Best Pencil Case Reviews 2022

Pencil cases are practical items that almost everyone must have used at some point in their lives—but have you met some pencil cases? Absolutely stunning items that do not give away their identities at first blush! Today, we are going to take you through five of the best pencil case brands. We hope you’re as excited as we are! PS: We also have reviews on pencil boxes and pencil pouches that are equally interesting.
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Our Top Choice
Cool Hootie the Owl Pencil Case
Cool Pencil Case brings the magic to purchasing school supplies and makes sure that kids remain academically motivated and excited about school, all year long.
45-pen capacity. Comes with 3 compartments. Pencil case for writing supplies. Center flap for paper clips and mini notepads. Mesh pocket for IDs and tickets.
Bottom compartment might be cluttered for some.
Hootie the Owl; zippered
45 pens
Center flap; mesh pocket
Yellow; sky blue; raspberry
Best Value
Disney Minnie Mouse Pencil Case
Disney, the brand we all know for the magic it creates daily, seeks to bring its familiar characters to life via engaging products targeted at the young and young at heart.
Authentic from Disney store. Molded rubber figural pencil case. Comes with zip fastening. Lots of space inside. Squishy rubber design: easy on the hands. Minnie Mouse design.
Might not appeal to non-fans of Minnie Mouse.
Minnie Mouse; zip fastening
Info not provided
Roomy inside
Molded rubber
Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case
Women all over the world can testify to Kipling’s amazing track record of providing the most beautiful, sporty, and functional bags at the most competitive prices.
Nylon fabric. Full zip-around fastening. 100-pen capacity. Furry monkey key hanger. Lightweight. All-purpose pencil case: for pens, makeup, art supplies, travel cosmetics.
Might be a bit high-end for some.
Full zip-around
100 pens
Center divider; top panel
14 colors
BTSKY Deluxe Leather Pencil Case
BTSKY strives to keep improving its products, ensuring that they are up-to-date and top-tier so that customers get only the best for their homes and gardens.
Compact design for home use and travel. 72-pencil capacity. Organized outlook with each sleeve holding 10 pencils. Removable strap. Extra bands for erasers and sharpeners.
Artists with more pencils would require something larger.
3-layered; 3 zippers
120 pens
10 pencils/sleeve
6 colors
PU Leather
Dakine School Case
Dakine is an industry-leading manufacturer of functional outdoor and lifestyle clothing and accessories which have found usage among athletes.
Comes with an interior zippered mesh pocket. Flip side of pocket holds 4 pens. Heavy-duty zipper. Tough but flexible material. Roomy enough for all loose school supplies.
Might not be large enough for some.
Internal mesh pocket
40 pens
2 pockets
Hawthorne; phoenix; tubular

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What is the Best Pencil Case?

Hopefully, our guide taught you a thing or two about selecting a good pencil case. You’re now ready to make an informed choice on the best pencil case for you. So, let’s get down to what you’ve been waiting for: the reviews.
Our Top Choice
Get your kids excited about the new session by sending them off with the Cool Pencil Case Hootie the Owl Pencil Case. This case will conveniently house all their daily school supplies and reduce the clutter in their backpacks. If you’d prefer a more-affordable pencil case in a more adult color, and with lots of space, then check out the Cool Pencil Case Color Love Pencil Case – Bright Sky Blue.

Cool Pencil Case Hootie the Owl Pencil Case - Available in Variety of Colors

Cool Pencil Case is crazy about school and wants to transfer that excitement to your kids by supplying them with the coolest school supplies ever. Ditching old, boring concepts, it has embraced the culture of manufacturing products with modern, more contemporary designs, that keep kids academically motivated and excited about school all year long. Its fascinating products have helped millions of children to keep writing, highlighting, and organizing for excellence.

So, what do we love about the Cool Hootie the Owl Pencil Case? Duh… The name says it all. It’s cool is why! It comes with a cool Hootie the Owl design and it has this really attractive yellow color that just pops!

So now to the practical details: it has a center flap to hold paper clips and mini notepads, then it comes with mesh pockets for all the IDs and tickets. The bottom compartment also comes with a large space to hold plenty of pens and pencils. So this pencil case isn’t just for the kids; you can use it too!

