Best Pellet Stove Reviews 2023

With energy costs consuming an increasing percentage of a household's income, finding ways to save is becoming a priority more than ever. Conventional heating systems are wonderful, but they can also put a huge dent in your paycheck. It is for this reason that a lot of people are turning to pellet stoves for heating their homes. If you have made this change or are about to, one thing you will note is that choosing which pellet stove is right for you can be quite difficult. With so many brands and models out there, you probably feel like you need some help. Thankfully, we’re here to offer exactly the help you need. We have spent some quality time researching the best pellet stove brands, coming up with four industry leaders. From these brands, with one exception (CoverBilt), we have chosen to review one model from each. The brands have other models that you may want to look through, but we have specifically chosen these for your convenience. All you need to do now is simply go through each review and pick the pellet stove that appeals to you the most.
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Our Top Choice
ComfortBilt Grey Pellet Stove
ComfortBilt is committed to its core values of quality, value and convenience. Its stoves are made with the best materials for durability, functionality and ease of maintenance.
It’s sturdily built and offers a variety of functionality controls. It’s also easy to maintain with its easy to clean thermoglass and large ash pan, which is emptied every three months.
It has a small filler opening, which makes it a bit difficult to pour in pellets from the bag.
320 lbs.
Metal and glass
2200 square ft.
55 lbs.
Best Value
Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU Pellet Stove
GHP Group Inc is a leading manufacturer of top quality heating products. In addition to its excellent merchandise, it assures the customer of the highest service standards.
It’s easy to use, comes automatically on or off depending on the heat settings. With the 120-pound capacity hopper, it requires fewer trips for filling.
It needs to be cleaned out daily or it may stop working.
180 lbs.
Metal and ceramic glass
2200 square ft.
120 lbs.
Vogelzang 65,000 BTU Hopper Pellet Stove
Vodelzang is committed to offering the finest selection of wood and pellet stoves to its customers. Its products meet or exceed industry safety standards.
It’s ideal for larger spaces, is easy to use with its electronic controls, has a durable design and will require fewer trips for pellet refills.
It can be noisy and the auger may get jammed up often.
245 lbs.
2,800 square ft.
120 lbs.
Comfortbilt European Gray Pellet Stove
We couldn’t resist the temptation. ComfortBilt delivers such great quality that we just had to feature another of its products in this top-five review. That says a lot.
It’s efficient, easy to use and maintain with parts readily available. It has a programmable thermostat for constant temperature and makes an efficient use of pellets.
No cons had yet been reported as of the time of writing this review.
285 lbs.
1,880 square ft.
55 lbs.
US Stove Ultra Compact Pellet Stove
US Stove has been here for over 140 years. It is proud to say its experience is the longest and best in the industry. This shows in the quality of its products.
It’s easy to install, is fully automated and easy to use. It fits easily into your home décor and burns cleanly, qualifying you for tax credit.
It has been reported to burn through pellets faster than some other brands.
209 lbs.
Info not provided
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40 lbs.

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What is the Best Pellet Stove?

A pellet stove can come in different shapes and sizes, capacity and output ratings among other things. Before plunging into your choice, you need to first know exactly what you want in the pellet stove you will eventually go for. It helps to know the size of the room or space you want to heat, how much heat you want, how long you will like the stove to run consistently and other considerations. As you can see from our guide, articulating your requirements will make it easy for you to find exactly the pellet stove you need and will make this review much more helpful.
Our Top Choice
The HP22 is ComfortBlit’s best-selling pellet stove. It’s compact in design but delivers an impressive 50,000 BTUs of heat. With its high efficiency rating of 86% it’s also economical to use. Are you looking for something with less capacity and output? Try the Comfortbilt Pellet Stove -HP21, which has a 44 pound capacity and an output of 34,000 BTU.

ComfortBilt 50,000 BTU Charcoal Grey Pellet Stove

ComfortBilt works towards being a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of pellet stove products. It’s committed to its core values of quality, value and convenience. All of its stoves are made with mono-bloc steel interior structure, heavy gage steel exteriors, carbon-steel doors, air wash low maintenance ceramic glass, multi-stage tempered steel electronic igniters, and two stage burn design. With the belief that every home deserves to have a great pellet stove, it offers its stoves with these premium features and build quality at affordable prices.

The ComfortBilt HP22 Pellet Stove (Selling at $1,799.00 - Manufacturer's recommended retail price) is the brand’s best-selling pellet stove. It combines a high output and a compact design. Its large convection blower pushes heat out to cover up to 2200 square feet, making it ideal for larger homes. With an 86% EPA certified efficiency, this stove is a beautiful work horse. It has more features which include:
  • 50,000 btu
  • Two stage burn ensures all BTUs are extracted from pellets
  • Heavy gauge metal exterior & air wash thermoglass
  • Large ash pan
  • 55 pound hopper capacity
  • Five power settings for up to 24 hours of continuous burn time
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Remote controlled
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty and technical assistance after purchase
This model is available in Charcoal Grey, Red, Green, Apricot, and Metallic Black.
Best Value
This Cabinet Pellet Stove is a highly efficient stove that can heat up a 2,200 square feet space. It has an EPA certified emission of 0.69g per hour and a capacity to deliver up to 70 hours of non-stop heating. Need something with less capacity but same output? Go for the Pleasant Hearth Large 50000 BTU's Pellet Stove. It has an 80-pound capacity but with the same 50,000 BTU output.

Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU's Pellet Stove with 120-Pound Hopper – Available in 3 Sizes

With a combined industry experience of over 100 years, GHP Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electric fireplaces, fireplace glass doors, fireplace accessories and other heating products. Prior to releasing any product, it’s put through a rigorous testing process to ensure it meets and exceeds industry standards of quality, durability and functionality. It also aspires to the highest service standards, ensuring that the customer’s happy with what he or she paid for.

The Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Pellet Stove (selling at $1,549.00 - manufacturer’s recommended retail price) is a stove that promises to warm your hearth and your heart. With a high efficiency that generates enough heat to cover a 2,200 square feet space and an EPA certified emission of 0.69g per hour, your house is sure to be warmed. With a capacity to deliver 70 hours of non-stop heating, you no longer have any reason to endure the discomfort of extreme colds.

This stove also features:
  • Up to 50,000 BTU's
  • 120 lb. hopper for up to 70 hours of non-stop heat
  • EPA Certified (NSPS Phase 1 & 2 Approved)
  • Exclusive Comfort Control System
  • Exclusive Integrated Diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
  • Auto Ignition System
  • Large ceramic glass window to the fire for an amazing view
  • Includes Outside Air Kit
  • Large ceramic glass window to the fire for an amazing view
  • Air wash system maintains the cleanliness of the glass window
  • Mobile Home Approved
This product was made in the U.S.A.
The VG5790 Pellet Stove is a fully-automatic pellet stove built for high level performance. It has a huge pellet capacity and an impressive heat output which is evenly distributed with the temperature control blower. If you are looking for something with an overall smaller capacity, go for the Vogelzang VG5770 Slimline Pellet Stove. It has a 60-pound pellet capacity and delivers 48,000 BTUs.

Vogelzang 65,000 BTU Hopper Pellet Stove with 120lb Capacity

Vodelzang has since 1974 been committed to offering the finest selection of wood and pellet stoves, circulators, cast iron, fireplace accessories and other related products to its customers. With a desire for customer satisfaction, Vodelzang not only strives to keep its products very affordable, it also ensures that each product meets or exceeds industry safety standards.

The Vogelzang VG5790 Pellet Stove (selling at $1,751.54 - suggested retail price) is a fully-automatic pellet stove built to deliver high level performance for years. This stove is easy to use and it features a temperature control blower that evenly distributes heat. Its huge pellet capacity and impressive heat output make it ideal for most homes. It also features:
  • Steel construction
  • Up to 65,000 BTUs
  • Heats up to 2,800 square ft.
  • 120 lb. pellet capacity
  • LED display with thermostat
  • 200 CFM blower included
  • Air wash glass
This product is U.S. Mobile Home Approved.
The HP50S Pellet Stove delivers about 44,000 BTUs of heat and has a 5-pound hopper capacity. This stove's programmable thermostat keeps the temperature constant, allowing for the economic use of pellets. Are you unsatisfied with this one? Try the Comfortbilt Pellet Stove-HP61. It has a slightly larger capacity and now comes in an Anodized Bronze-Limited Edition.

Comfortbilt European Style Attractive Pellet Stove

It is in very rare cases that we feature a brand twice in our top-five review. And when we do, it’s simply because a brand makes products of such high quality that we decide that it earns a double slot in a limited space. That says a lot about what our research revealed about such a brand. ComfortBilt has made it into this elite class of brands. Needless to say, it’s a world leader in the pellet stove industry and you can count on the quality of its products.

The HP50S Pellet Stove (selling at $1,199.00 – recommended retail price) is the second product we are featuring from ComfortBilt, and with good reason too. This stove has been providing customers with satisfactory heating for years. Aside from the fact that it delivers about 44,000 BTUs of heat and has a 55-pounds hopper capacity, this stove's programmable thermostat keeps the temperature constant, allowing for the economic use of pellets.

Following are some of this stoves other features:
  • 42,000 BTU
  • European Design
  • Auto Ignition
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • 47 lbs hopper capacity
  • EPA & CSA certified to burn with at least 81% efficiency
  • Heavy gauge metal exterior
  • Air wash thermo glass
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous burn time
  • Remote controlled
This product is available in four appealing colors: Charcoal grey, green, red, & apricot
The R5824 Pellet Stove is fully automated with auto ignition. Its easy to use electronic controls and high efficiency saves you money as it is EPA certified for clean-burning, making you tax credit eligible. Looking for something totally different? Try out a wood stove, such as the US Stove 2015 Plate Steel Magnolia Freestanding Heater with Blower.

