Best Pencil Box Reviews 2023

A pencil box is a relatively simple item to shop for but because of the myriad of options available, you may be tempted to pick the first one that catches your fancy and end up with a dud purchase. To save you the stress and money, we have conducted a wide-ranged research and come up with a list of five products from five top brands. Any product you choose from these brands will surely be worth your time and money. We also have a review on pencil cases peradventure you want to check other options of storage.
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Our Top Choice
Disney Frozen Tin Pencil Box
Disney is a brand that speaks for itself; it’s stood the test of time and consistently provides highly creative and educative contents and top-quality products.
Made with long-lasting material. Easy to open and close for quick access. Officially authorized and certified by Disney. Makes a great gift.
It’s not a rugged item and shouldn’t be handled roughly.
Frozen-Elsa and Anna
8 x 3 x 1 inches; 0.2 lbs.
12 pencils
Blue; fuchsia; pink; purple
Best Value
Sterilite Mini Pencil Box
Sterilite employs 75 years of experience to offer functional, versatile, durable, and reasonably-priced products. Its ultimate goal is making everyday life more organized.
Compact design. Lid snaps closed. Enough capacity to hold assorted items. Semi-opaque and allows you to easily identify contents.
The lid can be difficult to close and when it does, it’s quite loud.
8 x 3.1 x 2 inches; 0.2 lbs.
36 pencils
Vaultz Pencil Box with Lock
Vaultz offers a broad range of stylish storage merchandise that help you keep your stuff organized and safe. These products can also be personalized to suit individual tastes.
Net pocket and elastic band inside. Corners are made of chrome steel. Has external key lock or combination lock. Felt-lined interior. Compact in size.
The lock can easily be broken.
Combination lock
8.3 x 5.5 x 2.25 inches; 0.9 lbs.
45 pencils
36 colors available
Plastic/chrome steel
Advantus Super Stacker Pencil Box
Advantus offers a wide range of consumer products and has many brands. Dating as far back as 1913, it has a reputation to protect and won’t put out sub-standard products.
Made with long-lasting plastic. Has handles that snap on tight. Transparent bottom and cover. Compactly designed. Convenient and portable to carry.
The length would have been better if it was shorter.
Transparent; stackable
8.3 x 4 x 1.5 inches; 0.2 lbs.
50 pencils
Staples Translucent Pencil Box
Staples was founded to make office supplies handy and reasonably-priced for those who need them. Its customers are priority and it strives to make shopping an easy experience.
Pre-labeled for convenience. Made of durable plastics. Comes in an attractive translucent blue. Lid snaps shut. Adequate for organizing and storing small items.
The lid is difficult to close.
Translucent; snap closure
8.6 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches; 0.2 lbs.
75 pencils

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What is the Best Pencil Box?

What brand or product is the best pencil box? We honestly can’t say that any single product is the best in this category because the value of a product is determined by the user. Getting the best pencil box is dependent on getting the one with the right features to meet your specifications. So, note the features discussed so that you’ll know what to look out for as you go shopping.
Our Top Choice
Teach your children how to organize and keep their stuff neat with this fun Disney Best Frozen Tin Pencil Box. It’s beautiful and has the capacity to hold several pens and pencils. If you need more than one pencil box, you can save money by buying the Set of 3 Pieces Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna Tin Pencil Boxes.

Disney Best Frozen Tin Pencil Box - Available in Four Designs

Walt Disney Company consistently works hard to be among the top producers and global providers of information and entertainment. It employs its many brands to demarcate its contents, consumer products, and services. It works assiduously to constantly develop entertainment experiences that are innovative, imaginative, and profitable. It also has other related products that are functional, educative, and fun!

It has a leadership team that’s visionary and is the driving force behind a good number of the popular and respected brands worldwide. It focuses on developing the most ingenious contents possible and encourages innovation by using the most current technology to expand into new frontiers all over the world.

Disney Store is one of such brands; a specialty store that sells only Disney-themed products. Some of these products include back-to-school items, clothing, accessories, luggage, etc. Disney is a brand that many parents can swear by and it remains consistent in providing top-quality products and services.

Teach your children how to organize and keep their stuff neat with this fun pencil box. The Disney Frozen Tin Pencil Box is designed from the popular movie Frozen, with the Elsa and Anna snow design. It’s made from long-lasting materials and is easy to open and shut. This box safely stores your pens, pencils, and crayons; you don’t have to keep replacing them because they were misplaced. This item is officially certified and authorized by Disney and will always make a great gift for kids.