Check out some other cool pencil cases also from Cool Pencil Case. You know how they make’em… if it ain’t cool, it ain’t Cool Pencil Case:
  • The Cool Pencil Case Color Love Pencil Case – Seafoam Green: It comes in a beautiful sea foam green color that you’ll love.
  • The Cool Pencil Case Hootie the Owl Pencil Case – Pink: This one’s great if you’d prefer the featured design in a lovely pink color.
  • The Cool Pencil Case Hootie the Owl Pencil Case – Blue: This one comes with the same lovely design but in a blue color.
Best Value
Now you can hang out with the sweetheart herself, all day, every day, with the Disney Minnie Mouse MXYZ Pencil Case. It comes as a molded rubber replica of Minnie that’s sure to add some character to your worktable. Remember the terrific movie, Monsters University? Well, it’s got a pencil case: strong canvas material, affordable price. Check out the Disney Monsters University Pencil Case.

Disney Minnie Mouse MXYZ Pencil Case – Molded Rubber Replica of Minnie Mouse

Disney has become a name synonymous with quality and wholesome entertainment for the whole family, and indeed the whole country, too. The gravity of being a household name and its attending responsibilities has not held this brand down at all. In fact, gravity doesn’t seem to exist for it as it continues to soar and spread its wings into diverse areas with success.

Now you can hang out with the sweetheart herself: Minnie! The Disney Minnie Mouse Pencil Case is just like having your very own Minnie, the way it comes in a large molded rubber figurine, featuring her pretty polka-dot dress and her cute little bow.

Just like Minnie’s heart, the case is large and roomy enough to take all your stationery at once, and it comes with a sturdy zipper to keep your stuff locked in. And being so sturdy, you can be sure that it won’t wear out on you anytime soon.

Of course, you know Disney keeps it one hundred every time, so you definitely want to check out some other things it offers. Sneak a peek:
  • The Disney Mickey Mouse Chef de Cuisine – 4Piece Kitchen Set: Now you can get Mickey to help around in the kitchen.
  • The Disney Star Wars “The Force Awaken” Lead Wood Pencils: It comes with 24 pencils so your kid never runs out of them.
  • The Disney Coloring Pages for Kids: It comes with beautiful graphics at a great price.
  • The Disney Assorted Tinkerbell Composition Book: Your daughter won’t be able to stop writing in this one.
  • The Disney Mickey Mouse Waterproof Tote Bag: It makes a statement while you do something as casual as shopping.
Ladies, finally here’s an item that’s as multi-tasking and as fashionable as you: the Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case. Aside from its 100-pen capacity, this fashion piece also serves as a make-up case, or a travel cosmetic bag. Or do you want something at a more-affordable price for now? This still comes with the furry monkey key hanger and can double as a makeup pouch too: The Kipling Fabian Solid Pouch.

Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case with Red Rust Finish

It all began at Antwerp, Belgium, in the year 1987, when three young designer friends stumbled upon a crinkled nylon fabric. In that one moment, many fresh ideas zoomed at them at light speed and the rest, they say, is history. We all know Kipling and his bestseller, “The Jungle Book”, and it’s no coincidence that this brand is named after this author. According to the owners, the spirit of fun and adventure was what they intended for Kipling to stand for.

Make a statement with your pencil case with the 100 Pens Pencil Case. It’s stylish and still highly functional. Let’s see how:

First off, it has a center divider which takes up to 12 pens, 14 pens on the flip side, and 74 in the bottom compartment. That’s a whooping one-hundo! And for those days you need to travel, and you forget to get a bag for your cosmetics, with all pleasure throw out the pens and throw in the cosmetics or makeup or whatever, and bam! You have your cosmetic/makeup/phone accessories bag. It’s like magic!

And of course, what’s a Kipling without some “monkey business”? There’s also a cute furry monkey key chain together with your pencil case—you can thank Kipling later.