US Stove Pellet Stove with Igniter Furnace and Large Viewing Window

US Stove is a privately owned and operated company with over 140 years of experience in the business. Throughout its long history US Stove has consistently provided heating to homes around the country. It’s proud to say its experience is hands down the longest and best in the industry. This experience is shown in the quality of its products.

This is a fully automated pellet stove with auto ignition. This stove is designed to deliver high quality output without too much fuss. With its easy to use electronic controls and high efficiency, this stove not only provides warmth but also saves you money as it is EPA Certified for clean-burning.

This makes you tax credit eligible. With this stove you also get the following features:
  • Ultra compact design
  • Delivers maximum heat output in a smaller space
  • Modern design
  • Up to 20 hour burn time
  • Large viewing window
  • Air Wash glass
  • Close clearance tolerances
  • Igniter furnace
The unit is outside air compatible for added efficiency and mobile home use.

How Do I Choose the Best Pellet Stove?

Heating can cost a lot and that can be very tasking on one’s paycheck, especially in places with longer and harsher winters. No one enjoys living in a home with insufficient heat, or having to choose which rooms in their homes to be heated.

There have been many cost-saving alternatives to regular heating. Fireplaces are the classic alternative, but not everyone can afford one or has a suitable home for one. Some people may also fear that their pets or small children will get burned or otherwise hurt by a fireplace. Others might not want to burn wood or utilize a gas fireplace for environmental reasons.

This is where the pellet stove comes in. Much like the electric fireplace or kerosene heaters, it’s a cost saving way to heat your home that works as efficiently as a good space heater. What separates the pellet stove from these other heaters is its fuel. Pellet stoves slowly burn small, dense pellets to provide your home with gentle, clean warmth at very little cost. These pellets are ecofriendly, usually made from corn or sawdust. They also safely contain the fire, giving more protection than traditional fireplaces.

Pellet stoves are a highly valuable appliance in a home that requires heating. To help you find the best type of stove, our guide will take you through price range, features to consider, and then explain how these features impact the its performance.
A pellet stove is often purchased as a more economical alternative to regular heating, making it doubly necessary to ensure that the stove purchased is worth the amount you paid. Although they can be somewhat higher in price—between about $900 and $1,800—you’ll probably “earn” that money back as your central heating costs go down.

The price will increase or decrease depending on a stove’s features. While you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality product, you may want to avoid cheap pellet stoves. Nothing is worse when it’s very cold or very hot, and your one source of heat or AC suddenly quits.
A pellet stove can be a great addition to your home. Finding the one that will be the best addition, though, is a task that must be carefully undertaken. While all pellet stoves perform the same general function, they’ll all perform differently based on their design. These differences can best be seen in their features, which we’ve highlighted, so you know what to consider first as you begin shopping around.

Consider the following…
  • BTU
  • Coverage Area
  • Materials
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Continuous burn time/li>
  • Programming
  • Remote Control
To give you an idea as to why these are the most important factors to consider, we’ll explain how they affect a stove’s performance.
Construction and Design
BTU, which stands for British thermal unit, can simply be explained as the amount of heat generated. A pellet stove’s BTU is very important to consider because it tells you the maximum heat output. As you browse stoves, think about your surroundings and climate, and how warm you like your home to be. People in colder environments will want stoves with higher BTU rates.

Coverage area goes hand-in-hand with BTU because it determines the size of the area that the stove can keep warm. If your house is quite large, you may want several stoves, whereas people with smaller homes can get away with just one stove, or even a very small-sized one.

The material your stove is made from, whether it’s glass, metal, ceramic glass or steel, will directly impact the product’s durability and how effective it is at transmitting heat. The type of material will also affect the stove’s weight and, to some extent, its size. Since most pellet stoves are quite bulky and heavy, they aren’t easy to move around. We recommend measuring out the space in your house where you’ll want to keep the stove.

If you are planning on moving your stove around, try looking for ones that are significantly lighter in weight and have higher mobility.
Performance and Ease of Use
The capacity of your stove will determine how many pellets you can fit into it. You don’t need to worry too much about this feature because, in general, most have sizeable capacities and can burn for a long time without needing to be refilled. Further, if you look at a stove’s continuous burn time—how long it can run without needing a refill—you can get a better idea of its capacity. That being said, be aware that some stoves are designed to burn pellets slowly in order to maximize their efficiency and to make them more economical.

Unlike traditional fireplaces, pellet stoves can be programmed. You can set a timer that tells it how long to burn, and oyu can adjust the heat settings and even set a heating schedule. Some stoves even include a remote control or have a downloadable app so you can adjust your fire as needed without ever having to get up.

Get the Best Pellet Stove of 2023!

Now that you have read through this review, we hope we have provided you with enough information to make your decision easily. Waste no more time; go ahead and order your pellet stove of choice!

Our Top Choice
ComfortBilt Grey Pellet Stove
Best Value
Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU Pellet Stove
Vogelzang 65,000 BTU Hopper Pellet Stove
Comfortbilt European Gray Pellet Stove
US Stove Ultra Compact Pellet Stove