Disney has many other pencil boxes and some of them are listed below:
  • Disney Frozen Hot Pink Elsa Anna and Olaf Stationery Set Pack with Case (13 Pcs) -- This value pack is designed with the pictures of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from the hit movie Frozen and it’s a fun way for your kids to keep their stuff organized. It’s officially authorized and certified by Disney.
  • Disney Frozen Pencil Case - Snow Blue--Anna and Elsa Blue -- The case has one zipper that ensures it’s properly closed and it’s beautifully designed with the snow blue picture of Anna and Elsa. It’s also part of the products that are officially certified by Disney.
  • Disney Licensed Character Pencil Case (Pouch) (Frozen) — Designed with characters from the movie Frozen, this is a cute yet functional way of storing small items—it also makes a great gift. It’s an officially authorized product of Disney.
  • Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Cosmetic Make up Bag Pencil Case Diaper Bag and Tote Purse Handbag – This is a multipurpose bag that can be used for storing different kinds of small items. It’s beautifully designed with the pictures of Elsa and Anna and can be used by both adults and children. It’s also licensed by Disney.
  • Disney Frozen Pencil Case/Cosmetic Bag with Stationery Set – Purple -- This beautifully designed Frozen bag can be used both as a pencil case and a cosmetic bag; this means that you can also use it to store little items. It has a single zipper that ensures your items are secure in the bag. It’s part of Disney’s officially licensed products. Please note that you have to state the color that you want when you place your order.
Best Value
The Sterilite Mini Pencil Box is designed to give value by helping you store and transport pens, markers, pencils, erasers, and the like. No more loss of pens and pencils or cluttering your desktop. If you’re looking for a pencil box with different features, check out the Sterilite Neon Orange Pencil Box.

Sterilite Mini Translucent Pencil Box – 8 3/8 x 3 5/8 x 2 Inches

Sterilite Corporation was established in 1939 by two brothers who started out by manufacturing heels for women’s shoes. When World War II broke out, it began to make products for personal hygiene for the Army, and after the war it became an expert in the manufacturing of plastic giftware, toys, tabletops, and other household products. In the 60s, it created a wide range of plastic household products that included innovative and novel items such as storage bins and bowls for storing food. In the years that followed, it has grown in leaps and bounds, driven by innovation and expansion of its products and an unwavering dedication to meeting and even surpassing the expectations of its customers.

75 years and counting, its products have become part of the everyday existence of households and help to make life a lot easier and better organized. You can count on its experience and integrity to give you products that are functional, innovative, durable, and reasonably priced.

The Sterilite Pencil Box is a school box designed to give value by helping you store and transport your pens, markers, pencils, erasers, and other related stuff. No more loss of pens and pencils or littering of your desktop. It’s compactly designed to fit easily into a desk, locker, or backpack and the lid snaps closed to make sure that everything stored in it is neatly kept. It’s semi-opaque and allows you to quickly identify its contents. You can store a good number of small items in this box, due to its great capacity.

Sterilite has many other pencil boxes and you’re to find one that works just right for you. Listed below are some of them:
  • Sterilite Pencil Box with Splash Tint Lid (17224812) — The size is just right for both teachers and students to organize, store, and transport pens, crayons, pencils, and the like. It has a tinted bottom and cover that allows you to see the contents from all sides.
  • Sterilite Pink Transparent Pencil Box — It’s made of good-quality material and is sturdy; it’s a great item for organizing pens, pencils, and related items. It’s translucent and has a tinted pink cover; this allows you to easily view the contents.
  • Sterilite Neon Green Pencil Case Box — Comes with a neon green tinted cover and is made with good-quality material. It’s quite sturdy and has the capacity to hold a considerable number of items; it’s adequate for organizing your pens, pencils, and odds and ends.
  • Sterilite 17248612 Small Divided Box, Clear Case with Blue Aquarium Latch, 12 Pack — It comes with six boxes and six covers. The design is such that it stacks firmly one on top of the other and is perfect for organizing and storing smaller stuff. It’s made in America with top-quality materials.
  • Sterilite 17234812 Plastic Pencil Box — This set is a pack of six and is made of good-quality material. You have enough boxes to store different types of pens, pencils, crayons, and other school or work supplies.
The Vaultz Pencil Box with Combination Lock is a multipurpose supply box that’s well-designed and compact to fit in small spaces. It’s perfect for school supplies and other small items that are of value to you. If you love animal prints, we recommend that you check out the Vaultz Locking Pencil Box, Cheetah.

