. There’s no shame in that. Increasing your stress levels isn’t something anyone should be proud of.

Don’t forget to check how comfortable the car is. Check the type of seat and whether it is adjustable. The longer you want your child to play with it, the more important this becomes. You should also check out what the pedals are made of, and whether they are easy to pedal or require more effort. Cars for younger kids will generally have easier pedals than those for much older kids. Many pedal cars have working headlights that are powered by batteries, adding to the fun. A number of them have solid rubber tires, so you don’t have to bother about punctures.

A well-made pedal car is always great fun. You will probably need to put on a stern face to get your child off it.

Get the Best Pedal Car of 2022!

We hope you were able to get all the information you need to make a purchase of the pedal car you have chosen, with due consultation with your child, that is. If yes, great! Now make that buy.

Our Top Choice
Berg Toys Buddy Pedal Go Kart
Best Value
Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart
Rolly Toys John Deere Pedal Tractor
Kettler Melbourne Pedal Go Kart
InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car