Still from Kipling:
  • The Kipling Kichrou Cross Body Lunch Bag: It looks really cool with its real turquoise blue color.
  • The Kipling Luggage Sanaa Wheeled Backpack: This is a really lovely black wheeled backpack that could go for either gender.
  • The Kipling Seoul Solid Laptop Backpack: This one is a solid way to go for your laptop lugging.
  • The Kipling New Teddi Wallet: It looks really chic in its black finish.
  • The Kipling Alvar Xs Mini Crossbody: This one is a really trendy crossbody bag that’s efficient and fashionable.
Get the color you need at a glance when you organize your colored pencils with the BTSKY Deluxe Leather Pencil Case with Slots for 72 Colored Pencils; you’ll never waste another second digging around clutter! How about something with a larger storage capacity, and a more affordable price? This comes in a lovely black finish with slots for erasers too: the BTSKY 120 Slot Pencil Case.

BTSKY Deluxe Leather Pencil Case with Slots for 72 Colored Pencils – Available in Multiple Colors

With a focus on home and garden products, BTSKY has committed to the manufacturing of top-tier products that stand out in terms of quality and appearance. It has a goal to ensure that its customers enjoy their shopping experience by constantly improving upon its products to keep up with current demands. To ensure that its customers are kept highly satisfied, customer service is taken really seriously and customers are attended to courteously and promptly.

Artists in the house, come over here; you especially are going to love the BTSKY Deluxe Leather Pencil Case. It’s the king of organization. It has sleeves that can hold 10 colored pencils each. That helps you arrange your colors by families.

So literally, it’s a slot for every pencil, and every pencil in its slot. No more rummaging through clutter, looking for the right color.

Aside from that, its zipper is sturdy; it’s made from durable materials and it even has extra slots for small stuff such as erasers!

Aren’t you sold on this item already? Of course you are. So, you might want to have a look at other quality items from your favorite brand:
  • The BTSKY Multi-functional A4 Document Bag: It’s waterproof and multi-functional with a pretty pink color.
  • The BTSKY Handy A4 Portfolio Bag: It comes in a dark shade of blue for the dudes, and is of course water-proof.
  • The BTSKY Mesh Desk Organizer with 6 Compartments: Your desk will look cool with this sitting on top.
  • The BTSKY Leather Credit Card Holder – 90 Count: This one looks stunning and sells at a great price.
  • The BTSKY Double Layer Travel Cable Organizer: Now you can keep all your electronic accessories (e.g. your chargers, memory cards, data cables) organized.
Store, organize, and work more efficiently for less with its Dakine School Case with Interior Storage Pocket. It comes in a simple design and allows you to store more things in an orderly fashion. Or would you prefer something more pocket-friendly in price with a different finish? This is quite roomy and comes in a black color: the Dakine School Case Backpack – Carbon.

Dakine School Case with Interior Storage Pocket – Available in 3 Colors

Athletes all over the world have come to depend on Dakine for quality gear and accessories to enjoy their activities and do that in safety. Its sport and outdoor gear are topnotch and enhance the enjoyment of the game by their users, thanks to their comfy feel and attractive look. This brand hasn’t limited its offerings to athletes alone though; it also serves other non-athletic individuals who just want to have fun either skiing or snowboarding or anything else. In all, Dakine is all about the sporting spirit and its accessories sure do keep that spirit alive.

The Dakine School Case is as simple as its name. Especially if you like to keep things simple and organized, you’re going to love it. And let’s not forget that it’s gentle on the pocket.

Aside from its simple design, this pencil case has got an interior zippered mesh pocket for added storage. And this mesh pocket also has slots for four pens on the flip side.

For sure, durability is not going to be an issue with this product; it’s made of tough material (still flexible though) and its zipper is heavy-duty. No cash funnel here, sir!

Dakine still has more quality products that you just have to see. Check out these items:
  • The Dakine Split Roller Rolling Luggage: It’s sturdy and classy for your proposed vacay.
  • The Dakine Campus Backpack: This one comes with padded laptop sleeves and insulated cooler pockets for your pleasure.
  • The Dakine Jo Jo Women’s Crossbody Bag: It comes with adjustable straps and is a trendy item for the ladies.
  • The Dakine Men’s Campus 33L Backpack: This is something for the guys—really masculine and at a great price, too.
  • The Dakine Women’s Accessory Case: It’s stylish, practical, and of course affordable.