Vaultz Pencil Box with Combination Lock — Available in Various Sizes, Colors & Design

The Vaultz® brand carries a broad range of stylish storage solutions that help you organize and protect your valuables and transport them safely. All its products come with combination or key locks to ensure the safety of their contents. No matter the occasion, need, or circumstance, Vaultz has top-quality products that will rise to the occasion. It even goes further to personalize products to meet individual specifications and preferences. It also has a good customer care system that responds to your queries promptly and helps to resolve whatever issues you have with your order or purchase.

The Vaultz Pencil Box is a multipurpose supply box that’s well-designed and compact enough to be thrown into a drawer, backpack, locker, or other small space. It’s perfect for school supplies and other small items that are of value to you, and comes in various styles, designs, and colors to give you a wide range of options to choose from. It has a net pocket inside and an elastic band to help hold your pens and pencils in place. On the outside, it has a combination lock with which you keep the box locked and its contents secure. The corners are fortified with chrome steel which gives it extra strength, and the interior is lined with long-lasting felt material that helps protect the contents. The overall design is such that you can safely store your supplies and small valuables in it.

Vaultz has many other great products and some of them are listed for your consideration:
  • Vaultz 3D Skull Locking Pencil Box -- This box has a 3D skull design that catches the eye, and has a net pocket and elastic band inside. This helps to keep pencils in place and makes the box more organized. It has a key lock outside and corners made of mat black steel.
  • Vaultz Locking Pencil Box - Fuzzy Zebra Fabric -- Made with fuzzy fabric that has a zebra design, this box is fun yet functional and stores your valuables safely. It has an external lock and enough storage space inside.
  • Vaultz 3D Lenticular Locking Pencil Box Butterflies -- Comes in attention-grabbing 3D butterfly design, has a mesh pocket inside, and features an elastic band that holds your pens and pencils firmly. It has an external lock to secure the box and the corners are made of chrome steel for extra strength.
  • Vaultz Batman Pencil Box, Black(VZ00877) -- Comes with a striking Batman design, it has a net pocket and elastic pen band on the interior that makes for proper organization. It has an exterior lock that helps to keep your box secure and the corners are strengthened with chrome steel.
  • Vaultz Locking Supply Box - Spider-Man -- Attention-grabbing 3D Spiderman design makes this box attractive and the mesh pocket and elastic band inside make it great for organizing stuff. The key lock outside keeps the box secure and the corners are fortified with black steel.
The Advantus Super Stacker Pencil Box is designed in such a way that it can be stacked so that you save space and still store your stuff properly. It has the capacity to hold over fifty pencils or its equivalent in other items. If you want a really large pencil box, you can check out the Advantus Super Stacker Large Pencil Box as well.

Advantus Super Stacker Pencil Box - Available in Two Pack Sizes

Advantus Corporation dates as far back as 1913 and it offers a wide range of consumer products. It’s made up of four operational divisions that contain a group of allied businesses and product categories. It’s a large conglomerate of brands and businesses that are committed to providing top-quality products and maintaining the legacy that it has built over the years. It operates through many online and offline stores and always has products and supplies for every season and occasion. With Advantus, your school, office, art, and crafts supply is covered; you’re assured of simple yet functional and durable products. It also ensures that these products come at reasonable prices and that you get good value for your money.

The Advantus Pencil Box is designed in such a way that it can be stacked to save space and still store your stuff properly. The handles snap on tight and ensure that the contents of the box are secure. This box is large enough to hold as many as fifty pencils or more, or its equivalent in other items. Further, the transparent bottom and cover allow you to quickly identify the contents. It’s such a convenient means of organizing your small school or office supplies and keeping your desk clutter-free. Made of long-lasting plastic, it can fit into your handbag, backpack, or drawer and is guaranteed to serve you for a long time to come.

Advantus stocks a lot of wonderful products; some of them are listed below:
  • Advantus Super Stacker Bitty Box, 5 Pack, Clear (40315) -- It’s made of hard plastic and can be stacked which allows you to store them properly without taking up much space. The lid locks tightly to help secure the contents of the box. The set contains five boxes.
  • Advantus Super Stacker Pixie Box, 4 Pack, Clear (40313) -- This pack comes with four boxes and is made with long-lasting plastic. It’s stackable which saves space for organizing and storing your office or school supplies and the lid locks securely. It’s transparent and allows you to easily identify the contents.
  • Advantus Long Stretch Pencil Box, Clear (67033) -- This box is ideal for organizing and storing your art and school supplies. It’s made of durable poly construction and has a lid that snaps shut to ensure that contents are secure. Its compact design makes it easy to carry in your backpack.
  • Advantus Polypropylene Pencil Box with Lid, Clear (AVT34104) - Pack of 12 -- This box is made with transparent plastic and has a hinged cover. The clear plastic allows you to easily identify contents. It’s just the perfect size for writing tools and school or office supplies. It’s also durable enough for use by students and can fit in desks or backpacks.
  • Advantus Gem Polypropylene Pencil Box with Lid, Clear -- The hinged cover secures the contents and it has a transparent window that makes for ease in identifying the contents. Ideal for organizing writing tools and school or office supplies, you don’t want to miss out on this one.
You no longer have any excuse for a clustered desk or losing your pens, pencils, or other writing tools. The Staples Pencil Box is available to help you organize and store stuff like that and other small items. If you’re looking for pencil storage that’s not as expensive, you can check out the Staples 3-Ring Pencil Pouch, Black.

Staples Translucent Pencil Box – Available in Assorted Colors

Staples was born in 1985 from the founder Tom Stemberg’s experience on a fourth of July weekend when he couldn’t find a store where he could buy a replacement for his typewriter ribbon. He found out that people needed a store that sold office supplies and was always available with any product they needed. Ten months after this experience, the first Staples store was opened and it made office supplies easier to get and more affordable for whenever people needed them. It has grown over the last thirty plus years, with many stores, an expanded line of products, and different ways of shopping, gaining global relevance. Despite its growth, it still remains true to its value of recognizing that the customer is king. Over the years, its goal has been to create a strong brand that consumers can connect with and have complete trust and confidence in. It consistently strives to make shopping as easy and convenient as possible.

You no longer need to have your pens and other small office or school supplies strewn around; keep those items organized and your desk clutter-free with the Staples Pencil Box. It comes in an attractive translucent blue that allows you to easily identify its content and has the capacity to store your daily writing tools and other small items. The lid snaps shut to ensure that your stuff is secure in the box. It has been pre-labeled to make it convenient for you to inscribe your name and any other information you want, to ensure that your stuff would not be mixed up with anyone else’s stuff.

Staples has many great back-to-school products and office and home supplies. We have listed some below:
  • Staples Pencil Box, Translucent Clear -- You can use this box to organize and store your pens, pencils, and other school supplies. It has provision for writing your name and any other information that would help you identify your stuff among others. It has a lid that snaps shut to ensure that contents are secure.
  • Staples Pencil or Crayon Box Assorted Qty 1 -- This pencil box comes in various colors so you have to state the specific color you prefer when you place your order. It’s made with good-quality plastic and is durable. The lid covers it tightly and ensures that your stuff is securely kept. You can also use this box to store other small items.
  • Staples 6-Pack Sliding Pencil Box, Sports -- This box is made with durable plastic and carries sports designs, making it suitable for your loved one who’s a sports enthusiast. Help them organize and store their writing tools, or office or school supplies with this box. It comes with six boxes which makes it adequate to store items by categories.
  • Staples Sliding Pencil Boxes - 3-pack for Sports -- It’s made with durable plastic and designed with basketball, baseball, and football designs. It's adequate for storing pens, pencils, and other small office or school supplies and its compact design makes it easy and convenient to carry about.
  • Staples Pencil or Crayons Case (2 Pack) -- The pack has two cases and is available in assorted colors. It’s made with long-lasting plastic and has a snap clip that helps keep the case closed. It’s very portable and can easily be carried about in your purse, backpack, or glove compartment, making it ideal for those times that you need to carry multiple pens and pencils.

How Do I Choose the Best Pencil Box?

A cluttered desk can disorganize your day and give you unnecessary issues; from having to look for the correct highlighter to mark a document to a blocked printer. How can that happen, you ask? Here’s this true story…

A head teacher’s desk was always littered with permanent markers, highlighters, pens of all kinds, and pencils because she often used them to check lesson plans, grade school work, or correct documents. On one side of her desk was the office printer and on the other end was her desktop computer. For more than two weeks, the printer was showing a message that it was jammed and she had always checked and couldn’t find any bit of paper in the printer. She got frustrated, and called an engineer who picked the printer apart and what did he find? You guessed right; a pencil stuck in the printer! It had rolled around until it found its way into the printer. Thankfully it wasn’t a huge damage; you might not be so lucky. In order to avoid this type of incident, you need a pencil box to organize and store all those little items.