How Do I Choose the Best Pencil Case?

We all, mothers especially, know how enervating it can get when the kids (and sometimes even hubby himself) can’t seem to find one pencil or one pen or one marker or one something else, just at the moment they need it.

Other times, opening the kids’ backpacks can just be a nightmare. It’s like a zoo in there; all sorts of supplies scattered around like confetti during a bridal shower. As annoying as this trend is, it has a simple solution—something as common as a pencil case.

Pencil cases provide simple, practical ways to solve the problem of clutter and they aren’t just limited to back-to-school supplies. Most can double as makeup cases for storing brushes and the likes, and some can equally be used to store small electronic accessories such as chargers.

The uses of this one item are as varied as your imagination can help it. As long as the size is right, there’s almost nothing that a pencil case can’t store, or help you organize.

And with the level of creativity going on among manufacturers today, there are all sorts of pencil cases available today— from the sophisticated types for the more serious-minded, and the fun, exciting types for those who see life as one big party. There’s something for everybody out there.

In fact, some of these cases are so fashionable that you could take them to the Grammy’s and everyone would keep complimenting you on your lovely purse not knowing it’s a good old pencil case!

Disclaimer: We are not giving this as advice. If you ever have to go to the Grammy’s, you up and get yourself a befitting LV or Versace. Don’t embarrass us, please.
It’s easy to want to “save cash” and get a cheap pencil case because, well, it’s just a pencil case; but that’s a decision that will only take the first feel of your purchased item to regret. There’s a reason such pencil cases aren’t featured in our reviews, and that’s because they aren’t durable or even functional. They didn’t even do us the respect of being attractive in the first place! In light of this, it should go without saying that cheapies are a no-no.

Instead, save anything between $10 and $50, depending on your tastes, and get a good pencil case. The material your case comes in and its capacity will definitely determine how much you’ll be spending on a case. For instance, leather will cost more than canvas, and a case that holds 40 pens should not cost as much as one that holds up to a hundred.
Before you rush out to get a particular pencil case, you might want to look at some of these features:
  • Design and color
  • Capacity
  • Organization space
  • Your personality
  • Material
Construction and Design
There are different types of materials a pencil case can come in, ranging from leather to canvas, and even to tough nylon material.

Leather would be a better choice for adults because it’s more mature-looking, but it could be extremely boring for kids who love to be the center of attention at school with all the latest cartoons inscribed on their school stuff. So essentially, canvas for children because those can come with all sorts of designs they like. Canvas can also work for adults though, as many of them come in plain colors that are cool and simple.

Many pencil cases come with more than one compartment with slots and bands that help you to store pens, pencils, IDs, and the likes efficiently and conveniently. The more of these things in a pencil case, the better, actually. It saves from the clutter you’re trying to avoid.

If it’s just a single compartment, you might spend a small amount of time trying to fish out some of your stuff when you need it, and your pencil case can turn from “oh so efficient” to “aarggh!!! Where’s my pen for goodness sake?!” in one moment.

Moving on… When it comes to color, there are no rules. We know that’s good news, but remember that for the kids it’s got to be as attractive as possible. If you want to score bonus points with them, get them a pencil case featuring their favorite cartoon character, and thank us later.
Performance and Ease of Use
So quickly, we will talk about material again and how they relate to ease of cleaning. Leather will definitely be much easier to clean than some other materials. With a semi-damp cloth, you’ll be fine. Canvas, on the other hand, will need to be washed regularly, maybe even weekly, if the users in question are K-I-D-S. Thankfully, you can always throw them into the washing machine.

However, if you love to live life, you can let it reflect in your choice of a pencil case, and there are a-thousand-and-one ways to do that with the many designs out there. All you really have to do is pick!

Get the Best Pencil Case of 2022!

Are you still here? Run along! Click that order tab immediately! And if you didn’t like any of our picks, these brands have more to look at!

Our Top Choice
Cool Hootie the Owl Pencil Case
Best Value
Disney Minnie Mouse Pencil Case
Kipling 100 Pens Pencil Case
BTSKY Deluxe Leather Pencil Case
Dakine School Case