Another scenario: Junior would always come to mommy at every homework period to ask for a new pencil, marker, or crayon. When she asked what happened to the ones he went to school with, he’d give a cute little shrug (which at that moment is not cute to mum), “I don’t know where they are”. Teach your little ones how to organize their pens, pencils, markers, crayons, and small school supplies with pencil boxes and save yourself the stress and money involved in replacing them. There are many cute designs that would even serve as incentives for them to use it often.
Pencil boxes are relatively affordable commodities that actually do more than the value placed on them. You can get a good pencil box for anywhere from $1.39 to $19. Remember that these prices are determined by the material of the box, and the size, design, brand, and other features.

A box with designs from movies or with a popular cartoon character would definitely cost more than a plain one; an example of such a product is the Frozen pencil box with the pictures of princesses Elsa and Anna on it. Another feature that would make a pencil box costlier than the regular ones is an external lock (whether combination or key lock).

You may come across some really cheap pencil boxes, but before you buy any box based on its cheapness, check that it won’t fall apart in a few days. Price should not be the primary consideration, but functionality and quality. The products we have listed in the above price range would give you anything from just plain functional and good quality to fun, exciting, and eye-catching designs—and maybe even something high-end.
A pencil box is an important accessory for adults and children, artists, office staff, and anyone who has multiple pens, pencils, and other writing instruments. The features of any product determine its performance and functionality, and the same is true for pencil boxes; that’s why we’ll examine some of the important features that they must possess.

Listed below are some of the important features that any good pencil box should have:
  • Design – This includes the style and the shape of the bag.
  • Material – The material pencil boxes are made of include plastic, metal, and fabric.
  • Capacity – This refers to the quantity of items it can hold.
  • Size – This is the dimensions of the box.
  • Color – There are assorted colors to choose from.
  • Extra Features – These include external locks, handles that snap shut, and lids that close tightly.
Let’s examine these features in greater detail.
Construction and Design
The most common materials that pencil boxes are made of include plastic, metal, and fabric. Each has its advantage and disadvantage, and you have to consider your main purpose of purchasing the box and the person who will use the box. If you’re buying a pencil box for your child, plastic and metal are your best bet because they are sturdy, durable, and most come in fun and exciting designs. An adult can use a box made with any material, but fabric would be more adaptable to your purse, briefcase, or laptop bag. Most plastic boxes are stackable, which means that you save storage space and can buy as many boxes as you need. If you decide to buy a metal/tin box, check for good quality so as not to get a box that’ll rust.

Most people buy pencil boxes so that they can store and transport their writing instruments and small school or office supplies in one bag or container. This is to ensure that these items are properly organized and easily accessible. So before buying one, consider the size in relation to the space where you want to store them or the bag you’ll often use to transport them. For children, consider their school bag, desk, and locker so that you’ll get one that’ll easily fit these spaces. Also consider the capacity of the box; how many items can it contain? What size or bulk of supplies can it hold? Take an inventory of the size and design of the pencils, pens, markers, etc., you want to use it for as this will inform the design and shape of the box you’ll buy.

There are many lovely designs of boxes in the market these days; fun cartoon characters, characters from movies, animal motifs, sport designs, and a lot more. Don’t just buy a plain box for a child; the more exciting the box is, the more incentive the child has to take care of it and to use it to organize his stuff.
Performance and Ease of Use
When buying a pencil box for a child, you need to look out for the models that have lids that snap shut or handles that help to hold the cover of the box secure. This is because children are more likely to be careless and may spill the contents of their box if the lid isn’t tightly secured. Another feature that’s cool is a pre-label that allows you to write the name and class information of your child so that he doesn’t misplace his box or come home with someone else’s box.

One feature that an adult who doesn’t want people to tamper with his prized pens or small supplies would appreciate is an external lock. Some models come with an external combination or key lock that ensures the contents are secure. However, before buying one of those, you have to check to be sure that the lock is really functional and will keep your contents safe. You can get this information by reading the reviews of verified buyers who have bought and used the product.

The color of the box is not a factor that affects its performance, but it can help make it a pleasing accessory or an eye sore. Remember that bright colors are good for children; endeavor to always surround them with sunshine. If you’re buying one as a gift for an adult, of course, you know better than to buy those fun and kiddy colors unless you want to prank the receiver lol.

Get the Best Pencil Box of 2023!

Procrastination is the graveyard of good intentions; don’t waste any more time, and just go on and buy one of these wonderful products that we’ve reviewed. We’re sure that the review has given you a good idea of what to look out for, so hurry now and make your purchase while good deals last. And in case none of these products wowed you, these brands have more options to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Disney Frozen Tin Pencil Box
Best Value
Sterilite Mini Pencil Box
Vaultz Pencil Box with Lock
Advantus Super Stacker Pencil Box
Staples Translucent Pencil Box